Sonic clothing of Japan
This page will have only NEW (Modern Era) clothing.
The amount of clothing produced there should at least be on par with the UK, but photos are scarce so the sections build slowly. This page has retro-inspired clothes that are released around 2019 - 2020
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60th Anniversary Sega Tee Here is a Sonic tee for the 60th Anniversary of Sega. Sega, as a company, has been around much longer than before video games existed. (Remember, Nintendo started off as a playing card company or something in the early 1900s or something) However, Sonic now represents Sega, so it's fitting he can appear on an anniversary tee. This is an all white tee in adults sizes. It has a little stock classic 'finger waving' Sonic on the front, and the back has the
"confetti logo" that has appeared (similar to) on some of the Japanese box art & a few other Japanese items. The black rectangle just says "Sonic the Hedgehog" in it. It's a fine tee, calling back to the early game box look/design and color. Discovered by Hedgy
Gapparrel Pixel Puyo Sonic Sprite Tee "Gapparel" (Gap+apparel?) is a clothing brand in Japan, and they did a collaboration with Sonic and also Puyo Puyo, to make several items with a classic theme. The first of which, is this tee.
But where's the puyo? Well, it's the pixel! What appears to be pixel art of a standing Sonic sprite is actually composed of colored puyos (they have eyes, they're all the same one--not like the red/anger, blue/sad etc from the game--they are the same regardless of color)
All the items on the line use the same thing, which is to form Sonic sprites out of puyos & use those for fun designs. This is an adult size white tee, and the sprite is nice & large. It's a fun idea to triple-team-up like that for these brands. All of the items from the collab appear here on Gear. (School supplies has some too) Discovered by Hedgy
Gapparel Pixel Puyo Trio Tee 60th Sega Another colorful anniversary selection from Gapparel, Puyo & Sonic. This all white adult size tee is also for the 60th Sega Anniversary. It's logo is the blue square on the front, and also in the inside/back collar area. The font for the number is the "Sega" font, but the "6" for it is kind of vague, it looks a little like it might be a "G" making it look like "GO" instead of 60. The back of the tee is where the main design is, and it's another good idea!
Using "Puyo Pixels" lets them make the classic Sonic 3 sprites nice and large. Here, they use Knuckles, Tails & Sonic, all in their running pose. Because the sprites are so large, they make a good & colorful impact on the back. Discovered by Hedgy
Gapparel Pixel Eggman Chase Tee For this tee Gapparel turns things around. The 60th Anniversary Sega logo is on the back this time. It appears in the center of the back, right underneath the collar. The front of the tee has a nice large design of the sprites done in pixel puyos. This time, it's Sonic chasing Eggman (with the 'frizzy mustache' that he gets when ousted from the Egg o Matic) , but because of the size of the sprites (big) vs the tee, he's super close to catching him, which he never does in the games. Discovered by Hedgy
Villiage Vanguard Classic Style Tee Villiage Vanguard is a clothing company in Japan.
They did a breif team-up to produce Sonic tees in summer 2020. This is their first offering, a white tee where you can roll the short sleeves up a bit. It has fully-shaded classic Sonic in a jumping/look-back position. The background & its color choices are all directly meant to be Memphis Design Elements, but those are from the 80s era (instead of the 90s) You can look up Memphis Design to learn more. The white rectangles have "Sonic the Hedgehog" written in them. It's an ok tee, pairing up Sonic with an 80s look.
Villaige Vanguard Logo Characters Tee Village Vanguard's second tee is a 60th Sega Anniversary one. It has the 60th logo on the front in the middle of an otherwise plain white tee. The real design is on the back. It's a full color classic logo, with characters interacting with it. You've got Sonic laying on the "S", Knuckles gliding over it, Amy standing near the bottom, & Tails running under it. It's good to see Amy being included in classic-look items too.
DJ Popcultcha Sonic Channel Black Tee The Sonic Channel is trying something new in 2020 & it is....
Sonic as "DJ Popcultcha". A bit of a strange costume/name to assume, but here we go. The shirt is all black & features hot aqua/hot green and yellow ink for Sonic & his record player turn tables upon which he is DJ'ing. He's shown mostly SA1 style, and is wearing headphones near, but not on his ears. The back of the shirt (in blue at the top) says "Sonic Channel" & the front is labeled with his name and the DJ Popcultcha label. Discovered by Princess Panda Lover
Sonic Channel Icons Blue Tee In 2020, the Sonic Channel comes up with a cute round icons tee.
