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Housewares are perfect for making up a dedicated Sonic room, or adding a cool Sonic theme to your room or house. General household items can also appear here, it's not just limited to rooms or bedrooms. You might find Sonic stuff for your kitchen, bath, or almost anywhere! This page will have a mixture of new and vintage items, each should list what era it's from, and will list where it can be found, whenever possible..
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Ball Shape Sonic Spin Plastic Globe Table Lamp When & where was this released? This may be a US & UK item where it was in both countries at the same time. Write in if you know for credit.
Now here's a cool old rare item! This is a table lamp. The plastic globe is ball-shaped...quite literally like the "spinning Sonic bounce ball"! There is a play ball with this same look/pose/mold , by making it hollow, larger, and placing it on a base, they have created a lamp. You can see the cord has the switch in the middle, & you can probably unscrew the globe to add/change the light bulb. This is likely an early 1990s item, and it is uncommon. Photo discovered by Zero the Hedgehog

Zak Glass Sipping Sonic Tumbler Glass Here's a cool old glass from 1993. It was produced by "ZAK Glass" as you can see from the raised logo in a circle on the bottom. It has a red & orange checkered backgound, & features the lesser-used stock art of Sonic sipping a straw in a glass while sitting in a director's chair & wearing sunglasses. The back has the logo in a black triangle & a few checkers.
The bottom warns it isn't microwave safe (did they use some kind of metal in the paint? If so, it would probably be a poor idea to drink from it, too)
Glassware like this is usually less common. First, it's glass and it's for kids, so it gets broken. Next, the designs on old items like this were painted on, and generally not dishwasher safe. The designs can chip, crack, peel, scuff & generally wear until it makes people want to throw it out. (Note hairline scratch through N of logo) Holding onto collectibles like this is a good idea as they age. Photo by: Stir Crazy Music
Sonic Dinnerware Set W/Box Here is a much better look at the complete, rare Sonic 'dinnerware set'. (The bowl appears on an earlier page) It was a 3 piece set that came in a cardboard box that you see here. It has a 'Game Gear' art theme going on, as the chair/sunglasses Sonic stock art was produced for(?) marketing of Sonic 1 for GG. The set consists of a white plastic mug with large wrap-around logo, blue bordered white plastic bowl with sunglasses/chair Sonic in the bottom & the plate with the bridge-running Sonic art from the game cover. The plate is white plastic too, but has a fullbleed of the art for the entire face. This set is really uncommon (though no one knows why) so seeing the box is special! Photo discovered by:
Wow chao farmers!
Here's a great mug for chao lovers...because it features ONLY chao! This is the Neutral Chao mug by GE in 2015. It's cute, and well designed with splashes and curves of blue and yellow color. A happy chao on one side lends the hovering head dot to the word for the letter "o", and is next to the modern Sonic logo. The other side of the mug has a circle with 3 chao in it. One is thinking, one is cheering and the other is jumping up happily.
GE is clearly continuing their streak of well designed character spotlighting merchandise. Not every Sonic item needs Sonic on it, and it's great for fans of every character to see them putting good thought and design into other character solo merchandise like this.
Ceramic Beer Mug 25 Ounce Pixel This item is actually called the '25 ounce ceramic beer mug', which is unusual, because pretty much nothing actively labels the item for "Beer" or alcohol, even if it's clearly for that purpose (shot glasses, etc) This is basically a really big white, glazed ceramic mug with ordinary side handle. It is shaped like a traditional beer mug (that's generally glass) It has pixelated sprites for Sonic & Tails on the front, and a vertical row of rings on the back. This has been reported at Spencers Gifts in 2015/fall season. However, because it's so plain, it doesn't look authentic. Supposedly, the copyright information is printed on the bottom.
Green Hill Zone Fridge Magnet Set
Here's a fun idea for your fridge!
This is a set of Green Hill Zone flat magnets. It says "Create your own Sonic game scene"...and you can, when you use these fun magnets. They're pixelated 16 bit style, with a black background. (So, works best on black fridges) You can stick and arrange blocks of land, a ring & life monitor, rings, 2 different Knuckles, flying Tails, rolling Tails, rolling Sonic, dieing Sonic, standing Sonic, Eggman in his egg o matic, some sunflowers, Buzz Bomber, Crabmeat and Chopchop, along with those floating bits of land.
It's plenty of cute magnets to set your scene. Plus, they're great on file cabinets, inside lockers...and more metal areas. Why this is marked 'collectors edition' is unknown. Where can you find these?
