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Housewares are perfect for making up a dedicated Sonic room, or adding a cool Sonic theme to your room or house. General household items can also appear here, it's not just limited to rooms or bedrooms. You might find Sonic stuff for your kitchen, bath, or almost anywhere! This page will have a mixture of new and vintage items, each should list what era it's from, and will list where it can be found, whenever possible..
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Blue Sonic Expressions Faces Glasses Here is a set of pint size glasses. They're a fun blue color, with a different expression of classic Sonic on each one. 3 you'll recognize, classic forward hands on hips, winking forward, 'steamin' Sonic' (without the steam) but the 4th is a classic re-do of 'surprised Sonic' so it's actually modern, but set in the classic style. These also come as smaller shot size glasses. This set is 19.99 if you can find it in Spencers Gifts in 2011/winter. Discovered by SonicBoy19
Big Classic Style Spin Sonic Checkered Clock
This is a large wall clock, with classic style Sonic. Since the clock is round, they've appropriatly chosen spinning/rolling Sonic for the art. Sonic & his 'motion lines' are so large, they take up the whole clock face. The hands are plain, simple & blue. The background uses aqua checkers to add some interest/texture, and there are no numbers. This can be found at FYE stores in winter 2011/2012. It should be about 19.99 and is over 10 inches across. You can make a statement with this large & bold clock. Photo & owned by:
Fancy Top Sonic Steel Water Bottle Here's another water bottle by Stunned Mind. It's stainless steel, with only 1 large graphic. They chose a classic style standing Sonic, and he covers about 3/4 the way around the bottle. It has no other decorations on it. The top is a bit fancy, with sip & loop cap, and it does come with a aluminum clip (usually also blue) This can be found in Spencers Gifts (and possibly also FYE) Photo & owned by: Kenny Ryan
Busy Walmart Sonic Bed Set Here is 1 whole bed set from Walmart in 2012. The right side looks photoshopped in/ the whole thing just kind of doesn't look like it's really there/on that model fake bed, however that's just bad editing, the photo is real. The blanket is reversable, (with a busier Sonic & ring pattern on the other side, seen at left) while the pillows look nice and colorful. The other "set", to the left is actually the 'sheet set' & has quite Walmart Scenic CG Sheets
a busier pattern, this time with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow & rings scattered all over. Why they show the blanket with the sheet set is unknown (even if they did reverse it) it's confusing because you have to buy separately. You can get these sets for twin, or full beds. The sheet set is either 24 or 27 dollars, while the right blanket is 34 or 38, depending on the size. DO NOTE: only 'full bed' comes with BOTH pillowcases, so if you want the 3 Hedgehogs one, you must buy "Full". Use the WalMart Sonic Bed Sets link to try and order them online, for as long as they are for sale. Discovered by: SonicBoy19
7 Different Nortwest Classic Throws
These 7 squares are actually big, fleecy throws! Each thin blanket is 50 x 60 inches and made of "Micro Super Plush" which is basically just soft and kind of textured fleecy material. Each one is classic (why no modern ones?) and is made by Northwest (the company) It deals with only retail stores, and doesn't sell individually.
Each blanket is named, and from left to right they are: Among Stars,Sonic Ring, Sonic Circle, Get Ready, InGgame 3D, OOH, and In Game Ring. The rightmost one (labrynth zone background) has been released before. The 3 fingers & glove pull ones use a newer shaded look neo-classic art. The Labrynth Zone one is in the SonicGear collection.
Action Sonic pillowcase This is a stand-alone pillow case. Usually you see them on 'bed set' type packages but this one will likely be individually packaged. It has the pattern that matches "Get Ready" above, but is called "Sonic Action Pillow Case". It is another Northwest Item, so see the link above to investigate where it might be found. Fits 1 standard sized bed pillow.
