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Housewares are perfect for making up a dedicated Sonic room, or adding a cool Sonic theme to your room or house. General household items can also appear here, it's not just limited to rooms or bedrooms. You might find Sonic stuff for your kitchen, bath, or almost anywhere! This page will have a mixture of new and vintage items, each should list what era it's from, and will list where it can be found, whenever possible..
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Sonic Lost World K-mart poster This nice, big Lost World poster can be found at K-mart in 2014. K Mart usually has a poster selection somewhere near the toys. It is like a large metal book where the pages are posters. You can flip through the display. Under it, there will be a numbered bin so you can find the right poster roll. In this case, it's #27.
The poster is pretty cool, it's got Sonic jumping over a part of the twisty Lost World landscape with all of the colorful Deadly Six in persuit. The logo is rather large at the bottom. Photo by Crystal Sonic Fan.
Pixel Sonic 16-bit style air fresheners Still more air fresheners for your home or seems like the 2013-2014 year is full of fresheners for some reason. These 2 have a fun pixelated 16-bit Genesis type theme. The Sonic sprite is die-cut with pixelated edges. You can select from foot-tapping/waiting Sonic or running Sonic. The back card for these is checkered like Green Hill. What do these smell like? They are available at Hastings stores (but should be elsewhere too) in 2014/winter. Photo by Taaron.
2014 Sonic Calendar Back
Here is a nice square wall calendar to hang in 2014. It is all classic style, & is made by "Pyramid Paper" (products). Ordinarily, it's good to watch out for fake calendars because they're sort of easy to fake up, but this one checks out, it's got all the right copyright info at the bottom there on the back, as it should. The front has winking Sonic & the back shows a preview of all the months.
Pyramid Calendars 2014 Classic Style Sonic
Pay no attention to peace sign Sonic sticker there, it's not usually with the item, it's just the seller throwing in a free unofficial thing to get people to buy the calendar. There are little slogans on some of the month-pictures like "Still the Fastest" on January & "No Time For Games - Knuckles". Amy's has her name, as does Tails/sitting. The dark month (top right) is faced-completely away Sonic (stock art you seldom see) on a panel of rings. Mini Eggman in his Egg o matic down there going after the barcode says "I'll get you Sonic!". Little added art like that is a cute touch. Seen 1 time only online, so where else can you buy this calendar? They're always fun to keep around for the big, color art, even after their year is done!
Metallic 16-Bit Pixel Pint Glass Set 4 This is a set of 4 pint glasses. They are 16 ounces each, & are real glass. Each has a different 16-bit style pixel art of a character, so you get foot tapping/waiting annoyed Sonic, yawning/waiting tails, thumbs-up Knuckles, & Eggman in his Egg o Matic. The gimmick here is that the blue exterior appears pearlized/shimmer & the interior is silvery metallic colored.
The shiny stuff shows through the frosted-like blue part to give the effect. The metallic tone is likely actual metal coating embedded in the these are NEITHER microwave NOR dishwasher safe. (Metal is bad for both) The photo at right shows them MIB on a Spencers Gifts shelf. Notice how poor Eggman is hidden behind the logo. Reportedly, all such 'fancy glasses' should actually never be used because while they look nice, the paint chosen is actually really poor & just comes off. Buy for display only! These can be bought at online, and Spencers Gifts. The set should be about 24.99 when you find it. Set discovered by ShadowFoxx 757
Wall Clock with Sonic Tails & Knuckles Here is a plastic edge wall clock with Sonic, Tails & Knuckles theme. It has red hands & a black second hand. The numbers are white, while the background is sort of abstract streaky/clouds.
Generally: BEWARE of wall clocks
This one is in the original package, so it is highly likely to be official, but such clocks are extremely easy to fake. Stealing some art & making a cardboard disk is about all it takes to fake up a clock, so beware of bootlegs & only buy stuff that's in a package (like this one) with proper copyrights & from a source that seems reputable. Photo by SonicxAndTailsx
Target Sonic Shadow Tails Blanket In spring of 2014 Target stores (retail & online) introduced a good selection of Sonic bed items in both modern & classic style. This is good, because previously the USA had not had much in the way of accessible or modern bedding, despite fan demand.

