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Modern Only Sonic Electronics
Either with batteries or electricity, these Sonic items can entertain. This page showcases ONLY modern style electronics. The other pages have a mixture, but this page is all about current things with post-Sonic Adventure styles or themes. This page also includes electronics accessories, like game cases, skins or special styluses. For interesting Sonic electronics or stuff to make your items cooler with Sonic style, this is the page to see.
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80 Games Genesis Classic Console 25th Edition Here goes another "plug n' play" so-called 'console' that's pre-loaded with games. They're not really a console though, because they only play the games that are already inside & you can't add or buy more. It's made to look somewhat like the old Genesis system & so are its controllers.
This one still has 80 games, but is branded with the Sonic 25th Anniversary logo & says "now with even more Sonic classic games!" (and Mortal Kombat games) Sonic, Tails & Knuckles are also pictured on the box, proving that Sonic still sells...
as he is their chosen headline, despite having at least 70 other franchises in the system. It's good to see this on Toys R Us shelves, because it's another opportunity for fans to buy if they didn't already have something like it. Photo by A83HG
Power Anime Blue Iphone Sonic Case Here is a blue plastic phone case for (probably) an iphone.
It is released by Power Anime (who has a few other Sonic electronic related items around), but for which version of the phone is unknown. This was likely released in 2015 or a little before. It's all blue/dark blue checkers with a square pointing Sonic modern portrait in the middle. It has the modern logo in white below, with the Sega copyright small at the bottom. It's pretty simple, but the art is big & bold, giving the phone a stand out Sonic look.
Sonic Mania Interior Items Bundle Photo Sonic Mania has what's arguably the COOLEST 'deluxe edition' of any Sonic game produced up to its date in 2017.
Mania iteslf is a digital download-only game, meaning, it's nothing more than a code key that lets you get the game off a server and onto your own PC or console to play it. But, that didn't stop Sega from releasing it with pretty much the best/most extensive deluxe version they could come up with.
Real Metal Mania Graphic Card It has a BIG 3D plastic Sonic statue and life size Genesis console that plays the "SEGA" sound effect when you use the switch.
It has a real metal 2 sided card covered in cool classic style art.
It has a replica Genesis cartridge with real metal gold ring inside that's really heavy.
It has the game's code on a little paper card.
It has 2 HUGE boxes to hold it all, a cardboard 'open door' box & a paperboard sleeve type box that it fits into.
Above is everything all together.
At right is the real metal card. It has a glossy finish with great colorful quality graphics. Look carefully at the bottom, it has a tiny slogan "Fun Is Infinite", as seen in the zoom there.
Mania Replica Cartridge Compare Photos Mania Base Genesis Console Replica But how does it compare? Were they able to match the original items for true nostalgic appeal?


Here with these comparison photos, you can see that the cartridge is almost an exact duplicate of the old original Genesis one. It's slightly thicker, but it does open up to contain the hidden treasure ring. There is even real metal for the 'circuit card' part that serves as the handle to open the 'ring drawer', to make it extra authentic.
The sound-playing Genesis statue base is the size of the old orginal big Sega Genesis console. The one it's shown with in the photo above was the console's 2nd release which was smaller.
The controller plug-in ports, reset button are all just panted details. The volume slider can move, but is a prop. The 'on/off' switch is what activates the SEGA sound effect. There is a battery door in the bottom to unscrew & replace the batteries.
Mania Sonic Statue Turn Arounds So how does the statue stack up?

Great! Classic Sonic is super accurate and looks very good here. It is hollow.

Mania Statue Size Here is the statue with some common things like the Giant Jazwares (flocked version) Sonic figure, the Toy Island Big Talkin' Tails & some plush. The statue is made in a couple of parts and is hollow plastic, as is the console replica. This means it's pretty light weight. It feels sturdy though, not some delicate museum piece people are afraid to break. You can easily pick this up and display it safely. It feels good quality. The paint is good on it too, no big oversprays, no problems. It was likely produced from a CG model, so Sonic is quite accurate and on-model. Anyone who has this will be satisfied.
The statue (with base) is tall.
The ring weighs 7 ounces. (It's thick, heavy, and has no seam)
This bundle is $60.00 and was pre-order-able in 2017 with a (delayed) August release.

Absolutely get your hands on this if you're a Sonic fan! (And you have the space) Everything about the bundle was impressive, the card being real metal, the exacting duplicate of the cartridge, the quality of the ring, the huge size for the statue, the electronic base, and how everything feels sturdy and collectible and good. The price is also extremely reasonable for all you get when you consider a game by itself being about 50 dollars or so when new, so paying 60 for all this cool stuff is a bargain. It is so great that it got onto SuperGear as well.
Compare photos in section all provided by: RaeLogan
*Odd note: The red LED is real. It is supposed to light up when the sound is activated with the power switch. For mysterious reasons, it does not light on anyone's version of the figure.

