Brittish Sonic the Hedgehog Clothing Title
More new and fun clothing to collect for 2009 and 2010-all seasons.
GAME is still producing shirts, but another store NEXT is getting in on the action also. The die-cut tag company continues to make new clothing (in both regular and lycra) also. Unfortunately some of the online stores only ship to EU addresses so keep it in mind before you order. Reminder: *Always* check the size before bidding on Ebay, these may range from tiny-kid to regular adult sizes.
UK Modern 1 * UK Modern 2 * UK Modern 3 * UK Modern 4 * UK Modern 6 * UK Modern 7 * UK Modern 8 * UK Modern 9 * UK Modern 10 * Sonic classic corner tee This shirt can be bought from in Europe in winter 2009. It should be about 11.99 pound, but ship free. *Probably only to EU addresses. The shirt itself is another classic style, with the foreward-facing Sonic stock art planted in the bottom corner. However, the design is large, with a fade, and wraps around too. This gives the shirt a pretty unique look with it on the front/side/back as well as being especially large as it is. The shirt itself is dark/navy blue and is made of thick cloth with a durable design. There was also a gray version released by HMV in winter 08/spring09. Discovered by BuzzTheBatgirl.
Fuzzy Flock Design Classic Style Shirt The design on this shirt is fuzzy/flocked. The black fuzz is stuck on to create the classic style logo & running Stock Sonic. The fuzzy nature obscures some of the details, but it does make for an interesting way to present the design. This is available in winter 2009 from and should be about 11.99 pound. Discovered by BuzzTheBatgirl.
This stylish Shadow shirt is made by NEXT in the UK. It may or may not be sold offline as well as online, in summer 2010. The all black shirt didn't stop them from using actual black ink on Shadow, which actually makes it a nice touch/somewhat unusual. (Most shirts just use the background color) He's in a sliding Sonic X type pose, that isn't over-used. A nice modern looking shirt for Shadow fans! Photo by NEXT discovered by:
Abstract Back Sketch Hoodie Here's something rather fresh for the UK recent items...a hoodie. Most of the recent clothing has all been tees and other light cloth. This hoodie is mottled gray with a red interior. It features sliding stock Sonic from the Sonic X art set. The interesting bit is the background, which is a sketchy sort of abstraction of a street scene. It could be something from a screen cap of Sonic X, or it could be totally original, it's hard to tell, but interesting to look at. The Sonic doesn't look quite like it belongs there, but it's still an unusual shirt to add to your collection. This was released in winter 2009/2010 and is from NEXT. Photographed & owned by JoelxSonic
Green Sonic & Shadow Hoodie Sweatshirt
Another interesting hoodie from the winter clothing line-up. This one features a zip front so its extra easy to put on. Sonic & Shadow are divided over the zipper, and looking like rivals though they're not shown facing eachother. The art is from Sonic X, but it's seldom-seen for both of them, which makes the design extra interesting. The green background color (it appears to be green inside as well, without an accent color) is also an unusual choice. This is a cool and different looking sweatshirt to add to your collection. This was released in winter 2009/2010 and is from NEXT. Photographed & owned by JoelxSonic
Agitated Sonic Stripe Shirt This unusual stripy shirt is a little busy (all those stripes, everywhere) and will tend to make the wearer look wider than usual (all horizontal stripes tend to) but it is still interesting to see. It's a light shirt, and one of the first 'double tees' where a long-sleeve is layered under a short. In this case the faux sleeve shirt is charcoal gray, while the tee is light gray/blue stripe. It has a lesser-seen Sonic X stock art of him looking rather agitated as he gets ready to jump foreward at the viewer. This is a good shirt to take advantage of the double tee if you havn't been able to get them from the USA where TopHeavy made them plentiful. This was released in winter 2009/2010 and is from NEXT. Photographed & owned by JoelxSonic
Crouching Sonic Yellow Shirt Another unusual pose & color combine to make a shirt that won't blend in with your others. This time, it's more Sonic X art, but on a yellow tee. Sonic is shown in a half-crouch, while looking back at the viewer. Even though he's not 'moving' it's still fairly dynamic looking. The large size of the art helps too. It's nice to see they're putting forth an effort to do real variety with the chosen art to keep everyone's wardrobe/collection fresh looking. This was released in winter 2009/2010 and is from NEXT. Photographed & owned by JoelxSonic
Sitting Sonic X Big Graphic Tee Now here's something you don't see every day. SITTING Sonic! Usually everyone's so absorbed in putting up action shots of him, they neglect some of his fun poses. Here, he is shown with arms behind his head, sitting with his feet together. He seems rather content, and the graphic is quite large, taking up the entire front of the shirt for a nice change of pace. If you've got bunches of other tees, this one is sure to stand out. This was released in winter 2009/2010 and is from NEXT. Photographed & owned by JoelxSonic
Sonic Project X Label
This is the label you'll find in the back of each of these shirts. They're being released with the Sonic X logo, under the SONIC Project label. But where are they being sold?
Sonic Head Body Trick Shirt This shirt is certainly not like any other. It's foreward facing classic style Sonic Stock art, but positioned so that his head is just totally missing...meaning that whoever is wearing the shirt, their head substitutes for his. So...your head on classic Sonic body, is basically the effect. The design also uses 'fake wear' to attempt to make it look vintage, when it isn't. This curious shirt can be found at stores in spring/summer 2010
Marks Spencer Distressed Faux Classic This shirt takes the concept of 'faux wear' or distressing to the extreme. To the point that a chunk of Sonic's head is missing. The shirt is supposed to look old/classic as it uses classic stock Sonic (though not a super common one) and the old logo. However, the large amount of distressing to the design kind of breaks it up a bit. This shirt should be available at Marks & Spencer stores in the UK in 2010. Owned & photographed by Alexandra Paxman
The 'die cut tag' people are at it again, with their bright Sonic shirts in variant colors. These two have a Sonic & Knuckles & striped theme. The Sonic is likely to be a plastic piece. Their names are written various ways all over the shirts and in the 'title tag' like one, curiously Knuckles gets first billing. Again with the kid sizes, but they do go fairly big. Choose your fave color in 2010!
The UK and USA Hot Topic stores both decided to carry the same VERY cool Knuckles sweatshirt at the same time. It's a hoodie you should def. take a look at! See it on USA Winter Wear 2, along with its details. Info by Pur-Rulz
Mosaic Dots Sonic Face Tee Even if you've already got a Sonic face themed likely don't have one like THIS!
This extra-interesting design is actually a mosaic of tiny dots that form Sonic's face. The dots are little metal studs/flat beads stuck into the cloth. They give the design an interesting look and texture. The inset shows a close up of the stud size. NEXT released this shirt. It was 14.99 came in sizes from 3 to 11 year olds (so it's pretty small, and might not fit you) Info provided by:
Lycra blue Sonic & Shadow sport tee This Sonic & Shadow shirt is most likely produced by the mysterious 'die cut tag' company that's responsible for many of the 'loud'ly designed modern shirts. This one, however, has a bit more class, using cool blues and an almost water-like pattern for the background. They've chosen two pieces of non-over-used Sonic & Shadow stock art, and arranged them dynamically. The shirt really looks as though it has 'movement' to it. It's made of that lycra fabric again (thin, bike-shorts type) which means the designs are integrated, not inked on. Sonic X logos appear on the sleeves and in the center. This should be available in most kids' sizes, and is mostly found via Ebay of the UK. Discovered by Berzerker