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Australia keeps on making great Sonic items.
This page will, as usual, contain a mix of new and old things. Most of the older items are likely a result of Segaworld Sydney. Some of the new things here may be currently obtainable, so be on the look-out if you want them! The link block at the left side can contain links to places which sell them. (It changes, though) Where possible, a link will be provided in the description, while the item is being sold.
Caution: Some things may only be able to be obtained while you are within Australia.
The new/old status of the item will be noted in it's description.
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Small Sonic theme ear buds These white ear buds are a little too simple...they come across as suspicious. The only thing 'Sonic' about them is the tiny simple classic style graphic on each bud. They are copyrighted "Sega" though (in equally tiny print) Is the sound quality for these as poor as it is with the ones that are shaped like Sonic? What company made these? Write in if you know the answer. Photo & owned by:
Retro Style Sonic Pencil Case Flat This pencil case has a real retro style. Everything from winking classic Sonic face to the old font looks like it could be from the 90s. The background of wierd random shapes and wiggly lines helps the feel along. Tilting the head and making the graphic really big helps keep it interesting. This is a flat cloth type case, with simple zipper across the top. Photo & owned by:
LCD Type Digital Sonic Camera
Here is a LCD digital camera...presumably made by Jazwares (note how similar the packaging is, right down to the 20th Logo on foil. This camera looks more 'camera like' than the oval shaped gear-edged one from the USA (why did they bother making 2 cameras? Will this one release elsewhere?) in that it is rectangle shaped with a hole in it. It has a vague checker & ring pattern with classic logo and neoclassic jumping/away Sonic on one side. The bottom boasts "Takes over 70 photos" while the little starburst thing almost on top of Sonic's face says "Status LCD" (whatever that means...not necisarily a true LCD that shows the scene before you snap the pic) How much does this cost? Where can you find it? Photo by:
Winking Classic Sonic Face Backpack Here's a novelty mini (actually somehwat medium) backpack. The whole thing is shaped like the 'forward facing winking classic' Sonic face, complete with flappy bits for the spikes and ears. The zipper looks like it goes along the top edge. It has a strap at the top. As you can see with the tag to the right, it was released as a 20th Anniversary item. Wink Face Backpack Tag
MegaZone January 1995 Merchandise Pages These 3 pages are all from The MegaZone of merchandise. The first page says "win a heap of Sonic stuff!" and then shows you what you can win. A basketball with Sonic face, a shirt, a VHS tape (unknown which series is on it, likely AoStH) & mini PVC figures. You could win by answering a multiple choice question (in the center) and mailing the answer w/your address to the (now defunct) entry address on the right. The question was "where are you most
likely to find an IRL Earth Hedgehog?" And then "Is it battling robo overlords in a factory, fighting for freedom, or covered in fleas & maggots while squashed by a car into the pavement of a street in England?" As you can see here, the magazine is rather rude & has no problem with making fun of Earth hedgehogs for no reason. (you had to write out the whole answer)
On the next 2 pages, it functions like SonicGear (somewhat) by showcasing merchandise, then telling you which company made it and where you could buy it. There's the Tiger LCD games, the "duelling tops" (which were rare) the 'ring catch water games' (in 2 sizes) that "Run Yourself Ragged" table-top game (also uncommon) the neck-ties which were shared with the UK, some Tees (look for them in the Acme Catalog around here too!) a simple water-bottle, and both bike helmets that were seen somewhat around the USA too. These pages were a great idea & certainly would have helped fans at the time! Scans by:
Yellow Classic Style Checker Circle Shirt This yellow shirt is from JayJay's, and it uses neoclassic redraw armcross/thumbs up Sonic in a red ring with checkered background. It appears in 2012 and should be about AUS $20. Photo & owned by: TJTheGreat
Figural Chess Set Box Here's a photo of the actual box from the figural Sonic classic theme chess set. It says "3D" but that just refers to the sculpted figure pieces, the board is still flat. The figures are shown without their bases (which were to distinguish the 2 'sides' from eachother.) did the set end up following after its prototype drawings & media? The Green Hill ground colors for the checker pattern was a great idea, and the box is nicely themed. Photo & owned by: TJTheGreat
Big W Store Generations Pre Order Shoe Keychain Here are 2 special Sonic Generations items. The first is a fun Sonic shoe keychain which was an exclusive pre-order bonus from the store "Big W" which seems to only exist in Australia. The shoe seems quality/ a reasonable size, plus it becomes a fun 'in-reference' since Sonic himself isn't anywhere around. To the right is a special embossed metal tin for the Generations game. It has the modern logo & the embossed part (hard to see) is the SonicTeam logo's Sonic face. A classy tin for this release! Photo & owned by: TJTheGreat Sonic Generations Game Embossed Metal Case
Sonic X themed disk launcher toy This is a disk launcher toy. When you use the handle, it will propell (or possibly roll) the flat plastic disks with curled/rolling Sonic graphic. The launcher itself is sort of Sonic head-shaped, with odd spikes and silver front. Sonic X jumping punch Sonic graphic takes up a wedge of space on the device. This is thought to have been a fast-food promo toy. Photo discovered by: Hali66
K Zone Magazine w/Sonic Watch gift Here's a special issue of K-Zone magazine, which came with a free Sonic themed watch! The magazine was probably poly-bagged on the shelves. The cover co stars Sonic, Donkey Kong & Mario back in the day when these mascots were classic & didn't always
Sonic 1 Teen Birthday Card
This is a sort of unusual birthday card. It just uses Sonic 1 art from the box (complete with Genesis seal) on a blue/gray card. The top says "Have a totally super Sonic teenage birthday" which is unusually not that specific (cards generally use an exact year ex "14th" for whatever reason.) This is likely uncommon. Photo & owned by: TJTheGreat
get along. Still, this is a cool issue to see, especially because freebies usually arn't as high end as a watch. Photo & owned by TJ the great.
