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Australia keeps on making great Sonic items.
This page will, as usual, contain a mix of new and old things. Most of the older items are likely a result of Segaworld Sydney. Some of the new things here may be currently obtainable, so be on the look-out if you want them! The link block at the left side can contain links to places which sell them. (It changes, though) Where possible, a link will be provided in the description, while the item is being sold.
Caution: Some things may only be able to be obtained while you are within Australia.
The new/old status of the item will be noted in it's description.
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Sonic Is Rad Gray Stars Tee This mottled gray tee has a style more befitting of the 1980s, with it's red & blue stars design and "Sonic is Rad" slogan. It uses faux-wear / weathering to try and look authentically 'old'. The theme/look and slogan are a tad before Sonic's actual time in the early 90s, but it works all right on the shirt. This can be found at JayJay's store in 2012. Photo & owned by: TJTheGreat
Target mug Sonic pictures
Here's another mug from Target Australia (also $8) it has a Sonic only theme, with portrait, logo & modern stock arts. It's box is the same as the first. Notice how the box is similar to the Ikon (online store) mug's box. Photo & owned by: TJTheGreat
Sonic Logo Blue Display Bag Here's a fancy bag/display bag, likely given out when a Sonic game was bought or pre-ordered. It has modern thumbs-up Sonic with logo , and is mostly square. Photo & owned by TJTheGreat
Take Things Fast Red Tee This is an adults sizes red tee (don't see red too often) with classic running Sonic & neo-classic running Tails. The slogan at the top says "Let's take things FAST!" (The opposite of 'taking it slow'? I guess) Where can you find this & what company made it? Silver Starburst & Checker Sonic PJ Top Here is a Pajama/PJ top with a nice modern design. It uses silvertone ink for a starburst behind jumping Sonic. This may have been released in more than just Australia. Photo & owned by TJTheGreat
Target Store Australia Pre Order Colors Watch Target stores of Australia decided to kick in their own unique pre order bonus for Sonic Colors/ Colours for the Wii or the DS. (photos are pretty much identical, Wii shown here) To try and tempt the fans away from the action figure pack they're offering a Colors themed watch. It's digital (Very simple, but with rugged style sport face) and has the game's logo on the band, as well as tiny wisp art. Since digital watches of this very simple type are almost literally 'a dime a dozen', it is unknown how popular this pre order bonus gift will be. (and thus, how rare it'll actually end up being--if they all go no-where due to people wanting what's probably about 13.00 in figures for free without needing to import instead....!) It's great to see a couple of stores getting in on the Colours action! Photo discovered by SuperSonic1995
Caps Game Pogs Backs Caps Game Sonic Pogs 1-10 Caps Game Pogs 11-20 Caps Game Pogs 21-30
Caps Game Sonic Slammers
Caps Game Pogs or Tazos are from Australia. This is the full set.
Here's the full set of 30 Caps Game Sonic Pogs, complete with its 2 Slammers! Caps Game made these for Australia in 1995. There are 30 pogs, 20 of which glow in the dark! The first 10 pogs (left photo) don't glow & have black backs. The rest do, & have purple backs (seen above) each one is also numbered.
As is the usual with pogs or caps, you get some typical art, & then some non-typical or uncommon stuff too. The first pogs are mostly GameGear related. You can see how they pulled images like Spring Riding Sonic, Knack, wierd Knuckles & Rocket-shoe Sonic from the GG covers. The rest, as you can see have geometric or abstract backgrounds...each with white. It's the white bit that's likely to have the "glow paint / ink" on it. Climbing & walking-punch Knuckles are seldom seen, as is the random rollerblade / jet ski Sally (she was on USA pogs as well) This is an interesting set! You may even be able to buy some of them at Info by SpakAtak &
Sonic Glow Caps Pog Box How were the above caps packaged? In the box you see to the left, with a nice die-cut star shape on the lid. Where to keep your caps pogs? The yellow tube case to right is the perfect place, as it has Sonic's face in the texture on the top. Tube cases for pogs were very popular. This one is meant to hold the whole set. They were sold 10 at a time, but there were 30 in all. Photos in this area & owned by Sonic Dollz Caps Pog Yellow Sonic Face Case
Caps Pogs Instructions Pages
Here are the instruction pages for the caps, which also detail how many were in each series & what they were called. All the names are really obvious like "Sally Jet Ski" & "Standing Knuckles". The next sheet shows how to play it
which, as you'll notice features modified stock art including 'getting ready to run' Sonic changed into "slammer throwing" Sonic. Basically you spread caps/pogs around on the ground, then throw the heavy slammer at them trying to flip them to keep the ones you flip. The first sheet is from the "Slammer & Tube" pack.
