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Still more clothes from 2008.
You can't say that the USA is slacking off on Sonic clothes creation. The primary clothes-creator here is still Top Heavy, with licensing from ShoPro. Their two lines continue, now with the 'little kids' shirt designs diverging more from being offshoots/duplicates of the larger sizes into more unique things. Little sizes are still ok to collect, even if you don't fit into them, because you can still shove the shirt into a frame if you like the design to make it like a poster. Primary stores here will be Sears and Kohls.
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Hot Topic Blue Circle Classic Type Hot Topic getting back in on the action?
After taking a while away from selling Sonic shirts, this store seems to be getting back in to it--though, only with 'classic' looking designs. This bright blue shirt has Game-Screen Genisis/Megadrive type finger-waving Sonic. He's over a red to yellow fade for extra contrast, and has a nice big name on the front too. What you can't see in the photo is that the design is another of those "Fake-aged" ones (distressed) so it comes with holes/lines/scuffs pre-installed on just be sure to take note. Want it? Go to Hot Topic Online!
Hot Topic Red Classic Running Long T-Shirt
Like the shirt above, this one is also from Hot Topic.
It too has a long-cut bottom (will go past your waist) and appears in adult sizes only. They've got a nice large design of classic running stock Sonic, but bordered him with bright yellow to really make it stand out. This one is also 'fake-aged' which you can see with the red showing through on Sonic's head. Want it? Go to Hot Topic Online! But do note, that like many things in Hot Topic, it is rather expensive, at over $20.00 USD for just one shirt.
Silver Sonic Shadow Trio Flames White Shirt The first clothing item to feature Silver the Hedgehog!
If you're a Silver fan, this shirt is a can't miss item. It is in kids/adults sizes and the graphic appears smooth and clean, like a pre-render scene from the game. Sonic, Silver and Shadow are in their Sonic 360 style poses, and blue flames in two colors have been added in the background. This time, the logo matches and is not stolen from Sonic Secret Rings. All inks used are flats, and it doesn't have any special elements (ie glitter/gels etc) Photo discovered by Finalapocalypse
CMYK Printer Dots Classic Run Sonic Shirt Classic running Sonic gets a new and rather interesting representation here, on this white tee. 4 of the same stock art are printed in CMYK (printer ink colors: cyan magenta yellow blacK) and done in screen-tone style dots. They over-lap to create a rather pop-art effect for interest. Available Sears 2008 Fall/Winter in teen-boys. Photo discovered by Finalapocalypse
Livin' Fast Retro Brown Run Sonic Tee Another retro shirt, this time with a heavier 'old style' influence, thanks to the very 1960s style font used to spell out "Livin' Fast". The speed-lines-legs Sonic stock art appears to the right of the words. While the motto is great for Sonic, it isn't likely to raise any eyebrows of people/collectors who already own the many retro items which have come before it.
The shirt itself is dark brown, with the graphic in 2 tone only. It's mostly orange-ish brown and off-white, with some line-work and mostly block colors. This is a teens/boys size, and is usually found in Sears Winter 2008. Photo discovered by Finalapocalypse
Hot Topic Japan Letter Classic Grid Sonic
This is Hot Topic's 3rd Sonic offering for Winter 2008. It's also probably the most creative of their selection, and does not feature "fake wear" to the design. They've taken 'laughin' stock Sonic', added a grid and a shadow for a distincive look. The font at the top is an English one made to look like Japanese letters, along the lines of 'Electroharmonix' etc. The bottom has his name in actual Japanese letters. Shirt discovered by Juni.
Triple Jump Blue Shirt Sonic Shadow Silver If you like Sonic, Silver and Shadow, you're in luck with this tee.
This dynamic design with all 3 of them jumping USED to only be on gray, and in little kids only-sizes. However, this one is on a slightly mottled blue shirt and comes in teens/regular people sizes.
Right photos discovered by FinalApocalypse.
This shirt is in the SonicGear personal collection.
It may not have flames like the 'trio shirt' above, but it has action and new poses for the trio.(Though, they seem to choose colors on which 1 character is slightly difficult to see. (See Sonic on blue and Silver on white) The shirts to the right, are, of course, the variants to this one. This appears at Sears in winter 2008, possibly along with it's smaller variant and the white one. This triple design has proven rather popular, and is now on a mottled gray with black long sleeves, also in 'teen' sizes.
Retro Offset Style Multi Line Jumping Sonic
This is very new and interesting take on the ol' retro theme. The not-so-common 'ready to go' classic Sonic stock art has been given an 'off-set' look. Several colors line some of the outlines as if a printing press had an offset mistake. The effect is almost like 'glowing' or 'neon' when viewed from a distance. Pink motion lines in the background add further style. The design is nice and big too, for extra impact. As far as retro theme Sonic shirts go, this one really stands out from the crowd!
Photo discovered by: FinalApocalypse.
Agitated Sonic Sliding Japan Letters Shirt An all new pose debuts on this interesting shirt!
Here Sonic looks frusterated or agitated as he is either leaping or sliding to one side. He's done in black/white tones, with a black shirt background. The letters spell his name in Japanese, and are done in shiny blue ink. The streak he's leaving behind is also in shiny ink, but as pen-lines like in the comics. This shirt appears in Sears late 2008, early 2009, in regular teen sizes.
