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Housewares are perfect for making up a dedicated Sonic room, or adding a cool Sonic theme to your room or house. General household items can also appear here, it's not just limited to rooms or bedrooms. You might find Sonic stuff for your kitchen, bath, or almost anywhere! This page will have a mixture of new and vintage items, each should list what era it's from, and will list where it can be found, whenever possible..
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Vinyl Wall Cling Classic Style Decorations This is a package of 2 sheets of Vinyl Wall Cling decorations. These are big, removable / repositionable Sonic graphics. You can stick them onto any smooth wall or surface. They're all classically styled & neo-classic stock art. For some reason, they chose really pixelated rings, which don't match the stock art majority of graphics. You also get a Green Hill ground plane, a palm tree, Knuckles, Tails, 3 Sonics, Eggman in his Egg o Matic, lots of rings, floating platform, sunflower & classic logo.
Each sheet is 27.5 x 39 inches, so they're pretty big. You can see how they're sold in a clear tube. The photo on the tube package shows how big they are (good size!) All clings like this tend to be pretty expensive, so it's 30 dollars, or possibly more. This was sold at  FYE in 2011 (and maybe later), but may not have been available everywhere. Set seen here was found in Florida. It's not that common, & isn't around in 2013. Clings like this are a great way to add more Sonic to any room! Photo discovered by Shadowfoxx757
Fluted Top 10 oz Tall Cup Plastic This is is a glass cup from Spencers Gifts, and it has quite a specific the shape meant for beer? (Different drinks have differently shaped things to drink them out of for whatever reason) It's sort of unusual to see matte finish black glass like this. Of course, you can put 10 oz of whatever you want in this tall cup.
Oddly, it's a mixed up item, with modern Sonic and 'after image' cascading line art on one side, but the classic logo on the other. It is 7.99 at Spencers in winter/spring 2013, which is an ok price for an actual glass item. Photo & owned by Shadowfoxx757
Spencers Game Cup Plastic Straw This is a "Game Cup" from Spencers Gifts. It's a hard plastic cup with removable top & re-usable blue straw. It has Green Hill zone scenery on the sides, with floating land, sunflower & rings. It's got classic running Sonic and...neo-classic flying Tails...even though he wasn't ever in Sonic 1. With the classic logo, the cup still gives an 'old school' impression even though Tails is a bit out of place. This is $9.99 in 2013. You can get it in stores & online. Discovered by Shadowfoxx757
Green Hill Fleece Throw Here's yet another design for a classic fleecy throw. This one is 45 x 60 inches, & features classic running Sonic on a more detailed Green Hill Zone background. It's got a couple of the colums, a sunflower, the iconic palm tree and cloud. Though the art for Sonic is a tad big for the environment, the detailed background is nice to see. This is a Spencers Gifts item in winter/spring 2013. Photo & owned by Shadowfoxx757
Oddly Shaped Sonic Cushion This is titled "Sonic Cushion" so it's some kind of pillow, but what's up with that odd shape? The design is all right, with blue stars, modern logo & jumping/kick modern Sonic in a sort of 'spin' shape yellow circle. You can see the tag there on one side. This is 21.95 at , but why is it so costly? It can't be very big, weighing only 1 pound. Discovered by Shadowfoxx757
Character Shapes Magnet Collection This is the Sonic Magnet Collection. It has shaped magnets in newer 2012+ artwork for Silver, Super Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles, Sonic, Amy, Tails & even Cream with Cheese! The magnets are on a blue checkered sheet. These are by GE Entertainment, & they look pretty cool. How much are they, & where can you buy them? Do write in for credit if you know.
