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Housewares are perfect for making up a dedicated Sonic room, or adding a cool Sonic theme to your room or house. General household items can also appear here, it's not just limited to rooms or bedrooms. You might find Sonic stuff for your kitchen, bath, or almost anywhere! This page features ONLY modern items, even if some of them are 'retro' or classically styled.
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Black & Red Shadow Fleece Blanket This Shadow only faux-fleece (micro raschel) throw style blanket is the matching one to the Sonic one on Home Decor 8. It has the same 2 tone style, this time in red & black. Shadow is a large line art in his dynamic 'reaching forward' pose. The background is large red/black checkers & it has the modern logo at the bottom.
A Shadow-only item is a must collect for Shadow fans! This one is pretty classy too, it's bright without being overly busy & continues Shadow's sort of serious demeanor. This is in the Sonic Gear Home Store in 2014.
I always finish first shot glass Here's a shot glass with a dubious motto: "I Always Finish First" with forward facing classic Sonic face. In the Sonic context, it means to finish races, but here on a shot glass it means drinking the fastest. (Why would you want to drink fast?) You can see the Sega copyright at the bottom, under the glass.
Of course, with strange slogans and alcohol connotations, this is a Spencers' Gifts item. It seems sorta harmless if you take vodka out of the context...but this is a shop that never does. It's a little surprising that Sega let this glass happen hmm....
Black & Red Pint & Shot Glass A new company steps onto the Sonic scene with these 2015 releases. Surreal Entertainment Barware now has a Sonic license to produce goods. Their first 2 items appear to be these black glasses. The left is a pint, and the right is a shot. Each has the same picture of modern 'thumbs-sideways' Sonic, with his name spelled out in Japanese next to him. (The fine print under it just says "Sonic the Hedgehog" in Japanese again. He's got a red outline, to help distinguish him from the black glass background. Pricing data should appear in spring 2015. Will this be at Spencers Gifts?
Pint Glass Classic 2 Pack Classic Sonic This is a "Pint Glass 2 Pack", probably a cardboard will contain these 2 glasses. They both have classic Sonic, one is blue with just the face/forward, the other appears to be an amber colored glass, with running Sonic printed up to/off of the top edge, with 'after images' in varying degrees of yellow. The 2nd one shows actual design work, not just "stamp a face onto a glass" so it's actually nice to see. This should be a summer 2015 item.
Chaos Emerald Sonic Themed Shot Glass This shot glass has a chaos emerald theme. It's got the green (either the master emerald or a super emerald from S&K?) chaos emerald in the background, with Sonic's name written over part of it. It uses neo-classic legs-crossed/annoyed Sonic for the art, which does give it a fresh look. This MAY be by Surreal Entertainment. Glitter Blue Sonic Travel Plastic Cup
Here's a plastic insulated travel cup. It has a glitter wrap in the interior/insulated area in bright blue. The lid is blue too, with a sturdy re-use-able yellow straw. It has pointing modern Sonic in the winged star-ring & the modern logo on the front. This is a fun, sparkly travel cup, but where can you find it for sale? How much was it?
Rectangle Character Portrait 4 Shot Glass Set This is a factory 'photo' of a 4 pack of shot glasses. Can you spot something strange? The images aren't really applied to the glasses. The photo is more of a mockup of what they want the glasses to look like when done. Each one uses the 'rectangle portrait' art from Sonic Adventure 1, and applies it to an appropriatly color-coordinated glass.
Eggman fans will be pleased! He's included on the set! It's always great to see solo-Eggman items for the Eggfans. Sonic gets blue, Tails yellowish/orange, Knuckles red & Eggman dark red glass. This MAY be by Surreal Entertainment.
Sonic Mania Sega Shop Poster This is a Sonic Mania poster from the online Sega Shop.
The Sega Shop is probably the only place this is released in 2018. It's standard poster sized (so, big) & fairly simple, with the Mania logo large at the top and the neoclassic 'box art' for Sonic with geometric shapes as the main design on a yellow background. This is probably what they were thinking the 'box art' would have looked like, had the game ever been a physical item.