Sonic X-Treme 6 Sticker Set Here are some Sonic X-Treme stickers. They're so Xtreme in fact, that they are xtremely hard to see. Of course X-Treme was the late 1990s or so game that never got made. The sticker set has its logo on 2 of it. The others show rainbow colored line art of Sonic doing varoius things they think are 'xtreme' such as kicking a soccer/football, rollerblading, some kind of martial art & something you really can't see too well. The card at the top says "On the Edge Movement Stickers With Attitude" which is borderline engrish. PrimaJuice may be the maker. It's not common, so it goes for about $10 Australia dollars. The art is rare too, since the game never got made & the style is classic but unusual. This is an unusual & interesting set to collect. Photo & owned by JoeMD
Princess Sally Tiny Girls Tee This Princess Sally tee is from Segaworld Sydney. As you can see by the odd proportions, it's a child's extra-small size. Segaworld wasn't afraid to have any character be a solo star on merchandise. This was cool for fans & helped their designs stand out, especially at the time. The shirt just has a happy Sally head with her name "Princess Sally" written in an early 80s & script font at the bottom. The blue & red sleeves are a good touch as well. None of the clothing is common any more, and interestingly, the articles that show up for sale tend to be the super tiny things / girls things that were LEAST in demand while the park was open. Photo & owned by Or@ngeHedgehog2012
Tails Theme Orange Umbrella
This is a rare umbrella. It was sold at Segaworld Sydney, and LIKELY also in Japan. It's PROBABLY a 2 country item. It's a large umbrella, & was part of a series of them. Each umbrella had panels with the main color of the featured character (Blue=Sonic, Red=Knuckles etc), 1 panel starring just that character's portrait, & another with Sonic on it plus the logo. The umbrellas are full-size (not pocket) so they're pretty big. They may have been costly at the time of sale, so they weren't encouraging just to buy the whole set. Being large, break-able, fade-able etc. contributes to their rarity today. This cute umbrella is interesting to see. Photo discovered by Puffy
Sonic Plush Hand Puppet Segaworld Is this the only Sonic puppet ever to be made?
This is a rare plush Sonic hand puppet. He's got a plush/stuffed head, and no legs. You can use fingers to move the head and arms. His hands are simplified, but the 'belly dot' is sort of mis-shaped, in that it's more like an apron shape than a dot, & attaches to the bottom of his face, where it shouldn't. The oval nose doesn't look bad, & is also typical of Segaworld Australia Sonic things. His little ears & big eyes give him a cute silly look. This is quite an uncommon item. On ebay in 2013 it sold for 122 dollars. Photo discovered by MrCalistine
Sonic Squares Buckle Laptop Bag Here's a nice messenger bag with a rather classy classic style design. It has large gray checkers in a strip, that's not too busy. The classic logo is either gray or silver-tone ink & nice/big. Classic running Sonic stock art adds a splash of color to the otherwise black/gray bag. It has a shoulder strap (Seen bound, to the side) and 2 buckles to keep the top flap shut. These look like they use real metal and may be adjustable. The bag is a thicker sort of canvas type material. This looks like a quality bag. Photo & owned by JoeMD
This bag was also confirmed to be sold in Europe as well.