20th Anniversary Sonic Shot Glasses This is a set of shot glasses to celebrate the 20th Anniversary for Sonic. They're by StunnedMind, & available at Spencers' gifts. Each glass has a 16 bit pixel sprite for standing Tails & foot tapping Sonic, along with flying Tails & running Sonic. There's a layer of color (blue or orange) just above the thick part of the base. This makes them similar to the other tinted glasses. Notice how they're called "mini glasses" instead of "shot" on the box. Photo & owned by: JenHedgehog
Super Sonic Black Pint Glass Finally, more Super Sonic merchandise! This is a stylish black glass. (It's actual glass) It has Super Sonic with a blue outline nice & large on one side. The logo is done in multi-outline format, & set vertically. All the glass is opaque. It will hold about a pint of liquid. This is a Spencers Gifts item (in stores or online) in 2013. It should be about 6.99. Photo discovered by ShadowFoxx757 Group Charachter Pic Plastic Tumbler Glass This is a plastic tumbler cup from Spencers. It's double-walled for insulation, with a plastic lid & thick plastic re-use-able straw. It has a checkered /light blue background & so many characters. You can spot Eggman, Rouge, Shadow, Blaze Cream, Cheese, Knuckles Amy, Tails & Sonic at the bottom with the modern logo. A great, colorful cup! This is in the SonicGear collection. It's 9.99 in stores in 2013. Photo by ShadowFoxx757
Sonic & Tails Themed Air Fresheners This is a pair of air fresheners! One is Sonic themed with die-cut orange-yellow fade background, the other is Tails themed with oval shape & blue sky/clouds background. Each of these is a card-type freshner, which is a type of thick cardboard type material that has the smell oil inside. What are the scents? They are "Sonic Breeze" and "Miles High Fresh". They're really reasonably priced too, at just 3.99 for the pair. Air freshners work in drawers, closets and in the car. These are available at Think Geek Website as long as the link is active. Think Geek also has their usual slightly-wacky description for the product as well. Discovered by ShadowFoxx757
Modern Sonic Shadow Knuckles Umbrella An umbrella isn't really a decor piece for your home, it's more of a utility thing it goes. This modern umbrella is actually really cool. It has panels with Sonic, Knuckles & Shadow on them in full color. Then, it has blue panels with Tails, Shadow, Knuckles AND Dr. Eggman line-art, with their names. Look at the inset, even the handle has Sonic detail. There's a leaping Sonic art in the clear handle base.
This measures about 28 x 20 inches when open. It is listed as 'kid size'. It should be about 12.99 when you see it for sale. (Where can you buy this?) It is being sold by CuteSense which is NOT linked here because they sell licensed and bootleg goods along-side of eachother. It is likely to be by Accessory Innovations. Write in if you know for sure where to get it at retail. Discovered by ShadowFoxx757
Laughing Classic Style Sonic Air Freshener Here comes another Sonic themed air freshener. This one is classic style "Laughin Sonic" & looks to be die-cut around that pose. It's another of those flat sort of card-board thick material items where the scent is fused into the papery layers. This one is strawberry scented. Photo & owned by Turbo the Hedgehog Winking Face Faux Fleece Blanket This is another faux fleece "micro raschel" type blanket. It's simplistic, almost abstract because it has such a close-up of classic Sonic winking face. This is a 2013 Spencers item, it should be about 17.99
Coral Fleece Modern CG Sonic Tails Blanket Is this the first modern fleece "microfiber" throw? It appears in winter 2013, at Spencers Gifts. It's great for Sonic & Tails fans! CG art Sonic & Tails are shown running and having fun in a Green Hill (Sonic Generations?) type cool background. Oddly it's named "Coral Fleece" though it has nothing to do with coral or the color coral. It is 17.99.
Glasses Assortment at Hastings
Here is a selection of Sonic glasses seen at Hastings stores in 2014. As you can see, they have 2 'tumbler' regular size glasses & 1 shot glass. All are classic themed. The first glass has a really huge (in comparison with the scenery) finger-waving Sonic & logo over a pixelated 16 bit style Green Hill background, complete with palm trees, rings & floating ground. The 2nd glass has foot tapping/impatient Sonic done all in big 'pixels' 16 bit like, without a background. The little shot size glass has classic winking Sonic face & some sort of slogan. But what does it say? Photo by Taaron.
Deadly Six Character Posters Lost World Deadly Six Group Sonic Poster
Here are some posters / mini collectible posters for Sonic Lost World. At left you can see the set of 6 "Deadly Six" & above is a scene poster with Sonic and the Deadly6 in the background.
Each character poster has a CG portrait of the character, a quote, screen shots from their fight, & little facts about the character. The group one above comes in a plastic sleeve.
Notice that the Zeena one is wrong. The bottom says it's "Zor" although her number is correct. Were these a pre order item? Some kind of bonus? Photos by UltimateHedgehog