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(That I don't approve of)
So here's a sub-standard title card that's very boring.

After the art fiasco that set the internet ablaze with flames for 'bad design' (true) in 2019 the "Sonic Movie" live action Hollywood production went back to the 'drawing board' and re-made the hideous hedgehog into something more akin to a friendly hairy bigfoot troll that happens to be blue.
People seemed to like this better, and so merchandise moved ahead. However it's #NotMySonic so, like bandana and sports tape loving Boom Sonic (And poor Stupid BoomKnuckles) the merchandise must all get corralled away onto a special page/set so as to keep it from contaminating other items. This is that page.
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Knuckles Movie Figure MIB Here's what the Knuckles movie figure looks like mint on the card (and still in the store because I'm not buying this hairy nonsense) The bubble card is vaugely 'Sonic head shaped' with 3 points on the back to add interest. This fits well with the logo top, and ring/cg art at the bottom.
The figure comes with the caution-stripe metal piece from the snowboarding scene in the movie. The back shows that this line has Sonic, also with the same snowboard, Tails & Eggman on it.
The blurb appears in multiple languages (so it's not actually very long) and explains that Knuckles is a strong new character that's not to be trifled with or taken lightly. All the back-cards are essentially the same for each character aside from the figure photo & the blurb.
Sonic Movie Figure MIB Photo
Here's the Sonic figure from Movie 2.
He comes with the same caution stripe metal piece-looking 'snowboard' from the mountain scene in the movie that the Knuckles figure (above) has. (Why not give 1 of them a different prop? They were probably hoping to encourage re-creation of the down-hill scene)

How about that articulation?
Keep in mind these figures are about the size of the 5 inch line that Jakks already produces yet...somehow they've all got 13 points of articulation??? How's that work when their previous claim was "OH 5 inches is TOO SMALL to do articulation for...." now suddenly they can magically do it because they are movie figures? What about fans of the games? (Robotnick gets a pass here because he has completely different proportions)

Robotnick Movie Figure MIB Here's what the Robotnick movie figure looks like in the package. As you can see, he's not scaled at all (nor could he likely be, so it's fine enough) He is taller than the other figures though (look where the feet are compared to the Sonic above) He comes with his egg robot thing and a coffee cup. The robot thing opens up a little bit.
He has the 13 points of articulation as well, and is the last figure on this 'first wave' set.
Backpack Set Movie 2 Theme It's back to school with a backpack set.
This is all movie 2 themed, and it is a 3 piece set. There's the usual kids backpack with slogan "Gotta go faster" at the top among speed boost chevrons (That are in the games not in the movie so why put them here) The front has an extra large flat pocket (larger than other backpacks generally) This has pointing Sonic and fist up tails in a ring.
This also comes with a soft sides lunch bag with running movie Sonic in a ring and flying movie tails for the flap. The 3rd item is maybe...a soft sides pencil bag? Looks like it has a cinch top with rubber/diecut Tails pull/medallion thing. The print on the cloth is a scattering of cg poses for movie Sonic.
RC Movie 2 Sonic Board Vehicle Apparently the part in the movie 2 where Sonic goes on some metal part of something was like...THE entire highlight of the movie. Because here's yet another item of him on it. This time, it's an RC Control 2.4 GHZ toy where the figure is riding the gray board and you control it with the ring shaped controller. It has only 2 wheels, right in the middle so it's also a bit of a balance toy. This makes it easy to do 360 spin tricks (as seen on the sticker) The figure is likely not pose-able because it has to also balance the toy to keep it rolling properly. The transparent tread of the wheel is an interesting touch. This was seen at Walmart but the cost is unknown.
Tasty Cake Pecan Swirl Movie Promo Package The Sonic Movie (first one) had a promo with Tastykake the inexpensive baked sweets maker. In this instance, their Pecan Swirls packages have movie Sonic on them, the logo, and a 'you could win' sticker dot. What could you win? Tickets to the movie, which is quite appropriate for the promotion.
UFO Catcher Japan Only Plush STK JAPAN ONLY
Here is a trio of small size plush dolls for the movie, that were released as UFO catcher/claw machine prizes in Japan. Of course, they'd come out around August 2022, which was Japan's release time for the Sonic Movie 2.
They're made out of a semi-shiny smooth cloth, and use felt details. Each has a hang loop, which is common for small dolls. None of the characters have finger detail, but the fists spikes for Knuckles are 3D.
