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Australia keeps on making great Sonic items.
This page will, as usual, contain a mix of new and old things. Most of the older items are likely a result of Segaworld Sydney. Some of the new things here may be currently obtainable, so be on the look-out if you want them! The link block at the left side can contain links to places which sell them. (It changes, though) Where possible, a link will be provided in the description, while the item is being sold.
Caution: Some things may only be able to be obtained while you are within Australia.
The new/old status of the item will be noted in it's description.
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Segaworld Jean Shirt details Gotta Jucie Jean Shirt Back
Segaworld often made really detailed, nice items. They put a lot of thought into the design, and this boy's jean shirt is no exception. The front has 2 pockets, each with embroidered characters. Sonic, Tails & Sally are seen peeking over the seam and watching the Coconuts monkey badnick who is standing on the other pocket.
Sonic Tails Sally Coconuts Embroidery Close up
The back is plain, save for a single small embroidered tag in the middle, with Sonic on it and the words "Gotta Juice" below it, which is from the SatAm Sonic show that this Segaworld liked so well. The buttons down the front are even all relief-metal Sonic faces! They really didn't skip any details on this shirt. Likely produced in 1997. Owned & photographed by Scavenger4food
Segaworld AU Sally Statue Here's a better look at the Segaworld Sydney statues, with the focal point really being Sally, as it's the only known big-size statue of her. This stood out front, near pools and fountains before you entered the area. Clearly, it was meant to be able for you to take photos with it. The Sonic is actually quite large, you'll notice he's really just shown kneeling here. This statue was still standing in 1996. Photo by Greg the Cat.
Wisp Packs for Wii & DS MIB Here are the Wisp packs / pre-orders MIB. You can see that each game came in a big box with the Sonic figure (seen in detail below) & 3 wisps. Each pack got different wisps, so if you wanted all 6, you had to buy both. Look where they put the blue cube wisp in the box. It's quite hidden, and looks like a corner of the packaging. These packs could be bought at JB HI FI Photo & owned by:
Sonic colours DS wisp bonus items If you pre order Sonic Colors / Colours in Australia, you get this free Jazwares 5 inch line Sonic figure and 3 wisp figures! Each version of the game comes with a Sonic, but has different wisps! So if you want them all, you've got to go for both DS & Wii Sonic & Wisps Colors figures
Colors wisps closer real photo As shown here, Sonic's been modified to have holes in his palms, and the wisps all have pegs so he can 'hold' them. The DS game shot here may be in error as that cube shaped wisp is supposed to be exclusive to the Wii version of the game (so why only give it out with the DS?) Only the final product will tell which ones go with what version. This is a fantastic pre order bonus! Who wouldn't enjoy a free, well made figure, plus the wisps? Collectible, colorful,
Argos 2 hand Wisps
well done (since it's JW) DS photo discovered by IndigoSonic, Wii photo discovered by SonicBoy19
With this photo, you can see that the wisps are really detailed, with molded eyes and even painted tips (notice the gradient on the orange one) In this shot, you can see that the Sonic is VERY like their SBK size one...only look at his hand. It's in a curved position rather than flat, like the photos above show. Which version will be released? Photo discovered by IndigoSonic.
These Wisps were FIRST confirmed for Australia, but England confirmed them second. (At Argos stores) If you fail to pre-order in England, you'll have to pay 14.99 pound to get the figure & wisps. (if you do pre order, it's free) in JB HIFI stores of Australia, you can also get a Sonic Color Blue 'classic style' controller for the Wii as a pre order. The picture at above right is supposed to be from Argos as well, but look how shiny Sonic's head is. It also shows him holding wisps in both hands (proving each hand has a hole) and is UNlike the left photo with one curled hand. Above right photo discovered by BenTheBrilliant
Australia Wii Sonic Theme Accessories Australia has a great selection of Sonic themed accessories for your gaming fun times! With this photo, you can see a 3-pack of Wii Wheels in 3 different colors. Sonic blue, Amy pink & Knuckles red. Each one has the Sonic logo at the bottom and shows him on the box...but do they have any other details? The Wiimote charge station features Sonic on one & Dr Eggman on the other. This is neat to see Eggman getting to star on an item. The charge base itself is just Sonic blue. The top 2 items are game cases, with the left-side one being a soft-sides case (Wii controler & game), and the right being a hard-side "DS Character Flip Case". They both seem well designed, though the soft-side seems to have had more of a design effort toward it. In all, it is a great way to accessories all the fun things you own! Owned & photographed by: Tjthegreat
