Sonic clothing of Japan
More Sonic clothing from Japan. This page will also feature a mix of old and new items.
The amount of clothing produced there should at least be on par with the UK, but photos are scarce so the sections build slowly. With some rather unique designs and no over-reliance on 'busy-ness' the clothes seen here are often quite fashionable and interesting.
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Sonic & Tails Sweat Shirts Big Embroider Now here are 2 things that are very likely to have cost a small fortune when they were new. These thick quality, black sweatshirts have absolutely HUGE pieces of embroidery on them. They're made in 'lettermans style' (usually seen on jackets) & look great, thanks to all the quality embroidery going on. The first is Sonic themed, with his face in a giant "S" shape, "Segasonic" written across it in yellow script & "The Hedgehog" in hollow font at the top. The Tails one has his face over a giant blue "T" shape, his name
spelled in red script and above in a hollow font "Segasonic \ Tails". All the lettering, the borders and the large character faces are all embroidered. Embroidery uses tons of thread, adds lots of durable quality and puts the price up. The fact that sweatshirts in Japan are generally expensive to begin with makes these an expensive treat to see. Photo and owned by: @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
A stylinsh jean jacket...
Because the Sonic & Knuckles symbol is just so brilliant! This wonderful bit of design doesn't really need anything else to make its statement. The symbol is embroidered onto the back middle of the blue denim jean jacket. Large embroidery like this takes a lot of thread, and is generally really quality stuff. The colors are bright, the lines are crisp, and it's Sonic without being in your face over it. An excellent jacket for anyone, in any era. Photo and owned by: @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Sonic & Knuckles Symbol Embroider Jean Jacket
Think Fast Tatty Edge Sonic Sweatshirt The slogan here is "Think Fast"
Appropriate for classic Sonic, standing among 3 rings and some sparkles. His name is spelled vertically in Japanese down the other side. The sweat shirt itself is a warm-ish gray color, but has 'tatty' type sewing style. The edge of the fabric where it meets the bottom elastic, cuffs & neck is all 'jagged' with stray threads on purpose. The Sonic art isn't very brightly colored either, both hoping to add to a 'vintage' or well worn old look. Notice the cloth tag in the back of the collar: It's a tiny black square with white Sonic face on it, and that's all. (unusually small tag)
It's a fun sweatshirt, with peace-sign Sonic & a lightly grunge look (without that weathering) that would be something different/unique in its classic era. Photo and owned by: @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Sonic 2 Sweat Shirt Gray Hoodie This thin sweat-shirt has a design on both sides. It's all gray with draw-string hood. The hood collar and interior are black. The fabric of the shirt doesn't look like it's super thick. It has a simple & not-that-large design right on the front. Sonic leaning on the large "2", with Tails peeking out from behind it. Underneath is the title of the game, set in the Sonic font. It's a pretty standard looking item from the front, but then you get to the back! It's design is only the names of Sonic & Tails. Sonic Tails Quote Names Only Gray Tee
They share/split the "I" between their names as one is vertical and the other horizontal. There are a few little 'wing-ding' extra shapes scattered around the names, but no characters. The quote there written out in small black ink is the "Precious Time" quote, which was heavily used in the era. The two designs combine to make a very nice Sonic 2-promoting hooded shirt. Photo and owned by: @JapanAnimePosters on InstagramPhoto
Annippon Sonic Game Cover Tee A company called "Anippon" is getting into Sonic merchandise, or has aquired a license in 2017. They start off here with this simple black tee. It is supposed to be sold in Japan in their stores, but they may also be retailing it online (possibly) world wide through their website for a 'limited time'.
The shirt is colorful, with a simple idea. It's just the Japanese cover to a Sonic game insert, but printed large as the only design of the tee.The black rectangle there says "The Most Famous Hedgehog in the World". The bottom text specifies what system it's for, has the copyrights & logos and all the typical stuff you'd find on the real insert.
Scribble Cross Sonic Quote Tee Here's a shirt that's just super odd in almost every way it can think of. First, the graphic is a blue to yellow/green fade, but then it has blue lines in a "t" or cross shape scribbled all the way through it, messing up the design on purpose. It also uses an odd line art for Sonic, (he's missing an ear) and replaces his body area with the word "Sonic" in kind of scribbly hand-written type font. It has the "Live a life without regrets" quote at the bottom, and uses the Segasonic branding, so it's fairly old.
It looks like it could/should be a fake with all the grungy scribbling going on, but the Sega copyright is present in the design and on the cloth tag too. The tag shows its from 1991, but the back of the tag has writing....that's only visible at a certain angle because
it is written not with ink, but with the texture/direction of the threads that make up the tag itself. The front has the brand "Life is a game by GAMESOUL" and their quote "Style is not just fashion but a way of life" and the back has the Sega 1991 copyright, and some other words but it's nearly impossible to photograph.
This shirt is both unusual and uncommon. Photos discovered by: Lee
Little Kids Stripe Sweater Sonic Tails 90s A small, stripy sweater?
Seems so. This is a sweater for little kids with a fun Sonic theme. You can tell it's an early 90s item with the Segasonic branding there in red, in an arch. The whole thing is light & dark blue striped. The art is profile running Sonic with Tails behind him.
They're in a series of wide yellow 'speed lines' printed on over the background. Notice the red stuff toward the end, it's actually lettering. It is the "dont waste your precious time" quote, all done in English. The cloth tag in the collar of the shirt is also "Segasonic" branded. This may be uncommon. Photo discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram