Prototype Sonic Items Title
What about Sonic items that have not been made yet? Or things that NEVER got made?
It's time for prototypes & mock ups! All the things on this page are Sonic items which are NOT yet released, or are items which were NEVER released. If something doesn't ever get produced, it'll stay here forever, for you to see and read about it. Also included on the page are 'mock ups' which are not real items. They're an illustration created by a company to show what a final item would look like. Sometimes they're Photoshops, others are combination of art and photos. A mock up never becomes real itself...but the item it illustrates is often made.
When any item on this page DOES get made, (and SonicGear gets some kind of retail confirmation/fan photo) it will leave this page and move away onto the page it belongs on.
(EX: a keychain appears here, gets produced, a fan buys it and mails SonicGear--that key chain will then leave this page and show up on the Key Chains page)
Anything that does/is getting made should have release date info near it if it is available, along with the company which should be producing it--to help you find it!
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Kelly Toy Sample Metallic Sonic Tails Here's something cool to see...
Actual Sample plushes! As you can see, these are by Kelly Toy & their tags are specially marked as "SAMPLE". These never got released, so here on prototypes is the only place to see them. Each doll uses metallic fabric for the character's main color, which is a cool idea. Sonic is shiny blue & Tails is shiny gold. They have embroidered eyes. But look at Tails, the face has a mistake, in that he has a split
upper lip. However...otherwise the Tails is actually really great. The eye shape, ears, bangs & body size are all excellent. The Sonic is their usual fare with slightly off shoes, thin/tall head and quite long arms. Do these have anything to do with Silver plush that's actually metallic silver in color? Was he originally to be part or did he inspire metallic dolls? Photos discovered by Lightening
Toddler Mini 12 inch Backpack This item is titled the "Toddler Mini Backpack". However, it is probably just a smaller than usual school bag that anyone could use. It is only 12 inches high (where usual packs are 16 to 18) so you could only store smaller items in it. It's all blue with black nylon for the straps. The exterior is flat (no pockets) with a nice neo classic jumping Sonic on a light blue checkered background.
Did this item ever get made? The art for it appeared in mid-2015, but has this actual small size pack appeared for sale in any stores? This item lands on the prototypes page because it is only art of something somone intended to produce.
Prototype Pinball Modern Sonic Tabletop This is a prototype photo for a table top pinball game. As you'll remember, there was a classic style Sonic Pinball produced in the 1990s. (It's on Gear) However, a modern one never got made. This isn't really a game in a box, it's just a fake picture of how they want the box to look, and probably a CG rendering of the game for the 'box photo' there. It appears to use all CG art (no stock) & has a big, colorful back/scoreboard. The table stands up on little legs.
The swirl clearly has something to say, but the only 'photo' is too small to read it. This may be an unproduced (Ever) item. The proto pic was only ever seen in a promo image for "Mercedes Benz World Sonic Celebration" (Where a car showing area for Mercedes-only had a day where they had Sonic items on display for some mysterious reason but only at the Mercedes showing store in England.) As far as anyone knows the pinball wasn't actually there. The event itself is mysterious as well because it was just a day and had no publicity.
25th Anniversary Coin Figures Toyfair of Germany 2016 reveals these 3 new classic style figures.
They're likely to be by Tomy, who showed many other items there. (Photo is close so you can't tell if it's their booth) These figures each come with a coin that's silver on one side & yellowish/goldtone on the other. The coins all feature nice looking neoclassic art corresponding to the character it comes with. Flying Tails, pointing Sonic, & arms crossed Knuckles.
If you look carefully at the Knuckles leg top joints you can see he's probably articulated (and if he is, so are the others) They look nice & classic, Tails is cute & if the articulation is quality, they'll be great to collect. The only problem is with Knuckles' lower face. It doesn't cover the red that's at the bottom of his eyes, so he looks off. Hopefully this is corrected before the release. Photo discovered by Taaron
3 Mock Up Tomy Boxes 2016 Here are 3 mock up boxes Tomy had at their booth in Toyfair Germany 2016. They feature Boom Sonic (of course) that old PVC static figure Classic Style Sonic & likely their pose-able classic type Tails. Why they felt the need for the obviously paper boxes is unknown. (Obviously, the Boom figures have had their own distinct boxes for ages) Also, why bring back the only ok-quality classic style Sonic figure? His eye-shine spots are in the center of the eye instead of where they should be, making it look odd.
Here is a comic book & figure pack that Tomy is planning. This appears at ToyFair 2016 but it's unknown if it was USA or Germany's fair that had it. Either way, it's the same item, a mockup paper-box with what they want simply photo-shopped onto the front of it. It shows the 'package' (likely a cardboard) with the pixel-edge, an Archie issue & 2 of the re-purposed early F4F old PVC figures on their umpteenth release.