Generations Megadrive Style T Shirt Cartridge Just look at this cool & interesting packaging. This is a "T-Shirt Cartridge" complete with "Megadrive" logo. It was used for Sonic Generations & contains a Gens themed tee folded inside the special box. Great for display! Photo & owned by: TJTheGreat
Can't Catch What You Can't See Tee This Segaworld Sydney tee has the slogan "Can't Catch What Ya Can't See", then ironically shows a Sonic face for you to see. Notice the odd bit of shading under his nose like a
little triangle. This also has text on the back, but no picture. (That's pretty unusual) The back says "Way Cool Lil' Bro", which, you would think would have Tails or something, but randomly, it just doesn't. Photo & info by Rhia
Sega Superstars Tennis Collector's Tin
This is the deluxe pack for Sega Superstars Tennis game for the Wii. As you can see here with this special Sonic themed packaging, it also came with a collectible tin & this round things, seen at right. It looks like some kind of frisbee or something, maybe. Each item has the close up of Sonic getting ready to serve the tennis ball. Photo & owned by: TJTheGreat Super Stars Tennis Round Thing
Sonic themed metal tin with rings Here's a cool Sonic themed metal tin. It has a slightly distorted to appear 3D ish blue checker background, some nice looking rendered CG gold rings & 2D modern Sonic art. This was for Sonic collection limited edition for Nintendo DS, and it's really a classy tin, not over done & well designed. At right, you can see what's in there, a foam block to hold the postcard Inside collectors tin minifig photo
(with same design) and mini figure so they don't rattle around. Photo & owned by: TJTheGreat
Mega Wear Early 1990s tee This shirt is by Sega Mega Wear, & was produced in the early 90s, likely 91. It was bought in Brisbane Queensland. It goes the extra mile, & has an illustrated back as well. The background of the shirt is made from color shifted/faded graphics from screen shots of the game. Notice that they could only guess with the 'back art' of Sonic, because he was a 2D sprite then, so this shows him with many extra spikes. It's a very interesting view! This shirt was made in Australia. Photo & owned by: DJ Poppa Stanley Mega Wear Sonic Shirt Back graphic
Ikon Characters Mug Back photo w/box
Target Mug Character Group Australia This cool mug has loads of characters on it in a big collage. You can see Sonic, Knuckles, Cream, Tails & Shadow on one side, then on the other is Eggman, Blaze, Amy & Rouge. The mug is plain white, and comes in a blue cardboard 'box' with open front to show off the design. This can be found at Target (only in Australia though) stores in 2012, and should be about 8 dollars (AU dollars) which is reasonable for a mug. It's also available at Ikon online. Photo & owned by: TJTheGreat, right photo discovered by Shadowfoxx757
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Disk Spinners:
The Disk Spinner on the upper part of this page is part of a set of McDonald's meal prizes.
-" They were part of a promotional event for Sonic X at McDonalds, around 2008-2009 (of all years)
- There are more characters, Tails, Knuckles and Shadow.
- The disk launchers would be themed to the respective characters (yellow with silver highlights, red with green highlights and black with red highlights), even down to the shape of the launcher.
- Each toy came with only three disks (as already pictured), obviously themed to the characters.
- Yes, they propell. Things were like bloody cannons."
Info Added by: Polkadi~
If you have photos of any of the missing launchers, you can send them in for credit here on Gear.