Prototype Sonic Items Title
What about Sonic items that have not been made yet? Or things that NEVER got made?
It's time for prototypes & mock ups! All the things on this page are Sonic items which are NOT yet released, or are items which were NEVER released. If something doesn't ever get produced, it'll stay here forever, for you to see and read about it. Also included on the page are 'mock ups' which are not real items. They're an illustration created by a company to show what a final item would look like. Sometimes they're Photoshops, others are combination of art and photos. A mock up never becomes real itself...but the item it illustrates is often made.
When any item on this page DOES get made, (and SonicGear gets some kind of retail confirmation/fan photo) it will leave this page and move away onto the page it belongs on.
(EX: a keychain appears here, gets produced, a fan buys it and mails SonicGear--that key chain will then leave this page and show up on the Key Chains page)
Anything that does/is getting made should have release date info near it if it is available, along with the company which should be producing it--to help you find it!
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Werehog unpainted prototype figure
This is the unpainted prototype for the 5 scale Jazwares Werehog figure. With it in this state, you can really see the detail of the 'fur' they carved into it, how the ears are attached, and all the pins for the joints. The eye-color areas do have a ring set slightly into the surface. It's really interesting to see a textured figure like this in the unpainted state. Photo discovered by: SuperSonic149
Super 3 pack mock up art This is a "Mock Up". It is different from a prototype, in that it's just an ILLUSTRATION of what they would LIKE to do in the future. This shows their plan for the Super Hedgehogs 3 pack, and how it is different from the final version. First, the box is quite plain, with no art, and no die-cutting. Then, the embossing on the top is also an illustration, along with the PROPERLY colored chaos emeralds. (note the light blue one at the bottom!) You can also see that they took photos of their regular Silver, Shadow & Sonic, and then re-colored them yellowish to make them look "Super" even though they hadn't made the actual
figures yet. Remember, it's just an illustration. The biggest difference is in that little was orignally supposed to have a case for the chaos emeralds! You can see a little blue box in the back, perhaps illustrating part of it. Isn't that interesting? Photo discovered by: SupeSonicBoom
All Metal Rivets MS Mockup Repaint These aren't really 'prototypes' per se. They are actually sort of mock up art on what Jazwares might have liked to do with their 3.5 Metal Sonic figure. They aren't even real figures, they're just a photo of the figure, but edited so it looks like it has new paint.
The left one is 'paint-less' with an exposed metal finish and rivet/seam details. It is meant to resemble (but doesn't really) Sonic 2's "Silver Metal Sonic". Remember, he was the very round-headed one with the table-saw blade installed in the back of it. The right is a new yellow and black (with a bit of racing stripe motif) color scheme. It is meant to look like Metal Sonic 3.0 (Mach 3.0) from Sonic Rivals 2 (for the PSP) however, there are several paint details & body details
Yellow Black Metal Sonic Repaint
that don't match the game. They have admitted that Sega won't let them produce actual toys of these in this format, so they will always remain in prototypes. (Likely because the lack of real resemblance to the in-game sprites--they'd have to make new figures to do them) Additional info by Aquaslash Photos by Jazwares, discovered by IndigoSonic1992
Wii Wisp MIB illustration mock up Here are 2 mock up art pieces for the bonus Sonic Figure & Wisps that will be released in Australia. You can easily see how the art was created. The box you see here (planned to hold the game (in back) and display the figure & wisps in the front) DS Wisps game pack mock up
is not a real box. It's just a layered art-piece made to resemble what they want the final product to look like. The background-less photo (seen in front) has just been skewed and placed 'in' the virtual box. The final packaging should look quite similar to this (it is stylish, and shows off all the items well) and it will appear on Australia items once it's released. Above photos discovered by KnucklesToast
Unpainted Classic Jazwares Sonic Figure For Sonic's 20th Anniversary, Jazwares launches "Sonic Through Time" figure collection. This means classic-styled figures with modern-level articulation for everyone to collect. Here, you can see some of the box art/styles that they want to use. (note Green Hill Zone sunflower, and '1991') The figure itself is pretty classic looking, though someone clearly did not know how to assemble it. Not only are the hands wrong (backward!) but so are his shoes. The buckle is on the inside instead of the outside. Who is it that can't tell their own right from left that was allowed to assemble this? In light of their 'fall-apart-figures' and cash-wasting errors you'd think they'd want to take better care with anything they display. Berzerker & SonicRetro
Egg Robo Package Well, if there's Sonic through time, why not Eggman through time too? At the top is the classic Eggman (which they're calling Robotnick as that was the era where they re-named him for 'western' audiences--the era where it was ok to arbitrarily change anything from a game) Below, you can see Eggman with 2 more modern (EggFighter) robots. Does this mean 3 toys in every package? Tails appears single-card style with some 'caterkiller-like' badnick in the background. DOES this mean the release of actual badnick figures? Notice the "20th Anniversary" dot sticker on each thing in the line. Photo discovered by: Berzerker & SonicRetro
UK Toy Show Sonic Doll Variety These interesting dolls made their debut at the UK Toy Show. As you can see there's an all-new big Sonic & Shadow...but who made them? Jazwares? The big Sonic looks rather nice/classic, but the Shadow has the same pushed-in sort of off-model face as a small JW plush. The Tails & Amy at the front of the pack (both classics?) are quite nice looking though! They certainly stand out above the JW small-line plushes behind them. These have embroidered details, and cute expressions. Hopefully more details will arise soon. Photo discovered by SuperSonic88
Jazwares 20th Anniversary Figure Mock-ups At the first toyfair of 2011 (in the USA) Jazwares shows off their plans for the Sonic 20th Anniversary Celebration. Notice that each box has the 20th sticker on it, & has a checkered theme. Note that these are just Mock-Ups. There are NO figures in these boxes, it's just Sega art pasted into the packaging as a stand-in to show what they want to do. They're all also just labeled "__& Badnick" even though the badnicks were named in the game. Classic figures are paired with classic enemies, & the same for the modern ones.
