Sonic The Hedegehog Electronics
Still more Sonic the hedgehog themed electronics!
Either with batteries or electricity, these Sonic items can entertain. This page should have a mix of old and new electronic goods. For all the older goods, you'll need to shop on ebay since most vintage things here weren't made since the 1990s. While they may not be particularly relevant or all that useful (portable huge radios) they're still interesting to collect. The newer items bring similar themes, but with a more updated look (in most cases)
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Simplistic Looking Sonic Camera It's sort of hard to tell what this is, but it is a Sonic themed camera. You can see the sight, lense, and button on the top. The edge is ruffled a bit like a cog, for some reason, perhaps to create a point of interest for the otherwise oval case. It uses SA1 Era Skateboard Sonic stock art, but places in some paint splats and Sonic Spin designs for interest. It's pretty stylish for a mini-camera. How many megapixels does it have?This will be available at Toys R Us in fall 2010. It will retail around 19.99 Photo discovered by KnucklesToast
DJ Sonic Blue CD Player with handle Another nicely modern piece, this time, a CD Player. Quite appropriately, the top lid has DJ Sonic on it. The speaker covers are blue with the 'Sonic spin' type design (a nice touch) and they dropped in little Sonic Adventure 1 stock arts of Tails & Knuckles at the bottom. There is also a small Sonic under the track display. See the little antenna in the back? It is also a radio. There is a little hole for MP3 input as well. The handle looks like it can fold down, and also features a logo. The buttons all relate to controlling the CD aspect of it. It should appear at Toys R Us in 2010, and retails at about $39.99, which is a bit pricey. Info by JordanxSonic Photo discovered by KnucklesToast
Sonic MP3 Music player with ear buds
Finally bringing Sonic electronics into the modern era (yeah in 2010, at last) comes this Sonic themed MP3 player. It has modern SA style thumbs up Sonic in a large disk on the top of the player. The border is yellow, perhaps to be like a ring. You can see it has a little lcd panel in the bottom to list the song, song-time, and a few of the basic features. The buttons are skip and pause. It comes with wired ear buds, which both have the modern Sonic the Hedgehog logo on them in white. Jazwares is credited with producing the player. This can be found at Toys R Us in fall 2010, and should retail around $34.99. It is 2 Gigs. Photo discovered by: KnucklesToast
Sonic & Knuckles All Stars Race Cars Sonic & Knuckles track back box Sonic Sega All Stars Racing Super Set
This is another generic 'remote racer' set, but it's been re-themed to be Sonic & Sega All stars Racing. As you can see amongst all the electronics pages, these figure-eight tracks are a common occurance. They're easy enough to resample, to create repeated releases of the same mechanical item. This time, the cars are little replicas of the vehicles from the game for Sonic & Knuckles. They're obviously not quite in proportion with the figures 'driving' them, & Knuckles' off-road style vehicle has been altered some, to fit the track format as well. They run along the slots in the track, & are controlled via hand-held remotes. The box back says "2 controllers, 2 race cars, 16 track pieces". It then repeats it in Spanish & French. If you don't have a slot racer set, this could be a cool one to collect, as it seems well detailed. Photos discovered by: Sonicfan09
All-Star Racers Slot Set Open Setup
And what it looks like when you open it. You can see the controllers, which have triggers on the tops to control the speed. The interior of the box has the pieces grouped together, & the racers packed securely. This race set is at SonicTeam HQ. Photo by SonicTeam
Sonic 3D shapes earbud close up Sonic theme Earbuds
This pair of earbuds is made to go along with the Sonic theme MP3 player and radio. But, they'll work with anything that has a headphone jack. They're nicely detailed with 3D Sonic faces on the exterior of the buds. They're almost classic looking (they'd have to be! To keep the spikes short enough to wear) but do have the green eye detail. The cords are kept neat by the Sonic shaped rubber piece. This is that same cut-in relief material that some of the most popular keychains are made of. The jumping pose looks nice, and the material captures the detail.
