Brittish Sonic the Hedgehog Clothing Title
More new and fun clothing to collect for 2008-all seasons.
GAME is still producing shirts, but another store NEXT is getting in on the action also. Keep an eye on the mystery company as well, they're going wild with loads of variant color designs! Choose your favorite, then shop in Europe or bid on Ebay to get these fresh looking Sonic X shirts for yourself. Reminder: *Always* check the size before bidding on Ebay, these may range from tiny-kid to regular adult sizes.
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Red Tappin' Foot Sonic Tee The 'fake vintage' shirt is a pre-faded red color, with 'pre worn out' classic Sonic design. With the close-up you can see the pitting, wear and holes they've purposely added to the paint to make this look old and used, before you even buy it. NEXT is a store in England. Old-Look Next-Store Red Tappin' Sonic Shirt
It could be similar to GAME. The upper right of the right-side photo shows the printed on Sonic logo, NEXT logo and copyright. No tag to scratch at or lose...this is a good idea. The Sonic appears like a stock-art, but if it is, it wasn't a common one. He's facing exactly profile, even his hand, while tapping the back foot. The art is still spot on and it really has the classic feel to would be even more interesting if they are actually generating new "old" stock arts...Photo provided by:
Heroes Promo Tee Bonus This is a promo-item (obviously) for Sonic Heroes.
You could obtain this shirt if you pre-ordered a copy of the game at certain game stores in the UK. The shirt is plain and white all over, except the printed on Team Sonic and the game's logo. The tag has the Sega copyrights, so it is a legitimate item (though it slightly resembles an iron-on)
Burgundy Varient Shirt Gray/Yellow Variant Shirt
Blue Varient Shirt
Each one is exactly alike except the colors. You can see a line-art of Chris punching the air among lines and dots in the background, while Sonic and Shadow are both doing the jumping punch. Shadow has his name written down the side vertically...but Sonic's is a bit harder to see. (above his head) The standing Sonic is another of their plastic appliques. Which color scheme do you like best? You can bid for these on Ebay in 2008, and then again in 2010
Black variant Sonic Shadow X Shirt
This company is going wild with color variants!
Here you can choose from 4 different versions of the same Sonic/Shadow/Chris shirt.
Blue Squares X Long Sleeve Sonic This appears to be the company's first long sleeve (or possibly three-quarters) sleeve offering. Curiously as well, the shirts are essentially opposites. Where the sleeves are red, they are blue. Where the squares are dark/light orange they become dark/light blue. It's the same for the collars. Yellow Squares X Long-Sleeve
It is interesting to see such directly opposite colors creating a varient shirt. The Sonic is printed on, and is standing infront of gradient shaded rounded boxes, forming a large 'pixel' "X" for Sonic X. The logo of course, is in the corner, as they generally like for this to be pretty big among the designs.
Speed Freak Classic Style Shirt Logo Announce to everyone your association with Sonic with this shirt.
The shirt here isn't remarkable at all, it's all the same color with no special features, so just the logo appears. Classic running Sonic stock art has been reduced to a line drawing (and after-image) with the large stencil-font proclaiming "Speed Freak" above the classic logo. This is another one which looks somewhat pre-worn. These are available at GAME stores in 2008. Photo by GagaMan
Sonic Collage Spandex Blue Shirt
No one's seen the last of the spandex, with this shirt.
This is another 'cycling-type cloth' shirt. The all-over design has various Sonic X stock arts, such as arm cross, pointing, jumping and standing. These are done in an almost water-marked blue tone style for the background. The main image is 'thumbs up' Sonic over a large Sonic X logo. Two more full color logos are on the sleeves. No special ink is ever used on these, so the fabric is just dyed with the colors to create the design. Available in 2008.
Front Punch Sonic X Long Sleeve Shirt Here come more of mystery co.'s shirts! This time it's a simple drawing of 'front punch' Sonic with several line-screen/watermark style copies in the background and a big name. Unlike their previous efforts, these are long sleeved, but they do not appear to be a true under-sleeve like what the USA's Top Heavy uses. The green variant though, is rather loud! Both photos found by FinalApocalypse. Front Punch Hot Green Long Variant
Topman Store Retro & Jp Style Shirt This shirt is from the Topman store, which is in Ireland. As you can see here it has the Topman tag in the shirt and also on the paper tag. The shirt itself is another 'retro styled' one complete with the 'distressing' or fake-wear to the design. It's a curious mix of english comic-book style sound effects (Bang, ka-blong, etc) with Sonic's name written twice in Japanese at the bottom. (2nd row says Sonic * the * hedgehog) The background is a starburst, but sort of 'chipped away' in the middle to reveal what looks like a picture of wires. It will cost about 16 pounds and comes in normal sizes. You CAN order it from their website in 2009. Shirt photographed and owned by Buzzthebatgirl
Summer of Sonic Heroes Prize Shirt Here's a shirt that was actually a prize at the Summer of Sonic event!