Wii & DS Sonic themed game accessories Still more great accessories! Here you can see a 2nd 'flip case' this time with a theme of Amy Rose & Rouge (pink, near top) & even a Sonic themed kit for your Wii Fit Step. Notice the step cover & cool blue yoga mat it gives you. The Sega Tennis item is a special collector's tin, & so is the Sonic Classic Collection seen above it. (This is the one that came with the mini figure) The 2 items at the top are multi-character featuring DS game case (with bonus stylus) Toward the left you can see a soft-side DS carry case "Sonic & Friends" as well as another "Flip Case" this one also featuring several characters. (Eggman too!) These only say "Made By Sega" and have a Target logo, due to the store they're sold from. Owned & photographed by: Tjthegreat
Christmas Blast Holiday Sonic Cards These are special Sonic themed Christmas cards. Why are they so special? Because they have a DVD inside every one! So when you give this card, it brings its own gift too. The DVD you get is "Sonic Christmas Blast" , the single episode of the somewhat ill-fated mash up of SatAm Sonic & Adventures Of Sonic early USA TV shows. You can read more about the episode/special on the Shows Page of SonicGear. With how uncommon the special is today, it's interesting to see it inside of holiday cards. Owned & photographed by: Tjthegreat
Sonic holds wisp figures
Here are the fan-photos for the Wisp-Holding Sonic figure that was a pre-order bonus for Sonic Colors in the UK AND Australia also. Look how Sonic can hold them up! His arm-joints aren't too floppy, because the wisps are solid. They stay in the holes in his hands, and seem appropriately sized. A great bonus! Photos by: Colors wisps figures white/laser/rocket
White, Cyan-Laser & Orange-Rocket Wisps.
Sonic Riders mini Skateboard finger board This is a Mini Skateboard or a Fingerboard. You are meant to rub it along tables & surfaces, and then figure out how to do skateboard style tricks with it, just by using your fingers. It's Sonic Riders themed, with a close up of Sonic doing a trick on the bottom, and a photo of the game cover art. You'll also notice the 15th Anniversary seal. The clue here is that green triangle icon with a "G" on it. Only Australia is known to use this symbol. This was a 'prize item' of some kind, hopefully the maker & what store/contest it was available from can be discovered. Photo discovered by: NintendoFanGuy, added info by SilverOkaami
Squeeze Eggman figural keychain Squeeze Sonic Keychain
Keychains you can squish! Here are classic style Sonic & Eggman squeeze keychains. They're fully 3D figures, but made of a soft, colored foam. The keychain part fits in a loop at the top, and hangs down behind them. They're a bit big for a keychain you'd want to carry around (won't fit in most pockets) but they're still fun to collect. They're simply bubble-carded for retail sale. The card has a nice Green Hill Zone background with the familiar palms and flowers, for nice effect. These appeared in Australia Stores (Including Gametraders) in March 2011. These cost about 10 AU Dollars each. Photo, info, & owned by Tjthegreat
Big figure squeeze foam Sonic classic Big figure squeezable Eggman classic
These figures may have the same pose as the keychains above, but they're much larger. These are squeezable figures (Squeeze Toy) for Sonic & Eggman. They're fully 3D figures, but made of a soft, colored foam. These are boxed rather than carded, with the details & logo in die cut around the window. These are great to collect for a soft figure that won't crack or break. These appeared in Australia Stores (Including Gametraders) in March 2011. These cost about 15 AU Dollars each. Photo, info, & owned by Tjthegreat
Knuckles Squeeze Toy & Keychain A classic set wouldn't be complete without classic Knuckles, so here he is in both squeeze-toy & squeeze-keychain form. He's pretty on-model in both cases, though the toy's feet may be a little small, while the crescent of white for the chest is a little low. Why he wasn't pictured/on the set from the start is unknown, but at least now in 2011 he's available. This photo also gives you an idea of the size of the two squeeze items as compared to eachother. Photo & owned by Sega1991Sonic SQUEEZE NOTE:
Foam & painted foam (as seen here) does not generally last well over the years. If you're really collecting these for keeps, it's better to not squeeze & leave them MIB to preserve them.
Carded Squeeze Keychain Set Here's the full set of the classic squeeze keychain figures. They're not to scale, though Eggman is a little larger than everybody else. They're classically cute & fun, with limbs posed close to the body to minimize breakage possibility. Photo & owned by Tjthegreat
MIB Squeeze Figure Set Here's the full set of boxed classic style squeeze figures. These have a bit more 3D detail than the keychains, as expected for the larger size, though everybody's in the same pose. Photo & owned by Tjthegreat