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Even more great stuff, perfect for making up a dedicated Sonic room, or adding a cool Sonic theme to your room or house. House wares can also appear here, it's not just limited to rooms or bedrooms. This page will have a mixture of new and vintage items, each should list what era it's from.
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Shadow stylish throw pillow sofa Two great and stylish accent or throw-pillows! These square pillows appear to be quite quality with nice embroidery, different fabric use, & very well chosen art. The poses are dynamic & cropped in an interesting manner to help the pillows look artistic. The background Sonic modern throw pillow
for Shadow's pillow appears to even be fuzzy, (it claims it is velvet) & the Sonic design seems fleecy or soft. Produced by GE in summer/fall 2010. Pillows should be available at for about 22.00 each in 2011. Photos discovered by SonicHOG, buying info found by: Ry64
Sonic X Shadow Knuckles Wall Scroll This Sonic X based wall scroll didn't appear until well after Sonic X finished its run. It has a great character selection of Knuckles, Sonic & Shadow, and features a really unusual pose for Shadow. He's actually sitting down here (though, on nothing) and Knuckles uses a less common one, where he's looking over his shoulder. A large version of the Sonic Spin design and concentric circles make up the background. For some reason, they pasted the Sonic X logo right in the center, though it covers up Shadow's foot. This should be available at online retail, and possibly also in the SonicGear Store.
3 Classic Sonic Faces Large Towel This tiny image actually shows a large towel. The towel is billed as being for use at the bath or the beach, and was produced by GE Entertainment. It has 3 classic Sonic stock art faces, but features the foreword-winking one which wasn't too commonly used. The classic logo can be seen in the corner. This measures 29.5 x 59 inches. Photo discovered by Kirchu
Sonic characters analog wall clock
Finally, a legitimate clock. The world is full of nasty lame bootleg clocks, but this one by GE is the real deal. It looks like it too, with a quality design and attention to detail. Sonic is in the middle giving a thumbs-up, and the hands do not particularly disrupt the art. You can see the logo in the bottom area. The only numbers to appear are 3, 6, 9 and 12, the others are represented by Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Big, Cream, Blaze, Rouge and Shadow each in a disk. The copyright info is in the bottom of the inner ring. This clock is available in 2010...but likely at online retail only.
Fleecy Classic Styled Sonic Blanket This is a new 'fleece type' Sonic blanket or 'throw'. It isn't stuffed like a bed-spread, but is instead made of fuzzy soft material that ays it is 'soft warm & cozy'. It is classic styled, with jumping Sonic (a seldom used and fresh looking stock art!) and a ring on a background that looks like it might be from the Labyrinth Zone, or somewhere similar. You can see the picture of what the whole thing looks like all spread out, on the front of its card. The back has the logo & copyright info. This was made by Northwest Company. This can be found in FYE stores in summer/fall 2010. Photographed & owned by SonicHOG Blanket Throw Fleece Back
Beach Scene SA 1 Wall Scroll This poster uses SA1 era art to create an implied beach scene. The background is a simple blue and yellow fade to imply the shore. Amy under her towel is the star of the show at the front, with Sonic on the look-out and Tails enjoying some ice cream. You can be reminded that none of them have any toes. Photo discovered by SonicHOG Sonic & Tails dynamic modern poster A nice Sonic & Tails poster with modern look and fairly fresh art. Sonic's pose is dynamic, & the background seems to be abstract. Tails is pointing at nothing in particular, but it isn't too distracting. Photo discovered by SonicHOG
Sonic pillow case MIB This classic styled Sonic pillow case is made to match the fleecy throw, seen above. It has the same design on it, only it's cropped a little below his hips, as the case is a rectangle/horizontal. Like the blanket, this too is available at FYE stores in fall 2010.
It's starting price point (as you can see here) was $14.99 but that's quite costly for just one pillow case! That's only about 5 dollars less than a massive, fleecy blanket. It should be found 'on sale' most of the time for a more reasonable $9.99. It comes in a clear plastic case with zip top (so you can store it again, if you want to) By putting the blanket on the can almost start to form a bed-set. Photos & info by Taaron.
Sonic classic style pillow case card back
Sonic Giant Vinyl Wall Cling Decor
This is billed as a 'party supply' but really it's more of a home-decorator piece. It is a gian vinyl 'cling', but it works on walls instead of windows. The pack includes Sonic, 4 rings, 1 winged 's' symbol and 1 Sonic logo (seen by his foot) Just how big is the Sonic? 47 by 36 inches! It's giant! These can be peeled & re-stuck with the included squeegee so you can redecorate. This retails for $39.99 and you can find it at if you search 'Sonic' in 2010.