1992 Metal Trash Can Sonic This is a trash can from 1992.
It's metal, with an all-over design & red interior. It has a checkered gray/white bottom border & 'space' like background. Sonic is shown running in a sort of horizontal way, with 1 fist toward the viewer. It's not that common of an art/may have been made for the item or item theme-set. This can is very close in its design to the lamp shade that's also from this era. It is also rather similar to a trash can released in the UK, though the Sonic pose for it is different. Were these items a dual-country release?
Photo discovered by CrystalKitsune
Versus Books Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Poster This large poster for Sonic Adventure 2 Battle could only be gotten as a pull-out bonus inside the Versus Books strategy guide for the game. As you can see here, it's quite large and likely the quality is decent as it came with an actual book, and not some magazine. The art was well chosen, with most of the cast on display, and even some chaos. It makes for a good design to go on your wall! Photographed and owned by: dravens_shadow
Semi Sihlouette Name Handle Ceramic Tall Mug Here is an unusual mug. It's white ceramic, but instead of the normal 'mug shape', it is shaped more like a beer glass. It has the lesser used 'wide stance' classic Sonic art on both sides. However, it's done as a partial sihlouette. The art leaves off the detail/color for his nose, lower face, arms, & belly dot, but puts the detail in for his socks, sock gaps, ear, mouth & glove details. Next, it adds red for the shoes. The choice is a little odd, giving a bit of a confusing graphic because it's not consistent with which detail it keeps vs deletes. The handle outer edge has "Sonic" spelled out vertically in a blue strip. This is a pretty unique mug with a nice design touch for the handle. This is at Hastings in 2016 spring. (Hastings is not in every state) Photo by Taaron
Laying Down Sonic Name Black Ceramic Mug This is a normal black ceramic mug from Hastings in 2016.
It has Sonic's name across the side in big rectangular blue letters. The art however, is a newer (2015/2016) piece of neo-classic art. It is a variation on the Sonic CD era "laying down Sonic" (He would lay in the game if you let him alone/didn't play) Here, he's got his head on his hand and is pointing with two fingers while crossing his legs. This pose helps him fit onto the limited space of the mug, & gives it a more unique/uncommon look. Remember though, Hastings is not in every state. Photo by Taaron
2 Pack of 16 Ounce Classic Sonic Glasses A new company appears on the Sonic scene!
This time it's "Vandor" company & they're arriving 2016 (hopefully) with some glasses. This is a 2 pack of clear 16 ounce glasses. They're classic style with 2 pieces of nice neo-classic art. One is jumping Sonic, the other is maybe swinging on a rope/vine?
These are described as "Laser Decal", does it refer to how it's applied or how the decals are made? You can see they go all the way around the glass with the pixelated top edge look. The designs are colorful and fun, the glasses look nicely put together with all-around graphics and if the price is ok & the art sturdy this will be a good opening act for a new company. This is a factory photo.
Outa Here 18 oz Oval Ceramic Mug Here is an 'oval shape' ceramic mug.
It's fairly egg shaped, rounded inward at the top. There doesn't appear to be a real reason for the shape, other than 'its not standard'. It's another classic style piece, this time with the whole standard "Borderless Sonic front face" on one side and the logo on the other.
The interest with the mug comes when you notice the fun, added detail on the inside rim when you face the Sonic design toward yourself. The words "I'm outta here!" are written in yellow on the interior. It's a nice added touch that elevates the mug's interest level.
This is made of microwave-safe ceramic material and holds 18 ounces of liquid. (so, it's larger than normal) This is made by Vandor & will appear at some point in 2016, but in which stores?
18 oz Lidded Plastic Drink Cup This is a lidded plastic drink cup. It holds 18 oz of liquid & is likely of the 'double wall' variety to minimize condensation & help keep the drink cool longer. It has a re-use-able yellow straw. The design here is classic style, with the neo-classic jumping forward Sonic over a Green Hill background. However, a new element has been added in the form of blue with white & orange with white scattered cubes/squares of different sizes over the background. It keeps this from being 'just another GHZ' item & the neoclassic art has not been over-used. This is another Vandor product that's supposed to be for summer 2016. Tritan 18 oz Blue Water Bottle Sport This is the "Tritan 18oz Blue Sonic Sport bottle" It's an insulated water bottle (note gap between exterior clear with rings design & interior blue with Sonic design) It has a silvertone top with carry handle & flip up drinking spout. Notice that you can see through to where it spells out "Sonic" on the other side too. This bottle will be released by Vandor in 2016