Despite the size, they're pretty decent on detail and shape. Sonic is the oddest one with borderless ears and minimized spikes.
Cassette Tape Movie Soundtracks 2 Cassette tapes? In 2022?
Looks like a strange decision by Enjoy The Ride Records, who has been chosen to release the soundtrack from Sonic Movie 2. These are indeed, 80s style plastic cassete tapes that would go in a tape player or a 'walkman' portable tape device. Unlike their old counterparts though, these have highly decorated plastic shells with portraits/face off style from the movie. They come in a 2-pack cardboard package with that 'imitate the old poster' that they copied with the 'live action' characters. It's interesting to see, in a bit of a spectacle / unexpected type of release way.
They use a magnetic substance on plastic strip that gets wound past the reader-head as they spool from one end to the other. To listen to the music again you have to rewind them. For portable use, they have the advantage of that they don't skip like a CD does if the player gets shaken. Their sound quality was (reportedly) not as good as a CD or a vinyl record (somehow) but this is an audiophile type of statement.
However: Magnetism when it is applied to not-metal items does not last forever. Some old VHS tapes (worked on similar principals to this) don't work in 2022 because the magnetism has gone away. Will that happen to these? Eventually, most likely...however they are a novelty collectible type item. Photo by Enjoy the Ride Records
Large Size Movie Plush Sonic Tails Here are the large size (was there a small?) movie style plush for Sonic & Tails. They're seen here at a Target in late summer 2022. Their release was supposed to line up more closely with the movie, but it looks like that didn't happen everywhere.
They did take care to make the Tails one shorter than the Sonic but...his body is somehow bigger than Sonic's? The Sonic also seems to have a bit of 'teddy bear ears', and of course they have the smaller hands and feet to be more movie-like. These are good quality-wise, with soft fabric, nice embroidery and the details seem to be there. Movie-style is just something that doesn't necisarily translate perfectly into plush.
Eggman Movie Robot Playset Jakks Pacific continues their Movie 2 merchandise with this "Giant Eggman Robot Play Set", though it released at the end of summer 2022, and not that close to the time of the movie. This may have been deliberate, to not spoil the 'final boss' of the movie for anyone who had not yet seen it. It features moving fists for the robot, a bridge that fits action figures, and comes with a 'mystery Sonic figure'. Naturally, this is Super Sonic, and it may end up being the only way to get "movie style ss" as a figure. It's represented as a "?" on the package.
Movie 2 Mug and Bottle The Sega Shop Online (USA) gets in on movie merch, and adds this satin finish navy blue mug and blue plastic water bottle in fall season 2022. The mug has a shiny black interior, satin finish exterior and the logo on one side. The other side has white line art for movie Sonic and "Gotta Go Fast" as the slogan written over him.
The bottle is set up the same way, with the logo vertically on one side, but jumping/punch Sonic on the other. It has a leashed lid/ wide screw top, and is slightly transparent.
Movie 2 Notebook Pen The first movie had a notebook, so...the Sega Shop decides the 2nd one should too.
This is another of their spiral wire bound hard-card cover notebooks that are pretty high cost for what they are. It has a white cover with a scattering of rings, speed boost chevrons, the movie's logo and, of course, 2 poses for movie Sonic.
This also comes with an unbranded generic black/white pen that fits in an elastic strap on the side.
It's an ok cover, decorated without being overly busy, and if you liked the look of movie Sonic, it's fine...however, having him as the only character seems a bit unusual since the point of that movie was to introduce more characters. This appears in late summer/fall 2022, and is 20 dollars.
Gallery Diorama Movie Figure Photo Gallery Diorama Boxed Figure The company "Gallery Diorama" produced this display figure for Sonic Movie 1. IS it technically a diorama? Sssort of, it fulfills that it's a 3D figure, but it has a base rather than a 'scene' and does not qualify as a 'set' (as in movie-set not packaged set of items)
Either way, it depicts Movie Sonic as he defeats one of the Eggman robots which has the electricity from it crackling as an effect as he poses dramatically. It's a display figure that has no action/building component.
From the angle of the photo, it seems well enough done, he has the hairy texture going on, the pose is dynamic enough (if a bit typical) and it does incorporate item from the movie. The box seems to have a window for 2 sides, making it decent for display MIB. Where was this sold though, and how much was it? The photo appeared in 2022, well after the 2nd movie.
