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Modern Only Sonic Electronics
Either with batteries or electricity, these Sonic items can entertain. This page showcases ONLY modern style electronics. The other pages have a mixture, but this page is all about current things with post-Sonic Adventure styles or themes. This page also includes electronics accessories, like game cases, skins or special styluses. For interesting Sonic electronics or stuff to make your items cooler with Sonic style, this is the page to see.
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Sonic Chronicles DS Skin MIB pic This Chronicles themed DS skin is official, and could be found at Game Stop stores around the time of the release of the game. As you can see here, it's 9.99 regular retail. The main art used is from the box art itself, which has Sonic & Shade on the clouded/night background. The interior just seems 'dark blue' but is likely to have some type of pattern or logo on it and not be plain. Photographed & owned by: Calistine
Nintendo DS Sonic Sockz knit case This is a DS Sockz , one of several Sonic themed colors. (as seen above, this is what it looks like MIP) It is a knit cloth case for your DS, to prevent scratches. As you can see, it does rather resemble a sock. The Sonic graphic is actually an embroidered patch, so it should be sturdy and well-defined. It's a rather simple idea, but the item itself turned out well. They should be about $7.99 each, and come in Red, Green, Blue or Yellow, all with the same graphic. Get it in the Sonic Gear Store! But where else could they be available? Photo discovered by Static The Hedgehog
This is a modern headphones, however, it has some classic looking elements. The checkered band is more classic, but the logo is modern. The background used on the outside of the headphone is the modern 'swirl', and the slightly raised Sonic face (rubbery plastic) looks classic, but isn't. (See green eye detail) They've slightly modernized the 'classic foreward facing Sonic' stock art for use here. There is a volume control on the cord for ease of use (seen at right with Sega copyright on the back) The cord is nice and long, and the sound quality is good. These should be about $19.99 at Toys R Us in 2011 / fall. Photo & owned by BlazeSilver.
CAUTION- These can break fairly easily. Either some have a defect or the band is not quality. It can snap in the middle after only a few uses. Beware if you buy these to use, and be extra careful. Fact by Ink the Echidna.
Modern Sonic big headphones
Fun Play game MIP This is the "Fun Play" 'game system' by FreeTron. It's another of those all-in-1 controllers, where the controller is the game system. It plugs directly into a TV or portable screen via the cord. It plays 20 classic games, with a focus on Sonic. Notice that the controller is also shaped like another of those strange vaguely Sonic like heads. Fun Play controller
Fun Play package back This one goes so far as to put odd little ear bumps. But those spikes can't be great to grip while you play? The theme of making a controller look like an abstract face is an odd one. It carries through to the die-cut sealed plastic container for the game. It runs on 3 AAA batteries. This will play: Sonic Blast, Sonic Chaos, Sonic Drift 2, Sonic Spinball, Sonic Triple Trouble, Alex Kidd High Tech World, Alex Kidd The Lost Stars, Altered Beast, Astro Warrior, Bomber Raid, Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, Ecco The Tides of Time, Fantasy Zone, Golden Axe, Penguin Land, Psycho Fox, Quartet, Ristar, and Super Columns. Photo & info by Kirby Crew Productions
You can watch a video of this in action at FunPlayVideo. Video & back package photo by: Hali66
Genesis Arcade Motion Plug-in Console Another weird cut-rate 'game system' that plugs directly into the TV. This one has the console shaped vaguely like a Sonic head, with Genesis logo & classic Sonic sticker. However, unlike the ones before it, this one is trying to act like the Wii, with 'wii-mote like' controllers. The box uses Sonic Jam's art, helping it to look rather shady.
It boasts '40 games' which are "15 SEGA games + 7 interactive sports games + 18 bonus arcade games" which, of course includes Sonic 1 & 2. The console runs on AAA batteries, and so do the remotes, so be prepared to keep on spending. You can add more games (if you buy an SD card) with , which is part of AtGames Greater China who produced this. Photos & info discovered by JordanXSonic
Sonic DS Wallet Case Fuzzy Blue This item is the "DS Wallet" but it is basically a soft-side case that's shaped like a really large wallet. Instead of pockets/flaps inside, there's a space for the DS and some mesh to hold games in the top part. The exterior is soft and fuzzy (note the 'feel hole' in the package) and the Sonic is made of cut/stamp plastic, much like the large, flat keychains that were so popular. This stuff is pretty tough, and has good detail! This is produced by MadCatz. It comes in Red, Blue, or Green. Photos discovered by Static The Hedgehog DS Wallet MIP Explanation Mad Catz
This is $9.99, and is available in 2010 in the SonicGear Store
Sonic DS Case Close Up Sonic & Shadow DS Skins DS Accessories Sonic theme Pack Could these finally be some LEGITIMATE Sonic DS Accessories? With the flood of annoying low quality bootleg ones always on the market, these could be a refreshing change. You can see "Sega" logos on each piece, as well as a mfr. logo (BigBen) on the set box. The set may or may not come with the skins at right.
