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(That I don't approve of)
So here's a sub-standard title card that's very boring.

After the art fiasco that set the internet ablaze with flames for 'bad design' (true) in 2019 the "Sonic Movie" live action Hollywood production went back to the 'drawing board' and re-made the hideous hedgehog into something more akin to a friendly hairy bigfoot troll that happens to be blue.
People seemed to like this better, and so merchandise moved ahead. However it's #NotMySonic so, like bandana and sports tape loving Boom Sonic (And poor Stupid BoomKnuckles) the merchandise must all get corralled away onto a special page/set so as to keep it from contaminating other items. This is that page.
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Movie Theme Bed Set Here is a single-bed size (not twin or full) little kids movie theme bed set. It has a pillow case, fitted sheet and top sheet. It uses only stock art, and no CG, and the theme is trapezoids with red/gray/blue. The color scheme is fine, with rings, primary colorful shapes & it isn't too busy.
The pillow case has large 'pointing outward' movie Sonic, the fitted sheet seems to just have shapes, and the top sheet has rings, stripes & movie Sonic in a larger ring graphic.
*Notice how the art puts his upper brow down to hide that they've removed the mono-eye and to help him look LESS like movie Sonic.
"Just draw him with scruffy mutt-dog-like lines, make the mouth huge & color the arms blue"...Why are they always downplaying in the art the movie-differences? Isn't everyone (including the MAKERS) supposed to feel 'movie-Sonic' is best? Why keep trying to make him look non-movie then???? Hmm??
Mexico Movie Figures Set 4 Jakks Pacific creates a set of figures for the Movie 2. This was taken in Mexico...but it turns out that the USA release & Mexico release box and figures are 100% identical. (which is nice) With this set you get Jim Carrey, Sonic, Knuckles, Tails & the new movie style Buzz Bomber bee robot. It has the Movie 2 logo at the top in 'neon' style font and of course movie gremlin portrait in a CG ring there at the bottom.
The figures are all textured so they can look scruffy and hairy like the movie. Knuckles looks annoyed but...what's Tails' expression? Startled? He's also kinda...fat?
*Buzz bomber curiosity: Why'd they change the bee? It's that black/white "Will Smith I-robot aesthetic". Was a giant metal bee somehow "too absurd" for the "mass-audience" that has zany animals in airplanes running around in it? Is a bee looking robot somehow a step too far in a movie about supersonic hedgehogs? Was THAT what was going to destroy the realism? So now there's i-bee?
Eggman's Point: The point of badnick robots was that they were these sometimes silly looking colorful animal robots that really wanted to murder you. It was the juxtaposition of "thing that kills hero" with "he made a murder lizard, but it's pink...teehee". Eggman was always about control over everything. Can't control nature/animals? Put 'em in robots that you DO control. Make better animals that are robots. His stuff was always nature "As designed & controlled by him". It's a very interesting theme and to ignore it is to diminish the works of Eggman.
Action Figures Tails Eggman Here are 2 more movie figures, and these are likely the "Deluxe Type" solo-seller figures. (Unlike the boxed ones above) They are likely also larger, so maybe the 5 inch line or so. The movie twitter released these seemingly without context so...more information pending, I guess.
What's really interesting here is......look how good the Jim Carrey figure is! Sure the suit is accurate to the movie but...the face and mustache are actually really good? As you know, action figures don't always look like the IRL actors but whoever they got at Jakks Pacific to do this one has really pulled out all the stops if the retail (as in, non-factory photo) looks like this. Quite nice! His accessories are a cup of coffee and some sort of egg pod. Both of these are appropriate (because of coffee/caffiene jokes) and of course he's Eggman he'll build an egg device of some kind.
The Tails figure:
SIGH. Wow ok, Jakks Pacific MAGICALLY cannot give their main line figures elbow & knee joints "Because it's too hard", yet......yet.....????? Here we go? A fully articulated figure but it's shaggy Movie Tails? Nice move. Meh. Aaaand then he's got a gun. Really gang? You're giving Tails a gun? Sure it's probably some wacky 'blaster' that does something (that isn't bullets) but still, seems out of place for the guy who flies and invents things. Entry subject to update once the movie comes out.
Movie 2 Cardboard Advertising Stand Cardboard stands!
A staple of movie theater advertising that makes its return after the pandemic. In this case, here's a stand for Sonic Movie 2...but it is in France. Notice that it says "Le Film" underneath the title font. It uses flying Tails and snowboarding Sonic vs Knuckles from the mountain scene but includes Jim Carrey in the Egg o Matic (no....still not Eggman sorry) which they have added for this movie. The Egg o Matic is pretty authentic looking, which is nice to see, however.
This is pretty large, notice that it is tall enough to cover quite a few steps which are in the background. It's a good eye-catch piece to display in the theater lobby. (This was tweeted out by the movie's official twitter)
Movie 2 Collectible Cups AMC Much like meal-toys, movie theaters want to get in on collectible food related bonus items.