HOWEVER...the quality of the sound is not supposed to be that great. These usually cost $9.99, but can be had for free with a purchase of $50 or more in Sonic Electronics at participating Toys R Us in 2010. Right photo discovered by SonicFan09, left photo by:
The package for these earbuds shows them off well. Everything is clearly visible, and it uses some nice Sonic & Shadow stock art. The back tells you it comes with 3 sizes of buds (for different ear sizes) & also gives the technical specs for them (speaker size 10mm, magnet type, etc) It's a decent & tough package. Photo by SonicFan09 Sonic earbud MIP
Earbud 20th Anniversary Face
Not even a month after releasing the above set of Sonic themed earbuds...they re-packaged for the 20th Anniversary merchandise push. However, it's not just the package that's different, it's the center point icon thing for the cord. It's made of the same moulded/layered plastic, but this time it's a Sonic face. The spikes are short like they meant him to be classic styled, however the eyes are green. The earbuds themselves are the same. However, notice that it uses modern style art for the package, and there is not the "R US Exclusive" sticker on it any more. (though this was found at a Toys R Us) They're still 9.99, and the sound quality is still not very good. (likely meaning the only change was for the rubber center part) Photo by: pr0w1
Sonic Statue Wiimote Charger This Sonic figure/statue is a Wiimote charger. However, it's not just any charger, it's an inductive charger. That means you don't have to plug the battery packs in to get it to work. Easy access! Just lay the wiimotes on top to charge. The base is made to resemble GreenHill style, with the checkered base & green top. The front has a modern Sonic logo, and the figure is fully 3D. It looks well sculpted, & is a nice size too! This is a fun & functional figure to collect. This should be around $49.99, in the SonicGear Store. (Limited! Hurry!) Mad Catz Induction Wiimote Charger MIB
At right, you can see what it looks like in the box. It's got the 20th Anniversary celebration sticker, and a sky & ring graphic for the background. But look at this quote "Celebrate Sonic's 20th Anniversary with the limited edition, individually numbered Figure Inductive Charger! Mad Catz' Hedgehog Figure 2X Inductive Charger combines videogame history's fastest running hedgehog with the modern-day convenience of contactless controller charging. Standing 6 inches tall atop a plateau representative of the classic Green Hill Zone, Sonic the Hedgehog guardedly watches over your Wii Remotes as they revitalize. Built-in magnets help ensure controllers and battery packs are aligned in the most efficient charging position, while twin rechargeable NiMH battery packs energize rapidly to provide up to 15 hours of gameplay. With innovative electromagnetic induction technology providing the means to charge Wii Remotes without the need to remove protective silicone covers or Wii MotionPlus add-ons, the Hedgehog Figure 2X Inductive Charger delivers the utmost in hassle-free charging." This should be available Winter 2011, HOWEVER it appears to be limited edition, so how long will it last? MIB Photo & info disc. by JordanXSonic
Sonic Themed Cassette Tape Player This is a Stereo Cassette Player. Notice the grayish purple top there, that's a sure indicator that the same company that made ALL of the other old electronics with that purple on them, made this too. You can see their other items scattered throughout these early electronics pages.
There's a relief/raised Sonic grabbing a ring (is it a speaker?) & a band of checkers. There is a random Green Hill palm tree there in front of the ring too. The classic logo looks like it is raised too. The buttons on top are red. It is missing the cord & headphones that all these old players came with. The back likely was undecorated & would probably have a belt clip of some sort. Photo discovered by Ultimate Hedgehog.
Sonic Riders PS2 Demo Disk This isn't your usual Sonic Riders disk. It's a special demo copy of the game for the Playstation 2. How much of the game does it contain? Write in if you've used a demo version of Riders. (You can see the small text 'demo disk not for resale' at the bottom) This was given out at Comic Con in SanDiego in 2006. Photographed & owned by Rae Logan.
Mad Catz Sonic yellow DS Sockz Sonic themed colored DS DSi wallets Mad Catz DS Accessory Variety These Mad Catz DS & DSLite accessories used to be on prototypes page. Since they were made & released in 2011, they moved.
These are MAD CATZ DS accessories. The name, which may be familiar because they produced 3rd party video game equipment in the past. The items here are fuzzy wallets with raised plastic Sonic design, microfiber DS sleeve holders embroidered design & logo, as well as
DSi case...item. It's not a shell, as it's only the Sonic graphic--so what is it? They also plan on having hard 'armor' DS and DSi cases with Sonic graphics available. Info provided by David Gracia of SlasherMiniFilms Photo discovered by SonicBoy19, sockz & MIPwallets photo discovered by Trogdorbad. Sockz available at
Sonic & Knuckles Disposable Camera Sonic Knuckles Camera Display Top
This is a disposable camera for regular film. It's a Fujifilm QuickSnap, with Sonic & Knuckles theme. The front has Sonic & (a seldom seen) Knuckles stock art, & the side has the S&K logo.
Clearly, it was released around the same time as the game. Cameras like these can't really
have the film developed, because if you do, you lose the camera itself to the developer. It is a single-use item, which probably aids in its rarity. (meant to throw it out) These low budget items aren't really even electronic, they're more a mechanical thing that exposed film when you pushed the button. The film cartridge would be removed by the developer at the end. The right photo shows the shelf-peg hanging cardboard top still intact (as you would see it in-store) The UK MAY have had this camera as well. Still, it's interesting that Fuji decided to sell a Sonic & Knuckles themed camrea! Photo discovered by Berzerker
Sonic & Shadow walkie talkie heads For some reason, mobile phones have not made walkie talkies obsolete enough, so this pair was produced in the fall of 2010. The units are shaped like the semi-3D heads of Sonic & Shadow. Due to the shortened spikes Sonic appears 'classicly styled' even though he's not supposed to be, and Shadow does as well, even though he was never classic! The effect is interesting, and the heads seem well made. Each has an antenna, and 'talk' button (see it there, by the right ear) There are likely mic. & speaker holes on the backs of Sonic Shadow Walkie Talkie Head MIP Toys R Us
20th Anniversary Walkie Talkie Repackage their heads. These will need batteries (likely AA) to run, and were licensed out by Jazwares. The middle sticker says "Only at Toys R Us" so these are an exclusive, and the other sticker says "Secretly Chat with Your Friends". How much do these generally sell for? MIP photo by Taaron, plain photo discovered by KnucklesToast.
At left is the re-package for the same walkie talkies. This one has the 20th Anniversary branding (See middle) and lacks the TRU exclusive sticker. So does that mean this other package can appear in different stores? This pack is less colorful, but shaped the same. It only has Sonic art, instead of Shadow too, and replaces the yellow/orange with black checkers & plain yellow. The stickers say the same thing as before, just at a different angle. Right photo by Kari