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Australia keeps on making great Sonic items.
This page will, as usual, contain a mix of new and old things. Most of the older items are likely a result of Segaworld Sydney. Some of the new things here may be currently obtainable, so be on the look-out if you want them! The link block at the left side can contain links to places which sell them. (It changes, though) Where possible, a link will be provided in the description, while the item is being sold.
Caution: Some things may only be able to be obtained while you are within Australia.
The new/old status of the item will be noted in it's description.
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NeoClassic Kick Sonic Blue Tee This bright blue tee uses a neo-classic Sonic art with jumping/kick pose. Sonic is nice & large too, an attention-grabbing design. The classic logo is large & colorful at the top. You can see it on the cloth tag in the back too. The paper tag is square, with another neo-classic art on it. This is an adult size tee that appears in summer 2013. It's possible that it could be from H&M.
Royal Easter Show Bag & Contents This is the "Royal Easter Show Bag", a buy-able bag of Sonic themed prizes only available at the Australia Royal Easter event. The bag itself (bottom right) is an all-over print thick plastic. It contained the items seen here which include: 2 click-a-color pens (a thick pen with multiple colors in it) a medium size classic Sonic plush doll (30cm), a spiral bound
notebook with his face, a flat plastic die-cut-shape keychain & a packaged deck of regular playing cards. The card backs all have the same image (seen through window on the box) Everything about the bag & it's merchandise is classically themed. It's a nice haul of items, for 22 Australia dollars. Likely a better deal even, if the items happen to be exclusive to the event. Licensing Essentials produced all the items. You can learn more about the Royal Easter Show at This is a 2015 Easter event items photo & owned by EsotericGentleman
Merchantwise Australia Sonic Boom Ad This is a magazine ad, made by "Merchantwise". It's here to announce the Boom show & merchandise arriving to Australia in 2015. It doesn't predict when, but the ad appeared in August so it has only the rest of the year to come true. If you inspect the merchandise photo zoom there to the left, you can see the usual items (already on Gear) including the big talkin' plush, Tomy action figures, & Burnbot with Sonic/wheel set thing.
The new item is the rather strange lamp! It does NOT belong there, notice how the lamp is CLASSIC Sonic, not even modern, and has nothing at all to do with Boom.
It's also a tad strange, it has a normal figural body on a blue base, but then the shade (a cylender shape) has Sonic's face printed on it so his head comes out very wierd looking. It's a pretty strange concept.
Coconuts Pocket Embroider Tee Segaworld Sydney is playing with the pocket again!
These playful embroidered tees for kids were only sold at Segaworld Sydney, while it existed. This time, Sonic & Tails are shown in the pocket of the red shirt, while 2 coconuts monkeys try to climb up the side of it to get in. Sonic looks like he's pushing them away, while Tails watches. The whole design is embroidered with thread. You can see a little square "SWS" tag there on the edge of the pocket, as well as the cloth tag in the neck of the shirt. This should be from around the early 90s, likely not long after Sonic 2 was released.
Chop Chop Fish Sonic 2 Embroider Pocket Tee
Still more embroider pocket play fun!
This white button-down tee has 2 pockets. One has been decorated with some unusual embroidery. You can see Robotnick is inside the pocket, holding a gold rin. He's dangling Sonic (who clings to the ring, looking worried) over the edge of the pocket. Below him are 2 Chop Chop fish from Sonic 2. (The chop chop is generally blue in the game, but these are red. They are still eyeless)
The tag in the collar area says "Gotta Juice" (in inset 1) the side tag has the Segaworld Sydney logo on one side & the word Sydney on the other (inset 2) This is a kids size shirt. The design is unusual because it is rare that Sonic is shown in trouble or afraid of an item on clothing. A rare & unusal shirt to see! Photo & owned by:
Steamin' Sonic Red Anger Tee Here's a red shirt for an angry day! This red short sleeve men's tee has a big design of "Steamin' Sonic" the classic stock art. He's mad with the little clouds coming out of his head & has the logo in white at the bottom. The stock art isn't used very often, but otherwise, the shirt is fairly standard stuff. Notice the differently shaped die-cut tag of running Sonic. What company produces this? This tee appears in 2016.
Here is a re-use-able plastic cup with classic Sonic theme. This could only be obtained by buying a promo bag at the "Royal Easter Show" in Australia. There's been a bag from this large convention with Sonic before, but this is the first cup. As you can see, it has a Green Hill theme, checkered band with CG Chaos Emeralds in it, the logo & at least 2 classic Sonic arts. Photo & owned by TJ TheGreat IPad Case Protector Cover This is an Ipad Case. It's literally called "Protector Cover". It is slate gray with a white outline drawing of the stock art jumping-twist Sonic. He's so large that he goes off the edges of the case. It's box is slightly metallic/foil cardboard with a modern Sonic face decorating the bottom. A stylish item for your pad! Photo & owned by TJ TheGreat
Inlateable Hammer / Inflatable Here is an "Inlatable Hammer".
Might they mean an Inflatable Hammer? Yes, but the typeo got all the way into production so inlatable it is. Appropriatly the package features Amy known for her piko piko hammer, however this isn't a prop from the game. Looking at the top it seems it may have the image from the package on the hammer head part & likely some decorative handle that's also inflatable. It is 36 inches long.
This would have been cool to have an actual real piko piko modeled after Amy's in the games...but this one's a good start with fun modern art and a good big size. Photo & owned by TJ TheGreat
DS Lite Puzzle Squares Slider Case
This DS Lite Case is called the "Magic Puzzle Case", however, what it really is, is a 'sliding blocks puzzle'. There are 2 different 15-square puzzles built right into the exterior of this case. One with a CG Sonic portrait, the other with a CG Tails portrait. This type of puzzle has 1 blank square. You slide the pieces around, trying to arrange the image back to its original state, by only being able to move 1 block at a time. The case itself appears to be gray plastic.
This is the first of it's kind (a portable console case that is also a separate type of game) but it's also a little confusing, because if you have a DS available to play with, why would you want to choose to slide blocks instead? Maybe it's for when the battery runs down? Photo & owned by TJ TheGreat
Limited Edition Sonic Classic Collection Tin Here's an ad for the Sonic Classic Collection on the Nintendo DS.
It's the collectors limited edition, & comes in a metal tin you see here. You also get inside the tin several colorful cards (5), the regular game in its plastic box & a classic running Sonic figure on a little blue base. Interestingly, the tin itself is quite modern-themed, with jumping twist Sonic in a gold ring & other CG gold rings flying out of the blue checkered background. It's a nice pre-order(?) bonus item, or just collectible version of the game that comes with enough cool stuff to incentivize.
Sonic Theme Wii Yoga Mat Wow, a Wii yoga mat!
The Wii Step Balance Board came with a game Wii Fit that has exercises you can do, as guided by the weight sensor in the wii board. Some of the yoga poses though, should be used on a yoga mat, because you have to lie down on the floor.
So, a Sonic mat is perfect for that! The blue & white stripe mat has the modern Sonic word pressed into its texture (bottom) But that mat's not all there was to the kit, it also has a neoprene (rubbery fabric) step cover with Sonic, Knuckles & Amy on it, with a blue background. Protect the board with one, and your back with the other. It was called the "Wii Fit Character Pack". This was at Target stores in Australia. Photo & owned by Sonic Dollz