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Even more Sonic electronics!
Really, there is a surprising amount of oldschool electronic toys featuring Sonic. Most of the newer ones tend to be mini-games or portable games. For all these older goods, you'll need to shop on ebay since most vintage things here weren't made since the 1990s. While they may not be particularly relevant or all that useful (portable huge radios) they're still interesting to collect.
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Square Colorful Sonic Portable Radio This is a portable radio featuring Sonic.
While radios today can fit entirely into an ear-pice this one is about 4 inches on each side. It's bright and colorful, but the hot green speaker makes it 'loud' in more ways than one. The Sonic is just so-so, being that they've got his arm growing out of the colored chest-dot, and one of his fingers (pointing at the dial) is a bit off. It's interesting to see that they've made the area around the speaker look like a ring, to fit the theme.
With the cord on both sides, it could be hung up on a wall or worn like a giant necklace. The tuner is the big red dial, and the blues are the Band and volume. It was made in 1993 and took 4 AA size batteries to run.
Sonic the Hedgehog Walkie Talkie Gray Clip on Back Photo Walkie Talkie Button Edge
The edge of the walkie talkie has the volume dial and the push to talk button. The back will clip onto a belt or the edge of clothing for ease of use.
Here's another Sonic Walkie-Talkie. For some reason, these were quite popular. This one is in the traditional style (not flip-phone)
While it looks gray-ish in these photos, its actually a bit more violet in color and the design is rather interesting. The ring around the speaker/microphone area is made to look like a giant ring, which the raised Sonic design looks like it is carrying. It's more than a modified stock-art, this raised design looks to be made for this specific purpose. The large button on the front is for doing morse code with beeps and dashes. (note the chart). Both units are the same, and each runs on a 9 volt battery and is about 10 inches high including the black coated antenna.
Didj Sonic Spelling Game Educational This is a Didj game.
The Didj is a "learning game" console type system that only plays it's own proprietary games, all of which are somehow educational. The Didj is some sort of off-shoot of the Leap Frog system (a plastic system also full of its own learning games for little kids) though it is more sophisticated.
This game has Sonic teaching spelling in English for anyone who is age 7 to 10. It uses Sonic Adventure style graphics, but a Green Hill type background for the cover and adds a strange small ring to Sonic's finger. How does it play? Possibly like the (now ancient) Mario Teaches typing, only you're spelling things in order to get Sonic to do stuff.
However, the graphics inside are Genisis style (not Sonic Adventure like the cover) and one of the levels looks like Aquatic City. This is currently out in 2008 and can be found in Target and other stores in the USA. Photo & info discovered by WG4Ever
Electronic Musical Arcade Like Coin Bank This is a fun and interesting coin bank. It's made to look like an arcade console, but it is really for keeping your spare change. It has an extra! When you put in a coin, you can press the joystick or the buttons and it'll play part of the Sonic 1 theme music for you! It does take replaceable batteries. There may be another that plays the Angel Island Coin Bank Electronic Screen Close up Bank Side Detail Photo
It has the traditional checkered theme, with different stock arts pasted around. They even decorated the sides, like a real arcade machine. The front is made to look authentic with fake coin slots. This was made by Happiness Express in the early 1990s.
theme, has the Sega jingle, and also makes Sonic jumping sounds. That bank would have been made in 1994. Both banks (if there are 2) would be identical. See & hear this bank at this Collection Video by John. Above right photos by:
Hyperkin TV Sonic Games Here are 2 new games to be released in 2009. The first one is shaped vaguely like Sonic's head (this seems an odd but popular theme) and it will play games on your TV. The controllers for this appear wireless. It probably just plugs into the AV ports of your TV, and it comes with 20 built in games. But, the curious feature of both is that they'll take cartridges too! Usually 'built in games' machines do not also function like a console.
The black item is portable, and in color. The screen will be larger than the old Sega Nomad, and as you can see they've got Sonic 1 jammed in there. (Curious that now the entire system is almost smaller than it's game!)
Sonic X-Treme AM FM Portable Radio
Here's a fun old item. This is especially interesting to compare to the devices of today, when you consider the size of this portable radio. ALL it did was play FM or AM radio. The design is rather colorful, with a static line across the speaker, and hot green & purple accents. The red knob is a bit out of the style but still sort of fits. This isn't a very "Sonic-ey" item, as the ONLY thing Sonic about it is the tiny little "Sonic X-Treme" logo near the dial. It's not a phony item as far as anyone can tell, but it is very unusual because it's merchandise for a game that was never released!
It's also kind of nonsensical because what does a radio have to do with X-Treme? Still, this is an interesting piece to collect if you can find it. Owned and photographed by Rae_Logan.