It's been seen before, but it makes for a stylish game room poster with plenty of bright color & a good action pose for Sonic. It should be 15.95 at the Sega Shop website.
Hot Topic Layred Green Hill Sonic Cup Here's a Hot Topic insulated layers plastic cup.
This drink cup has two walls, with a gap of air between to help insulate your drink and cut down on condensation. The design of the cup also takes advantage of the construction, putting neo-classic Sonic stock art on the outside layer with some squares & designs, then adding a 16 bit style pixel Green Hill zone on the inner layer. The two layers make the whole design look 3D, like Sonic is leaping out from the background. The opposite side has more squares, and the classic style logo.
The cup also has a blue tinted lid, and yellow re-use-able plastic thick straw.
With good use of design, neo-classic art & good construction this cup is cool while cooling your drinks. A good collectible, seen in summer/fall 2017 at Hot Topic in stores and also online.
Pixel Pals Sonic Lamp Room Light This is a "Pixel Pals" room light!
Pixel Pals is a company making pixelated graphics into battery powered mini lamps for your room. Each one is shaped like a character with custom edges to follow the shape. They've chosen foot tapping/ impatient Sonic for their first light. You can see that it's not very thick, so it can be set almost anywhere since there's no cord. It's LED so it doesn't use up the battery that fast. Because they used the exact 16 bit sprite to make it, it's quite classic looking. But why make a lamp that always looks irritated at you? Why not choose another, more fun pose? These lights are an interesting idea in 2017. Discovered by Taaron
These should be about 14.99, and uses AAA batteries. It's for sure sold on Amazon, but where else might you find one?
Water Bottle Sonic Pixel Sprite Rings Ice Here's a cool water bottle with a surprise inside that will keep your drinks extra cool!
This clear plastic water bottle with blue cap has 16 bit style pixel 'foot tappin' Sonic with a busy background of pixelated rings. That's pretty standard stuff. But, look inside at the bottom there...and you can see something yellow.
This bottle comes with yellow ring-shaped re-freeze plastic 'ice cubes'. Like those colored ice balls or even the green Chaos Emerald Ice freeze-shapes these keep up with the theme of the item, but add another cool Sonic detail. This elevates the somewhat ordinary bottle into a better & more fun collectible because you can use the rings in anything/any drink. This is a 2018 item. It CAN be found at Game Stop in summer 2018, but may also be available elsewhere as it is not an exclusive. It should be about 14.99 when you find it. Photo by Taaron
Sega Shop Travel Mug Metal Top Pixel Here is the "Travel Mug" from the Sega Shop online store in 2018.
It has a shiny metal screw-top sipper lid (so it won't spill easily) & a classic theme. It has 16 bit style pixelated art all the way round. It alternates various sprites of Sonic, like running, jumping & rolling. He's depicted over a line of rings, the usual Green Hill Zone ground & under that different sizes of the Chop-Chop fish badnik. (Why sizes though? ChopChops are all always the same, they probably did it for variety) There's also the classic logo at the top.
The art is under a clear plastic casing, which is good because that means it won't wear off during washing or normal use. This also helps the cup keep easier to clean, as does the wide top so you can reach into it to scrub.
This is 13 dollars at the Sega Shop in summer 2018.
Pixel Style Fleecy Classic Blanket Sonic This is called the "Sonic Classic Pixel Blanket".
It is another of those thin, 'fleecy material' blankets. This time, it has a 16 bit pixelated look for the design. It has foot-tapping / waiting sprite for Sonic, on some Green Hill Zone ground, with two rings that look like they are sparkling. The logo at the top isn't pixelated, it's the art of it instead. The blanket comes in the folded-over cardboard sleeve that this style generally does.
This is a Sega Shop 2019 item, but it may appear elsewhere as well...blankets like this have been at Target before. The problem with the SS is, that it is 40 dollars there which is excessive for the weight, size & quality of 'fleecy material'. Comprable blankets are usually 20 or so if not on sale. The design is fine, though Sonic looks annoyed. It's not amazing since it's basically just a giant screen-cap with nothing really going on. 40 seems high for something like this.