Prototype Sonic Items Title
What about Sonic items that have not been made yet? Or things that NEVER got made?
It's time for prototypes & mock ups! All the things on this page are Sonic items which are NOT yet released, or are items which were NEVER released. If something doesn't ever get produced, it'll stay here forever, for you to see and read about it. Also included on the page are 'mock ups' which are not real items. They're an illustration created by a company to show what a final item would look like. Sometimes they're Photoshops, others are combination of art and photos. A mock up never becomes real itself...but the item it illustrates is often made.
When any item on this page DOES get made, (and SonicGear gets some kind of retail confirmation/fan photo) it will leave this page and move away onto the page it belongs on.
(EX: a keychain appears here, gets produced, a fan buys it and mails SonicGear--that key chain will then leave this page and show up on the Key Chains page)
Anything that does/is getting made should have release date info near it if it is available, along with the company which should be producing it--to help you find it!
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Funko Pop Mini Figure Unpainted Protos Here are 4 different prototype stylized figures. They're supposed to be some sort of 'chibi' type version of Tails, Knuckles, & Sonic. These are prototyped here by FunkoPop , the same company that did the bobble heads figures. Prototypes are generally done in some neutral color like white or gray. Later, the figure may be made in a plastic that the character has the 'most color of'. So that bottom Tails is orange. Casting him in orange plastic means you only have to use paint for a few details. These will likely get simplified paint jobs (such as all-black for the eye-dots) to go with their simple style.
They're actually sort of creepy here, like little zombie baby fairies or something. Some things likely look better painted, will this set be among them? The 'style' is a unique approach, hopefully these will go from proto to toy. Photos discovered by SonicAndShadowFTW
The Sonic Stadium has a prototype article.
Apparently, the clothing maker "Insert Coin" will be producing a series of items including
Green hill all-over design leggings for girls
Tees & Sweatshirts for anyone to wear
Everything OTHER than the leggings seems to be of a subtile nature. There's nothing with a picture of a character on it. The article is here on prototypes because they don't have any actual photos of real clothing, it's all just drawings of stuff with the design pasted on there. Use the link to see:
Knuckles Gym hoodie, Project Shadow, Sonic snakers tee, Miles Prower shirt with tail-like logo, South Island shirt with super fine print on it. While the shoes are instantly recognizable, it'd take a real Sonic fan to identify the Project Shadow logo, or catch onto the "Knuckles Gym". Interesting to see a whole line going with the 'very subtle Sonic' angle. The items will appear around SonicGear once physical photos are released. Link discovered by Shadowfoxx757, hosted by SonicStadium, put together by Hogfather
Light Up & Black Knight Figure Protos Here are some exciting Jazwares prototypes! First, you can see they plan to have more Sonic Black Knight figures. Sonic & Shadow were released in 2012/2013, & though they said the Knuckles would appear with them, he didn't. The Silver, Tails & Knuckles in this case are just artwork, while Sonic & Shadow are actual toy pictures. The line is called "Metallic Series" (why not SBK?) At the bottom of the page you can see 5 inch figures with light-up emeralds. (They glow when pressed!) This is exciting news because of NEW characters at the 5 inch extra-articulated size that aren't just more Sonics. Silver fans will be pleased! Hopefully they add more figures so we can get 7 light up emeralds. JW Rouge Comic Pack Prototype
Both photos discovered by Taaron
At right is a page that says "New" all over it, though only 1 item is actually new. It's the Shadow/Rouge comic pack in the upper corner. The Rouge is just art, and actually the only thing on the page that's not a real photo. Since everything else is actually pretty old by now, it seems strange. The Super Hedgehogs Pack looks to have corrected emerald colors.
Super Silver 3.75 line figure prototype Here's an unpainted prototype of the Super Silver action figure. He's interesting to see without is paint, as it reveals the actual plastic colors for the figure. The only things that are white are his gloves and boots. Every other color that's not the yellowish has to be painted on. The speck of black on his spike there is dirt, likely from when he was manufactured, or the dirt made him a defect so he was pulled off the line. (Quality control, possibly) Photo discovered by: UltimateHedgehog
Pending License Vector Figure
This is a "Pending License" figure. It's similar to a prototype. This photo was taken of a figure before it's approval (likely by Sega). It's what a company will show to the license holder before going into production for the figures. That way, the holder can approve it or request changes. What's different about this Vector? Not much. You'll see he looks rather like the final release, except the eye is a bit smaller and the paint is neater. A pending license figure will look as good as possible, to help ensure it gets approved. You won't see things like paint errors or overspray here. Photo discovered by: UltimateHedgehog
Multi Wisp Promotional Image Here is a company photo that's actually kind of annoying.
