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Housewares are perfect for making up a dedicated Sonic room, or adding a cool Sonic theme to your room or house. General household items can also appear here, it's not just limited to rooms or bedrooms. You might find Sonic stuff for your kitchen, bath, or almost anywhere! This page features ONLY modern items, even if some of them are 'retro' or classically styled.
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Green Hill Scene Mug in Box
This mug has a wrap-around design that's all Green Hill Zone! And...they basically throw everyone into there, whether they belong or not. Eggman never appeared outside his boss areas & Tails wasn't in Sonic 1, but here they go as pixelated fun sprites. Waiting Sonic is shown, along with crab meat, buzz bomber & even moto bug. The design is nicely detailed in 16 bit style, everything looks pretty proportional & the all-over design means you can see the scene from any angle. This is a nice collectible ceramic mug.
Black & Red Shadow Fleece Blanket This Shadow only faux-fleece (micro raschel) throw style blanket is the matching one to the Sonic one on Home Decor 8. It has the same 2 tone style, this time in red & black. Shadow is a large line art in his dynamic 'reaching forward' pose. The background is large red/black checkers & it has the modern logo at the bottom.
A Shadow-only item is a must collect for Shadow fans! This one is pretty classy too, it's bright without being overly busy & continues Shadow's sort of serious demeanor. This is in the Sonic Gear Home Store in 2014.
GE Animation Silver only Mug A Silver only item? Why not! This white ceramic mug has Silver in the 'getting ready to psychic blast' pose on one side & swirls in aqua & gray on the other. It has his name & Sonic's in teal & gray. (Though Sonic isn't on this mug) It is by GE Entertainment & appears in 2014. A good item for Silver fans, since he's alone here as the star! I always finish first shot glass Here's a shot glass with a dubious motto: "I Always Finish First" with forward facing classic Sonic face. In the Sonic context, it means to finish races, but here on a shot glass it means drinking the fastest. (Why would you want to drink fast?) You can see the Sega copyright at the bottom, under the glass.
Giant Mug w/Box photo This is supposedly the "Sonic Giant Mug", but just how big is it? The box gives no indication. It's a white ceramic mug with blue exterior. It has winking classic style Sonic on one side & the classic logo in white on the other. Sadly both designs employ 'weathering' so the paint looks shabby before you even buy it. Do you know how big this mug is? Write in for credit
Black & Red Pint & Shot Glass A new company steps onto the Sonic scene with these 2015 releases. Surreal Entertainment Barware now has a Sonic license to produce goods. Their first 2 items appear to be these black glasses. The left is a pint, and the right is a shot. Each has the same picture of modern 'thumbs-sideways' Sonic, with his name spelled out in Japanese next to him. (The fine print under it just says "Sonic the Hedgehog" in Japanese again. He's got a red outline, to help distinguish him from the black glass background. Pricing data should appear in spring 2015. Will this be at Spencers Gifts?
Pint Glass Classic 2 Pack Classic Sonic This is a "Pint Glass 2 Pack", probably a cardboard will contain these 2 glasses. They both have classic Sonic, one is blue with just the face/forward, the other appears to be an amber colored glass, with running Sonic printed up to/off of the top edge, with 'after images' in varying degrees of yellow. The 2nd one shows actual design work, not just "stamp a face onto a glass" so it's actually nice to see. This should be a summer 2015 item.
Chaos Emerald Sonic Themed Shot Glass This shot glass has a chaos emerald theme. It's got the green (either the master emerald or a super emerald from S&K?) chaos emerald in the background, with Sonic's name written over part of it. It uses neo-classic legs-crossed/annoyed Sonic for the art, which does give it a fresh look. This MAY be by Surreal Entertainment. Glitter Blue Sonic Travel Plastic Cup
Here's a plastic insulated travel cup. It has a glitter wrap in the interior/insulated area in bright blue. The lid is blue too, with a sturdy re-use-able yellow straw. It has pointing modern Sonic in the winged star-ring & the modern logo on the front. This is a fun, sparkly travel cup, but where can you find it for sale?
