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Housewares are perfect for making up a dedicated Sonic room, or adding a cool Sonic theme to your room or house. General household items can also appear here, it's not just limited to rooms or bedrooms. You might find Sonic stuff for your kitchen, bath, or almost anywhere! This page will have a mixture of new and vintage items, each should list what era it's from, and will list where it can be found, whenever possible..
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Sonic Colors Wisp Yakker Poster This is a great poster from Sonic Colors. It features Sonic & several white wisps (including Yakker) as well as a Cyan Laser & Drill. This poster is EXTREMELY detailed. (much more-so than this small photo of it can show you) The background is very rich, making it quite visually interesting at a large size on your wall. Colorful & cool, this is a great piece of decor. It can be found at FYE stores for about 9.99 OR 15.99 & at Toys R Us as well. Photo & info discovered by: Blazing Chaos
Metal Sonic Wall Scroll Close Up
You've seen this wall scroll on Home Decor 3, but here it an actual home. You can see the large size, cloth material, and plastic bars at the top and bottom. This extra shot also shows that there is line-art body detail to Metal Sonic in the background, & that the engine interior is yellow. A fantastic poster for Metal fans! This should be available for sale in the SonicGear Store. Photo & owned by Torgetsu Kon.
Set of 4 Sonic Shot Glasses Backstage-Pass is at it again, producing another set of 4 glasses. However, these feature modern SA style art of the same 4 characters (Sonic, Tails, Eggman, Knuckles) on little shot glasses instead of regular drinking glasses. These may be found at Spencers Gifts stores for about 9.99. Photo discovered by Taaron, Eggman glass photo by KennyTheHedgehog
Eggman Shot Glass Close Up
Happy Holidays Sega Snowglobe This little snow globe was made around the time of SA1. It uses the Christmas / Santa Sonic stock art, where he has a hat, coat & sack. It says "Happy Holidays from Sega". This is a snowglobe where the maker could customize the message in the card in back. Usually seen on bootlegs...though this one is official. It was auctioned off by Sega itself in 2011 to raise money to give to the Red Cross to aid victims of the earthquake & tsunami that hit Japan earlier in the year. It was likely a within-company item that was never meant to really be sold.
Glass quality is good, the base is thick.
This square analog clock looks classic, but isn't. It features curled/spinning Sonic in the center (pretty appropriate!) black hands, & a ring where each number would be on the face. It was auctioned off by Sega itself in 2011 to raise money to give to the Red Cross to aid victims of the earthquake & tsunami that hit Japan earlier in the year. Clock also appears at & FYE retail stores in 2011. It should be around 8 dollars. MIB photo by SonicToast
Classic style spinning Sonic square clock MIB Sonic Rings Clock Analog Photo
Checkered Sonic Fleecy Blanket Throw
Here's another cool Sonic blanket to add to your decor. This is made of the 'fleecy' soft material that's the same as the first. It's thin, but relativly warm. The whole blanket is checkered like Green Hill Zone ground, and it has a large classic logo. They've chosen a nice looking dynamic (and not over-used) classic Sonic stock art. It's a good size, and looks nice on the background. Being mainly brown, this will go well with earth-tones in the room, but might be a bit busy due to the size of the squares. Photo & owned by Eneko.