Radio Control Racin' Sonic Figure Apparently, someone eventually got around to making these Radio Control Racer figures of Sonic & Tails. After sitting in 'prototypes' for quite some time, and changing their look, they've finally come to least at
Know of anywhere else? Write in!
They're clearly trying for a classic style, and Sonic works ok, but the Tails is a miss with a bit of big-body, small ears and a rather poor expression. The toys themselves are a bit odd too, as they are
Radio Control Racer Tails Figure
Sonic Figural RC Racer w/Box Tails Figural RC Racer W/box photo
powered by and roll on the black logs that they're seeming to be 'jumping over'. The wheels in the heel and toe of the figures keep them rolling smoothly/not dragging...but the look is just ok. Fortunately the finished products (Seen left and right) improve them somewhat, by taking away the black border on Tails' eyes, moving Sonic's eyes up, bending his arm some, and making the wheels a bit better looking on both devices. Photos discovered by Berzerker.
The top two photos here should be considered as prototypes, the bottom two should be considered what you'll get if you buy, complete with final box. The product names here are "Sonic Racer" and "Tails Racer". These were seen at Argos in the UK for about 9.99 pound each. Added info by Red
Tails & Music Maker Cartridge This is the cartridge for Tails & The Music Maker. This is a sort of semi-educational game released for the Sega Pico. The Pico was made especially for little kids to play though it didn't catch on very well and did not last that long. Most of the games for it were semi educational. This particular game features mostly just Tails and helps you to learn scales, tempo, rhythm, and about instruments. It also has mini games inside like coloring and making your own music with it. As you can see via the mis-colored sort of poor stock art they chose, it was released in the USA first, and Japan later. Photo by Scavenger4food
Dreamcast Generator Sample Disk
This is just a CD, even though it's called a 'generator'. It was released for free, for the Sega Dreamcast. It's basically a sampler with game demos, movie clips and sometimes mini videos for you to watch. It would play if placed into the DC console. Dreamcast Magazine Official could also give these out. This is volume 1, and it had a demo of Sonic Adventure on it. Dreamcast really pioneered free samples of games and preview videos etc. that are so common today. Photo by LarryInc64
Dreamcast System Bundle Box This Dreamcast system bundle box is as close as the USA ever got to something like the (very rare and valuble) all-blue Dreamcast that Japan got. This box comes with 2 Sonic games (adventure 1 and Sonic Shuffle the less well recieved 'party game' which appeared before SA2 Battle) a SA 2 demo disk, and a "Sonic Blue VMU" which is unknown if the color was unique or not. Blue vmus were produced regardless of this bundle. With various character art decorating the box (look at eggman popping up out of the VMU screen hole! A clever/funny use of the art & the standard photo) this would def. be a cool bundle to collect! Photo discovered by Trogdorbad.
Shadow the Hedgehog Controller Case Did you know?
They made a special controller for the game Shadow the Hedgehog on the Playstation 2. Everything was themed
Shadow PS2 Control Detail just for Shadow! It came in its own special plastic dome case, that you can see here. When you take off the dome, you'll find the red & black controler (it's smaller than a normal one) & Sega branded cord. The bottom of the 'box' has more Shadow
imagry and logos. There's a glossy coating with Shadow portrait on the upper half of it & look, even the buttons are themed with the sort of tribal style symbols. (the start button is also in an odd spot) The instruction manual is round (appropriate) & features more art in color & black and white while explaining the buttons. It uses quotes from the game box & manual like how you decide what path to take in the game & etc. The controller was known for a defect though: either all or several of them could not use the "Click the Stick" on either thumb-stick command. The sticks would still click/make noise/act like you were pressing correctly, but if you had a game that required doing that, it wouldn't work. This item is in the SonicGear personal collection.
Sleepbuster Alarm Clock Sears This electronic item is unique, in that it has a name: "Sleep Buster Alarm Clock". This item is from 1995, & was sold in a Sears catalog. It's a black battery operated clock with a semi-3D (high relief?) Sonic figure off to one side. He's full color, & in the 'waving 1 finger' pose. That big blue button on the top is the 'snooze'. How does the clock work? The numbers don't even look digital at all, they look painted on there.
This clock was supposed to be "Extra Cool" because Sonic would "Talk to you" when you used it. If you set the alarm, it says"Time to get up, another great day begins!" If you push the delay button "I'm waaaaiting!"
and if you push the snooze key "Okay, but you're on your own!"
With all these phrases, decent looking Sonic figure & the hint that "Sleep Busters" might have been a series of character clocks, why was this only discovered in 2014? Was it too expensive, or unpopular upon release? It mustn't be common now, all these years later if it took this long to see even the factory photo (which is what this is) of the item. Discovered by The Tumblex