Cork & Plastic Coasters Set This is a set of quality, re-use-able coasters. They're made of cork & plastic (unlike those papery souviener type ones) the cork resists sliding, can absorb condensation and likely resists mildew somewhat. There are 4 coasters in the box (Box has large coaster picture on the front) It's got the 20th Anniversary art, and was made by Stunned Mind (which has made other household goods) Likely available at Spencers Gifts in 2012. Set discovered by Ink the Echidna
Green Hill Sonic Can Cozy Koozie This is a can sleeve or can cozie. In this instance it may be called a "koozie" likely for copyright reasons. This style of cozy uses black spongy/rubbery material for the inside to stop condensation, and help keep the drink cold. (It works to varying degrees, though the black inner material does have the ability to wear out) The outside has a thin stretchy fabric, printed with Green Hill graphics (they're even pixelated) including rings, palm trees & flowers. Tails is the neo-classic stock art, while Sonic is classic running/no feet version. (note that the can is a Mountain Dew, with "Dark Knight Rises" promo edition. Very candid to be as obvious as that) This should be around 4.99 and can be found in in 2012. It's likely also available at regular retail somewhere. Discovered by SonicBoy19
Classic style Sonic Tails Sprite Shot Glass Set Yet more shot glasses from Spencer's Gifts. These little glasses are collectible, whether you use them for anything or not. At left is a "sprite" set, where they took Sonic 2 sprites, pixels and all, & added them to tinted-base glasses. You get impatient Sonic, running Sonic, Flying Tails & standing Tails. The colored bases bring a little contrast & some Grid pattern background modern shot glass
thing new to the design. At right is a modern styled shot glass, this time with grid & squares patterend background. Jumping/falling Sonic helps this one look a bit dynamic. The set is 14.99 while the single glass is 4.99. Spencers has these in summer/fall 2012 They should also be on their website for the season/until it sells out. Discovered by SonicBoy19
Green Hill Themed Plastic Pint Glass This is a plastic glass for your favorite cold drinks! It will hold 1 pint of anything cold. It has a pixelated Green Hill theme, complete with rings, sunflowers & palm trees. A large size classic Sonic art is positioned to look 'standing' in the scene, with the logo. This is 5.99 at Spencers gifts in 2012 (likey, fall) It should also be on their website for the season/until it sells out. Discovered by SonicBoy19 Green Hill Sonic Run Rings Shot Glass Here's another shot glass from Spencer's. This time it's a single. The glass has a wrap-around design. They use classic running stock Sonic & combine him with pixelated / 16 bit graphics for Green Hill ground & rings. Should be about 3.99 at Spencers in winter 2013.
Fleece Holder Sonic Plush Here's a fun item, a plush that holds a fleece! This Sonic plush has strap hands (likely with velcro) so he can hold onto a rolled up fleece blanket. The blanket & doll are classically styled, & it is made by "Northwest" company. This can be found at Walmart in 2012. It can be on sale for 9.99, or it could be 12.99. You can see the tag at right. Photo discovered by MrFanOfSonic (Of Youtube), tag & display photo by SonicToast, blanket photo by pr0w1.
Fleece throw Sonic tag
Big plush pillow pal & blanket spread photo
Fleece Throw Display bin photo
You can find it in a big cardboard box display in Wal Mart stores. Modified stock art shows each of the characters with their blanket. Notice that they call the doll a 'pillow' when really he's not.
Here's the blanket all spread out. It has neo-classic jumping stock Sonic, with rings, sparkles & his name scattered all over. You can see the size of the plush is nice & big, & the details look quite decent for something this inexpensive. Next to it is the Jazwares small plush which is also 9.99 but never came with anything.
This is a set of "Mini Glasses" but they are actually shot glasses. (Shot size) Did you know you can also serve small desserts in glasses like this?
They're made to match the pint ones patterns (above) & come in this nice checker themed box. This set can be found at Spencers Gifts in 2011 & 2012. It should be about 19.99 for the set. Why are the tiny glasses the same price as the large ones? It seems a
little strange that one doesn't cost less than the other. The glasses themselves are tinted blue, which is a nice touch. They have solid glass/heavy bases, as is the tradition with shots. The 'oh Sonic' art here is likely neo-classic. Notice the 20th Anniversary item logo at the bottom of the box. Photo & owned by RaeLogan