Movie 2 Back Packs Schoolbags ST In winter 2023, both of these Movie 2 themed school bag backpacks appear. They're both the standard 16 inch size, but the one on the right brings a bit of a new format. Instead of the usual horizontal outer pocket on the lower part, this has a vertical zipper all up the front to create a different shape of space for your stuff. Half is pointing movie Sonic, the other is cheering Movie Tails. With the yellow/blue background, and navy edges, this one has good contrast. The logo is nicely done at the bottom, too.
The left side pack is actually a set of 3 things. There's a round Tails theme/ring soft-sides lunch carrier, a rings & Sonic art theme pencil case (zipper top, with flat rubber Sonic/ring zipper pull too) & the 'running forward' big-graphic for the backpack itself. This one also has the logo, but in the bottom right corner.
Whether or not you approve of the movie designs, the design of these school supplies is actually well done. The set makes sense and has enough Sonic elements, and the half/half backpack does bring a new look to the table. They are 30 for the 3 pack set, and 25 for the single backpack. These have been seen on Amazon, but where else?
3 Piece Backpack School Set Movie 2 Here's a 3 Piece School Set.
It has a backpack, a soft-sides lunch carrier (tall bag style with fold-over flap which is different than usual) and a soft-sides zipper top pencil case. The backpack and lunch bag use the same CG half/half art for pointing Sonic and jumping Tails. The pattern portion for all 3 things is the same: all-over CG Sonic in different poses on a middle-blue background. The movie's logo is at the top of the backpack. Notice the zipper pull: It is that flat-rubber layered keychain material. It has a Tails portrait for one side, and Sonic on the other side. This has been found on Amazon, and is probably about 40 dollars. It is a winter 2023 item.
Hallmark Movie Sonic Jump Ornament Hallmark, now quite into the franchise and characters scene, makes this "Christmas Tree" ornament for Movie 2. However, as seems to be 'the thing' with so-called 'holiday' ornaments, there's no hint of holiday anything anywhere here. It's just a character figure that you hang anywhere (including on a tree, of course) from the metal loop at the top. This features a fully 3D figure of leaping movie Sonic with full color/normal paint.
It's interesting enough because the 'it hangs' feature means it does not have to stand up and the pose can be freely anything, which is nice/action/more possibilities. The price should be between 12 and 15 dollars, if you can find it. Amazon & likely also Walmart, plus any remaining Hallmark franchise botique type store would have it. This is probably a 2023 thing.
Baby Movie Prototype Doll Plush A prototype pops someone's home.
Well, at least one of this got out because it's photographed on carpet, which factories don't have. (It's at somebody's house) This is a prototype plush (Tomy, most likely) of Movie Sonic as a baby, and it was meant to be sold to Japan (and elsewhere?) because the 'baby' design of the awful character was most palletable there/got more good press.
Does it look like the baby design that was seen for like 5 seconds? Fairly, but look how non-Sonic like it looks. Ears to the sides of the head, of course it has toes because the movie gave him toes (nobody in the games has toes according to the official art so far) but it's not the right amount of them (3 not 5) the hands you can't tell what's going on with due to the angle of the photo. Is it cute? Debateable, but it's oddly pale (the beige parts are nearly the white of the eye) and the big round eyes are just kinda wrong. But with "anything goes" with the Movie it probably fits right in. This was likely never released.
Build A Bear Super Sonic Plush w/Accs Build a Bear is back about the movie again...
And, at a bit of an odd time in late 2023, with this Super Sonic plush branded for Movie 2, though the 3rd one is already filming. His release has 2 optional accessories (as BAB is known for upsells and accessorizing everything if you want) which are a "Sonic Speed's The Game" black tee and a plush movie-branded chili-dog with elastic hand strap so any plush can hold it.
As you know, anything 'movie' is going to look a bit odd, but combining it with BAB's 'teddy' style here kind of increases that even more. Like the feet are balls, which is even worse looking because he does not have his shoes (Those are supposed to be his socks) and what's up with the leg attachments? His body is such a strange shape and the legs are 'up'? Leaving sort of a point in the middle (especially on the side view? As can be common with plush, his head is flattened & the spikes are added to the back but then they don't look like a part of his head exactly. They do get some of the details like the red eyes, the ears are 3-d, front mouth and pose-ability...but the decision to
leave his shoes off and then not even have them as an accessory is a strange one. Movie fans or BAB fans are going to spend on him regardless, but this one's still a bit odd.