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Still more clothes from 2008 and 2009.
The USA appears to have entered a 'golden era' of Sonic clothes creation. The primary clothes-creator here is still Top Heavy, with licensing from ShoPro. Both little and big sizes continue. Little sizes are still ok to collect, even if you don't fit into them, because you can still shove the shirt into a frame if you like the design to make it like a poster. Primary stores here will be Sears and Kohls. However, it should be noted that Wal Mart, JC Penny, Hot Topic and Target are also getting into carrying Sonic shirts.
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DJ Sonic Turntables T Shirt Black Here, Top Heavy has used some Sonic Adventure 1 era art that didn't show up very often. This is Sonic 'spinning' on some turntables like a DJ. The background has a strobe/light rays type effect, and so far the shirt is only available in black. This is a regular size shirt. Because the art here was never over-used the shirt feels new, not stale or recycled. It features gel paint (clear) on the edges of Sonic. Available at Sears in Winter/Spring 2009 Photo discovered by:
Paint Spatter Sonic Classic Style Ring Tee They're trying a new twist on a classic design here.
The running profile Sonic stock art is used here, stepping out of a ring above the classic style logo. They've added a 'paint spatter' effect in both yellow and light blue with trails and drops. Because the stock art is tilted and one of the feet is hidden, it helps make the design a little more dynamic. This helps the shirt feel fresher. This is available in both little kids and regular sizes at Sears in Winter/Spring 2009. Photo discovered by:
Brown & Blue Sketch Sonic shirt
This shirt is something genuinley NEW. With new art presented in a pretty new way at a new big size, it's definetely something good to see. The shirt itself is a medium brown, with a pale blue (chalk-like) sketch of Sonic in a new pose. He looks quite well done in this profile view. The design is really very big, going all the way from the collar-texture to the very bottom, it takes up the whole shirt. There is an identical kiddie-size version. Sears 2009. Photo discovered by Berzerker
Circular Sonic Adventure 1 Style Shirt This oddly posed stock Sonic was popular around the time of Sonic Adventure 1. The art is rather disk-like, with Sonic sort of walking oddly to fit into the design. The original stock art though shows all of his back foot. Bringing out an older SA1 design onto a new 2009 shirt is a good way to keep up the art variety. This shirt is available in normal sizes. It MAY have a kiddie size variant also in black. Should be available at Sears 2009. Photo discovered by Berzerker
Striped Sketchy Curls Sonic Tee Here's another rather new design! Topheavy is likely responsible for this one as well, and it's a good addition. Sonic is fairly dynamic and the art is nice and solid, though it has the SA1 style teeth/mouth. However, there are extra details, such as that the Sonic art is actually striped at an angle with pale puffy paint, and the lines are sketchy. (see close up for better view) There is also a curling abstract/clouds design in black
for the background. You can't see it very well against the dark brown shirt. In all, it's a fresh and new earth-tones offering for this tee. Photo discovered by Berzerker, with close up shot by BlueSonikku
King of Bling Sonic Rings Shirt
Here's a fun (in that it makes fun-of, a bit) retro style tee. With a somewhat 1970s font, they spell King of Bling under Sonic. To help clarify, he's always collecting gold rings! Four rings appear scattered over stock arms-cross Sonic and even the word. Due to the interaction of the rings with the design, it helps the shirt become more interesting. This shirt also features gold color sparkle paint to enhance the 'bling' nature of the design! The t shirt itself is ordinary and black. (so only the design appears here) Photos by Top Heavy, discovered by Yue. Available online in 2009 at TopHeavy Store.
Lightening Strike Red Sonic X Design This shirt is ordinary and red, so it's another 'design only' shot. That helps focus it in on the realistic looking lightening bolt they've added striking across the X. This one uses the Japanese Sonic X logo as well, and has arms-cross X stock art. It is the lightening bolt that really helps keep this one interesting. Photos by Top Heavy, discovered by Yue. Available online in 2009 at TopHeavy Store.
Warp Sonic Shiny Ink X Shirt
TopHeavy calls this shirt "warpspeed", but it's actually a re-design of another similar shirt. It has Sonic X style Sonic running...but VERY big and they've added blue metallic paint to some of the edges and inlines, though the strips of it are wider than their usual application. The result is pretty nice, though it does give him a rather shiny eyebrow. The size of the design on the shirt also keeps it dynamic. This is one of their small size pieces. Photos by Top Heavy, discovered by Yue. Available online in 2009 at TopHeavy Store.
Shadow Path Black shirt
Here's quite a stylish shirt for Shadow fans! This has a sophisticated look, in just 4 colors (black, gray, red, white) It uses the color of the shirt to color most of Shadow. Nothing overdone here, he just appears walking, with metallic red ink for his name (in Japanese). The Sonic X logo (also in JP) appears both at the corner and on the sleeve, for an added touch. With good art, and nothing over the top, this is a great shirt to collect. Photos by Top Heavy, discovered by Yue. Available online in 2009 at TopHeavy Store.