Rectangle Character Portrait 4 Shot Glass Set This is a factory 'photo' of a 4 pack of shot glasses. Can you spot something strange? The images aren't really applied to the glasses. The photo is more of a mockup of what they want the glasses to look like when done. Each one uses the 'rectangle portrait' art from Sonic Adventure 1, and applies it to an appropriatly color-coordinated glass.
Eggman fans will be pleased! He's included on the set! It's always great to see solo-Eggman items for the Eggfans. Sonic gets blue, Tails yellowish/orange, Knuckles red & Eggman dark red glass. This MAY be by Surreal Entertainment.
3D Motion Mug Collectors Edition A new and exciting type of mug to collect!
This is the 3D Motion Mug, a mug with graphics that really move 'like the game'. In this case, it's Sonic 1. The white ceramic mug appears to be covered in (what is likely to be) a lenticular graphic, which changes depending on how it's held/the angle it is seen from. The mug appears to have 2 scenes from Green Hill Zone Sonic running near sun flowers
3D Motion Mug Box Back
& Sonic losing his rings when a Crabmeat enemy is near. The 'hand holding' photo shows two 'frames' of how the mug works, while the box back shows the whole graphic as a flat piece. The mug box says it's "The collectors edition" of the mug (as opposed to...?) and it's slogan is "Bringing the Game to Life". The orange splash text says "Real Game Level Animation", which, from all scenes of the cup appears to be true. This thing is likely the opposite of dishwasher safe.
For mug collectors, this one should really have some appeal! 1st of it's kind, gimmick is actually pretty cool, collectors don't generally use the mug anyway so ease of cleaning isn't an issue. This is a Summer 2015 item, but which stores have it?
Cream the Rabbit Feature Mug Wow! A JUST Cream the Rabbit item!
Cream hardly ever (is this a first!) gets to solo on any merchandise. This mug is a must-have for Cream fans! It's a white ceramic mug with only her printed on one side. She is drawn as a partial line art, stylized with orange-ish/red lines & tan accents. The other side of the mug, opposite the portrait is believed to say "Thanks for saving me! MY HERO" (Can anyone confirm the mug slogan?) with "My Hero" in blue, likely referencing Sonic. There's a little sihlouette of her flying with her ears next to the word, & the modern logo appears in black at the bottom. This is by GE Entertainment, and is a 2015 item. Where can you buy this mug?
Shadow GE 12 oz Mug Another great design from GE!
Here, Shadow is solo on a mug, a must have for Shadow fans. The design is actually really stylish too, nothing feels old or stale. They've got big (off the edge) twisting jump Shadow on the front with a swirling background, and his name spelled out in a split font going from front to back (you can see the "W" above his head on the front there). The back has sihlouette of him getting ready to run, a star design, and another smaller image of him gliding forward in gray. They've also added a blue star near the modern logo.
By actually putting a lot of effort & items into the design, it doesn't just look tacked on or some stamped out merchandise. This is great to see from a place as prolific as GE Entertainment. Where can you find this mug in 2015?
Modern Sonic Molded Shape Face Mug This modern Sonic mug takes a bit after the previous 'molded mugs'.
The original Sonic head shaped ceramic mug (from Segaworld Sydney) is very rare and expensive. This mug is more of a bust than it is just a hollow head. Because of that, he has a bit of 'big body' going on here, so that the whole thing isn't unstable/mostly tube shaped still. He has painted on arms, belly dot & 3D nose. The mouth is textured in & the eye paint is good.
What does the back of this look like? Is there a handle? Spikes? Where is it for sale, and how much is it? It's a summer/fall 2015 release & it is glazed ceramic. Meaning it is somewhat fragile, especially with chip-able points like the nose & ears. (This is what caused the original shaped mug to suffer) If you have details, do write in for credit.