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Australia keeps on making great Sonic items.
This page will, as usual, contain a mix of new and old things. Most of the older items are likely a result of Segaworld Sydney. Some of the new things here may be currently obtainable, so be on the look-out if you want them! The link block at the left side can contain links to places which sell them. (It changes, though) Where possible, a link will be provided in the description, while the item is being sold.
Caution: Some things may only be able to be obtained while you are within Australia.
The new/old status of the item will be noted in it's description.
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Does this shirt look familiar? It should. It's very nearly a clone of an earlier USA shirt. The difference here is that the name "Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog" in Japanese appears at the top here, rather than the bottom. Also, Sonic's eyes are filled in blue on this shirt, while the other had them black. Why the need to produce a variant that's so close in style is unknown, but this is a great opportunity to pick this shirt up if you missed the first one. This was found in the chain store Big W in summer 2011, it is made by Cascoblu under Sega license. Photo & owned by: Sean
Japan Sonic Name Top Shirt Black
Ikon Sonic Modern Mug
Here's a slightly busy modern mug by Ikon. It has 3 full body Sonic modern stock poses, 1 big modern head, and the modern logo. As you can see, it comes in a nice display box that leaves the side open to see the design, while protecting the handle. The mug is both dishwasher & microwave safe, so it's sturdy. Photo & owned by Bianca Nishitani
Megazone Magazine Violence This is an issue of "Australia's Sega Megazone Magazine". It appears here (rather than at magazines) as there may be a promo poster with this same image. The cover is noteable because it's actually pretty darn violent. (and not that on-model either) What wierdness is going on here? You've got single-row spikes Sonic (by this point everyone knew he has more than 1 row) holding Robotnick by the mustache while strange Knuckles punches him. You have tears, spit, blood AND a broken piece of a tooth. Lovely. Also there's no way he could fit in the tiny Egg-o-matic. But look at Knuckles' tiny fists, peach colored arms AND he's wearing...a tank top over his peach colored body? Also everyone, including Sonic has only 3 fingers. It's like the shady-est bootleg-similar art ever. How did it even make the cover? The cover promises that S&K is "Spikey & Savage" plus you can win games, and get a free poster. Also...every 16 bit game ever? It had to be a big issue. Photo discovered by Piplupfan77
Powerline Pay Phonecall Ad This is a strange ad for a pay phone-line. It's basically the equivelent of a "1-900" number where you pay outrageous phone bills to listen to it. The internet phased these things out long ago which is rather fortunate. You basically dial the number there and pay 75 cents per minute to listen to a recording of some kind that promises to "Blast into the new zone". All sorts of characters (probably used without permission...) are tangled in the phone cord including a lemming, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Little Mermaid, Tazmanian Devil & Sonic. It says 'ask your parents first'...but it seems likely to count on that no one does that. Photo discovered by Piplupfan77
20th Anniversary Mouse Game PC Set This is a 20th Anniversary PC package. It comes with the 4 games (PC ports) shown on the box, plus a special edition mouse & mouse pad. The mouse itself is blue, with the 20th Anniversary logo, and the pad has the logo plus the "Sonic & Classic Sonic TV" art that Sega made for the event. It should be about $30 at "The Big W" store...which is pretty good for 4 games plus 2 anniversary exlcusive items. This is available in Fall 2011. Photo & owned by: Sean
Segaworld Australia Enamel Keychain & Case Here's a great keychain that could only be bought from Segaworld Australia (while it existed). It is silvertone metal with colored enamel for the oval and all 3 characters. Sonic's in front, with their slightly browned Tails to one side & aggrivated (as usual) looking Robotnick on the other. (though he's just squeezed in there) What's extra interesting is, that it came with a plastic case. It's clear, with yellow & black checker stripe, and some rings scattered over it. The bottom photo shows what it looks like when you put the keychain in there. This is uncommon. Photo & owned by SonikkuForever.
Red Nylon Sonic Embroider Tote This is a nice large tote bag you could get from Segaworld Sydney. It's a tough nylon tote, with a nice & big Sonic embroidered on one side. Very large embroidery is difficult to come across/tends to be expensive. It's their version of 'forward facing Sonic' which has been altered to be holding the colorful Segaworld logo. (it's also blue-arm-error Sonic, if you look closely enough between the letters) The bottom says "Sydney Australia" and you can see the logo on the tag (inset). The other side of the bag is plain. Photo & owned by SonikkuForever.
