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Modern Only Sonic Electronics
Either with batteries or electricity, these Sonic items can entertain. This page showcases ONLY modern style electronics. The other pages have a mixture, but this page is all about current things with post-Sonic Adventure styles or themes. This page also includes electronics accessories, like game cases, skins or special styluses. For interesting Sonic electronics or stuff to make your items cooler with Sonic style, this is the page to see.
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Xbox Live Sonic 4 Buying Card This is a card that was sold in game stores to let you buy Sonic 4 for the Xbox Live Arcade. Since Sonic 4 was always a digital download for whichever console you wanted, having a card like this is handy. You pay it securely in the store (14.99) & then you enter the code in the Xbox marketplace to get the full game...and keep the collectible card too! Photo & owned by Kenny Ryan.
Project A Sketch Sonic Light Tool This is the "Sonic Project a Sketch" light tool. It's made by the same company as the Grab n Glow light below, as well as the Project-a-Lite which is very similar. It seems to be licensed out by 4Kids. It's basically a special light stand that holds a flashlight type device. When you set it up, it can project the image from one of its disks (included) onto a wall or...onto a paper so you can trace it. The selection has Amy, Sonic, Knuckles ...another Sonic & for some reason Cream & Cheese. (Where is Tails or Shadow?) Were there meant to be more packs with disk accessories?
This turned out to be an uncommon item. No one reported seeing it in a store, and there are (as of yet) no fan photos by anyone who did manage to buy one. Did it work well? Discovered by Taaron
5 Erector Sets Sonic Racing Themes Here are 5 Erector sets. The brand is very old, it is called "Meccano" in England, where it started out. For some reason, they changed the name to "Erector" to sell items in the USA. The sets are known for their metal parts, and sometimes motorized action. Yes! These sets are also sold in the UK area (possibly more of Europe too) but under Meccano, so you can see those on Sonic UK on Gear. The cars are probably motorized/battery items.
Everything here is a kit though, you have to build it with the mini tools they include. See the red number? (ex. 100+) that's how many parts. You can see: Sonic & Speed Star, Knuckles & LandBreaker, Sonic & Green Hill Ramp Set, Sonic Casino Street Playset, and Sonic & Knuckles race track of Chemical Plant Zone. Lots to choose from, these look fun! Photo discovered by Popp40
Chemical Plant Race Track Built Here is the Chemical Plant themed race set all put together. You can see it has switching areas with flipper wands to guide the cars, plus a sort of 'finish line'. At right is the "exploded view" (just means everything is hovering apart) Exploded View Car Renders
of how the racers & their cars are put together. Do note that they are renders, and not real item photos. Discovered by Taaron.
Speed Star Car Comparison Photo Tiny feet Erector Set Sonic Figure Here are real photos of the figure & car you get with the set. The Erector Speed Star has raised triangle 'bolts' in the center of it, (at right) but the figure is removeable. Notice his hilarious tiny feet! This is so he fits in the car.
Nendoroid on Green Hill Track
The Jazwares 3.5 line figure (left) wasn't as "designed" to fit in his vehicle. With each set you're forced to get a vehicle, so you'll end up with several Speed Stars if you want them all. Some are motorized while others are "pull back n' go". At left is the nendoroid Sonic walking on the track, to give you an idea of the size & detail. You can see how it comes with the iconic palm trees & sun flowers. The 'goal ring' is cardboard though, so watch out! Want to read more? See: Taaron Review Blog.