In this case, it's AMC theaters and collectible cups for Sonic Movie 2. The cups have movie-style character figures that snap on/off of the lids. The cups themsleves are plastic, with a character portrait for Sonic or Tails and the logo on each one. They're 2.99 if you buy a kids pack or 9.99 by themselves. (Kids pack is a kids ticket/drink/popcorn) It is probably ok if you like the movie.
Xbox Win Console Hairy Controllers Microsoft XBox creates a special 'movie version' of the console to become a contest prize. You could win it around the time of the movie release by using MS Points (gotten by using Bing searches & other MS related things like quizzes) to get a 'contest entry'. (So, like a virtual slip)
The console is customized with a Sonic vs Knuckles portrait on one side, the Movie 2 logo on the front, and the area around the vent chromed as a ring. It also has the 'gold ring' display here which holds 2 not very useful and indeed very strange controllers. These are themed 1 blue for Sonic, 1 red for Knuckles...but they are covered in shaggy fur!
Certainly, these are the first furry controlers ever done but the qustion remains: why?
Aside from 'novelty strange thing that gets made fun of on the internet for invisible popularity points''s not like everyone knows or loves Sonic & Knuckles because they are covered in shaggy hair. The characters were never meant to be these fluffy bunny things or shaggy Chewbacca/bears or whatever so this is an odd choice, even if you're putting it with the deliberately overy hairy Movie Sonic.
Movie 2 UK Meal Toys
England (and possibly other close-buy countries) will have these McDonalds meal toys available for the Movie 2. Interestingly, there's quite a few of them to collect, and even a mystery figure among them. Each one appears to have the same gimmic, which is "pull back n' go".
You can get punching Knuckles on a cloud base, arms out Tails, running forward Sonic, figure-8 running Sonic, side jumping Tails, Eggman 'giant robot' on a green crystal base, Ice Knuckles & Ice Tails and a running forward Knuckles on a red base. Because there are 3 of each character visible except Sonic, you know that the mystery "Surprise Toy" will be some type of Sonic figure.
Why a mystery one? It will likely be the rarest. But, will it have a different gimmick than the others, or be a metallic paint figure instead? If anyone sees the Surprise Toy, it can be added to this entry for credit.
Movie Display Toy Stand Walmart To hold all the movie merchandise...
Walmart has added this Sonic display stand. It's a thick cardboard cube with several shelves to stock the various movie figures and playsets. It has the logo and picture of Sonic on the edge. Here, you can see some of the regular size action figures, the larger Sonic with an electronic ring & the Tails Tornado Plane vehicle. It does have prices...
But as you can see it's in a bit of a disarray because kids come along and just move the figures to anywhere on the stand. Most of them seem to have ended up on the top as an easy place to set it down. This appeared in April 2022. It would last as long as Walmart left it up/so its appearance is likely up to the decision of individual stores. Photo by Taaron
Tornado Plane Movie Vehicle Well...we finally get The Tornado...
But it's for the movie. It's hard to tell how different the plane is here from the one in the games because the box doesn't show the actual toy. It looks like art, and there is no window in the box.
The propeller has real spinning action when you push a button, and it comes with the special Tails figure that has the hat/goggles, and a Sonic action figure as well. This should be at both Target & Walmart in 2022. Photo by Taaron
IDW PreQuill Movie Comic Book
For Sonic Movie 2, IDW has made this comic book called "PreQuill", which is a decent pun-based thing for the prequel item.
This ought to explain something that maybe happened in between the two movies, or possibly adds a minor plot point. Of course, it is recomended to collect this as it is part of the IDW collection (they're likely mandated, like Archie was, to crank out tie-ins to whatever other Sonic media is going on at the time--handling it by corraling it off into a special book is probably an all right idea so it doesn't interfere with thier plots.

Description will appear here if anyone says what's inside this thing.

Here goes IDW fixing things again: look how not-shaggy and not-hairy-messy he looks here then look how they angled his face to minimize the eye split. Again...someone has to un-movie-ify him to make him look good enough to be appealing on a cover. Whoopdeydoo nobody's surprised.

Movie Poster Book Meet Friends Book Movies usually get a book or 2 as a tie-in, and Movie 2 is no exception. Here, you can see "Meet My Friends! (And Enemies) a sort of introduction/explainer book for little kids to go with the movie. The second one is "The Official Movie Poster Book", which is full of folded pull-out posters with CG scenes from the movie.
13 inch movie plush Sonic doll
This is the "13 Inch Movie 2 Plush"'s an accurate title because that's all the more description this item seems to get. It doesn't have any special features, and is a normal plush doll. They do an all right job with it, although the interior ear fabric needed to be better sewn to the blue exterior (looks like 2 ears on 1 side there on the left) the seam for the glove should have been on the bottom not the top of the wrist (to hide it) and the fingers are super/extra rudimentary, the glove just looks crumpled/there's no stitching or sculpting. The box back shows it maybe can stand on its own. The fabric used is, of course, extra furry/shaggy.
This is at Target and should be about 19.99 in spring 2022