It shows a 5 inch line Sonic figure (the one with the special "wisp holding" hands) ...but with ALL of the available wisps! What action figure lover wouldn't want a set like this? EVERYbody who collects Sonic figures would have enjoyed a "wisp pack" of some sort that allowed you got get all of them in one go. USA figures only had the white & red. Australia got a pre-order bonus box that had ones like the blue cube for the Wii, but but you had to buy the DS version to get the orange rocket. You COULD get all the wisps in Australia, but you had to buy 2 games to do it. There was never a single pack, or a pack with only figures & no game. This could be a shot for an unreleased figure pack, which is too bad! Photo discovered by: UltimateHedgehog
Bobblehead Sonic Prototype Base Here, you can see what a prototype of that Bobble Head Modern Sonic looked like. It did end up getting made, but the base was different. Look at the label here, it has a modification of the classic Sonic logo. The red "The Hedgehog" lettering had to be changed from angled to streight, so that it would fit on the thin base. You can see the figure being displayed among what are likely to be other figure prototypes of bobble Freddy Kreuger & Bobble Body Rat Fink. Photo discovered by Ultimate Hedgehog
Jazwares Classic Amy Cancel Plush These are 2 plushes that Jazwares had planned to make. It's classic Amy Rose & Classic Metal Sonic. As you can tell with the first photo among prototypes, the Metal Sonic is much improved., but not the greatest thing. Neither one of these are very big (about 10 inches or so) Amy's face is super flat in front & her ears are a bit mis-positioned as her bangs are getting out of hand...though her other details like dress, shoe bows & laces etc are pretty decent Metal Sonic is notoriously nearly impossible to convey decently in plush format (it's a robot!) Without seeing the side/back of it, it's rather hard to tell how much they were able to improve the doll. However, they were announced as cancelled in fall 2013. Jazwares Classic Metal Sonic Plush
Night of the Werehog Prototype Scene This is an unusual type of prototype. It's a prototype scene! This is an unfinished and unused screen from "Night of the Werehog" the CG animated Sonic short used to promote Unleashed / World Adventure. As you can see, the details havn't been added to the animation. Everything is really basic. It's also a scene that didn't end up in the final short. Here, Sonic & Chip are shown playing a Dreamcast (no memory cards in the controllers, nor cords) in the house. Discovered by: The Ultimate Hedgehog
Cute Character Mini pull charms These phone charms are rather adorable.
They are 'chibi' styles for modern Sonic, Tails & Amy. However, the way they're drawn, it looks like the charm loop is pulling part of the character. Little Sonic & Tails look surprised (he's held up by a spike tip, Tails is by his tails) while little Amy has a hand up going 'uh oh' as the back/collar of her dress is pulled to hang the charm.
They sort of play upon the "paperchildren" concept where something is drawn/made so that it looks like its interacting with the world around it. These are supposed to be made for TGS2013 in Japan by Cospa, but so far, they are only little drawings you see here. If they get made, they'll be around 630 yen, which is about 6 dollars each. These are made of flat rubber, & seen on Japan Keychains 3. Photo discovered by Taaron.
Zazz Dash Prototype Ad NOT PROTOTYPE- Item scheduled for deletion
This is an add for the app (like for phones and tablets) for Sonic Dash. It says "For a limited time only take on Zazz in an epic boss battle". (From Lost World, of course!) In the special area, he rolls his evil ball around & it appears to have Sonic chasing him. However, the actual game/level was different than what's shown here, in that it ended up having no icons, and the whole thing goes in a streight line (while corners are shown here)
Why is it different? The iphone & android apps use a different layout for the level. It isn't actually a prototype & will be removed.

by: TheUltimateHedgehog

Gray pixel mug cospa art For TGS 2013 Cospa wanted to make a Sonic mug. Since this is just a picture of what they's a prototype art. The white mug would have a sort of greenish grayish pixelated art of Sonic in Green Hill (or similar area on maybe the Game Gear?) But why remove the color? Unlike Mario, Sonic wasn't really on a colorless system like the original Gameboy (which was olive greenish gray) It seems an odd choice, but the mug will look unique.
Sonic Boom Prototype Figures 3 Here's the first prototype item to turn up for Sonic Boom. It's a trio of figures, no doubt by Tomy. This was shown at Toy Fair 2014. So far, you can see Tails, Sonic & Amy. They look all right so far, but with less articulation than Jazwares figures. The 'prototypey' thing about them could be the hands are just mirror images of eachother so far. Each is set to be in the 'hold an accessory' pose. Whether or not this changes before the final item, we'll see. Photo discovered by The Ultimate Hedgehog
Partially Painted 15th Anniversary Prototype This is a prototype of that 15th Anniversary fairly-large figure Japan got. He's partially painted. Notice how the gloves, arms, belly dot & inside the ears are all the same color. The eyes have had the white color added, but it's still needed for his gloves & socks. Did a figure get out in a partially completed state? Photos discovered by Ultimate Hedgehog
2-part  Funko Pop Figure Proto This is a different Funko Pop figure prototype. The ones you see above on this page are all solid color (either white, or the main color of the character) Here, Sonic is put together out of a blue head, and white body. Prototypes are sometimes made out of whatever color is at hand, to see how they turn out. Photos discovered by Ultimate Hedgehog