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More clothes keep piling on, thanks to the popularity of Sonic X!
The relative ease of finding them must also be helping Top Heavy along. Sears, JC Penny Department Store and also Kohls keeps going strong by stocking a nice variety in the 'boys' section. Ebay is nice as well, for a design you just can't get at a local store. **Note: Kiddy size shirts MAY include a free bendy toy.

As of Spring/Summer 2007, Top Heavy Clothing seems to have figured out different types of people like Sonic. They have divided their shirts into 2 catagories, each with different designs. They have shirts which are for really little kids, and then shirts for everyone else, in nice, reasonable sizes. This is a good move, and shouldn't isolate any of the fans.

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Flame Team Sonic X Long Sleeve Shirt This shirt appeared a bit out of season in most areas, cropping up in the spring of 2007, although it is a long-sleeve. This comes in reasonable (teen-adult) sizes. As you can see, the Sonic is somewhat shiny and decal-like, a near staple of Top Heavy. The background is a detailed fire/flames (why?) with red-washed images of Knuckles, Shadow and Tails. For some reason, Tails is looking quite guilty of something.
Orange Kid Size Sonic X Flames Shirt
A new (and possibly welcomed) theme they are trying is to have a "Kiddy Version" of the adult sized Sonic clothing. This usually has a very similar (if not identical) version of the design on a similar color/style of shirt. As you can see between these two, it is working. This means that no one is left out on any cool Sonic stuff they may want.
Blue Tribal Style Sonic Angle Here is a rather exotic offering. Wonderfully enough, Sonic takes up an all new pose over a "Tribal Style" black design. The design is echoed in a fade and spattered with more of the new clear gel type glossy paint. This design is large and stylish on the shirt. There are also subtle designs in light blue, sort of echoing the main design. The logo on the sleeve is also a good touch.
Notice anything odd with the close-up of the design? If you look carefully to the right, you will see that there are 2 *human skulls* in part of the design. This is easier to see if you own the item...however it is a bit 'dark' for Sonic to be jumping over some skulls and spatter. Still, it makes for an interesting composition with a bit of a surprise! Human Skulls Detail Sonic Shirt
Tribal Spatter Shirt Detail
Blue White Curls Black Sonic Shirt This is a detail of an all-black shirt, currently in the SonicGear collection. Sonic's pose is slightly different, with one thumb up and a fist. The background is just curly designs in white with blue 'glow' effect. There are also subtle lines (Like linescreen) behind that. The shirt is otherwise plain and black, and looks like every other plain black shirt you've seen. The design is fairly large, and sits right in the middle of the chest area.
Sonic Vs Shadow Brown Shirt Sonic Vs. Shadow Scroll Tee Detail This brown shirt has Sonic facing off against Shadow again, similar to the earlier one where they had an "X" of shiny paint between them. This time, it's a combination of scrollwork and pointy tribal style designs. There is Japanese writing in the middle, which could be translated soon.
Winter Note: This same design appears on a blue and navy blue long-sleeve double shirt, but the curls in the background use new reflective ink!
Big Quills Sonic X Little Kid Shirt & Bendy
Winter/Fall 2007
The winter line seems to be starting off better for the little kids designs, rather than the regulars. This shirt starts things off with a large (new) Sonic portrait. Unfortunatly, his quills are a bit over-sized and if you actually see the shirt in person, he looks a bit maniacal in the art. (whoops) The lightening is a nice addition, if a bit nonsensical because it's not like Sonic has the power to shoot lightening bolts or something, it just looks cool.
As you can see, this comes with a nice Shadow bendy toy, yet another excellent chance to pick one up without shelling out for the whole "Bendy Box Set" over Ebay.
Orange Honeycomb Japanese Writing Sonic X Kid Shirt Now here's a design that would look good on a larger size.
This orange/yellow shirt has a honeycomb pattern in clearish/orange gel-type ink in the background--it really looks nice. A new pose for Sonic is featured leaping over it, with a trail of Japanese writing. What does it say?
Sonic X logo is also written out in Japanese, proving Top Heavy isn't afraid to display foreign characters on even it's smallest shirts. (believe it or not, writing people cannot read DOES have the ability to scare some people away.)
