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If it isn't considered clothing, but you can still wear it, chances are, it's a Sonic the Hedgehog Accessory item. There are all kinds of things to obtain to complete a Sonic look or collection. The USA had no shortage of watches and ties to choose from, as well as a few other quirky and unexpected items. Some of these had a dual-release with Japan, or were brought over from Japan after a while.
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Green Sonic & Tails classic Mitten Green Sonic the hedgehog mittens. Released around the time of Sonic 2, in places which get cold. (naturally) They are not all that common, but also not all that desireable...after all, it is a mitten. Appropriatly, the wrist guards are checkered. The Sonic & Tails are a plastic decal stuck to the knitted fabric.
Sonic Adventure large beach towel Raincoat let you down? Dry off with this Sonic Adventure towel. This time with an Engrish incident. Notice the speech bubble "No speed limited". This is supposed to be a full size beach or pool towel. With Engrish on it, you'd think it would be a Japan item, but it was supposedly released in the USA anyway.
Simple Sonic 1 Tattoos Sheet Sonic & Tails Temporary Tattoos
Sonic Adventure body stickers by okie dokie Tattoos and Body Stickers. What is the difference? The tattoos are fairly simple, and are made by CA Reed (also known for party supplies. This is probably the earliest set of Sonic Tattoos produced. All the tattoos made always used stock art that they could find.
Sonic Only Temp Tattoos
The body stickers are by OkieDokie sticker company. They're small time, and are not available in many areas. This Sonic Adventure set was released at the same time as a regular sticker set, and a sticker play-map thing.
Clearly these 2 sets are by the same company, which has grabbed some of the fairly common stocks to do two sets of 3 tattoos. Unfortunetley they've chosen the somewhat mutant Tails for their top set, but both look like they include the logo...but they really don't.
game scene starry tie Sonic the Hedgehog ties. There are MANY more where these came from, pending photos. The USA ties all seem to be fairly busy, design wise. The designers fling stock art and random crazy patterns all over the place. The tie to the right is shown with a night-light, as a size comparison. (It is slimmer than many others) Notice Sonic's mis-colored shoes. Also the "Dude with a 'Tude" face re-appears here. The other looks like it is trying to imitate game screens right on the fabric.

More ties to come.

Slim dude tie with night light
Confusing pink girls Sonic watch A confusing pink watch for girls. The face (hands and all) appear like the above classic one. But look at the clear/white plastic strap. That LOOKS like a Sonic Adventure 1 stock art on there. If so, is this just a mix-n-match-up, or is it some odd bootleg?
Yellow plastic poncho raincoat
Sonic 3 Individual Temp Tattoos
Here are 3 different little individual temporary tattoos. Were they a crackerjack prize? A free item with something? They're not common at all. There's Sonic facing forward with the Sonic 3 logo, somewhat mutant Tails with his name (look at those tiny ears! At least he's orange) & then the somewhat uncommon sunglasses relaxing Sonic with his drink in a chair, & the logo.
A Poncho! This is some sort of cheap plastic 1-size-fits-all raincoat. Usually these are give-aways if it tries to rain on you at an amusement park. Where in the USA could this have come from?
Toys N Joys Sonic Wallet Yellow Is a wallet an accessory? You can't really wear it per se, but you can carry it around everywhere. Here is the only known USA Sonic Wallet. (Sonic wallets in general are quite rare) The wallet is rather stylish with a dynamic pose Sonic taking up the whole front. They weren't afraid to run the design right off the edge either. It has a zippered change pocket on the back and inside there is six card pockets with the right bottom one with a clear ID window for your drivers license. It's a really nice wallet with a soft leather like feel and satin-like lining also in lemon yellow. Info provided by Blue Sonikku
This is available to buy at
Sonic & Knuckles house slippers Pair Sonic house slippers with arms
Sonic House Slippers. The mismatch-on-purpose Sonic and Knuckles is a fun idea. Too bad the implementation looks rather silly. Knuckles is innacurate, and Sonic looks annoyed at being so fuzzy.
These slippers have little hands, just like plushes. The likeness is as good as you can expect for the times, but someone has chipped his eye off.
Sonic 2 giant embroidered patch for clothing
Sonic sneaker toppers or lace clips for shoes
Sneaker Toppers. These things are little plastic clips that go on your laces to keep them tied all day. These were fairly common when they were being sold, so they shouldn't be too hard to run across. Sometimes they are marketed 1 at a time as a hair clip. (whoops) It is unknown where they were sold.
A fancy embroidered patch! This is debateable if it was a USA release. It is very large with lots of good-quality stitching. (over 12 inches!) You can still find it, but expect expensive-ness.
Horrible rug beast Sonic costume that is lame
Mutant Costume!
You are supposed to scare people at Halloween, but don't scare them with horrible quality! That's not cool. This would look like Sonic, if he was a mutated carpet ape of some kind. What is this thing made of? Who decided it looks like Sonic? How much money did you waste if you bought it? These are all scary questions!
Knuckles & Shadow Wrist Cuffs Bands Are snow boots an accessory, or a clothing item? Oh well, here they are. These have an unusual theme of Sonic & Knuckles, which looks like it's mixing with Adventures of Sonic (weekday) cartoon. Sonic is on a snowboard but Robotnik has just been tacked on to the art, so it looks strange. Little kids sizes only. Sonic Knuckles Robotnic plastic snow boots kids
Hot Topic is at it again with 2 more all NEW Wrist cuffs. These are released after the Knuckles and Shadow cuffs seen above.
Hot Topic Sonic & Tails Wrist Cuffs
More wrist cuffs! Their original Sonic Cuff was a hit at Hot Topic stores, so now you can select Shadow and Knuckles! The embroidery remains quality, and shadow's design is really nice looking.
Classic Sonic the hedgehog embroidered design Tails Named Embroidery Cuff Photo
This watch is nearly the same as the Quaker Oat watch, but it was sold instead of given away. Where? Why? And what is that odd red splatter drop at the tip of the band? It's somewhat disturbing in the design. Did they put it too close to a Freddy Kruger watch?

Notice that this watch is shown on the back of the package to the watch below, apparently this was a set of 3, individually available.

Sonic X Logo Wrist Cuff
The classic Sonic cuff is the first to feature a colored band. Watch out for this cuff in the stores though, as the embroidery may have a problem with some of the threads sometimes. (Pick a good one!)
Finally Tails gets into the Wrist cuff scene with a Sonic Adventure type name and graphic. This one seems a nice quality, with a big bright design.
It was only a matter of time before they added a logo for SonicX on one of these. This band isn't as detailed as the others, but it's still nice to collect.
This is not the end of accessories! The US had plenty more where these came from, expect more photos and updates as they are discovered on Page 2.