To the left is the "Sonic Blanket". This is not to be mistaken for the comforter, it's a separate piece. It's a non-stuffed (or minimally stuffed) cloth about the size of the top of a bed. It features Sonic, Shadow & Tails, with a rather busy concentric-rings/spiral background & the modern logo.

To the right is yet another classic fleece. This has a Sonic 1 Green Hill scene, but with Sonic, Knuckles & Eggman in his Egg o Matic. Sonic is a bit lost in the checker background, though.

Target Checker 16 Bit Style Fleece
Both of t hese are a tad busy, with lots of little stripes or patterns. The fleece is 14.99, & the blanket is 24.99. Both are fairly reasonably priced. Discovered by Shadowfoxx757
Target Sonic bed items MIP photo Target Sonic Modern Sheet Set
The made-to-match Target Sonic bed items all come in similarly themed packages, as seen above. The website will only show you the right-side photo, not what they will look like when you find them on shelves. These ONLY fit TWIN beds. There is no single or full-bed option, which is unfortunate because not everyone's bed is the same size. The comforter comes in a zip top plastic case & is called "Cotton Rich Twin Comforter". The sheets are exposed partially & come in a cardboard sleeve.
Target Exclusive Sonic Comforter 2014
They are called "Twin Sheet Set". With that set you get Fitted 39 x 75 , flat sheet 66 x 96 & 1 pillow case 20 x 26. Notice that the pillow case has 2 sides (shown as 2 pillows on the card, though you only get 1 case per set) The dots on the package say "Pre-Washed" and "Ultra Soft". These are made & licensed by Franko NewJersey but were made in Pakistan (somehow?) All the art here is CG & modern. The comforter has Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles & Tails, all running mostly toward the viewer. Any of the shots of this make it hard to see the whole design at once.
The sheets are 21.99 and the comforter is 32.99. Target is also known to have sales, so keep an eye on these if you want them! It should also be noted that in the same area you may find a plush Sonic doll, though he is called "A Pillow" though it isn't one. The doll can be seen on SonicGear plushes. Right side photo discovered by ShadowFoxx757
Blue Checkered Modern Line Throw Here's a fun modern throw blanket that's not too busy!
This is another one of those "micro-raschel" fabric throws that 'feel like fleece' but are actually all nylon fiber. It is thin & will have the same design on both sides. This one is rather stylish with big, blue & white checkers. The Sonic is filled in solid blue & the line art here in white is 'jumping twist'. The modern logo sits at the bottom. This could be made by GE Entertainment. It is also in the Sonic Gear Decor Store, as long as it doesn't sell out. (These blankets seem pretty numerous, so it should be ok)
GE Entertainment Sonic & Shadow  Square Pillows Here are 2 square decorator throw pillows. They can accessorize your bed or sofa with Sonic style! Each pillow has the modern logo in the bottom corner. Both Sonic's & Shadow's faces are really big & go off each edge of the pillow. You can only see part of their torso/hand on each one. Sonic is happy, but poor Shadow looks aggrivated. Sonic has a blue/dark blue checker background & Shadow has gray/dark gray. These are new for 2014 , but how big are they? These are in the in the Sonic Gear Decor Store
Bed Set 2 Sided Under Photo The modern bed set with Sonic Tails Knuckles & Shadow running in CG on the front of it is 2 sided, even though most product photos don't show it. Here, you can see what the other side looks like.
The comforter / blanket has rings & chaos emeralds all over in a scatter pattern. The top sheet has CG rings in a row & Sonic graphics. The fitted sheet (middle) has characters scattered on a light blue background. You had to buy this in 2 parts. The big blanket is always separate. The sheets, pillow case & fitted-sheet are always packaged together. This is shown on a twin bunk bed. Photo & owned by CrystalSonic Fan
Egg Cup Classic Style in Box This item raises 1 question:
Why is Eggman NOT on this egg cup? This is a classic styled ceramic egg cup for containing a hard-boiled chicken egg. It has a Sonic face on one side & the classic logo on the other. It comes in the plain, cube shaped box you see here. Sadly, they decided to do "weathering" on the design, so it looks all used and chipped-up before you even get it.
This item is in the Sonic Glassware store, but does anyone really need such a specific device? It only holds 1 egg, cooked in 1 specific way from 1 specific bird. Could you not put the egg in a bowl? De-shell it elsewhere? Slice it before serving? Perhaps these egg cup things are collectible.