Yet another small size, this time with a stylish name up the side. Sonic is reaching for something, while a water mark of the old standard 'flying fist' pose for him adds a background. The Sonic X logo appears large on one sleeve. While it's pretty simple, this shirt is also fairly stylish. There may also be a red variant of this shirt. Shadow too, had a similar one, but in short sleeve. You can see it on Clothing Page 2.
Faux Classic Running Sonic Long Sleeve Teen Shirt To start their Fall/Winter 2007 Line, they chose a classic.
Obviously, this shirt is trying to be 'retro'. With a double-shirt look in red and gray, this uses the all-too-familiar 'running' stock art Sonic. They've added his name in a 'classic' style font, and placed him in a ring with stars. The shirt is nice if you don't already have something like it, or need a retro type look--however it's nothing we havn't seen before. (no new twist for the classics) The old Sonic the Hedgehog logo is on the sleeve of the gray shirt for a bit of style.
Shadow the Hedgehog Portraits Long Sleeve
This shirt MAY have been available somewhere on the internet before Winter 2007.
The theme of black and gray fits Shadow the Hedgehog well for this long double-sleeve shirt. Walking Shadow (in color) divides between two different expression portraits in black & white. The Sonic X logo is present, but subtle.
This shirt isn't spectacularly new or different, but it should go with just about anything and has a subtle cool. Be sure to check your local Sears for sales on it too!
Back Off Robotnik Design Yellow & Green "Retro" style continues to presist.
This was available about 2 years ago from TopHeavy, however you may still see it around today, depending where you go. Again, 'wacky retro' this time featuring cartoony Robotnik being chased by spinning stock-art Sonic. Despite being 'loud' yellow and green, the design is rather well thought out, with rings in the background and wavy text. It maintains a look of something 60s or 70s-ish.
Confirmation by SegaSonic01.
Sonic Homeboy Red Design Is this official or not?
Interestingly enough, it is. This shirt used to be on the "Bootleg" page due to it's...lack of design. The design is plain and 'wacky retro' which is currently hot in officially licensed items...but really, not a whole lot of effort went into this. The oldest stalest stock art, with only black ink and a block font. It looks like it might of been turned out in a garage...but perhaps that's the point! Confirmation by SegaSonic01.
AC/DC Sonic Silver Run Shirt Sonic shirts become stranger still with this offering...
This one is a sort of parody of the band AC/DC. Done in all reflective silver ink, it's somewhat hard to read...but looks quite different from anything that's come before! It says "For Those About to Run" which is off of AC DC's famous "For Those About to Rock" line. To further the connection, it even has the pointy font and lightening bolts. But why?
The bottom just has "Sonic the Hedgehog Runnin the speed of light since 1991" which isn't entirely true because while faster than the speed of Sound, Sonic is not known for going at the speed of light.
The classic theme continues with another proclimation of "Old School"
Perhaps the brown shirt proclaiming 'old school' was too dark for you? Now you can try this blue one. Another classic pointing stock art with the familiar phrase, but this time with a sort of 'sunset circle' in the background. You can see the tag on this one has the official Sonic the Hedgehog logo. This is likely to be found at Sears, Kohls or JC Penny in the USA in 2008.
Old School Blue Pointing Sonic Shirt
Side Running Stock Sonic Shirt Old-Look Classic side-running stock Sonic lands on yet another shirt. (in brown and olive-green varients)
This one is a nice long-sleeve tee, good for fall or winter. The design is nice, large and geometric, with the classic Sonic logo before it. As you can see in the photo, the design has that false-aged look that is currently being run into the ground with over use. Also note the official tag at the top. This is likely to be found at Sears, Kohls or JC Penny in the USA in 2008.
Olive Drab Green Varient Sonic Classic Squares
Punch Splash Sonic X Blue Kid Shirt For this long-sleeve kid's shirt, the 'punch jump' Sonic design is absolutely nothing new. However, the spatter/splash in the background is. If you look closely at the photo as well, you'll see that the design is actually stitched on with tiny white thread. With the logo at an odd angle, and the splashy background, it keeps this shirt looking fresh. Note: these are still coming with a bendy toy for free, as of 2008.
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