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Super Sonic Gear page doesn't just contain things with Super Sonic on them, it is also the page for Sonic goods that really excell at quality, awesomeness or historical value. Not necisarily will every item have ALL good qualities, but it will really excell at something, or else it couldn't be called "Super Sonic Gear"!

The items on this page are all special for some reason. If they appear on other pages too, you can click to read more.

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The First Sonic Item?
This plush may not look very impressive, but it could well be the first actual Sonic object produced that wasn't a video game. Made in 1991 in Japan, it was a Japan only release. As you can see, they hadn't quite gotten the details down yet (1 back spike, center-mouth, odd nose) but the head spikes remained about the same. For such an early item, it had a better grasp of the design than several later ones did. Is it ACTUALLY the first? It's in date-competition with some of the 'string/stringy' Sonic plushes which appear on Japan Plush. For more about this possible first, be sure to visit the Japan Sonic Plushes page. Photo & info by:
Bendy Shadow Figure & Accessory Bendy Shadow Close-up
The Shadow Bendy qualifies because he's the most accurate action figure representation of a Sonic character anyone had yet to do, at the time. Reading the Review will help prove why.
There isn't anything WRONG with this figure, which is more than all the rest can say. He's game accurate to the bottoms of his shoes, even. Proportions are all spot on, hands sculpted excellently, head can turn, expression is fine, head size excellent, paint all good. It's a big, solid quality figure with no glaring joins or screws. The big base, and posability (and 'card' item) all contribute to this guy being the first action figure in this hall of fame.
Crystal Cube The Crystal Cube! Laser cut! Solid Quality Resin! Lasers! Threee-Deee! What more do you need to be super? How about super money? This cube is rare, quality, and exclusive. It's a jewel for your collection if you can fork over the cash. Read more about it on This Page.
The rendering inside is also good, and lifelike for Sonic. The effect is an over-all really cool piece to have.
Wile the face looks ok, this item is Super Sonic because it is still the only Sonic item made of a precious metal (Sterling Silver) though it is no longer only official released Sonic Jewelry item. This is another 10th Anniversary piece, as they're all quite rare and expensive now. You can read more Here.
There isn't really a whole lot you can do Sonic-wise with jewelry, so the foreward face and wrap-around spikes for the band of the ring is a creative use for it.
Ultra Great Shoes Sonic Plush This is just an excellent doll.
Infact, it's likely the best. You have everything just about spot on here. Eye position, nose just like the games, good expression...and look at the SHOES. Wow wow...they've got such detail and proportion. It looks JUST like the games. This doll is even more on-model than most art. The proportions are all good as well. This is a plush that truely belongs in Super Sonic Gear. You can also see it over at Japan Dolls 4.
Sonic figure several poses shots It's not that big a surprise that Jazwares 'werehog scale' Sonic should make it into Super Gear. It's THE most Sonic-like action figure released yet. Not only is the sculpt very good but the pose-ability is also great. Nothing cheezy or over the top, the expression is subtle and the eyes are quite well managed. Close up face shot Jazwares Sonic
With these shots you can see that the figure is pretty well balanced too, able to maintain a mid-walk pose and stand on it's own. A good job with the paint and decent packaging combine to make sure this figure gets to the fans in good shape. Considering the articulation and solid head, the price point at initial sale isn't bad either. All of these features combine to make this a really excellent figure and worthy of being called 'super Sonic gear'. Above pics provided by JeffNov
Gauntlet & Glove comparison shot Sonic vs Sonic Black Knight
Can't have one without the other...
The Sonic & Black Knight figure is identical to the one above only it comes with a gauntlet and Calibur sword. Interestingly, though the hand would have had to be completely re-sculpted, 'regular Sonic' maintains the same hand pose as SBK Sonic. Comparison shots provided by Sonictoast.
See more about the figures on the Jazwares Action Figures pages.
3 inch Knuckles Figure This Jazwares 3 inch scale Knuckles figure makes it on to Super Sonic Gear. It's the most 'Knuckles-like' figure that has yet appeared, and has great detail and quality. He's proportional AND very well articulated. There isn't really anything 'off' about this figure, even the waist joint is the best of all 3 figures, as his coloration does not
make the joint look strange. The fists are also more detailed than any previous fist, with actual curling of the 'finger' area and high relief thumb that other Knuckles figures usually lack. This figure really went the extra mile, despite being so small.
3 inch detail Knuckles Fists
More photos and a full review appear on Jazwares Small Line Figures.
Sonic Mania Bonus Bundle Sonic Mania Bonus Bundle
This bonus bundle that came with a pre order of the game has all the qualifiers for "Super Gear".
First, it has a great VALUE - It was 60 dollars at the time of release in 2017. If you consider an ordinary game at about 49.99, then all this extra stuff would have been only about 10 dollars. It's amazing.
It has great QUALITY - The Sonic statue is very classic, and accurate. It's made of a hollow sturdy plastic. Both the replica console and cartridge are also very accurate to the originals. The metal ring is seamless, quite heavy & has an excellent feel. The 'metal card' is also quite nicely done. The box has an 'open door' display front, & is thick card. The outer sleeve box is also nicely printed on all sides. The interior packing (back of photo) is well engineered to keep everything safe. The "SEGA" sound it plays is also authentic sounding. With 12 inch tiles (in the photo) you can see everything's really big too. A definite display piece.
Out of all 'pre order bonuses' and 'deluxe things' to date, this one has pulled out all the stops for the price & so earns its way into Super Gear. More detailed shots at USA Electronics.