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More clothes keep piling on, thanks to the popularity of Sonic X!
The relative ease of finding them must also be helping Top Heavy along. Sears, JC Penny Department Store and also Kohls keeps going strong by stocking a nice variety in the 'boys' section. Ebay is nice as well, for a design you just can't get at a local store. **Note: Kiddy size shirts MAY include a free bendy toy.

As of Spring 2007, Top Heavy Clothing seems to have figured out different types of people like Sonic. They have divided their shirts into 2 catagories, each with different designs. The designs do not overlap. They have shirts which are for really little kids, and then shirts for everyone else, in nice, reasonable sizes. This is a good move, and shouldn't isolate any of the fans.

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Celtic Blades Shadow Hedgehog shirt photo
Shadow starts things off in this interesting Celtic type knot design. The background is a mottled orange with brown, and has glitter in the paint. There are shadow flames in the background. This was re-released on tan & white in 2009. It was released AGAIN on black, in 2010 summer season. Available at Sears.
Look closely at the design! In the 4 spaces you can see the Sonic X logo-head thing as part of the design. Notice that the edges are made to look 'bladed' and it also has tiny faux screws in it on each of the points. This is a nicely detailed and quality Shadow shirt, in sizes likely to fit you!
Silver Name Shadow Shirt Here is another great Shadow the hedgehog shirt. It features the same pose as above, but is in black and white with 1 color (red). He is defined only by the highlights, giving it a sophisticated style. The orange lightening bolts in the background have fine fades and are nice and realistic. The name uses a new (for them) type of bright metallic silver paint, really adding flash to this shirt. The photo doesn't do it justice, try to pick it up at Sears, Penny's or Kohls!
This shirt also brings something new to the table, a more subdued or pearlized metallic paint. The designs are all black and white (with a bit of green) but the highlights in blue and red feature this new interesting paint. Shadow's is especially difficutl to see in this photo. This half and half design also has more complex
Metallic Blue Red Sonic Shadow t-shirt Kanji Japanese letters which say...something. Still, another cool and well done design to collect!
However, the variant appears to only use black ink, with a touch of red (more visible now) for Shadow's name. The design looks more 'black' on the blue variant, and without the shimmering ink it's not quite as striking, though, the design is still a good one to pick up. Var. photos (right) by Finalapocalypse
Olive Drab/Gray Variant Sonic Shadow Long Sleeve
Bad Boy Sonic Shirt
This is one of the "Small Version" shirts that are just not released in sizes large enough for you to wear. These are meant for little kids only.

"Everybody loves a bad boy" is written in vintage-style text complete with faux-aged crackle paint and a classic winking Sonic stock art face. It's good to see a faux-classic instead of the zillionth Sonic X in this size. This MAY come with a bendy. The bendy MAY be Shadow. It is too bad they havn't released a larger version...