The box set above is supposed to include DS case, themed game cases, earbuds, screen cleaner...and possibly something else. It appears BigBen got a Sonic license, and plans to sell these at retail shops such as EB Games and GameStops in 2010. Further info/pricing/availability pending anyone getting one. Photos discovered by Sonicboy19
Sonic Chronicals Bonus Stylus & Skin The USA had it's own unique pre-order (or simply just buying) bonuses thrown in for Sonic Chronicals: Dark brotherhood. At GameCrazy or GameStop you could get the Stylus 3-Pack if you pre ordered. However, at Circuit City, you could get a Nintendo DS skin (plastic sticker type item that is applied to the system to decorate/protect it) The skin is somewhat abstract though, being mostly a vague sky. It has a foggy graphic of Sonic on one side, as seen on the game's cover, and the logo on the other. It's an all-right skin, but not particularly super-stylish. Still, it's nice to collect, but will only be on offer during the first little while the game is sold. Sonic Chronicals Bonus DS Stylus Set
As seen hear the styluses a dangly charm on each one. You get the set of all 3, with Shade (a female enemy) Sonic in a new pose (hands on hips) and Knuckles in a rather standard fists-up pose. At an inch each, the charms are pretty detailed for their small size. These were also at EB Games in Canada as well.

This is obviously a company-made photo at the top. Discovered by sonicrulz14

Here are the fan photos of the styluses. They came in a bag with actual cardboard header on it (usually bonuses are minimally wrapped) As you can see in the photos there's an error on Sonic (his nose is white) but otherwise they are quite nice. The upper right photo compares them in size with the DS box. The figures are made of the same cut plastic as the USA modern Keychains. Which really holds detail well.
Photos and scans by Juuni and Super_Silver.
The game Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Winter Games was released in 2009 for the Wii and the DS. If you pre ordered the DS version, you could get these free styluses to use with it. (Much like the ones for Sonic RPG) Here however, you get only 2, one for Sonic and one for Mario, each with their circular symbol from the game as a decoration on the 'pen'. But how easy are they to hold? Photo discovered by Sonic Boy 19
Magic Stylus Snap Open for DS This is a 2 pack of Magic Stylus... styluses for the DS. As you can see, they both snap open and extend to become normal sized. The loop on the cap lets you hang them...but if the cap isn't secure the pen part may just come off. The blue one has Sonic, and the black features Shadow. They're a nice gizmo item to help Sonic up your DS! Photo discovered by SonicFan2525 Mario & Sonic Winter Games Bonus Stylus Set
Here's an old/early item the "Sonic Headphone Am/FM Radio"
What's an even rarer sight is that it's mint in the package here (clamshell), from some point in the early 1990s.
But look specifically at the color: It's purple. And not JUST purple, it's a specific shade of it that other early electronics share WITH some of the early party supplies too. What is it about this certain shade of purple+Sonic that the company liked. Is it the same people behind all the electronic items with this color as well as the party supplies? (that'd be odd)
It's a look back at older technology too, because you can see how klunky the set is, plus it claims "Light Weight" (because heavy radios were an actual issue when this was made) Also "AM Radio", it used to be more of 'a thing' while it is mostly dried up now and FM got monopoized away by commercial-mongering fat-cat companies & song-recycling boredom. When this was made, regular radio was actually desirable to have around.
The package has thumbs up running Sonic between the headphones, classic logo & checkering. The actual item has the classic logo on one side...but does it have Sonic graphics on the flat part of the headphone? (It ought to--otherwise it would be a 'minimal effort/low-branding item')
If it's only turning up in just 1 photo in 2020, it must never have been a common item when it was made. Maybe it was pricey or it didn't get a great store release. Discovered by GinyuDBZFan