Display Figures Title Card
If tt's not an action figure. It's not a statue...it's a Display Figure! These non-actioning figures are like little statues you can collect. Not particularly 'toys' they can be made of resin, PVC, hard plastic or other materials that hold detail well. Usually they're in cases or on bases, all the better for displaying.
This is an international page. The figures here can be from any country, and it will be noted near each one where it's from. Especially with more modern figures (Like First4Figures) the item may be produced in a certain country and mostly advertised there (ex. the USA) however since they're sold over the web, they ship anywhere in the world, making the items available to all.
The "International" approach to Sonic items is really the best one, because Sonic fans live everywhere on Earth and everyone wants an opportunity to collect.
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Funko Soda Sonic Figure It's not a Funko Pop, it's not a Soda Pop....
It's...Funko's Sonic figure but in a soda can? The soda can style packaging is their new way to blindbox something. It has classic finger waving Sonic for the can art, and the "Funko Soda" old-fashion looking logo for the line name at the top.
The figure you get can be either normal plastic, or the blue part can be flocked. The flocked figure is probably 'chase'
meaning it is somewhat or a lot less common. The style of the figure is somwhat interesting, it's sure not pop (thankfully), but he is styleized to a degree looking like a bit of a combination between modern and classic Sonic, but with the eyes really close together? They have no highlights and the eye border being asymmetrical with the close-eyes makes the expression what? Slightly silly? It's not terrible, but it does not really seem 'classic Sonic like'. Where will this be sold, and how much does it cost? It is a 2021 item.
Funko Pop Shadow & Chao Figure Funko is apparently still at it with their creepy dot-eyed pop figures, but now Shadow has his special Dark Chao with him. It's disproportionatly small to fit in his hand (has nothing to do with head size) but the chao being normal (enough) while the figure being that 'funko mutant' is kind of a disharmony look. Also look at the box art, the art is less creepy because the dot-eye is positioned to actually have a bit of an expression.
Funko does an otherwise good job on the figure. The shoes, hands, gloves & spikes all seem properly arranged. It would be nice if they would make something that looked less like a zombie doll because they clearly have figure making skill. This is a 2021 item, wherever FunkoPops are sold
Craftables Sonic Tails Scene Craftables Sonic Tails Turn Arounds
Here is the 4th Craftable from Craftables line 1.
This is also the least-common one because it seems like they didn't make as many of it...and you can see why. It's clearly the most parts-intensive one and so it would have cost more to make it but.....they had to sell it at the same price as the rest of them. This is also the one that lives up the most to the name of the actual product, it is a REAL scene for you to craft. The gound part is 2 pieces to snap together, you have to put the figures' heads on, and you have to add their arms to their shoulders. Then, you can snap Sonic's tail to the ground, the 'impact' clear-effect for the shoe & Tails' fot attaches to Sonic's head to complete the pose.
This is a really good scene from them, and it is worth the 10 dollar price tag.
TIP: If you see the boxes in the store at Target in 2021 (in the electronics/toys/movie-toy area) LIFT all the boxes 1 by 1 and this one will reveal itself to you. It is by far the heaviest of all of them so it is easy to choose it despite their blind-box efforts.
This captures the action of the classic games really well! They've got the poses going just right & the rubbery spikes-hazard & foot-impact thing are perfectly positioned. It's very lively, cute, and classic.
First 4 Figures Shadow Super Statue First 4 Figures is at it again!
At fabulous figures again, if these 2 versions of Shadow are any indication. F4F seemed to not have a big size Sonic franchise release in a while, but summer 2021 sees the preview pics of their upcoming Shadow figure. As you know, they enjoy always having 2 versions of something, and involving a light up feature. This is no different, with the chaos control 'energy flames' effect at the bottom having a light effect whether in orange for Super Shadow or Green for emerald-holding Shadow.
This figure 'gets out of the mold' (literally!) by being different from previous '2 versions' in a couple of ways. First off and most obvious is the base part of the base is literally different/textured differently (space for Super Shadow) whereas previous bases were identical save for the light effect. Then, Shadow is holding an actual transparent green Chaos Emerald in one hand while Super Shadow (having absorbed emeralds) has that same hand in a fist. The differences are interesting, make sense & look cool.
It would be something that would easily encourage people to collect both.
As always, the sculpt is super really excellent for him. The pose is dynamic, he doesn't look 'cliche annoyed' like so many things seem to have him be, and the 'power effect' for the hand and base is also really well done. They get his super color correct as well (not yellow like SS, but its own shade) This one's going to be an absolute must for Shadow fans who have a lot of money. Photos by F4F
Numskull Snowboard Figure Box Sonic 2021 Numskull Advent Figure Pieces
Creative AND Cool!