Top Heavy Circiut All Over Kids Tee
As you can see, this shirt is streight from Top Heavy Clothing.
If you like it, go there and buy it right away (they change their selection on their website as new designs appear!) at This is a smaller size shirt, and is related to another design (Circuit Sonic) but brings the entire background into play, and reduces the color design size. It is actually a rather trendy looking design, and uses the gunner turret robot (which came with the recent Toy Island Action Figures Mega-Bots Line) as part of the design.
Kids Sonic X Glitter Charge Shirt Abstract Grinding Sonic X Tot shirt 3 Pose Long Sleeve Variant Shirt Matrix-Like 3 Pose Sonic Little Shirt
Here's the standard (and getting a bit over used) "Charging Sonic", this time over an all-glitter background which looks a bit like a cog, or something conducting electricity. The colored collar and cuffs are a nice touch on the T, and the art is large and good quality. This is a small size only.
Snowboarding Sonic?
The same artist from the "15th Anniversary" shirt retruns to lend a somewhat eccentric style to Sonic who is sliding or grinding on a rather abstrat "X" like background. Small size only.
This rather "Matrix" inspired shirt has the Japanese Sonic X logo 'raining down' in the background to a blue glow. They re-use the 15th Anniversary art, but add in 2 other nice poses from Sonic, and the show logo. This shirt looks good white, but it would also be all right on a dark green or black, if they were really going to crib the Matrix. The variant to it (left) is easier to see due to the black background. Discovered by: FinalApocalypse.
Brown Tribal Sonic Tee Top Heavy debuts another new ink with this brown shirt. This ink is clear, but glossy, adding a neat shine-effect to the cloth. A curling tribal pattern backs a rather normal pose from Sonic, although it is well shaded. The logo is subtle.
NOTE: This has a varient in kiddy size without glossy ink!
Shadow Shine Ink Shirt
Long Sleeve Curl Variant Shirt Here's another teens/adults variant on the same shirt, this time with long sleeves and lighter colored shiny ink for the tribal curls. Should be available at Sears. Photo discovered by FinalApocalypse
Silver Texture Logo Sonic Tails Shadow Sleeve More awesome metallic ink is used in great amounts to create these two new (and popular!) designs. The blue one is a varient of a red one on Sonic Shirts Page 2, but the Shadow is all new, and quite classy, with a 'cut' down half of him, and geometric lines in the background. These should be available at Sears and the Top Heavy website--in sizes for anyone to wear!
Sonic blue varient Metallic Ink T-Shirt
Silver ink with a 'dotted' texture makes this great new design really stand out. This shirt is "Semi-Rare" in that it is supposed to be at Sears, but supplies are LIMITED and it is not all over the USA. If you see this, by all means pick it up.
It is also unusual in that it is a long-sleeve being released in the spring line. This has Sonic, Shadow, and Tails, who is looking excessively cute for some reason. They're backed by a Sonic head symbol, with the Japanese Sonic X logo.
Original Top Heavy Sonic X Charge Shirt Design One of Top Heavy's earlier designs, this is also available in sizes that should fit anyone. This was likely the first instance that the "Charge" pose was used, and with the white streaky aura effect, it works well. Knuckles and Shadow line-art back up Sonic, who stands among Japanese words and the Japanese Sonic X logo. The words say 'The Stongest and the Fastest' (maybe a play on "Fast & Furious") to describe both Sonic & Knuckles. Translation provided by Blue Sonikku
Sonic X Reflective Jacket and Pants Set This item is the exception to things available in spring 2007.
This was likely to have been available as a set from either JC Penny or Kohls stores in the winter of 2006-2007. You've seen the pants part before (paired with a different top) on another page of this section. Both items feature reflective striping, and lots of primary colors.
This is little-kid size only, and was likely not available in all areas of the USA/not in all stores. You may still be able to find it on ebay...just don't expect it to fit.
This is a mystery shirt.
Is it from the USA? The UK? What stores are confirmed to carry it? It is obviously another 'retro style' shirt with the old laughing Sonic stock art. They've tricked it up with a black/white cut that somewhat abstracts him and adds interest. The red phrase at the top says "Say hello to my fast little friend" which is a play off "Scarface" (a movie) quote. You can see the "Sonic the Hedgehog" logo-tag and TopHeavy licensed it, though it isn't common. It has also has (on the back at the top) 'Sonic the' in white and 'Hedgehog' in black ink and white background.
Scarface info credit to SonicEmerald.
Say Hello Fast Freind Sonic Retro T-Shirt
Glowing X Sonic Small Shirt w/Bendy As shown here, the new small 'kiddy size' shirts are being sold with an individual-pak bendy toy once again, if you shop at Sears in the USA. Kohls may also have this, but it's unknown. They are including more Shadow bendies than the other characters, so this is a great chance for you to get one! Especially if you don't want to buy a whole new bendy-pak just to get the Shadow figure, a shirt is a great option for you.
Sonic Vs. Shadow Powder Ink Shirt Top Heavy is set to impress again with more stylish design and metallic ink. This one has a sort of pearl tone/powdery glitter. It doesn't photo well, but it looks quite nice. This shirt has Sonic Vs. Shadow with some nice dynamic poses, and the Japanese Sonic X logo in the center. Also to note is the spray-on look negative of the sihlouette Sonic face in the center creating a 'glow' look. Find this at Sears!
More recently in 2009, (also at Sears) a red variant of this shirt has been produced. Photo by Finalapocalypse
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