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Even more interesting Sonic Australian items!
This page will, as usual, contain a mix of new and old things. Some of the new things here may be currently obtainable, so be on the look-out if you want them! The link block at the left side can contain links to places which sell them. (It changes, though) Where possible, a link will be provided in the description, while the item is being sold.
Caution: Some things may only be able to be obtained while you are within Australia.
The new/old status of the item will be noted in it's description.
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Australian Chronicals Pre Order Gift Box Sonic Chronicals Dark Brotherhood Box Nintendo DS Games Holding Case
Pre order bonus ad DS Case Box
This is a bonus gift item. This aluminum box is the Pre-Order gift for if you get Sonic Chronicals: The Dark Brotherhood in Australia. The box is aluminum, with what looks like powdercoat blue paint, and an image of the box-art on the front. The side has a lock, and it also has a strap. Inside, you can see a padded area for your Nintendo DS, and 3 pockets to keep your games. Really, an actual metal case is quite a nice pre order prize! This will be available only during the release of Sonic Chronicals game, so it could become somewhat rare. Photos, ad, and info provided by: Flare.
Open Aluminum Bonus Item Box While the USA (and possibly elsewhere) got a set of 3 styluses for pre-ordering, Australia gets this handy metal DS case.
Sonic X Party Supplies Pack Here's a Sonic X party supplies pack.
This is the first real new Sonic party supply. In the USA paper supplies such as these are in great demand, even though they havn't been made since the 1990s. As you can tell, this set is Sonic X themed. It has 40 items inside, which will serve 8 people. They include 8 plates 7", 8 cups, 8 napkins, 8 invitations and 8 loot bags. When first appearing, it cost 15 Australia dollars. Want some? You need to go to Party Direct Australia. They do take US Dollars, but where do they ship to?
Sonic Face Promo Bag Here's a cool promotional bag that shows that Japan isn't the only place to create fancy bags. This promo bag is from EB Games of Australia. If you bought any game around the time of the release of Sonic the Hedgehog 360, it would be placed into a bag like this.

The front has a huge all-over Sonic face, which makes for a neat design. The back has the 15th anniversary symbol, the logo for Sonic and also Sonic Rivals. This is a rather cool collectible bag. Photographed and owned by Flare.

Promo EB Games Back 15th Anniv
EB Games Werehog Pre Order Bonus Figure If you pre-order Sonic Unleashed/Sonic World Adventure from an EB Games in Australia, you'll get this Werehog figure for free! If you look closely, you can see that it might even be articulated in the arms. Once the real figure is aquired, it will be added in near this ad. Ad discovered by Flare.
Aminco Sonic Armcross Pin 1997 Here's a pin by Aminco Pins.
They were known for producing Olympic Games related pins in Australia. This pin is just a regular little stock-art Sonic with arms crossed. They've done a good interperatation of it in enamel and metal. It's from 1997, which makes sense, as this was still the 'classic Sonic' era. Pin photo discovered by Frizo.
Sonic Black Knight Combat Pack Ad Ad discovered by: Flare. Combat Pack photo discovered by:
Here's an ad for a "Free Combat Pack" if you preorder Sonic & the Black Knight from EB Games in Australia. But just what is a 'combat pack'? It's a set of all-foam and plastic mini sword and scimitar-like replicas, with a tiny shield. You can snap the wiimote into the sword handles and the nunchuck attachment goes behind
the shield. If it doesn't look very "Sonic like" it's not. But it doesn't look like an in-game item either...but that remains to be seen. The 'rustic look is ok for the shield, but it makes the 'blades' end up looking like wood which was likely not the goal. With the size of the handles fitting the remote, you can tell these items are almost 'mini' in size and not all that impressive. Really, it's a bit of an odd bonus item. Photo discovered by Punky Smith
Sonic X-Treme Pin Here's a curious little pin. This was obviously made in some sort of anticipation for Sonic X-treme the game that never came out. You'll notice it shares its' look with the book title on USA books. This was likely to be the games' specific headline-type font. The pin is likely fairly rare because the game never actually came out. Still, it is an interesting piece to see. Photo by: Scavenger4food
Prima Juice Stickers Here is a collection of 4 Sonic stickers from Prima Juice. Prima makes 25% fruit juice boxes and pops in Australia. The stickers use a rather unique style, which appeared around when Sonic Xtreme (the game that was never released) was getting a lot of buzz. You'll recognize the 'karate' one from other items. It is interesting to see that it was a part of a series, including rollerblading, surfing, and mountain climbing (all things likely considere 'xtreme' activities) The art has only colored lines on black, apart from Sonic's eyes.
