Sonic The Hedegehog Electronics
Modern Only Sonic Electronics
Either with batteries or electricity, these Sonic items can entertain. This page showcases ONLY modern style electronics. The other pages have a mixture, but this page is all about current things with post-Sonic Adventure styles or themes. This page also includes electronics accessories, like game cases, skins or special styluses. For interesting Sonic electronics or stuff to make your items cooler with Sonic style, this is the page to see.
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80 Games Genesis Classic Console 25th Edition Here goes another "plug n' play" so-called 'console' that's pre-loaded with games. They're not really a console though, because they only play the games that are already inside & you can't add or buy more. It's made to look somewhat like the old Genesis system & so are its controllers.
This one still has 80 games, but is branded with the Sonic 25th Anniversary logo & says "now with even more Sonic classic games!" (and Mortal Kombat games) Sonic, Tails & Knuckles are also pictured on the box, proving that Sonic still sells...
as he is their chosen headline, despite having at least 70 other franchises in the system. It's good to see this on Toys R Us shelves, because it's another opportunity for fans to buy if they didn't already have something like it. Photo by A83HG
Power Anime Blue Iphone Sonic Case Here is a blue plastic phone case for (probably) an iphone.
It is released by Power Anime (who has a few other Sonic electronic related items around), but for which version of the phone is unknown. This was likely released in 2015 or a little before. It's all blue/dark blue checkers with a square pointing Sonic modern portrait in the middle. It has the modern logo in white below, with the Sega copyright small at the bottom. It's pretty simple, but the art is big & bold, giving the phone a stand out Sonic look.