Sonic The Hedegehog Electronics
Modern Only Sonic Electronics
Either with batteries or electricity, these Sonic items can entertain. This page showcases ONLY modern style electronics. The other pages have a mixture, but this page is all about current things with post-Sonic Adventure styles or themes. This page also includes electronics accessories, like game cases, skins or special styluses. For interesting Sonic electronics or stuff to make your items cooler with Sonic style, this is the page to see.
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Spooky Sonic Coffin Halloween Phone Case A phone case just for Halloween?
It seems a little specific, but it is specifically-spooky! This art is all done in black, orange & grayish blue with under-lighting for a spooky effect. It has Sonic dressed as a vampire with 'bat type' cape, Tails as a furry 'monster' (look at his stuck-on eyebrows) & Knuckles is a fun pirate with jack o'lantern candy bucket. In the background Eggman is creeping along, Metal Sonic is lurking & a giant egg robo type robot is all the way in the background with "mad science" type devices all around. At the bottom is an open old-fashion coffin for Sonic to be springing out of. It's a complicated & shadowy design.
What's actually scary about the case is the price, it's 35 dollars in the SegaShop, and has arrived for Halloween 2018. (Really though, why a spooky phone case? Are seasonal phone cases 'a thing'?)
Color Shock 3 Phone Cases Amy Here are 3 phone cases from the Sega Shop's "Color Shock" selection of items. In this themed collection, bright colors and textures are all around. The first has a sort of 'crinkly' or 'crystal' texture filling in a classic Sonic art. Chaos emeralds are scattered around on a pink background. The middle case is all white, but uses a geometric, blocky font to spell out "Emeralds are a girls' best friend"
which is technically a "secret Sonic" reference because there's nothing Sega or Sonic in the phrase. You'd have to know it was referencing the chaos emeralds. The last is all white as well, with a pink line art of classic Amy Rose taking up the entire case. This is likely a neo-classic line art.
As usual, these are all for whatever iphone is out in 2018/most common in 2018, and they all cost 35 dollars each because anything to do with those phones seems to always be maximum money for whatever reason.
Amy Rose Mini Portraits Pink Phone Case Here are 2 Amy Rose Classic themed phone cases.
Each is available in the Sega Shop. But look at the holes for the camera...they're in vastly different places/sizes, and the blue one has some kind of button space edge? They both say they're for the iphone only, but which one? You'd have to be careful in selecting it for your phone since they're so different...and 28 dollars EACH when you find it. For a piece of plastic in a shape, 28 dollars seems expensive.
The first case is all matte pink, but has a 'polka dot' almost pattern of Amy faces. Some are a shiny sihloutte, with others have her line art details. The right side case is powder blue, with "AMY" spelled out in abstract/geometric font, with her head imposed over the 'a', to create a sort of design. They're both great for Amy Rose fans, though their price is a bit steep in 2018 / 2019.
Amy Name Blue Pink Phone Case
NKOK TSR Shadow Boxed Racer With more Sonic racing in the spotlight, of course NKOK comes right back out of the woodwork as well, with these new remote control cars.
For Team Sonic Racing, you can get Shadow in his Dark Speed car & Sonic in the Speed Star car. These are now 2.4 GHZ (the frequency that communicates from the remote to the car) which means you can race them against each other & they won't interfere with the signals.
Then, the new feature is 'turbo boost' which is likely that small switch or button in the middle of the controller. As is the standard, both cars have working headlights & do make noise.
Shadow Remote Control TSR Racer
Sonic NKOK Remote Control Racer
NKOK Sonic Racer In Box 2.4 GHZ
The character figures look the same or very similar to previous figures they've had in the cars which were (proven?) to be based on the Jazwares figures' heads & hands. These are in the Sega Shop online in 2019, but they should also be coming to stores as well thanks to the popularity of Team Sonic Racing. RC cars like this make a lot of sense, and they look good to collect / on shelves if you like the design of the vehicles from the game.
Interactive Sonic Smart Watch A first of a kind in 2019!
This is a real Sonic Smart-Watch. After the likes of the AppleWatch and others, Sonic gets a computer/watch combo type of device. It's made 'for kids', but of course, anyone can wear it and use it because it truly does have quite a few functions.
It has a little screen that you see here that displays the time and date, as a normal watch would. But, there are also 3 other 'wallpapers' of Sonic to select to use on the screen. There are also
10 Watch Faces to choose
Alarm for wake-up
Stop Watch Timer
3 Mini Games (are these Sonic games??)
Selfie Front-Face Camera
Video Camera
Voice Recorder
Step Counter
USB Connector hole to get the items off the watch to your PC

And all for about 34.99 regular retail price. The box it comes in describes its functions with the little pictures on the sides. Here, you can see the manufacturers' photo & also what it'll look like at retail in it's plastic display box. It can be found at Walmart and possibly also ROSS in late summer/fall 2019. A very interesting item if it has any quality/lasting power to its electronics. If it is actually well made it is quite a bargain for everything you get & the decorative band makes it highly Sonic. Great for watch and accessory collectors too, at an affordable price.