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More new and fun clothing to collect for 2016 and onward, all seasons.
You can now find shirts at GAME, NEXT and Asda, as well as other stores. You should be able to find several of the items on this page at Marks & Spencers also. Unfortunately some of the online stores only ship to EU addresses so keep it in mind before you order. Reminder: *Always* check the size before bidding on Ebay, these may range from tiny-kid to regular adult sizes, depending on the maker/where you buy.
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Blue Sonic Speed Classic Style Tee Here's a new tee for 2019.
It's all a middling blue color, with a classic theme. It has line art for 'finger waving' classic Sonic. He's over a background of white words in a squareish font that says "SonicSpeed" over & over without spaces. The area inside Sonic himself is colored by the tee & there's no print in him so he stands out. The design area is pretty big, taking up most of the front of the whole shirt.
This is an kids size release from about 4-5 years to about 14 or so. It can be found in ASDA stores for about 6 pounds. Photo discovered by DarkonDrago
Checkered Japanese Text Sonic Shirt Another tee that appears in 2018.
This one is a brighter blue, with a Japanese theme. It has classic 'forward facing hands on hips' Sonic, but he's cut off at the waist. The background herer is literally a black and white checkerboard. (maybe to resemble a checkered flag for winning a race?)
The Japanese text at the top in white letters spells out "Sonic" and then under the checker area, it spells out "Sonic the Hedgehog" in smaller letters.
You can see the paper tag & collar tag for Primark. This is an adult size release. Photo discovered by DarkonDrago
Charcoal Gray Sonic Big Face Tee In 2018 (summer), the store Primark also gets "Sonic logo only" branded items.
The USA has several shirts that only use the Sonic classic or modern logo as their copyright/made-by stamp in the collar, or on a tag some where. This makes the shirts a little harder to find because that's technically not a shirt maker like 'bio world' or something similar. This rather plain shirt is another example of this.
The charcoal gray slightly mottled fabric tee has a large, full color 'forward facing' classic Sonic stock art face on it. Directly below the chin area is a small, white classic logo. You should note that it has that 'faux wear' / weathering effect where the design is rubbed/worn on purpose, to make it 'look more classic' This is an adults size item that goes up to XXL

Photo by DarkonDrago

Still Unstoppable Spatter Sonic Shirt This spatter-paint effect black shirt features a front & back design!
The front/back design harkens back to the days of the1990s when Segaworld & other makers would do slightly more extravagent stuff like this for their shirts. This one has 'hands on hips' classic forward-facing Sonic on the front, with the slogan "Still Unstoppable" in yellow below him. The back has the seldom-seen stock art of the...well, back of this same pose. Under that, is just the word "Sonic" in yellow. This is a 2019 item in ASDA, but it is another kids/teens size. Photo discovered by DarkonDrago
Ladies Womens Gray Sonic Neoclassic Tee
A shirt that's cut for women/ seems...but it's in the mens' area.....
Here's probably a ladies' tee. See how it is less 'square' or rectangular in shape? It goes in a little at the sides, and the sleeves are sewn on in a bit of a different way. This indicates it's likely for girls, however...could anyone wear it anyway, if it were their size? (Probably) It is an adults size item anyway. This is a 2019 find.
This charcoal gray tee is a bit more fun than most, because it uses the action-look neo-classic jumping Sonic & adds a fun full color logo on one of the sleeves. He's shown jumping through a red square shape & surrounded by 3 gold rings. The inset shows the collar tag, which is just embroidered with the full color classic logo. The small tag next to it shows the materials it's made with and the size. Photo by DarkonDrago
Soccer Striker Sonic Sports Tee A sports themed Sonic tee!
This one features Sonic doing soccer / football in a 'sports card' shaped design. (Like, a collectible card) He is altered stock art, where the shoes-soles are changed to soccer style, he is in light blue shorts & a red tee shirt. The bottom of the 'card' labels it with the classic logo & the word "Striker" in the Sega font. (Striker is a position you play in soccer) It has the classic logo as the collar tag and a classic style paper tag too.
(This whole shirt FEELS very vintage, because this was the kind of design they would do in the 90s. Being able to capture a feel makes this an interesting tee to collect.) Photo & owned by DarkonDrago