Prototype Sonic Items Title
What about Sonic items that have not been made yet? Or things that NEVER got made?
It's time for prototypes & mock ups! All the things on this page are Sonic items which are NOT yet released, or are items which were NEVER released. If something doesn't ever get produced, it'll stay here forever, for you to see and read about it. Also included on the page are 'mock ups' which are not real items. They're an illustration created by a company to show what a final item would look like. Sometimes they're Photoshops, others are combination of art and photos. A mock up never becomes real itself...but the item it illustrates is often made.
When any item on this page DOES get made, (and SonicGear gets some kind of retail confirmation/fan photo) it will leave this page and move away onto the page it belongs on.
(EX: a keychain appears here, gets produced, a fan buys it and mails SonicGear--that key chain will then leave this page and show up on the Key Chains page)
Anything that does/is getting made should have release date info near it if it is available, along with the company which should be producing it--to help you find it!
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Boys School & Fashion Prototypes Page
Here is a 'back to school' selection of things that didn't get made (that anyone's seen). It's labeled "boys" but really it should be "anyone" because there's nothing 'boy-specific' here. It has some ok ideas though, and some that are a bit odd. First, is an iphone case with classic Sonic Tails & Knuckles pixel art and squares, but in inexplicably says "game over" at the bottom. Why? Why does the soft-sides zip-top pencil pouch there say it as well? It's what you DON'T want to happen/be associated with because it's lame/bad skills to get a 'game over'. There's a spiral notebook with forward-facing Sonic & yellowish/blue squares that has the banner "Class of 1991 Notebook", which, would likely be cool for grade-school kids who weren't born in 1991/it was before them. The ruler & pencil also have the same theme. There's a fun lookin jacket/hood art, with patterned fabric interior & nice 'ready to run' Sonic in a triangle.
It also has a simple pair of 'waiting/annoyed' pixel Sonic on clip-over earbuds & a fun looking school bag backpack with classic design. It's quite different from the array of bags on School Supplies Gear, & the Tails & Knuckles airborne patch along with "old school" tab patch are a fun touch. Last is a pair of old-fashion solid-sole sneakers with laces & velcro strap for the top, with 3 rings. Sonic is on the outside, along with the word "Speed".
Which items are real? The school bag, shoes & pencil are real, while everything else seems to just be mock up art. The jacket is the most obvious. Will any of this get made?
With the success of the previous Sonic Jewelry items, also seen on Gear, (Class Ring, Shoe Pendant, etc) this new prototype photo of a planned necklace pendant appears. This seems to be called "The Chill Ring Pendant". It features a new pose for Sonic (others were based on stock art) who is reclining/hanging partially off of inside a brass-tone ring. The Sonic is stainless steel (as was most of the previous jewelry done), so he's a good contrast for the ring. The top, where it has the loop for the chain is a little gold-tone star bumper shape. This seems to have good design all around, from use of metal colors, to the star bumper and natural but different pose for Sonic. Hopefully this pendant releases when planned and the fan photos show it's just as good as this proto photo seems.
Tomy Prototype Big Cat Plush A rare find!
This is a prototype Big the Cat plush. It was made by Tomy, but in the UK. (Tomy mostly operates in USA & UK, some of their stuff is dual-release) However, it was made FOR and to be released by Jazwares when they were getting into making plushes.
Notice the cloth tag says "TOMY". However, this never got made/won't get made. It's not very large, but seems to have decent detail. For some reason, companies to don't do too well at plush always seem to magically be able to make good Bigs, while they mess up everyone else. Look at the individual details for his head/hair spikes, notice the nice work on the tail tip & inclusion of all details like his sandals with buckles, belt, longer/different glove type & cheek fur/chest fur edges. This was seen at ToyFair 2010. You can spot it in the ToyFair viewing video at Youtube Toyfair Footage 2010. Photos discovered by & owned by PatMac