These stickers were freebies with their juice products, but they're still collectible! Photo'd and owned by: Kye
Sonic Unleashed Promo Beach Ball This beach ball is a promotional item for Sonic Unleashed. It has alternating dark blue and white panels, with both Sonic and Werehog on their own white panel. The third has the logo and copyright information. SEGA is stamped on the top, for good measure. The design is pretty good for a promotional item, however the shot they chose of the werehog makes him look somewhat faded or washed out. These were available at Video Ezy the rental store, though they weren't promoted. Photographed and owned by Noslien90
Game Gear Gum Trading Card Set
The Game Gear shaped plastic gum packs (seen at bottom) were also released in Australia as well as the USA. These plastic cases had a picture sticker where the screen would be and snap open at the top to reveal flat large sheets of chewing gum. They also came with small collectible trading cards. These cards have tips about the games on the back. This particular set had 14 different cards representing likely 3 different games. All Game Gear cases had GG related cards, but the Sonic 3 and S&K cards came out of controller shaped plastic packages. Photographed and owned by Noslien90
JayJays 1991 Style Sonic Shirt Sonic is rad Classic Style T-shirt Jay Jays Old Faves Sound Effect Sonic Tee Each of these shirts is from a store called Jay Jays on the "Old Faves" line. The line features Sonic in classic style (with fake wear to the designs) as well as other video game characters who appeared in the 1990s. There may be 5 other shirts available.
The first shirt says Super Sonic 1991 (with tiny copyright underneath) The Second says "Sonic is Rad" with stars, and the last one has getting ready to run stock art with starbursts and "Bang" sound effects. The inset on the last one is the 'tag' which is actually printed into the back of the shirt. It has the store name, line name, copyright, size and the Sonic logo, making the shirts easy to recognize as the real thing. 1991 shirt discovered by Kirby Kid, right 2 photos by:
Sonic X-Treme Soccer Football Shirt This rare shirt features more of that unusual "X-Treme" Sonic art. This art appeared on a mini book in the USA and at least 1 Australia pin. It is characterized by being colored lines on a dark background with no shading. Sonic is participating in a sport of some kind (Hang Gliding, Soccer, etc) in the art. WAS it truly made for the unreleased "Sonic XTreme" game, or was it just a name that was a coincidence? (The always sports theme points more toward coincidence, as sports weren't to be featured in the game)
Here, Sonic's shoes have been given yellow cleats and he is in a soccer/football outfit (complete with head scarf?) and is shown kicking the ball through a smoke-ring. 'Flames' are drawn behind it to show it's fast. Discovered by Berzerker
Sonic Blue DSi Accessory Kit collection This is a cool kit of accessories for your DSi.
Everything you see here comes in the official box, seen at the left. You get the following items, all in Sonic blue: soft cloth case with Sonic picture, two stylus pens, car charger, small ear buds, soft screen cleaning cloth and a large cloth bag. Anything that doesn't have a picture of Sonic on it, has the logo instead, in white. This is a great and handy kit to have around, if you've got the DSi! (very stylish too) Photographed & owned by BlueSonikku
Yellow 360 Sonic Disk Here's a usual item, it's Sonic 2006 (aka Sonic 360) for the PS3, but look inside...the disk is yellow! In the USA, all the game disks have an extreme crop/close up of Sonic's face on the surface, this one is just yellow with the logo. It isn't special, it's just that all the disk art for this game in Australia and Europe was chosen to be this yellow background, with the logo. it is interesting to look at none-the-less. Discovered by BlueSonikku
Sonic Classic Collection DS Tin Box Extra Set Look at this great bonus set! If you bought the Sonic Classic Collection for the Nintendo DS in Australia, you could get this whole set of extras as a free bonus with the game. It comes in a 'limited edition tin' (metal box) with 5 collectible 'art cards' and a mini Sonic figurine. The figure is solid plastic and features classic running Sonic on a little base. It looks A LOT like the First4Figures one, only it is much smaller. Could they have shared their sculpt? It's also been thought to come with a ring of some type. Discovered by Spanishpuzzle.
This is a video of the de-boxing of the above set of items. It gives you a good look at all of the included things, and lets you know what size they all are. However, the reviewer does not seem at all impressed by anything. Discovered by Sonicfan2525