Nasty olive-drab Sonic X shirt variant
It has two variants also, in a rather unappealing pea-soup or olive-drab green, (lower right) and the upper one at right, which is a slate-blue. Sonic appears more gray on the variants. Photos discovered by FinalApocalypse.
Adventure 1 Style Blue Sparkle Flames Sonic Shirt They're bringing back Sonic Adventure 1 style with this shirt.
This oddly tangled pose Sonic art was big around the time of Sonic Adventure 1. They've surrounded it with blue flames, the outsides of which have shimmer blue paint used. The Adventure logo appears at the bottom, which is only mildly curious due to their logo-mixing from earlier shirts. This is another Top Heavy offering, a black Tee in teen/adult sizes available at Sears in winter 2008/early 2009.
This variant has the same design, but with charcoal outer black/long.
Photo discovered by FinalApocalypse.
Blue Sonic Hoodie Sweatshirt Hot Topic Here's yet another offering from Hot Topic, as they seem to be getting back into the Sonic scene in late 2008-2009. This is a blue, zip-front hoodie sweat shirt. It has two pockets in front and pull ties for the hood. The Sonic is classic (naturally) with the old logo. However, they got rather creative with his design, using only 2 colors. (red & white) You're left to 'assume' the outline as he's pretty much blue on blue. The Sonic is nice and big too, taking up most of the front of the shirt. It's quite a good piece but it'll set you back FIFTY dollars! In-store its $48.00 plus tax...or shipping. Pricey pricey... Photo discovered by:
Crackle Wear Design Sonic yellow tee This photo was kept nice and large on purpose, so you could see the fake "wear" or "distressing" that has become a part of the design. Yes, this is another of their tees that looks old and shabby BEFORE you get it...not to say what'll happen to it after you wear it a few times. This yellow t-shirt is longer (covering the top of your pants) with a nice big classic Sonic design & logo. With the gradient orange circle and shadowing effect, it has a kind of 'spot-light-look'. Photo discovered by:
Non-shiny Ink Variant JP Letter Shirt This shirt is a variant of the one on USA Sonic Clothing 2. However, this one does not use the (somewhat fragile) shiny ink of the first one. This ink is a non-metallic blue, but the design is still exactly the same with arm-cross/finger Sonic and the Japanese letters down the side. The shirt still makes quite the nice impact, and the sturdier ink may also be a plus for it. If you missed this shirt the first time, winter 2009 is your chance to grab it! Photo discovered by: Finalapocalypse.
Sonic & Tails Hot Topic Warped Shirt
This shirt is another Hot Topic exclusive, so you can buy it in stores or online right now in 2009/Winter!
It's good to see that they're getting more creative than just "fake aging" some stale stock-art and calling it 'all new'. This one has Sonic Adventure style art, and even has Tails! Sonic and Tails are in front of a warping-checkers background, and the logo has a new look but older-style color for a nice mix-up.
Pointing Tails is nice, & thumbs-up Sonic is nice, but with the way they're arranged it seems like Tails is pointing at Sonic for some reason. Still, this deosn't disrupt the action-style of this cool shirt. Avail. in all adult sizes. Photo discovered by: AzulBlur
Wal Mart Sonic Knuckles Tails Shirt You know about Sears and Penny's, but Wal Mart? Maybe the Wal is getting in on the Sonic scene with this cool shirt! With SA1 style Sonic, Knuckles and Tails, it has some good variety. The fade, rings, and name-styling keep it interesting, along with the screen-tone dots in the background. The most notable feature is the "Sonic" word, which has a honeycomb pattern and really 3D Sonic name shirt detail
Both photos here by: AzulBlur
LOOKS like it is 3D/Puffy, but is not. It is actually flat, but looks to be somewhat imitating the UK type ones. (UK was using plastic pieces on theirs earlier) In all, it makes for a great design, retailing around $7.00 in winter 2009
Shadow Punch Orange Kids Tee This shirt has a nice sense of action and cool. It's got jumping punch Shadow only, with a fairly big graphic. A new font highlights his name, while a big Japanese kanji symbol in darker-tone adds texture to the background. They've even added in a bit of glow to his floating shoes. Orange is a bit of an unusal color for him, but it seems to work on this shirt. Unfortunately in Feb 2009, this is only in little kid sizes. Hopefully it will have a larger variant produced. Photo discovered by Finalapocalypse.
Weathered-style Sonic 15th Anniversary Shirt Here's a slightly suspicious shirt. Aquired on Ebay, it seems to be a 15th anniversary shirt (and these were made legit) however, the design uses that popular 'fake weathering/fake wear' which is NEVER combined with something that's not supposed to look classic. (which this does not) The back has "Sega" on it, which usually fakes do not...but the tag is just for Hanes. Weathered 91 Shirt Back
As it turns out it IS for real. It was given away at E3 in 2006, which explains the 'hanes only' tag as it was printed up officially for a prize give away. After E3 many were sold on ebay because the convention was the only place you could get them, making them likely somehwat uncommon. Info by SonicHOG Photo by Chibiko