Numskull is back with a great idea for the holidays in 2021. Countdown-till-Christmas with the Numskull Snowboard Sonic classic style display figure. An advent calendar is a fun way to count down the days of December, by opening little doors in a special box to get out a candy or a treat for each day along the way. Numskull gets a bright idea for theirs, with a build-able display figure of classic snowboard Sonic doing a trick.
Opening 1 panel each day, you get another part to build the figurue and the base. By the time Christmas comes, you've got the whole thing done to display. It's fun for any one, and it looks good too.
The sculpt for classic Sonic is good, even though is pose is quite 'wild' and not of the ordinary stock-art variety. The expression is also all right/he looks happy doing a trick on the board. The little stars textured onto the board are nice as well. The base has the knobby sort of bumps that the zone actually had/so it looks like the games which is also nice.
This is probably about 50 dollars in 2021.
Discovered by Taaron
Here's what's clearly the same figure...
But now with a completely different, and much larger looking package? In 2022, this other photo of the Countdown / Advent type build a display figure appears. It muddies the waters though, because the above had the figure parts in typical 'doors in a box' format, while this one has a 'chest of drawers' type, where each numbered little box fits in among others in the drawers. The pull handles are ribbons, and you can set the figure on top of the box to display it when its done. It's clearly a more elaborate setup than the one above...but the figure seems identical.
I guess just 2 different packing styles for 2 different years of its release.
Craftables Amy Box Classic Craftables Amy Scene Turns
The first series of Sonic Classics Craftables by JUSTToys succeeded in 2021, so 2022 brings out 4 more new scenes for you to craft. Sadly, they're still blind-boxed making them annoying to buy because they are costly for a tiny item at about 10 dollars each. Here, you can assemble classic Amy, her mallet, and a flower from Green Hill Zone.
They do a good job here...notice how much the 'action' is sculpted in: the feet are not flat on the ground, she's tilted up on her heels to show the mallet action. Then, the hammer is also not flat on the ground either. Her expression is a bit odd/it's supposed to look 'effort', but it looks...sort of blank? They do get her details right like the shirt collar, shoe laces, and ruffle skirt. This is a good classic scene.
(Interesting to see how a girl got onto line 2 of such a limited toy while it took Jakks Pacific absolute ages to add her as they release zillions more characters than JustToys. Seems someone's paying attention to what fans want: Inclusion of all favorite characters.)
Craftables Knuckles Emerald Scene Craftables Wave 2 only has 2 new characters on it, and it is still blind boxed. The other 2 figures are 'looking out Sonic' and 'finger waving' Sonic. (Of course, this makes the Amy & Knuckles the most desired ones)
Knuckles' scene is a miniature/chibi type of the Master Emerald grotto area, including a 'mini' master emerald. (Either that or Knuckles is giant) He's got a great action pose going with his foot stepping, head tilted, and fist up. His proportions are quite good, and perfectly fitting the classic look. All the paint seems on point/no overspray. The emerald is hard plastic, and semi-transparent. He is easy to assemble (easier than other figures) He has no mouth.

Just Toys is really good at action poses!
They also don't skimp anywhere on the figure...the attention to detail and proportion is great here. (Though he could use a mouth line) The emerald maybe could be a bit better as it is semi-transparent so all the inside construction is super visible that its full of odd lines and clearly snapped together in the middle. (It comes as 1 piece) This is a good collectible...if you can get it in the blind box.

Super Sonic Glow Funko Pop Figure Another year another little dot-eyed demon from Funko Pops.
Now, they're picking on Super Sonic, and most likely releasing him at SDCC in 2022. As you can see with the stickers this not only glows in the dark but is also a limited edition.
The box notes that this is the character's first appearance as a funko pop. They are paying good attenion though, as the spikes are mostly pointed upward (what happened to that top one? Still looks like it's downward) and they do have him posed on the base with arm so that he can be 'floating' like he does in the games. The mouth-free face isn't particularly expressive and the dot eyes always look angry due to the facial set-up combined with their 'extreme styleization' or whatever they call poppifying characters. Probably good to collect if you don't mind the strange pop look.
POP Silver MIB Figure 8 Sonic Pops continue to pop onto store shelves in 2022, now with another pose for Sonic, and new character to dot-eyed-stylization: Silver. Fortunately for collectors they are sequentially numbered as 632 and 633, and can both be found at Target which is pretty much everywhere.
The Sonic is just described as "Classic Sonic", though with this 'wacky' style, you can't really tell other than that he is doing the Sonic CD specific 'figure 8 peel out run'. The face is the usual dot-eyed wierdness that doesn't work too well with his already stylized nature.
Whoever works on the poses for these continues to do well, as they capture his 'telekenisis use' stance pretty well, and they do get his glove and boot details exactly right. The nature of his forehead spikes make the face forward-heavy but there's nothing the design can do. The art is slightly confusing for his 2 rear facing spikes as it's slightly unclear what they are (in the art) due to positioning/minimization of the stylization. Both of these are on shelves in summer 2022.