Classic & Modern 20th Anniversary Figure & Badnik Here's a closer shot at several of the 2-packs. There will likely be 'classic & modern' versions of each character who HAS such. (See Silver up there? He has no classic, nor will Shadow) Will they eventually name the badniks?
  • Shadow with GUN Beetle * Knuckles with Egg-Pawn
  • Tails with Sonic Colors version of Caterkiller are shown here.
  • Jazwares ToyFair 2011 Display Booth This is Jazwares' Display Booth for Toyfair 2011. You can see at the bottom their selection of already-released/current figures including plushes, 10 inch Metal Sonic, Racers & single-card figures. Super Posers join the bunch, and they seem to have tacked some dolls to the wall (??) Most everything else seems to be just a mock-up of empty package+art. It looks like some kind of large modern Sonic will appear (why? They've already done 10 inch Sonic) A Sonic & Amy classic 2 pack, some of the 3 packs (Seen above at the UK show) and mysterious colored disks (bottom right) 2011 is def. shaping up to be an interesting year in Sonic figures.
  • What else can you spot in these photos? Sonic with Spina
  • Silver with Iblis Biter
  • Classic Sonic with Motobug
  • Classic Tails with Grabber
  • New Diorama pack with Classic Sonic in the sky may also come with modern Sonic.
  • Comic Book Pack with Shadow and an issue of Sonic Universe--has to be one of the Shadow Arc it had. Info & photos in group discovered by SonicToast & SonicStadium.
  • This is a video for gameplay of a prototype Xbox game "Sonic Extreme". (Not to be confused with Sonic Xtreme which never made it to the Saturn years ago) This is a demo which seems to be a type of 'skin' over a Tony Hawk skateboard game being used to illustrate the concept they wanted. It's rather slow (for Sonic) and was never developed outside the 'borrowed' engine. For further viewing you can use the following links to see battle, group & menu videos.
    Multi Player Footage Menu Detail w/stock art
    Videos discovered by SonicRulz14
    Gacha Sonic Disk Launchers Gacha Assemble Figures Gacha pull n' go Sonic racers Here are 3 different Gacha style Sonic products. From the left you can see Disk Launchers 6, Assemble Figures 6, & Pull n' Go Racers 4. They come in towers which dispense opaque balls. As is the gacha style, you can't see what's inside till you open it/until you buy it. It's a type of
    'blind boxing' used when coin-dispensing machines can't be used. Will this be the final look for the products on retail shelves? Where will they be sold first? This seems like a cool product line. Photos by Alessandro at German ToyFair
    Flocked Sonic figure Fuzzy flocking Sonic texture Here are more early shots of what Jazwares is planning for the 20th Anniversary figure release. At left, you can see "Flocked Sonic" (who's edge had only been visible before) This appears to be their 10 inch Sonic, but coated with 'flocking' which is where tiny fibers are adhered to an item with glue. The close-up shows the texture of the figure. The beige areas will not be fuzzy. This is said to be a 2011 Painted ver. JW Classic Sonic Figure
    Comic Con exclusive from their booth. (like the JUVI Metal Sonic) BUT hopefully like the Juvi, he'll be available online afterward for fans who couldn't make it.
    At right is their Classic Sonic (seen above, unpainted) but with the intended paint job. As usual for them at this stage, he looks great. The dot-shaped body didn't stop them from keeping his waist-swivel, and the eye positioning seems fine. These are shaping up to be cool figures. If the finals look the same, these photos will move to the appropriate Jazwares Page. Fuzzy photo discovered by: Taaron, classic by BrandonTH.