Brittish Sonic the Hedgehog Clothing Title
More new and fun clothing to collect for 2014 and 2016-all seasons.
You can now find shirts at GAME, NEXT and Asda, as well as other stores. You should be able to find several of the items on this page at Marks & Spencers also. Unfortunately some of the online stores only ship to EU addresses so keep it in mind before you order. Reminder: *Always* check the size before bidding on Ebay, these may range from tiny-kid to regular adult sizes, depending on the maker/where you buy.
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Marks Spencers Silver Deco Style Tee Now here's something classy from Marks & Spencers! They use shiny silvertone ink to great effect with this Art Deco inspired Sonic design. It has nice navy-blue line art for running modern Sonic & the logo. The border is silver & geometric, while letting part of the art cross its boundry. There's also a silver streak behind Sonic, but it's solid while he's not, which adds contrast & connects to the border. This is a really well thought-out design on a long sleeve shirt. The design is large & noticible, but it's a lot classier & artier than one might expect. Really, a stand-out piece.
London 2012 Sonic Mario Olympics Tee Celebrate the summer games with this Sonic & Mario Olympic Games at London 2012 tee. It has CG art for Sonic & Mario, with the game logo at their feet. The background is the red & white lines from the Brittish flag, while the shirt is light blue. You can see the paper tag with logo, showing it's an official item, but where is this from? Is it a pre order bonus with the game? Could you buy it in a store near the games? Write in if you know the details behind this tee.
Sports Direct Black Sonic Tee
Here's a tee from Sports Direct. It's a youth sizes 7 to 13, and is a bout 3.99 pound. The design here is pretty cool, it uses the colors found on Sonic to spell out his name / logo at the top. There's an outline (gray) of him in the background, in a different pose too. Notice the design on the sleeve as well. This tee has had some thought put into the design. This is a 2013 design. Photo by:
Here are 2 promo items for Sonic Unleashed / World Adventure. These were released to promote the game, were they pre-order items? There's a mottled gray hoodie sweat shirt & tee. Both have a simple werehog art, but the Unleashed logo appears on the front of the sweat shirt only, & on the teeshirt sleeve. There's "distressing" (cuts & marks in the design on purpose,
as opposed to 'faux wear' which is more where the design is ground down on purpose) inset for copyright & detail. Sweatshirt was never really released/low numbers produced. Appeared later in a goods prize pack. Was "unleashed" called "World Adventure" in all of Europe? Photo discovered by: Kye, Tee & added info by Kitsune Li
All Stars Racing Transformed Speed Star Tee Sega All Stars Racing Transformed inspires this nice CG & fade tee. It features the Speed Star in all 3 different modes from the game, plus the logo. The blue fade for the background vs the white sleeves is a nice touch. It helps the CG art for the cars stand out. There isn't really a shirt that looks like this one, so if you want something unique, this is a good one in 2013. This is from NEXT and can be from 11 t o 14 pounds, with sizes from 3 all the way to 16, so it should fit almost everybody.
Orange Modern Style Sports Direct Shirt Here are 2 different tees by Sports Direct. The orange at left has a nice, big modern Sonic going off 3 edges of the shirt, with the logo at the top. Orange is a bit of an unusual color choice here, but it works out all right. At right is a green classic style forward facing Sonic, with even larger logo. (Likely neo-classic art) He's going off 3 sides of the tee as well. Both are 4.99 pound , in sizes 7 through 13. Green Classic Style Sport Direct
Greenish Aqua Sonic Long Sleeve Tee 2 Long sleeve selections by Sports Direct. Both are from 2013, and surprisingly inexpensive, at only 3.99 pound each. The left is an unusual color of sort of aqua blue-ish greenish that you don't often see for a Sonic shirt. It has 'falling/jump' modern Sonic with after image type fade. The right is pretty stylish in all black/white for both shirt & design. The Sonic graphic here is big, but it may have that 'faux wear' stuff going on. Black tee is sizes 5 thru 13, while the green is size 7 thru 13. Black White Gray Long Sleeve Sonic Shirt
The One & Only Sonic Pajama Set This is a pajama set! It has a black sleep shirt with rainbow hued line-art of Sonic plus the modern logo placed sideways. The slogan here is "The One And Only" written on a curve above him. It comes with blue pants, with a black stripe down the side. The logo appears near the ankle of the pants, once again vertical. It's great to see Sonic design on both parts of the outfit. Notice the modern logo tag in the back of the shirt part. This is 9 pounds, in sizes 4 through 12. It can be found at Asda in 2013.
