Prototype Sonic Items Title
What about Sonic items that have not been made yet? Or things that NEVER got made?
It's time for prototypes & mock ups! All the things on this page are Sonic items which are NOT yet released, or are items which were NEVER released. If something doesn't ever get produced, it'll stay here forever, for you to see and read about it. Also included on the page are 'mock ups' which are not real items. They're an illustration created by a company to show what a final item would look like. Sometimes they're Photoshops, others are combination of art and photos. A mock up never becomes real itself...but the item it illustrates is often made.
When any item on this page DOES get made, (and SonicGear gets some kind of retail confirmation/fan photo) it will leave this page and move away onto the page it belongs on.
(EX: a keychain appears here, gets produced, a fan buys it and mails SonicGear--that key chain will then leave this page and show up on the Key Chains page)
Anything that does/is getting made should have release date info near it if it is available, along with the company which should be producing it--to help you find it!
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Tomy 2018 12 Inch Plush Catalog Page Here's the catalog page for Tomy's 12 inch plushes.
These are supposed to appear in August of 2018. As a general rule, larger plushes tend to be able to be more accurate/better looking than smalls because there's more area to detail & the fabric behaves better when there's enough of it. It seems to be partially true here, but hopefully these are real prototypes & not final anythings because there's problems.
Obviously, the Super Sonic is just some CG stand-in so it doesn't even count. Then, look at Shadow's shoes! They're missing literally EVERY detail. And what's his pose? Is he supposed to be waving? Why? That pose makes no sense for him. Then, Knuckles looks decent, but why give him 'the side-eye'? At least his fists are big and 3D enough & they didn't skimp on them or his shoes.
Last & never least! The Dark Chao! The fans have been awaiting an actual dark-side chao plush
since Sonic Adventure 2 (so, a long time) An official one WAS made in Japan, but it was extremely scarce, maybe in-company only. This one looks like a good start, however. It has the 'evil grin' expression, the red bat wings, & red limb tips. Be sure to notice the pointy 'devil tail' also. The 'head dot/ball' is for some reason a pom-pom so it looks fluffy/furry. (So, it's the only bit that's not all that accurate, but it's not that big of a deal) Page provided by Pat Mac