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This page has mostly 2009 Sonic clothing items.
The USA is still in the golden-age of Sonic clothes. The primary clothes-creator here is still Top Heavy, with licensing from ShoPro. Both little and big sizes continue. Little sizes are still ok to collect, even if you don't fit into them, because you can still shove the shirt into a frame if you like the design to make it like a poster. Primary stores here will be Sears and Kohls. However, it should be noted that Wal Mart, JC Penny, Hot Topic and Target are also getting into carrying Sonic shirts. GKWorld may also be getting into shirts as well!
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Blue Tones Long Style Sonic Tee Another unusual shirt here, this time it is the style that makes it stand out. As you can see, it's a "Long Style Tee" with cap sleeves. This is usually seen in girls' clothing, however not exclusivly. (it is likely that anyone could wear this shirt) This shirt is meant to bunch up at the bottom, or go over the top of your shorts/pants. The shirt itself is off-white with an all-blue gradient Sonic. His pose is nice and unique too, and the large size of the design makes it quite dynamic and interesting to see. You can see "Sonic" written on the tag at the top. Owned and photographed by BlueSonikku. Available at Spencers Gifts (a store usually found in malls in the USA & online! On sale for 9.99 usually 19.99--use search feature while it lasts in 2009)
Girls Classic Style Cap Sleeve Sonic Shirt This is a primarily-for-girls shirt (uncommon among Sonic items!) in both the cut and the phrase on it. It has that 'fake faded' look of slightly degraded graphics and classic 'getting ready to run' Sonic stock art. The phrase (unfortunately) is rather dubious and says "I (heart) boys that move fast!" (which, of course here is meant to have a double meaning--and you are supposed to take it that the wearer likes Sonic and is not infact, having an innuendo) Sonic has had other innuendo shirts, but those were all rather un-intentional and can be seen around the site. This shirt is available in Fall 2009 at Owned and photographed by BlueSonikku
Boys Play Games Faded Look Tee GK World is at it again with this shirt.
The 'slogan' could have 3 meanings: with an inferred comma, it's a command, without it, its either that boys do, infact, play video games, or possibly 'games' which is meant to refer to romantic tribulations. Why they would pick something with a dubious double meaning (as "games" when referred to in a romantic sense are usually considered off-putting/ bothersome / etc.) is unknown. It is all in the eye of the reader, in this case. The shirt itself is a light blue, again with the fake-age/faded look classic Sonic graphic. Due to the large design & that he's standing over the words & some stripes, it gives the shirt an added bit of uniqueness. This shirt is available in fall 2009 at GK Discovered by Blue Sonikku
Longer Sleeve Red Stripe Classic Sonic Here's another classically styled Sonic shirt from Hot Topic.
This one's a bit out of the ordinary though, due to sleeve length and decoration. It may also be called a "Hockey Style" shirt. The sleeves are striped with bands of yellow and blue, and go the elbow rather than being a true short or long sleeve. The bottom is also longer, meant to cover the top of pants or shorts when worn. It's shown on a girl here, but likely anyone could wear it. It's got classic stock art legs-crossed Sonic, but fortunately it does not seem to use the over-done "fake distressing" of the design.
Remember, if you don't see this at your local Hot Topic ASK! It lets people know Sonic is in demand. If you still can't find it, you should be able to order this through in fall/winter of 2009. Discovered by: GhostAnjo
Grunge Skate Jump Sonic Shirt These two new shirts offer a grunge style and a spatter style. The grunge one uses print lines, uneven textured background and fake-wear to create a grunge look. It uses the seldom-seen SA1 era Sonic on a skateboard art and switches the logo to all red. (WalMart $8.00 in 2011) The blue shirt uses the newer (and also not over used) thumbs up dynamic Sonic, with a blue ring and a white paint spatter background. The little icon in the corner is the tag close up.
Ring Spatter Blue Sonic Shirt
Speed Freak Checker Flag Next Level Shirt This tee is likely made by the same company that did the above two. Did you find these in a store? Write in to say where they may be found, for credit. This shirt has classic running Sonic (but footless! and his 'run doodles' are so light he just looks like he's floating along with some speed lines and checkered flags in the background.
"Speed Freak" is written pretty much over everything, while the script at the bottom reads "Welcome to the next level" which was Sega's old slogan. It's cool to see this again, even if the shirt just employs some standard stock art that does not help it to stand out among other classically styled ones. All 3 shirts (this and above) are in the SonicGear Store. in 2009.
Sprite Compilation ST Logo Face This shirt is on a fine line.
Certainly, it is a cool design. It is the Sonic face from the Sonic Team logo, but composed of 'pixels' which are each the old Genisis Sonic sprites in different positions. So it's a Sonic face composed of tons of different very tiny Sonics. It was made by an Archie Comics official artist, though it is not Sega falls under those artists' ability to create Sonic drawings from scratch and then sell them off to the fans later. Because the artist is official it's not technically a bootleg, where otherwise it would be. Still, it is available at in 2009 in multiple sizes. Discovered by breaksofresh
Sonic & Knuckles Modern Hot Topic Tee Here's another shirt that is likely exclusive to Hot Topic stores.
This light gray tee comes in all adult sizes. It's also refreshing to see them adding modern Sonic into their design mix and also featuring the somewhat neglected Knuckles. The shirt fabric is light-weight but the 'faux aging' is fortunately not used on this design. Sonic & Knuckles both employ lesser-used art so the shirt does not look generic. Both are posed ready for action. This shirt generally retails for 19.99 and can be bought on the HotTopic site and offline, in stores in November 2009. It should be available for much of the winter season. This shirt is in the SonicGear personal collection. Photo discovered by Torgetsu Kon
Fitted Yellow Classic Style Tee Another fitted tee. This is likely to be from Hot Topic, but it hasn't been proven. The design is very standard, with classic stock art running Sonic and the classic logo. It even has more of the 'fake wear' to the design so it's pre-chipped up. The bright yellow is a new/interesting color choice which keeps the shirt from looking too stale. A good shirt to collect if you don't already have one like it.
Made in the Eighties Suspicious Error Tee
This shirt is UNDER SUSPICION!
Is this a real item, or is it fake? It appears legitimate, with the paper store tag on the sleeve, and plastic size-ID-strip stuck to the front. The design also uses the logo and has a 'tm' in one corner...however the phrase is CLEARLY wrong! Sonic has nothing to do with the eighties, he only appeared starting in the 90s. In 2009, "the eighties" may be a trendy time to reference with fashion, but making up lies and writing "eighties" on everything just looks phony and stupid. Is this shirt for real? Did a licensed company go in for such a lame and obvious cash-grab by scrawling 'eighties' on anything they see? Write in if you know for sure!
Run Text Sonic Tee This shirt is interesting as it combines old and new. Sonic's pose is based on a classic stock art, but it is the new SA style Sonic doing it, which makes it much fresher/more interesting. Sonic looks determined here (rather than happy) which is also a change of pace. The bottom has his name in a block font, but also a whole paragraph of writing.

Do you own this shirt? What does the writing say? Is the item really from the USA, and if so, who is making it? Write in for credit!

Many Characters Cast Shirt Blue
This shirt may be a bit mixed up, but it sure packs in the characters! From the back you can see Omega, Rouge, Sonic 360 Eggman, Tails, Amy, Blaze, Silver, Knuckles Sonic & Shadow. It has Sonic's name in Japanese at the bottom, along with the Sonic 360 logo on the other side. This shirt has 4 known types: blue (shown), white brown, and tan. The picture is always the same, just the color varies. These were available at Sears in 2009 fall/winter/summer. Photographed and owned by PiplupFan77
Bio World Aqua Sonic Big Face Shirt This shirt is unusual for a few reasons. First off, it is by Bio World and not Topheavy, like most previous modern shirts. Bio World has done a few Sonic things before, but this shirt is widely available at JC Penny stores in winter 2010. The other unusual bit's VERY bright AQUA blue, not Sonic blue in any way. This color is not photogenic at all, matching more with the colored square than the photo.
You'll have to see one to match it. It doesn't affect the green for his eyes, but it does make him look a bit unusual. You can see their shaped tag (Sonic X style) at the top and in-printing at the collar of 'Sonic' as well. It lists for 17.99, but you should be able to get it for 9.99.
Target Combo Hat Bio World Target Combo Shirt These two items are actually sold bundled as one, in Target stores in the USA during winter 2010. They could be found bound together/folded with cloth ties, and sold for either 15.99 or 10.99. They were available in a range of adult sizes. The hat can be seen on Accessories, as it likely was also available seperately--but needs to appear here as it was bundled. Photographed & owned by JSL
Sonic Beanie Knit Stripe Embroidered Hat SA 1 style combo shirt blue This is another hat/shirt combo pack. This time, you got a knit beanie with embroidered Sonic face & logo instead of a ball cap as seen above. The shirt is light blue, with This shirt art appears to be from the Sonic 2 Battle era (you can still see some of the SA1 styling to the art) but showed up in stores much later. He's also not wearing the soap shoes featured in the game. (though, this art is un-shaded) This appeared in Spencers Gifts in malls in the USA. 2009/2010 Photographed & owned by ChaosHedgehog2. Added info by EmilyHedgehog