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Segaworld produced so many Sonic items, here's Page 2!
Keep in mind that most of these Australian Sonic items are vintage. Since the Segaworld there closed years ago, it is no longer being made. Very seldom, some of these may appear on Ebay or another auction site--which is your chance to add it to your collection!
Happy Birthday SegaWorld Pin Badge Like anything else, Segaworld would want to celebrate it's anniversary of being open--and let everyone know too! So here's a pin or badge which says "Happy Birthday Sega World Sydney". However, take a close look at this pin. It is the return of "Blue Arms Mistake Sonic"! They've even bothered to do some shading on the blue arms, so it wasn't just someone clicking the wrong color into place. Still, this is a nice collectible badge. Photo by Rhia.
SegaWorld Sydney Sonic Sally Coca Cola Cups Being an arcade/amusment type area, it's bound to have food and drinks to serve! No one thinks much of the paper cups that drinks come in, but when they're Sonic, they're collectible! So here are 2 different cups from Sega World. For paper cups, these are quite nice, with full color art, good non-stock drawings and crisp colors. Due to their love of Sally, she gets a cup all to herself too. Both Sonic & Sally are shown holding/advertising Coke, as well as the big label on the side. Photo by Rhia.
Segaworld Sydney Cant Catch Shirt
Segaworld Sydney also produced some shirts to buy as souveniers when you went. Today, they're all collectible. This one is blue with hot green cuffs and collar. It uses the rather unfortunate 'foreward facing' Sonic stock art which is never that flattering. He's pasted over a 'hypnotic' hot green spiral design and it says "Can't catch what ya can't see!" though, with all the hot green going on with it, you're sure to see this.
Photo by Rhia
Sally Puppet Plush Due to Sega of Australia's dedication to all the characters popular at the time, they produced more Sally theme items than any other country. Remember: she wasn't in any games (except Spinball as an icon, and Spinball wasn't 100% Sega of Japan) & only appeared in Archie Sonic Comics in the USA (UK Comic series by Fleetway was completely different) & on the "SatAm" Sonic show. Photo by Rhia.
This puppet is a rather bristly and angry looking thing, though. They've used faux fur for her hair, which isn't exactly accurate & gives the puppet a sort of prickly look. Her lidded eyes try to follow along with the comics, however here they make her look a bit annoyed. Not having hands, and the very simple chest fur color difference gives it a bit of a primitive look. Still, it is interesting to see that she's been made and good to collect if you're a Sally fan.
Sally Bottle Close Up Photo Princess Sally Sipper Drink Bottle Robotnik Sipper Bottle Fat Sonic Drink Sipper Bottle Nasty Tails Drink Bottle
Photos by CrossoverKirby (closeup) and Rhia (right 3).
Sega World of Australia also sold various character themed drink sipper bottles. Naturally, the collection had Sally on it, so here she is. This sculpt of her makes her look more 'cartoony' with a large mouth and nose and "Oh hmm!" type of expression on her face, however, her head is relativly small. Notice also that she is only wearing her signature blue boots and not her blue vest.
At least Robotnik is supposed to be, he's crouched or squatting to fit the form. They've chosen the "O!" expression, which when sculpted is rather strange.
The Sonic & Tails bottles didn't fare as well as Sally. Compared to them, she's quite on model. However, keep in mind that these are essentially "Jars" for holding liquids. Still...they could use a bit of work. Sonic is obviously very, very fat, and has the same 'blue arms' error that was common to Australia. The head sculpt for him is the best thing about him, being classicly styled and pretty accurate. You can see where the neck unscrews.
Tails is easily the worst of the lot. He nearly belongs in Mutant Gear. First off, the carry-over Archie comics mistake of "Tails is Brown" is in evidence, and like Sonic he's fat. His pose is anti-dynamic--simply standing around. His ears are WAY too small, his lower face is huge, and his eyes are wacko. He looks like a bizzarre bear, and isn't cute or really "Tails-Like" at all. This might as well be a different character
Sally Denim Dress for Girls The first of it's kind submitted to SonicGear!
A real dress! How unusual and interesting to find a Sonic related dress. This is a thin denim material overalls style dress for little girls. The front pocket has an embroidered Sally head 'patch' with her name below it. Because the patch is sewn through the front pocket (the pocket does not open, but there is a usable back pocket). A small square patch with Sonic and the words “Gotta Juice!” is on the back--but they did not get a photo of it.
This is likely one of the rare-er items simply due to obscurity and the fact that it's mostly little kids sizes. (as in really small. Shown here is XXS, however if there's one size, there are more...) So interesting to see! Photo & owned by Elisto.
Heinz Sonic Spaghetti Shapes Can Australia gets a Sonic food!
As you can see the Sonic pasta cans made it to this interesting continent, however, this time they are by "Heinz" and the can looks a bit different. This is a can of "Spaghetti Shapes with Tomato Sauce & Cheese". It may not be very appealing to eat canned cheese, but hey, it's Sonic. With the back of can photo you can see that the shapes (unsurprisingly) are identical or nearly so, to the USA release shapes. The picture has been left extra large so you can read the little description on the back.
Photos by: Sonikku
Sonic Noodle Shape Can Back
Sonic X School Book Cover
Here is a school supply from Australia. This is a paper book cover for your school textbooks. It is made out of somewhat tough paper, and you fold it over your text and tape it on so that the book can be used again next year. This has a nice variety of designs from Sonic X all over it, including most of the characters (no Amy, though) some logos, symbols, random Sonic heads, and even Eggman in his flying Egg-o-Matic device. There are also watermarked textures in the background (see the circles of lighter blue) Owned and Photo by: Flare
Sega World Enamel metal pins A set of Sega World pins to celebrate the year 2000. See the one with the building in the background? It appears to be the Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand.
New Zealand is the set of three islands to the right of Australia. Even though they are islands and another country, somehow their famous tower got onto the Segaworld Australia pin set. New Zealand didn't have it's own SegaWorld building with line of stuff. (There may be something that was produced in New Zealand, but it isn't known) If you look up the tower, the photos really do resemble what's here on this pin. Info by: Memeki
Note Paper Cube Tails Sonic Side What is this curious cube?
It's a note pad! This is one of those note pads which are quite thick, and have printed sides, but not printed sheets. However, if you use too many pages, the designs will dissappear. This cube is from Segaworld. As you can see, it has Sonic, Tails Robotnick and Sally on each of it's 4 sides. Sonic & Sally look great, but Robotnick is looking quite stupid (the opposite of what he's supposed to be) and the Tails art has sufficiently mutated by this point to look like the AoStH version, but at least he is orange here and not brown.
Note Pad Paper Cube Sally Robotnik
Game Gear Gum Aqua & Purple S&K Australia also got the Game Gear shaped gum plastic packs w/Sonic trading cards. These are Sonic & Knuckles promoting / themed. Instead of black (like the original Game Gear & USA gum package) these are aqua & purple.
The black container may have also been released in Australia, but these colored ones were supposedly more common.
Robotnick Cup Back
Here is a different angle of the rare Robotnick drinking cup/bottle thing from above. This one is missing the straw, but the back view lets you see how the head unscrews (as they all did) It also shows that his legs are pretty much attached to the sides of his body instead of below it. But does that make him off model? Kind of no...this Robotnick character was always rather wierdly proportioned, though why they chose such a wierd expression is still a mystery. His eyes are also set kind of sidewasy (goat like) when he never really appeared that way (And they're yellow too, where they are generally depicted as red) Don't let this item's silly appearance fool you though, he is both rare and valuble, having only been sold at SW Australia.