Hidden Palace Zone Knuckles Tee
Here's a shirt that's just from , which only works for UK & (likely) European areas. It's Knuckles themed, but slightly subtle, with a bit of an Art Deco type feel to the design. It says "Hidden Palace Zone" at the top with "Knuckles The Echidna" and "Master Emerald" in the design at the bottom. There are different sizes of rings & stars, plus a Knuckles head sihlouette type thing. You can see the logo printed into the collar at the top. (so it is official) This is a great shirt for if you'd like something really different from the standard fare. It is 14.99 pound in 2013. Photo discovered by ShadowFoxx757
Jumping Twist Sonic Blue & Green Tee Is this another of those lycra material tees that was so popular in the UK area back when Sonic X was new? The colors used here make it look like it could be. The bottom half is green, while the top has a mottled blue to look like clouds. Sonic is in the 'jumping twist' pose (Which did not exist at the start of Sonic X, as a stock art, so this is a newer tee) with his name in a different orange font. It's not as busy as other shirts, & looks pretty cool. Do you know where this can be found or what it is made out of?
3 Sonic X theme lycra shirts for kids Here are 3 tees all made from that soft stretchy 'bike shorts' lycra material. Each are from the early times of Sonic X. The middle one you've seen before, it's on UK Clothes 1, but this is a better view of it / better cut of the fabric so you can really tell that
it's Eggman there in the background, despite all the busy Sonics everywhere. The far left one is a bit of an odd pick, as it has Chris, Grandpa & Sam Speed with probably Talils' plane in the background? The photo was always tiny so it's hard to tell what is going on there. The right side one has a stack of the Sonic X 'face profile sihlouette' shapes, but in each one there is a different character portrait. The background fades from hot lime green to blue. The portraits use Sonic, Chris, Eggman & Knuckles. Each shirt always has logos on both sleeves.
Sonic 3 Themed pixel sprites sweaters These "sweaters" have a Sonic 3 theme & lots of different fun pixel designs...but are they really sweaters, or are they sweat shirts? A sweater is something woven out of big fibers (ex. yarn) that you can see, often with texture of some kind too, while a sweatshirt has a smooth exterior & usually fuzzy interior. It comes in a mens' or ladies fit (Though they don't look much different) & are adult sizes only. Look at the nice variety of designs they use: a ring, Knuckles who is laughing, standing, gliding, running, Tails who is running, spin jumping, flying, standing Sonic who is rolling, standing, waiting/tapping & dieing (yeah...) Eggman who is laughing/standing, in Egg o matic, frazzling?, running, and then a star bumper, crab meat, chop chop & buzz bomber. With 4 sprites for everybody, plus a batch of badniks, it makes this design pretty busy too. These are 39.99 pound each, which seems rather steep for a long sleeve shirt. This is a 2014 item. Discovered by ShadowFoxx757
Sonic X vs Shadow Gray Tee
This is a Sonic X themed shirt, which uses the 'jumping' art for both Sonic & Shadow. They're faced opposing eachother, with some random yellowish explosions in the foreground & background. Is it to imply a clash? Shadow's name is at the top in a different font. The shirt looks a bit washed out, but that's because a ray of sunlight is falling directly on it in the photo. This was released during (not at the start of) Sonic X. Photo & owned by DarkwingUK
Winter Time Sweater
This sweater is meant to be a bit "Ironic". It is sometimes labeled "Terrible Winter Sweater". There are similar 8 bit & 16 bit themed official sweaters for other games popping up to wear in some sort of "tacky irony" way. The sweater itself is not overly busy, nor particularly tacky looking. If the design had been on a tee, it's likely no one would have batted an eye at it. The way the sweater is knit, helps the art to look 16 bit pixelated.
The Green Hill Zone ground has had white trees added to the background & the sky has various sizes of snowflakes & dots added. Giant Sonic stands in the foreground, while Eggman in his Egg o Matic is shown flying in the sky. The snowflakes continue on down the long sleeves. This is an adult sizes only item in fall/winter 2014. Where is it sold?
All-Over Green Hill Design Shirt This is an all-over print shirt, with great Green Hill theme. The pattern takes the entire screen for the shirt's design, printing on every part front & back. Because it's kept so big, it's not overly pixelated, and the design appears clear, bright & colorful. Sonic's sprite is correctly sized for the background as well, further contributing to the good look. Sonic is in his 'foot tap' frame, near a red spring.
The good news is that this is a men's-size shirt, so it's range of sizes should fit anyone. (Just use a small for kids & teens) This is likely to be a Primark item. (unconfirmed)
4 Squares Weathered Mens Tee This dark blue men's tee shirt is more subtly Sonic than other items. It uses only white paint, with some faux wear. In each of 4 squares, there's something at least somewhat Sonic. The first has the letter "S" in the Sonic logo font, the next, a circle swirl shape, found in title-cards for the games sometimes and on other items as a background shape, then a star, and finally a close cropped white outline only modern portrait. The middle has speed-pad type or traction type markings.
This is another item from the website, but do keep in mind they only ship to the UK area. This shirt was added to their 2015 fall fashion line up.