The issue is unknown. It shows Universe here, but proto items are notorious for not knowing just which issue they'll use. (Universe makes no sense anyway, and the actual pre-modern issues probably can't be gotten ahold of, so they've got some mis-match choices likely ahead of them. Photo discovered by CoolLuke1337
Tomy Classic Style STK Proto Figures Tomy STK 25th Anniversary Coins Prototypes
Here is a closer look at the 'figures & coins' seen above. They're obviously fresh protos, as Tails is missing the white for the inside of his ears, his right wrist isn't snapped on all the way & Knuckles has suffered a rub/scuff to the paint on his nose. The joints are also a little bit paintey. Then, the matter of the coins....The Tails Coin has the eye detail left out, making it look mis-matched & wierd. All 3 appear to be either adjusted actual classic stock arts or are neoclassic.
Notice the date on all 3 of them is 1991, which doesn't really work for Tails or Knuckles, as they were introduced later. The figures look good so far, if they fill the details in & correct the few little issues, these will measure up to the JW classic small figure line. Photo discovered by PatMac
Ladies Concepts Classic Sonic
This is a whole page of 'concept' items. It's not really a prototype yet, because nothing you see here is a physical item. It's just some concept & CG type mock up stuff. It is the "Ladies Fashion & Accessories" page from the "Classic Sonic Style Guide". The Style Guide is an industry type (not for the public) book on how to place Sonic designs on merchandise & exactly what colors everything should be. The guide includes some examples of items that did get made, but also proposes these. (WERE they made? Write in if you have proof/photo of an actual item from this page) You can see a "Let's Roll" Sonic face tee, a neo-classic jumping Sonic tank top, a ST&K tote bag, Sonic & Amy ball cap, mini-boxers type shorts/underwear with Sonic & circle theme, some
flat sole lace up sneakers with Sonic print all over (and the unique feature of colored art of Sonic printed right on the sole! That's new!), Sonic & Amy theme pencils and an Amy neo classic notebook with "Supersonic" and "Have no Fear!" printed across it. They're all good ideas, especially the shoes in adult sizes which would be good for boys or girls.
Prototype Boys Fashion Accessories Photo & Art More from the 'Classic Sonic Style Guide', but this time it's "Boys Fashion & Accessories", though really everything on the page can be worn by anyone if it actually exists/gets made. Notice how some of the stuff is real (A photo) while other things are merely mockup art, or, in the case of the lunch bag a phony CG object. The top 3 shirts are real, the bottom hat is real, & the flip-flop sandals may be real but everything else isn't.
Did any of the actual photo items even get made? Nobody's ever found/reported one in any country. Why make something & not release it? All the designs are pretty nice & the colors atypical.
The hoodie has interior Sonic print fabric for the hood, the picture-cap has nice action and "This is how I roll" slogan on one side, the "Class of 1991" gray tee is sort of typical, as is the 'jeans hat', but the cool trio design on the hoodie & "S" shirt is fresh. The flip flops are extra fun, 1 with Sonic, the other with Tails. It's a cute idea for summer fun shoes. Have you ever seen anything on this image for sale?
25th Anniversary Joypolis Prototype Items Here are some 25th Anniversary items that are supposed to appear at Joypolis for the celebration. However, none of the items here are real, they're all either just art, or in the case of the (Thermos?) a CG render with the graphic applied. The items, if they get made/anyone ever finds them, will turn up on their categoricaly correct Japan Pages. First, there are some fun gray tees with front & back designs for adults, a long white rectangle with red stripe at the bottom (is it a towel?) a blue rectangle with classic Sonic infront of wings, the white 'thermos bottle' & a circle that's blue. Look how cute the Sonic is on the blue circle! He looks like a mini baby plush or something. (Do write in if you know what these items are)
Mens Gifting & Accessories
This batch of non-existing items is confusingly called "Mens Gifting & Accessories". It's confusing because there's nothing here that's specifically FOR men in any way. The only thing 'maybe' is the wallet because ladies'-specific wallets are larger/differently shaped "just for purses", but of course any wallet will fit into a purse.
There's 2 types of day-planner looking notebook with 'faux wear' weathering on getting ready-to run stock Sonic, what looks like a pencil pouch case? & a Sonic face in a star bi-fold wallet with likely patterend interior. Next is a "Class of 91" iphone plastic case with way more weathering effect than needed on the slightly striped design, earbuds with Sonic disk images & 3 normal style ceramic mugs.
The first mug is white with thin strip of typical ground & "I'm Outa Here" getting ready to run Sonic. The black mug has a "Don't Stop" slogan with pixelated running Sonic & a sort of retro-computer look font. The last white mug has different expressions of classic Sonic faces as line art scattered around, along with rings.
This is another batch of stuff that's not ever been proven to have been made. The images were released in 2015 or so, but nobody's ever seen any of these 'accessories' for sale. Notice how the rings on the mug don't wrap to its texture, all this stuff is just a CG overlay so it's basically concepts someone wanted.