Brittish Sonic the Hedgehog Clothing Title
More new and fun clothing to collect for 2010 and 2011-all seasons.
GAME is still producing shirts, but another store NEXT is getting in on the action also. You should be able to find several of the items on this page at Marks & Spencers also. Unfortunately some of the online stores only ship to EU addresses so keep it in mind before you order. Reminder: *Always* check the size before bidding on Ebay, these may range from tiny-kid to regular adult sizes, depending on the maker/where you buy.
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Classic Style Color After-image Shirt This long sleeve double tee is similar in style to ones made by TopHeavy in the USA. However, this shirt is found at Marks & Spencers. The black shirt with yellow sleeves makes a nice contrast, and the colored after-images to the classic running stock Sonic add interest. With fresh colors and an interesting approach, the art doesn't feel stale. Photographed & owned by Kari.
Go Sonic Go Tesco Red Shirt This red double tee is from Tesco. It says "Go Sonic Go" in a blocky textured font, with classic style 'getting ready to run' Sonic as a nice large art. The red surprisingly doesn't really clash with his shoes, and it maintains a classic feel without resorting to 'fake wear' on the design. Photographed & owned by Kari.
Sonic & Knuckles classic style long sleeve It's interesting to see this classic styled Sonic & Knuckles shirt. It uses some of the updated/seldom-used classic style stock art for both of them, but it makes it look like Sonic may be leaning on Knuckles. For some reason they chose a green background for the shirt, and gray sleeves. It doesn't clash badly or anything, it is just a somewhat unusual color choice. This can be found at Marks & Spencer. Photographed & owned by Kari.
Sonic & Knuckles Modern Green Shirt One green S & K shirt not enough for you? Here's another! This one uses modern Sonic & Knuckles. It is done under the Sonic X label, and brings in a new font for Knuckles' name. Both are shown leaping foreward, so this is a more dynamic design. The shirt is the same color (right down to the green/gray sleeve combo) as the one above. This can be found at Marks & Spencer. Photographed & owned by Kari.
Gems dots NEXT Sonic X pose shirt Here's another really interesting tee that has a design made up of little shiny bits. Remember the old one? It had Sonic's face. This one has the Sonic X 'aggrivated' stock art, but it is totally composed of little gems, which are likely painted metal studs pierced through the shirt. This makes it shiny & detailed. The effect is quite unique, and seems to work well here. With the inset, you can see how they all align to make the design. This is from NEXT in 2011. Photo & owned by Shadouge
Summer of Sonic 2011 Official Shirt This is the official shirt made just for Summer of Sonic 2011. The front has little cute scribble/doodle Sonic, and the upper back has the Summer of Sonic 2011 logo in yellow & orange (inset) with Sonic Team face/logo. The design is cute & simple, rather understated. This could only be aquired if you attended the event. Since it's an event-only item, it is rare. Photo & owned by LittlePidgey4
Free Riders Orange Shirt This is a kids size shirt from NEXT. It's got a nice big Free Riders design, with Sonic, Jet, Tails, Knuckles and even Storm Albatross (in the back) on a muted orange fabric. This should be about 12 pound at NEXT in 2011. Photo & owned by Shadouge Different fonts Sonic name shirt This shirt adds interest to the background, by spelling out "Sonic" in four different fonts with 4 different colors. The effect makes for a decent background with the large modern Sonic. The logo, in black & white is unobtrusive in the corner. This is in kids sizes only, and should cost about 6 pounds. It can be found at Matalan store in summer 2011. Photo & owned by Shadouge.
Asda Kids Big Sonic modern tee Here's a fun blue shirt with full-bleed edge Sonic design. (He's so big he runs off all sides of the shirt) It can be found in Asda stores in 2011, & only costs 6 pounds. However, it is only in little kids sizes, so it probably won't fit. Photo by Shadouge
Kids size Sonic Shadow Red Tee
This red shirt is only made in kids sizes (unlikely to fit most people, why do they do this) & only costs about 6 pound at Sainsburys, appearing in Summer 2011. It has the new art for Sonic & Shadow, but the perspective is a bit off (look at Shadows' giant shoe!) Photo by Shadouge
Sonic double after image shirt This bright red shirt uses the seldom-used modern 'determined running Sonic' stock art where he looks slightly aggrivated. For effect he has two solid color after-images. This costs 6 pounds, and is in kids sizes only. You can find it at ASDA stores in summer 2011. Photo & owned by Shadouge. Yellow modern big Sonic design shirt This bright yellow shirt can be found at Debenhams stores in 2011. The Sonic art is nice and big, going off all 4 edges of the shirt for effect. Unfortunately, it's only available in kids sizes. You can see the black & checker tag at the top of the photo. Photo by Shadouge.
Play More Sleep Less Long Sleeve Shirt Here's a fun slogan shirt which says "Play More Sleep Less" and has 3 (rotated differently) classic spinning Sonics for the design. This was found at Tesco in 2011, & is a long sleeve. Photo & owned by KariXIII
Eggman Industries Logo Tee The UK shirt shop (and possibly online retailer) "Insert Coin" has produced this slightly subtle shirt. It is Eggman's logo from the games, and the sub-text says in Japanese Eggman & Eggman Industries. This shirt is a must have for Eggman fans! Unfortunately it's about 25 pounds which puts it in quite a costly area for a tee. There is also another shirt which has a Sonic reference. Photo still needed. (NOT the 'graphic mockup' of the shirt)
Asda Classic Sonic Rings Green Hill Tee This fun classic style tee tries to work in some game elements, like a floating shelf from Green Hill, & some rings, but Sonic is the element that's way too big. It still makes for a nice & different presentation. It can be found in Asda stores in 2011, & only costs 6 pounds. However, it is only in little kids sizes, so it probably won't fit. Photo by Shadouge Sonic Advance Double Shaded Shirt Here's a bright long-sleeve double shirt from NEXT. It has Sonic Advance line art with a double (2 blues) back-shadow. Simple, but nice looking. Kids sizes only, should be about 8.00 pounds. Photo by Shadouge
Sonic FreeRiders Shadow Hoodie Here are 2 cool and unusual Sonic Free Riders tops. The left is a hoodie sweatshirt from NEXT. It has Sonic on his hover board with the different gloves, shoes & goggles, then interestingly enough places Shadow in his new gloves & goggles in the background. It's 17 pounds, but still only in small sizes (unfortunately!) The right shirt is a long sleeve 'double tee' with just FR Sonic & the logo over a screen-tone dots background. It is from Debenhams, and is 13 pounds. It says 'kids' but the sizes can vary. Both of these appear in fall 2011. Photos by Shadouge Sonic Free Riders long Sleeve double tee
Sections Sonic Colored Wedges Yellow Tee Fun & trendy! This bright yellow short sleeve has a rectangle divided up into wedges & colors...however it also divides up the Sonic art for added interest. With bright colors & interesting design, it's too bad this is kids sizes only. Available at NEXT in 2011, it's about 8.50 pound. Photo by Shadouge Metal Sonic NEXT Tee Look at this great Metal Sonic tee! Modern stock pieces for Sonic & Metal Sonic appear to clash with eachother in this dynamic looking design. Too bad it's too small for almost everyone to wear! This shirt is in only kiddie sizes...a real shame because of the great & unusually large Metal Sonic art. Available at NEXT stores in fall 2011, for 11 pound. Fits only people 3 to 10 years. Photo by Shadouge
Rainbow Line Art Sonic Black Shirt Nice & unusual! This all black tee appears to have a false hot-green undertee (or border?) The art is the newer 2011 jumping modern Sonic, but done as a line art in stripe-thru rainbow colors.You can find this at Debenhams for about 4.50 pound, depending on the size. Photo by: Blue Sonic Hoodie Sweat Shirt This light blue hoodie sweat shirt has a dark lining, pockets & zip front. The Sonic X
forward jumping-punch Sonic is used here, but he's really big sized, splashed across the front for good effect. This can be found at NEXT in 2012
Pale green Sonic board tee Pale green is an unusual color for a Sonic shirt, so this 1 will stand out in a collection. It has CG Sonic riding on a board of some kind. Is it a Snowboard? With blue stripes & his name on the bottom. The logo sits at the base of the design while shapes make up the background. This can be found in sizes 4-6 up to 9-10, in Asda stores. It should be about 6 pounds. Photo discovered by:
Blue Repeating Name Sonic Hoodie Here's a nicely designed hoodie in dark blue. It has a zip front, and 3 different colors of Sonic's name written repeatedly all over. The Sonic graphic is large, so it appears on
both halves for a nice effect. This was at Asda in 2011 in sizes 4- 10.
4 Square Portraits Classic Style Here is a black tee with 4 square portraits. Each square is a solid color with simple line art of a character's face. Sonic in blue, Eggman in red, Tails in yellow and...Knuckles in Orange? Why didn't he get the red square? All are classic styled (look at Eggman's giant teeth) & the classic logo appears at the bottom in white. This appeared in Sainsburys' but it isn't known when.
Orange Tee with Football Soccer Sonic More with football / soccer Sonic! This tan/orange tee has what looks like a unique (to it) modern Sonic graphic, or perhaps a piece from Sonic X re-purposed into
Sonic Name Dots Black Shirt This cool black tee is rather unusual with it's interesting design. A big modern Sonic graphic seems to jump/hover above "SONIC" written in shades of yellow through red, in dots. But where can you buy this? Write in if you have seen it.
'kicking' the ball. (though it really looks like he was meant to be doing that) This is from 2008.