Hot Topic Sonic 2 Title Screen Shirt Another offering from HotTopic ( brings this Sonic 2 themed shirt. It is literally the title screen from the game, complete with Japan style art and the 16 bit background. The shirt is blue so they did not have to really add the sky in behind the winged ring and banner. It's pretty cool because they used a near duplicate of the actual screen--very classic but yet not over used. The shirt comes in all sizes so it will fit you. It was released in 2009/spring and can be ordered from Hot Topic's website if you do a search for 'Sonic'. Discovered by: Steven Matarazzo
Sonic Expressions Squares Classic Style Tee This shirt uses several classic stock arts to make an all new Sonic composition. Because the art is cropped and they used different background colors, the old stock does not come across as stale. The shirt showcases various expressions of Sonic (that they could find) in a 9 box grid with his name quite large at the top. The two uncommon ones here are balancing Sonic and completely side-view Sonic (bottom right two) which help to spice things up. The shirt comes in all sizes so it will fit you. It was released in 2009/spring and can be ordered from Hot Topic's website if you do a search for 'Sonic'. Discovered by: Steven Matarazzo
Kohls T Shirt Mens' Rough Wall Sonic As far as is known, this shirt is only available at Kohls' stores in the USA. Usually this store would have an 'also ran' selection of what was at the more popular retailers Sears or Penny's, however this shirt appears to be unique to it. The shirt itself is pretty unique too with a 'rough' look. The background is gray paint over the gray shirt but made to look textured. The colors on Sonic are off-set on purpose bleeding outside the lines and smudging around the art as well for an over-all roughness to the design. This sort of grunge look helps it stand out, though the pose is quite similar to some others. The design on this one is rather large as well, taking up the whole front of the shirt. Being in the 'mens' area of the store, the shirt should fit most everyone! There may be an all-gray varient on it. Available Summer 2009. Photographed & owned by Taaron.
This shirt is likely only available at Wal Mart. This is their 2nd exclusive release shirt. It has Sonic Advance style Sonic in color along with the logo, but the background is full of other characters including Tails, Knuckles (advance 3), Blaze, Shadow, Amy, Silver, and even Storm Albatross and Charmy Bee! (Sonic Channel & Sega Stock Art) Likely found in the 'boys' area, but even if it doesn't fit, it's probably a good idea to collect it anyway due to all the rare characters they threw on there. This shirt uses black shiny gel ink to help outline all of the characters. (Silver is hidden near the logo, and this is the first known piece of merchandise to feature EITHER Storm or Charmy Bee. Since it's Wal Mart, it will likely be inexpensive as well. A good shirt for fans of multiple characters or people who usually don't star on their own shirt like Blaze. Photographed & owned by Sonikku.
Knuckles Only Shirt Redlines Background This shirt is unusual to begin with, because it has only Knuckles on it. Shadow has solo'd on several designs but this is a first for modern Knuckles, and it's a good start. He's in a glove-pulling pose with good art and a comic book style font (something new) for his name. The background is a cascade of red lines and shadowing for the figure to help it stand out. While he has appeared on other shirts, it's especially great for Knuckles fans to finally see him solo on one. Might want to pick this one up as it seems to be the first (hopefully!) of it's kind. Location info pending. Discovered by SuperSkeetosPro
While being released in 2009, the shirt is clearly drawing upon SA1 era art for it's main design. It has Sonic standing and giving a close-up peace sign to the viewer. They've hidden his shoes behind the logo, and the background consists of concentric rings likely in orangeish tone with 'sparkle lines' in white. The black background makes for an all-right presentation but the shirt itself doesn't do anything to really stand out from among other designs. Good to get this one if you don't already have something like it already, or need another. Available at Hot Topic in all sizes, approx. $19.99 Discovered by SuperSkeetosPro SA1 Style Sonic Peace Shirt Black Tee
Secret Rings Nintendo World Bonus Shirt This is a promo shirt for Sonic & the Secret Rings which is likely somewhat hard to come across. It was free, but only if you bought the game from Nintendo World in NYC, likely on the first day of release (as free items tend to run out quickly) It's got front& back printing, but is still somewhat plain, as promo shirts can be. The front has the specifically styled logo & the back has the main graphic for Sonic, as he is wering the magic ring and is afflicted with the infection/flame that serves as a part of the game's plot. Shirt photographed and owned by Chibiko
Chris Emerl Robots Run Sonic Shirt Here's a Sonic X shirt that's somewhat out of place. It's been years since Sonic X was freshly on TV, yet in the summer of 2009, they still produce a shirt with 3 X exclusive characters Chris, Bocoe and Bokkun. It also has Emerl who first appeared in the GBA Sonic fighting game. Sonic is on those mysterious rocket-shoes again which first appeared on the 15th anniversary shirt. Knuckles is in the background as well, blending a bit with the red starburst effect and Chris' shirt.
This is available at Sears in 2009, but the popularity of the design is somewhat low, due to giant Chris. Photographed & owned by VicLeeW.
Target Exclusive Sonic Classic Look Shirt
With Sears, Walmart and Kohls getting their own exclusive Sonic shirts, Target is not far behind. This shirt is good if you don't want to shell out for the very similar Hot Topic version, or if you need a smaller one. Yes, the larger sizes are somewhat reasonable, but it's not for anyone tall. It's classic style with 1-finger Sonic in a gold ring with a red/yellow fade background. The classic logo tops it off, so it is not new or thrilling to see, however it would be good to collect if you didn't have anything similar from the 1990s. This was available in the Boys/Teens area of Target stores in Summer/Fall 2009. Photographed & owned by
NOTE: Celtic Cross Shadow has been re-released on WHITE in 2009