Sonic 3 Promo Plastic Cups These are plastic promo cups. They're a real blast from the past, as they were given out as freebies to promote Sonic 3. You can see "Coming Feb 2 !" at the bottom under the logo. Automatically, you know their year of release was the same as that of Sonic 3. These are likely a USA exclusive promo. The back has the Sega logo, and "Welcome to the next level" (their old slogan/motto type thing) written in the typical line-split wordbreak style. These cups are uncommon now. An identical cup is in the SonicGear collection. Photo discovered by Calistine
Multiple character group shot poster
Here's another great group poster! This one has almost everyone on it (no Babylon) Everyone who appears is done in nice CG, and well posed. The background is that Sonic spiral-like design. You can see the logo in the top corner, and the copyright info in the bottom corner. It's nice that they did the layout of this one 'portrait/vertical' as opposed to the previous poster's horizontal layout. This way, you can have a great group shot in any space on your wall. Photo discovered by A Cat
Sonic Generations E3 2011 Coasters You won't want to set your drink down on these coasters! This round flat paperboard coaster is a piece of swag from the Sonic Boom event at E3 2011. It has the Generations logo on one side, and classic style Sonic on the other, with the phrase "Which Sonic are you?". You could only get this coaster if you bought a drink at the Nokia Club, which was where the party took place. Photo & owned by SonicToast
Sonic Air Freshener Face This is an Air Freshener, and certainly the first modern one. It's a flat thick card piece with hanging string shaped like 'angry Sonic' the classic stock art. The checkered background is part of the package. This smells like vanilla. It can be found at FYE stores in 2011 / summer, and should retail around 2.99 each. This was made by Stunned Mind company. Item is in SonicGear Collection. Photo by Baking Blue Potatoe
Classic style Run Sonic Fleece Throw Here's another fleece/'micro raschel' throw blanket. This one has a simpler pattern (Same on both sides) of 'getting ready to run' stock Sonic, so large that he touches all 4 sides of the piece. The background is a simple black/gray starburst, & the logo is small. Nice for a busy space, seems uncluttered. in design. This appears in FYE stores in summer 2011, should be about $19.99 Photo & owned by Static the Hedgehog.
20th Anniversary Comic Con Minimalist Poster This 22 by 11 poster is likely an example of minimalism. However, it is still rather cute. "stick-Sonic" stands on a simple 1 line plane, while the 20th Anniversary & Sega logos are stamped near the bottom of the otherwise all-white poster. It might be all right in an otherwise busy room. This was given away at the Sega PopUp Arcade down the street from Comic Con 2011. Photo discovered by Taaron.
Green Hill Zone Water Bottle Metal Here's a metal water bottle. It's made of glazed aluminum, with plastic screw cap. It's a pale sky blue color, with Sonic 1 screen graphics of Green Hill Zone for the design. (they're even pixelated / looks 16 bit!) They have added 3 different stock Sonics, (running, rolling & 'dead') to various parts of the scene. The bottle isn't dishwasher safe, so beware of germs when using it. Bottles are hard to clean/hard to tell when/if clean. Made by Stunned Mind/ Toon Labs Ink. Found at Spencers Gifts for only $7.99 in summer 2011. Item is in SonicGear collection. In fall 2011, the 'sipper top' version of the bottle was released. It's still at spencers, for the same price, with the same design. The only difference is the top. Beware this top type, it is harder to clean. Right photo discovered by Toxic the Skunk Sipper top Sonic Bottle Version
Gameworks Sonic Hidden Image Tumbler This is a clear tumbler from Gameworks. Usually items like this are glass, but this one is heavy clear plastic instead. See the thick bottom? There's a cool Sonic graphic hidden within the plastic. Notice how you don't see it in the first photo, but then, as you change the angle, it is revealed! When there's liquid
added, it can create Sonic illusions/ghost images on the sides due to the reflections. *Also note that the logo on the side of the cup is unique to Gameworks. (The arched/ring shape, pose for Sonic & logo placement) so you can tell Gameworks win-able stuff apart from other items. This is trade-for-able at the ticket counter in Gameworks in the USA in 2011. This looks like a really worth-while item to aim for, with its cool hidden feature! Photo & owned by SonikkuForever.
Re-use plastic soda style cup This is rather interesting, & likely the first of its kind. It is a re-use-able plastic soda style cup. Modeled after the 'fast food' cup, instead of paper, its tougher plastic, with a sturdy (blue) plastic straw. The whole cup is blue & features a big winking Sonic classic face. Photo & owned by SurferBRG
Set 4 Classic Sonic Character Glasses 16 oz This is another Spencers Gifts item for 2011 2012. You can see here that the set is 19.99
This set of 4 glasses brings colorful variety. Each glass has a different character in a 'neo classic' re-done pose. Knuckles has his fists together, Tails is waving, Sonic has his feet crossed, & Eggman has his arms crossed. The re-done art really adds interest here, and the 16 ounce size is nice & big. This is a great set of glasses to collect! Photo & owned by SurferBRG
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