Sonic Mania Bonus Bundle Big Box The opening-door style box is made of heavy card & comes in the paper-card protective box seen here at the right. Each side is a little different.
Outta Here Sonic Iphone 7 Case This may not be electronic, but is FOR electronics.
This is an Iphone 7 Case that's a Spencers Gifts exclusive item. It has the (increasingly common) 'I'm Outta Here!" phrase on it. It's 16 bit pixel-look designed with simple Green Hill ground, a couple of rings, and running Sonic sprite. The background is just blue. He's printed horizontally, along with the text.
It's nothing particularly new nor fancy, but the direct-from-classic-games look is true to style and everything is (of course) quite on model. Why they chose 'outta here' as a phrase for a phone accessory...who knows. Give the phone a bit of Sonic style, and rubber-bumper edge protection with this case. This appears in Spencers' stores & online in Fall 2017.
Classic Sonic Statue Controller Holder Where to set your controller when you're done?
Set it on Sonic! This classic Sonic 'statue' is actually an all plastic controller holder. Because controllers are wireless, it's good to have a place to set them, so he is sculpted with his hands out/forward so you can set any console's controller there to be held. So, it's not an electronic item itself, but it's FOR your electronics.
The statue itself looks pretty good, the pose is natural enough, & everything seems proportional. This is new for 2017 & should be about 25.00 or so at Amazon. Discovered by Taaron
EZ Games Hotel Pay Bad Art Sonic Thing Is this a Sonic Electronic item? Sega never made this & had no real hand in it. But, what it IS, is a relic of the past that is at least interesting to have a look at and understand. In various hotels in the USA, you could find this "EZ GAMES" box thing around the TV somewhere. It's a type of converted Genesis system, made to be pay to play. To get game time on the machine you had to put a credit card into that slot there on the front.
You could then be charged by the time increment to play the games that are loaded inside. You can see them there on the right. Because that big circuit board thing has the 'slots' for multiple games at once, they could be selected via the buttons on the front. Naturally you can see Sonic 1 there in the back. The controller cords are also replaced with sturdier, white cords. The box itself would also likely be bolted down & the gray surface is a tough plastic.
But of course...look who we have here on the front in the form of a sticker, to convince people to play the box: An ugly & bad rendition of Sonic. They totally missed his lower face color, his eye outline is wrong, the belly dot is miscolored & his face printing is poorly off-set. The sticker itself is likely just a garbage bootleg...but the game inside is real. Isn't it odd how places used to act before portable systems, phones & tablets? Isn't it nice that everything is much better now? Discovered by Pichu97/Charlie
2 Knuckles Iphone Cases Sega Shop Red Here are 2 iphone cases with a great Knuckles theme. They're red all over, and nothing but Knuckles. The first has various 16 bit sprites of him doing different frames of animation from Sonic & Knuckles game. The other is a modern stock art of him with a quite-close crop, letting the character take up the entire case. The art is the 'fist out' Knuckles that's not particularly over used in 2018. While the first case is a bit busy, the second one has a nice impactful design.
*Why are these things only ever for iphones? Because the models don't vary much so they're easy to make and keep on the market while not spending much on new molds to cast the cases.
*Why are they so expensive at 35 dollars PER piece of plastic that makes up these cases? There's likely no answer for that one....oy.
These are both Sega Shop Online items that were added in 2018.
Sonic Mania Plus 3 Mouse Pads While these mouse pads aren't electronic...
They're FOR electronics, as their only use is to rub a computer mouse around upon. The Sega Shop released 3 mouse pads to celebrate Sonic Mania Plus in 2018. Each pad is 13 dollars & is standard sized & made of the standard rubbery foam.
The first one is quite bright. It's a quite bright yellow, with just the full color, shaded Mania plus logo. The second has just the Plus cast, shaded & stacked up on a bright blue background. The third combines the 2 other designs, adding the logo at the top & laying the characters (in the same poses) out in a "V" shape so they fit under it. With the classic looking logo or the nice neoclassic art, these are pretty fun pads.
2 Line Art Sonic Phone Cases More iphone cases, now with a 'line art' theme.
The first is "Gold Line" which is that complex drawing (always printed in yellow/gold ink) of a very geometric Green Hill like scene with Modern Sonic above it. Here, it's on a black background. The blue phone case has the "Emerald Club" fairly complex Sonic, Knuckles & Master Emerald line art in the center. The background for this case is a pattern of many smaller emeralds, so it's a little busy. They are nice cases with good use of the detail, but they're 35 dollars each...which seems a little pricey for something that's just a plastic case not an armor/bumper/gimmick case. This is a Sega Shop 2018 item
8 Iphone Cases Sonic Shadow Forces The Sega Shop can't seem to get enough of iphone cases, because here comes 8 more designs!
Maybe that's because each case costs 36 dollars...
The first is the 'patchwork' design seen on the notebooks, but this time with more patches including an Amy heart and 'Sonic speed' face. The second is classic with Sonic in the wing-ring on a blue checker background. The 3rd is an "Eggman Patchwork" but somehow the Eggman face is becoming a shark?
The fourth is more Sonic Forces 'bootcamp' theme where it's camo-pattern but with faces hidden in the swirls.
The next three are 'colorless motion', which means a thick-line work of a character, but with a highly-zoomed background image that's made of a small portion of a much larger size print of that character. (So, it is a background to itself) This design has been used on several other Sega Shop items, but it is interesting. The final case is a face-icon montage/pattern. It has classic siloutte faces for Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy & Eggman, each in their own color but with white features. These are all 2018 items. (What happens when Apple lets out another phone, as they are prone to do fairly frequently? They seem to change where the features go so would the case become obsolete?)