Pink DS Case Interior This DS case is a bit unusual because it's labeled as a "For Girls" item, and then goes on to add an all-pink checkered background. It's a hard-sides case, with hinged back. The interior has spaces for cartridges & a stylus. They've chosen newer poses for Tails, Amy, Cream & Cheese the chao for the cover. It's an interesting combination you don't see that often. (Why not Blaze? She's mostly on portable games anyway) Pink Checker Amy Cream Tails DS Case
Photos by SonicTeam
Blue Arch Hard DS Case
Here's another hard-sides DS case, likely made by the same company that did the one directly above. This one is blue & white with a star-arch theme. It features Sonic, Knuckles and (interestingly enough) Eggman, in the newer 2011 stock art poses. This one has the copyright in the opposite corner, and the modern logo at the bottom, though it is covering up one of Knuckles' shoes, while Sonic covers up one of his fists. The layout isn't perfect, but it's interesting to see an Eggman item too. Photo by SonicTeam
Jay Jay Old Faves Sonic Gray Tee This is another shirt from the "Jay Jay Old Faves" line, which focuses on classic stuff, including Classic Sonic. This shirt is rather plain, just gray with the old (likely to be a neo-classic re-draw) of the Sonic touches nose stock art printed really large across the whole shirt front. Notice the die-cut tag shaped like 'ready for action' neo-classic Sonic & the logo. It's important to look at/for tags, as different companies use different styled ones, and also to prove that something isn't a fake. Photo by: Sean
Ikon Collectible Fade Sonic & Tails Tees All 3 of these shirts were made by Ikon Collectibles (same company as the mug above, apparently now branching out into clothing) Each shirt is a varying shade of gray from Tails (light) to Knuckles (dark charcoal). They all also use the neo-classic stock art "redraws" Ikon Collectible Knuckles Fade Shirt
but then use 'faux wear / distressing' to a huge degree. It's so severe, that Knuckles loses the top of his head. They're also oddly SUPER expensive, at something like 40 dollars the whole "its worn out and grungy" thing really doesn't work with the price.
Acme Merchandise Catalog w/Sonic Tees This is a catalog page from something called "Acme Merchandise" The booklet (or whatever it was) seems to have been printed in black/white only for some reason. The top has a fighter pilot theme tee which goes to "New Reality Members Only" but the bottom half shows all Sonic designs. They're separated by front/back (front is the top row) . It says "Coming soon to all Segaheads". This must have been around the Sonic 3 era, due to the "Eggman in flaming Eggomatic" art that came out around the same time/was part of the box art. Do you have either of the tees (right or left...middle is on the site)? Send them in for credit. This is an interesting catalog page to see. Photo (or scan) by SonicTeam
Classicly Themed Spiral Diecut Edge Notebook Here's a fun spiral notebook with classic Sonic theme. It uses one of the older (non logo) fonts, with a sort of pixel effect. The art is just a big forewar-dfacing classic Sonic with blue checker & star background. But look at the edge of the notebook, it's diecut to follow the outline of the edge of Sonic. A nice touch! This is A4 sized & came with a pen. Photo & owned by: Classic Styled Iphone 4 Case Here is an Iphone case for Iphone 4. It has the neo-classic jumping/ away Sonic on a green hill background, with the logo. But look how expensive it is! 30 bucks for JUST a case? It will end up uncommon at that rate. Available at EB Games Australia. Photo by:
Sonic Advance Video 2 Pack Gear doesn't usually cover various video game releases, but this one is kind of unique. It's an odd 2-pack with GBA Sonic Advance & VHS cassette of Sonic the Movie (the terrible English dub version) sold as a set in only Australia Target stores. It is suspected this was created because word got out that the dub was so awful, nobody bought the tape.
Sonic Multi Color Big Pen Here's a Sonic themed multi color big pen. It's like a regular retractable pen, but it's extra thick so it can have 5 ot 10 colors of ink inside. The pen is blue with a classic Sonic graphic shown standing sort of above some grass in Green Hill.
Photo & owned by Blitz