Ring pattern Sonic sleeve blanket This is a "Comfy Throw". It proclaims 'the blanket with sleeves', as it is trying to be like the name brand "Snuggy" blanket. It is made of the same fleecy material as the actual blanket (seen above, with Labrynth style background) however, it won't lay flat, as it has been made with sleeves. This type of item is considered to be tacky, for some reason. The pattern here is QUITE similar to the 'ladies wallet', with checker stripe, old-style font, and classic Sonic. They've added angled rings for interest. This can be found at FYE stores for about $19.99 in winter 2010. Ring pattern comfy throw
Photographed & owned by Static the Hedgehog
Steamin' Sonic Classic Style Wall Clock Forget 'happy hour' when you try this's "angry hour" instead! This classic styled clock is meant to look 'edgy' with no numbers or border. The rings are roughly placed near where the 12, 3, 6 and 9 would be. Why choose 'steamin' Sonic' for the stock picture though? (note, wacky cartoon ear-steam has been removed from the art) The logo is placed partially over his head, and the hands attach behind his eye. (both are blue, somewhat hard to see here) This is an analog wall clock with about 8 inch diameter. Clock was seen in Spencers Gifts, & should retail for about $19.99 Clock price provided by Tabbo Amber Hedgehog
Old 1991 Sonic Quartz Analog Alarm Clock Here's a curious and very old clock! It's actually from 1991, making it a very early item of Sonic merchandise. The clock itself is rare, so it is extra-rare to find it in the packaging still. Clocks also usually do not come on bubble cards. The card has the logo, and claims to be "Quartz Alarm". The clock itself is shaped like a classic cartoon clock, complete with little feet on the bottom. It has a reversed/mirror image Sonic stock art for the face. The back-card features streams of rings, chaos emeralds and Buzz Bombers as well as a AoStH styled Robotnick in a simple egg-o-matic. Certainly, it's interesting to get a look at this old-school item & its packaging. Discovered by Calistine
Sonic Chaos TV Shape Night Light
This is a night light. It's shaped like an oldschool TV cabinet. The design is purposely funky, with rounded edges. The screen lights up when you plug it in. (the switch is below it) The art on the screen is from the GameGear Sonic Chaos, only it seems to be shown reversed. The knobs and 'speaker holes' are fake. This is quite an uncommon item. You can see the size (only a few inches high) due to the arm of Big the Cat action figure near it. Photo & owned by Tabbo Amber the Hedgehog.
4 Pack Classic Style Sonic Drink Glasses
This is a 4 pack of drink glasses made by Backstage-Pass. While they're styled like shot glasses, they're actually 16 oz each. (so, can be used for anything) They may be classic styled, but you won't find stale art here! Each character has a rare or uncommon pose. Knuckles is bumping his fists together, Tails is waving, Sonic is leaning, and Eggman has his arms crossed/pointing. None of these (except maybe Sonic) is all that common. It makes the glasses seem fresh no matter the style you prefer. The corner of the box has a line-art of the Sonic graphic from the glass. *Glasses with colored images on them are better as a display than for something daily-use...since the images aren't embedded within the glass damage could occur. Photo discovered by PiplupFan77
Genesis 2 Sided Sonic poster
Classic Style Sonic Knuckles Tails Eggman Ring Poster A creative classic styled poster, with Sonic Tails Knuckles & even Eggman. Seldom-used classic stock art appears for all the characters, arranged over a ring & sky background. There are also some chaos emeralds floating around. Eggman is cruising by in his egg-o-matic in the background, & the logo at the bottom doesn't interfere with the design. A nice & colorful classic looking poster. Discovered by A Cat
This poster was likely packaged with a game. It's double sided, with ads/screen shots of varous Genesis games of the time advertised on the back. The front just has Sonic in a 'spot light' effect in front of bricks. A decent true classic poster, as well as an interesting way to advertise. Photo by Sapphi
Sonic all-cast group characters poster
This is a great variety poster! Almost no-matter who you like out of the Sonic cast, you'll find them here! Everyone from Blaze to Cheese and even Eggman are in this group shot. All the characters are CG, so they're bright, colorful & on-model with cool poses. The background is simple, a pale grid with rings. It's big too, at 24 by 36 inches. This can be found at FYE stores for either 15.99 or 7.99 (depending on sales) in 2011. Info by Blazing Chaos & antradenise You can see the copyrights at the bottom. Discovered by A Cat
Ages Sega Sonic 1 Poster
This poster is fairly mysterious.
It's status is currently: LOOKING FOR INFO.
It may move depending on what's found out. This is from the Sonic 1 era, it's an early item. The slogan at the bottom "To be this good takes AGES to be this good takes SEGA" was more frequently used in Europe area, but was also found on a few USA items. Next, notice the font for "Sonic" is not the usual one appearing in the logo, but a thinner font, sent in red, while the "the hedgehog" portion is the same.
This poster is fairly large, at least 22 inches long. Was it a retail display item, given to retail game shops by Sega to help advertise? Or, was it sold to the public as a regular item? It could also be a bonus or give-away at a trade show. The paper appears to be fairly heavy stock. The design is rather nice, with the Sonic art laid over the two backgrounds & large Sega logo. Have you seen this poster & can provide more info? Please write in for credit. Photo & owned by: