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American Sonic The Hedgehog Home Decor
Still more things for your Sonic themed room or home. The trend seems to continue with more vintage items (for home decor) rather than new ones. Will Sonic X keep coming through to bring us more interesting housewares and collectibles? Only time will tell.
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Way Cool Sonic Pillow Case Gotta Juice Pillow Case Simple
These photos are 2 sides of the same pillow case. It's a rather simple thing, with a few checkers and a blue band with "Sonic" on it, as well as the old standby stock-arts. The curious thing about this is the sayings written on it. "Way Cool" on one side and "Gotta Juice" on the other. As you know, "Gotta Juice" is ONLY from the SatAm Sonic show, (at this time) where running was referred to as 'juicing' for some reason (although now it means using steroids...) That makes this one of few things from the USA that actually reference the SatAm show. This is copyright in 1994 though. Photo by wavelflack
Sonic Night Purple Sleeping Bag While they can sometimes be unzipped and used as blankets, sleeping bags are not really something to decorate your room with. However, it's still house-wares related so...
Here is an interesting Sonic sleeping bag. They've created a somewhat game inspired night scene for him, with checkered ground, pattern water and some "Sonic 1" type hills, complete with full moon on the horizon. There are also pale 'line like' stars in the purple sky, but they are somewhat hard to see in the photo. The interior is not designed, and just solid color. This sleeping bag shares an unfortunate quality with others about the site that use this art: they have left off the white 'eye shines' on the Sonic stock-art, so it looks a little flat and dull. Still, a sleeping bag is a rather interesting Sonic item for your collection. Photo by wavelflack
Sonic Amy Tails X Wall Scroll
Wall Scrolls may be making a comeback in 2007-2008 due to Sonic X.
There are likely more of these than just the one you see here. The one from the previous USA Home Decor page may be from it's set. This one has some obviously tossed on there stock arts. "Charging Pose" Sonic is extra big, and with the placement of the Amy Rose, their feet look like they'd be co-existing in the same space. (polygon clipping!) Charge Pose Sonic looks frusterated, Amy looks worried and shy, and then for some reason Tails is up in the 'air' sleeping on nothing. The background is sweeps of color...with a semi-reflected logo in the 'floor', plus another logo at the top. This is rather abstract for a wall scroll with no real theme or perspective. Photo by sonicrulz14
Nintendo Power Riders & Chronicals Posters Sometimes magazines come with bonus items inside, like pull-out posters or stickers. Nintendo Power magazine had these posters inside. Each poster has 2 sides. The Sonic Chronicles one has the (extremely detailed) art for the Green Hill Zone map you explore in the game on the other side and the Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity poster has another promotional picture featuring Sonic and Jet the Hawk in the transport tubes seen in the opening and closing CGI movies using Gravity Dive on hovercars.
Photos & info by fueledbychaos
Sonic the hedgehog light switch plate
Take a step back into the 1990s with this oldschool switch plate.
It features old-style Sonic, who is odd, in that he's quite nearly 100% symmetrical, and faced foreward in a jumping pose. It isn't based on any stock arts of the era, which makes it even more unique. It's function is also slightly obscure. Most switch plates have a hole in them to put the switch through...but not this one. It may be for a 'sliding switch' or 'dimmer' where you're actually moving the Sonic figure to control the switch. The background appears to be floating cubes or something. This is highly uncommon. Photo discovered by Streakthefox
Sonic comforter blanket close up photo Sonic comforter blanket in a bag One of two known Comforter/Padded Blankets sold in the USA. These are big, and can cover a single or double bed. Filled with fibers for extra warmth. This one features big color stock-art sonics and a nice assortment of chalk-line style stock arts. It is reversable with the red side underneath. You can find these occaisonally on Ebay Auctions... BUT expect to pay OVER $50 USD to get one. Original retail was around $25. Was known to have been made by "Ramallla Inc"
The above shots are of the blanket still in the bag, from the SonicGear personal collection. These two shots are what you get when you take it out. It is reversable, as seen here...and also extremely busy. There's practically a Sonic on every square inch and no room to rest the eye. Out of package shots discovered by Finalapocalypse.
Room Accessories Card Set NIP
Aside from the usual blankets and sheet sets, you'd need this set here to give your room a total Sonic makeover. This is a sort of 'room cloth accessories set' meant to add extra Sonic detail around a room. This includes a standard sham, a valance (that's the thing that goes above a curtain) pole top panels, and dust-ruffles for two different bed sizes. (But what do you do with the 2nd ruffle?) This set is likely to match with the sheets set NIP on USA Home Decor 1, rather than the blanket above. Covered with more stock art, this one is also clearly quite busy. This set is rare-er than any of the blankets. It was available in 1997.
Ramalla Inc Room Set Sonic Theme Now HERE's a Sonic themed room! This room ad is by Ramalla Inc. You can see some of their stuff in the photos directly above, but all of it was never gotten together before the appearance of this rare ad. You can see the bags/close ups up there, but this is what it does when spread out. Look for the dust ruffle, pillow sham (2 types red & pattern) sheets, fitted sheet, comforter blanket, curtains, valence (puffy top thing) plush doll (on the bed) & red square pillow (on bed & TV stand) The pillow has not yet been found. Did Ramalla dabble in plushes? It's interesting to see just how much they made to Sonic-ify your room! Photo by:
This is the "Mini Reactor Game Chair." You can see an ad for this in the back of the manual for Sonic Unleashed. This is by "Ultimate Game Chair" and "it is their first chair designed for the 3-to-9 year old crowd. It has four high-impact vibrating motors and 3D-stereo sound, is compatible with all consoles, as well as music & movies & has a picture of Sonic, which appears on the seat back and wraps around the chair for a three-dimensional effect. It is available in Red & Blue"

First of all, like too many Sonic things, it's tiny. Waaay too small for anyone over the age of probably around

Mini Reactor Video Game Chair with Sonic Red Version Sonic Reactor Game Chair Kids
7 or 8-ish. It measures 25 ¾ inches (H) by 14 ½ inches (W), so unless your butt is under 15 inches wide, you won't fit. The 2nd problem with the chair is the price. $70 seems a bit too much for something everyone will outgrow right away. There isn't anything wrong with buying a large game chair, then being able to use it for life. Especially at $70.00 you really want something you can keep. HOWEVER if you want to collect this chair or sit on it anyway (it's solid, not like it's going to break if you're not 9 years old) you can use the code "MINI" to get 10% off of it at Ultimate Game in 2010. Photo and info by Sonikku. Red chair photo and coupon by Ultimate Game Chair.
Gameworks Sonic Shot Glass Shooter Glass
Here are some Sonic collectable glasswares that you can win.
These are Gameworks prizes which can only be gotten by trading them for tickets. You can get a Shooter Glass (tall) for 300 tickets or a Shot Glass (short) for 250 tickets. Though anyone can drink out of them (if you like small portions) they're meant for serving alcohol beverages so these are technically classified as 'adult' type items. It's nice to see something that isn't geared toward overly young fans (such as miniature chairs which will be outgrown too quickly) and provides some variety. They chose a fairly nice design for him as well, avoiding stale stock art and going with a more Sonic X type look. Photo by Scavenger4food
Sonic Airboard Jet Wall Poster Jet the Hawk Riders Only Poster Toys N Joys has created a whole series of really neat Sonic themed posters and wall scrolls. You can buy them online in Spring 2009 at !
Here are 2 Riders themed posters, the first with a detailed background and other riders, and the second one, unusually enough, with ONLY Jet the Hawk. Despite being a rival (rather than a nemisis) this may be the only item he appears on solo. It's great if you're a Jet fan! It also shows they're not afraid to reach out and do other characters.

BUT BEWARE of Toys N Joys! Click link for reviews FIRST.

Knuckles Red Wall Scroll Shadow Gun Wall Scroll Shadow Crouch Wallscroll Three more non-Sonic wall scrolls. Knuckles looks all right on his red and steelplate background, though if it doesn't go with your room, you're out of luck. Shadow's gun poster is really rather menacing, which is curious
because who really wants an angry scroll aiming a gun at them while they sleep. The horizontal Shadow one looks like a scene from his game, as he crouches in a city at twilight. He looks slightly perplexed here, which is another unusual move, but again, it's NOT more of the 'same old thing' with any of these scrolls!
Sonic Shadow Knuckles Running Poster Leaping Sonic Wall Decoration Poster Running Pointing Sonic Solo Scroll Three scrolls, all using CG art from one of the games. (Likely Sonic 360) The first obviously lends its running/pointing Sonic to the last one. All use some speed-lines and blurring to give them a sense of action coming toward the viewer. Knuckles and Shadow seem a bit oddly dropped in on the first one, but any of them are a pretty decent decoration for a Sonic room.
Sonic Rush Adventure Cast Crew Wall scroll Sonic & Amy SonicX Style Poster Sonic Adventure 1 Wallscroll Is the first poster here the first item to have Marine on it? This poster has the whole cast of Sonic Rush Adventure (Even Capt. Whisker & Johnny!) If you're a Rush Advtr. fan, you can't pass up this poster. The other has just Sonic & Amy in a Sonic X style, but without the X logo. The last poster is obviously from Sonic Adventure 1, so it's likely a re-release or VERY similar to an earlier work.