Knuckles Landbreaker Erector Car Assemble
Here is the Erector Set Knuckles Landbreaker All Stars vehicle when it is all assembled. If you're going to get a version of this All-Stars Racing car, this is a decent one to pick up, if you don't mind putting it together from the kit. The detail is good, (seems above other cars) with tire textures, green shock absorbers in the front, & a well proportioned figure who actually fits on it & really looks like he's riding. This came with a red chaos emerald, which you can see sitting in the big 'screw' on the back of the car. You can also see a Landbreaker Video of this item now. Photo & assembled by JoeMD
Sonic Grab n' Glow Lite Force Figure Flashlight Here is the Sonic "Grab n Glow" light. It appears to be by Lite Force/Tech4Kids but Jazwares likely had something to do with the figure or packaging. (note the honeycomb pattern blue/yellow background they like so well)
It's labeled a "2 in 1" because it works as a night light (or just a cool light up figure) when sitting down. The 3D plastic Sonic figure inside lights up/glows AND shifts colors on its own. But when you pick it up (see hand in illustration) it switches to shining a beam out of the bottom so it's a flashlight too. It has an auto-off timer if it's inactive so it won't run the battery down. The package has a mirror behind the light to show it off.
This is a pretty cool idea because it's a utility type thing that's also good for display. It is 9.99 (a decent price for a 2 use thing that has a figure) and will be sold by Toys R Us. (link will last for however long they decide to sell this thing, unless it sells out) Want to see what it looks like lighting up & get more details? Use Sonic Light Details Page (with plenty of big photos!) This uses 2 AAA batteries. This item is in the SonicGear Collection. by Taaron. Photo discovered by SonicBoy19
Sonic Project-a-Light flashlight toy Another Sonic themed light toy, this is the "Project-a-Lite". It does pretty much what the title says, in that it is a flashlight that comes with 'mini caps' that have line-art images. When you shine it on the floor/wall / wherever, it can project the image up to 2 feet wide. It has all the same images as the "sketch" one above. (So, still no Tails) Discovered by The Boisterous Llama. Sonic Megalite Ring Figure This is the Sonic Megalite, by LiteForce/Tech4Kids. It's a non-pose-able Sonic figure with white LED light in a ring, in his hand. You can use him as a sort of night light or flash light, as it's pretty bright. The figure looks decent here in the package, but is the face correct? This should be 9.99 at Toys R Us in 2012. Photo by Taaron.
Shadow Morphlite These are "Morphlites" which are small, nearly-static-pose figures that have a lighting up feature for some reason. "Morph" means "change" so...what changes with these guys? Nothing. They're smaller than the 'megalite' seen above, but still made by LiteForce/Tech4Kids. The lighting effects here make sense, Shadow has an emerald that glows for Chaos Control like effect, while Silver's glove glows to represent his psychic power. Their eyes also light up. There is a hole in the top of the plastic bubble on the card so you can press down & test out the lighting feature. Their non-lighting arm has 2 positions (up or down) so they're not completely fixed-pose. The bottoms of the feet aren't detailed either. (see photos below, you can't tell in the package) They're 6.99 as shown, at Toys R US in fall season 2012. Photos by Taaron. Silver Morphlite
Silver Morplite All Views Photo As you can see, the morphlite is larger than the 3.5 line Jazwares figure, though they're not articulated. Why are Silver's boots burgundy? All his other details seem right.
Shadow Morplite Loose Views To light the figures up, you push down on Silver's head, OR on Shadow's red stripe. It's sort of odd to push a stripe, but it works. You can see how light escapes out of the figures' eyes & plastic seams. The arm posing feature may not always work (This shadow's is loose, it wont stay 'up') The emerald has little dents in it for his fingers so he holds it securely. The battery seems to be NOT REPLACABLE. It's liley a watch type battery in the head, but there are no hatches to access it, & no instructions either.
It's a little wierd in this day to find a toy that you can't replace the battery on....especially since lighting up is the only thing these guys do, it's kind of critical that they be able to keep doing it. The paint problems (shoe bottoms & Silver's uppers) can easily be corrected with a bit of acryllic. The sculpts are actually pretty good here! They balance well/dont tip over all the time, the poses are about as dynamic as one can expect, & the faces are good! Certainly nicer than the "space fighters" who also had a lighting feature. The 6.99 price tag is VERY reasonable, considering that a FreeRiders is over 10 dollars and doesn't even light up. These are in the Sonicgear Personal Collection
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