This Sonic Heroes theme tee was a give-away item there. As you can see it doesn't have anything on the front or back (somewhat unusual) but it uses the 3 stripes and logo on both of the sleeves. It's a good quality shirt with good printing too, it's not cheap just because it was a prize. This was also a pre-order give-away prize shirt at the store GAME, if you pre ordered Heroes there, you'd get this. Shirt owned and photographed by: MetalMandible , added info by JenHedgehog
Really bright colors return again as whatever company this is lets out another of their odd lycra/stretch shirts. This time in orange with more of their 'great' yellow. This shirt again sees a bit of a mash-up with picnic-havin' Chris, Amy and Tails (who seems to have eaten something good) in the background while they sprinkle in arm-cross Sonic and mildly agitated Shadow. Not content to stop there, the background has an even larger (but fade) Sonic and Knuckles (who is blending in) Plus logos on the sleeves and a red collar. This is a good shirt if you need something quite busy! Available Winter/Spring 09
Big Name Reflection Sonic X Long Sleeve The same company (as above) has produced one of their less common long-sleeve shirts, though it's still obsessed with being colorful. The sleeves are navy, the fake short-sleeves are red, and the shirt is yellow blue and orange so really a viewer can't get much of a break. The main feature here is something a bit different though, with "Sonic X" written really large both frontwards and backwards as jumping Sonic hovers above it all. What looks like 'sparkles' inside and raining down from the letters are actually smaller letters spelling out 'Sonic X' again, but vertically. Available Winter/Spring 09
NEXT Co. Red Sonic Tshirt photo This shirt takes a nice and different approach. Using run/behind Sonic X style Sonic, it makes the graphic so large that he spreads over onto the sleeve and takes up most of the side of the shirt. It's def. something different than what has come before, and it is not overly busy.

This is available in 2009 for about 10 pounds from website. Do they ship world wide if you want this? Do you have to give them pounds for it? All 4 items in this block (2 shirts, 2 shorts) are all available from this same store at the same time. Photo discovered by sonikkou-no-uta

Red Boys Shadow Swimming Trunks Here are two cool bathing suits for boys. The blue Sonic one is accented with red at the top and gives Sonic a bit of a red border too. It uses the same concept as the above shirt run/behind Sonic done quite large so that he almost becomes a design. Both use elastic wasit with drawstring top. The shadow shorts may be slightly confusing at a distance as his red stripe blends into the color of the material quite easily. Still, they chose a good art for him and the suit is stylish. It should also be noted that girls can wear these too, as regular shorts in most cases if they still fit. Both of these are 14 pounds each. Photo discovered by sonikkou-no-uta Blue Sonic Boys Swim Shorts
Sonic & Shadow Near & Far Black Tee This shirt has a bit of perspective in the art with 'charge Sonic' stock being applied quite large and spilling off the edge for a 'near' look while Shadow is overlapped slightly into the background for a 'far' look. Again, it's a good and interesting use of the art to make the design stand out without being cluttery or 'samey' looking. Photo discovered by sonikkou-no-uta
Checkered Sonic Underwear for males Finally, Sonic underware re-appears! And this time, you can likely wear it. (Unlike the only previous pair which was kiddie-size only) This underware is for males and looks like a combo of regular underwear and a boxer short. With elastic legs and waistband it has the clinging power of a regular underwear. They went with an all-classic ASOS Mens Underwear Classic Sonic
look here, using red checkers and various classic stock arts all over for quite a busy design. The classic logo is a tag on the waist band. You can see the paper tag with ASOS on it in the photo. You can buy these in Fall 2009 at the ASOS Online Store. They should be about 7Pound (really? 14+ dollars for 1 pair of underwear?) But does this store ship outside of England where it is located? Owned & photographed by Buzzthebatgirl
This wheel-like design/background shirt could be found in winter 2009. Available in 2 styles seen here, and mostly in kids' sizes, it's by the die-cut tag company again. This shirt uses plastic-coated Sonic, along with some dynamic new Sonic X art for Sonic & Shadow. The cog/wheel like design adds interest to the background. With not over-used art, this shirt is cool.
The 'opposite variant' seen at bottom right appeared in 2010. Apparently they just like turning out shirts. Should still be kicking around ebay if you can find your size.
Yellow Brown Red Wheel Sonic X Shadow Shirt
Black Gray yellow Sonic & Shadow Shirt
Yellow/Black Sonic Shadow Wheel Shirt
5 character loud Sonic X Shirt
For this mysterious company, 'lycra' seems synonamous with 'loud' and this shirt is no exception. Amid hot blue geomatric patterns, giant bright red letter 'x's and scatterings of small stock art groups (see sleeves) you can find 5 characters on this stretchy thin-cloth tee. Tails, Eggman, Knuckles, Sonic & Shadow all appear but are caught up in the boldness of the all-over busy design. As usual, the front is the same as the back, and both sleeves have characters & the Sonic X logo on them. This shirt is available in winter 2009.