The tee is light blue, has the Sonic Channel logo in white at the bottom, and a whole lot of character icons. They're all in a bit of 'cutie emoji' style. And who can you spot? Sonic, Eggman, Silver, Vector, Tails, Shadow, Blaze, Espio, Knuckles, Rouge, Cream, Charmy, Amy, E Omega, Big, Orbot, Cheese, Metal Sonic, Jet Hawk & Cubot.
As a funny aside, Cubot's icon is the only one that's square and not round. It is fun to see them doing details like this & using rarer characters so everyone can get a bit of the spot light. This would be a fun tee to own.
The inset credit card looking item is an ad for the store card but it only works if you are in Japan. Discovered by Princess Panda Lover
Magical Mosh Misfits Color Logo 3 Tees MxMxM Sonic Skate Tee
It's the Magical Mosh Misfits!
But...just what is that, and why is Sonic drippy? The brand is a Japanese skateboard wear (shoes/clothes) and thier 'signature style' is things with tatty edges (See ribbon) and the drippy look to items along with thick, black lines.
For their fashion crossover, they use classic Sonic, and have him on a skateboard, jumping through the winged ring. All the 'meltyness' is a little odd, as drips of his spikes are falling off & his arm is running a bit. The skateboard uses their 'thick lines' and lots of designs style. Notice all of him isn't drippy, the glove/face & chest aren't.
It's kind of an odd look, but it is unique/and can't be mistaken for the style of something else. They produced 3 shirts total, which are color variations on the MxMxM, words, ribbon and star ring color. The designs remain the same. Discovered by Princess Panda Lover
Point Away Sonic Blue Tee Here are 2 tees that are the Sonic Chanel (online, Japan only) earlier efforts at merchandise. They do appear as a montage on an earlier page of Gear, but here you can get a closer look at the designs...even though these are just art and not actual shirts. Sonic Scrunch Square Tee
The first blue tee has an unusual art of Sonic where he is shown leaning forward, faced away, pointing one thumb sideways? While the other arm extends backwards and points thumbs-down? He is do ing the SA 1 'big dumb grin/bent teeth' while looking back. A white circle is the only background element. It's kind of...reasonable that this art didn't get used much because really, what is he supposed to be doing? What is this gesture?
The gray tee has a square theme and it's Sonic...scrunched into a square? Why? How? He looks somewhat bothered at being squeezed into a square shape with one hand in one corner, elbow on the ground, spikes bent over forward & shoes above his head. It's a strange presentation that didn't seem to be used again. If it's 'hip to be square''ll have to not dislocate your hip to be in a square. Very strange. Both discovered by Hedgy
Purple Prism Sonic outlines tee Sonic on purple color?
It's true. For whatever reason...Sonic almost NEVER appears on purple items or ever has purple used around him. (The colors go well together but do actually have a look around: it's genuinely rare) But, here comes a purple tee with a bit of an odd effect. The design is a Sonic outline-only, but done in probably 3 different colors, slightly off-set to make a 'blur' or possibly going for a prism effect. There are little dots behind him. You can see there's writing on the sleeves is likely the logo, but what's the other? A curious tee that is likely a Sonic Channel item. Discovered by Hedgy
Cospa Full Graphic 2 Side Triangle Tee In 2020/Fall Cospa Clothing produces this all-over print shirt.
The interesting thing about it is that it's modern, with Modern Sonic, Tails & Knuckles, but it is harkening back to an era they were never in, which is the 80s. The fades, palms, triangles & color usage are all trying to evoke the 1980s and a trendy thing called "Vaporwave Aesthetic" (whether it suceedes at this?) The character graphics are all also edited to have on opaque/swirly/shine sunglasses to further the "California Style" look that was also incorporated frequently into this type of art/fashion/look.
Because it is an all-over the material for the shirt is likely different from the norm, so it is 60 dollars which is also higher than normal. It is probably in the Cospa shop or for sale where it's goods are in Japan. Discovered by Taaron