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This page will still be covering past & present Sonic plushes from the USA. Eventually the old plushes will eventually all get catalogued, leaving upcoming pages with only 'modern' ones, but that time has not yet arrived.
This page will have a focus on 2010 plushes, likely from GE Entertainment and Jazwares. Vintage plushes may still appear, but they'll be noted by their entry. With plushes showing up at offline retail such as FYE stores and online at more places like Amazon, plush availability seems to be on the rise in 2010.
GE Modern Sonic plush & tag photo GE 21 inch Sonic side view GE Modern Sonic Big Size Plush
In the upper left corner, you can see a photo of what the tag will look like. It's rather SA styled, though the line appears to be 'x' related due to having Cream included on it.
GE Entertainment had been doing classic plushes...and a good job at it. This one is also GE, however you can see it's modern Sonic and at a much larger size than usual. It is about 21 inches high and it can be found at FYE stores (usually seen in malls) They did a nice job with him too, as he has stand-up ears, flat foot bottoms, and all his details seem to be in place. The eyes are decal-like (not raised plastic) and in the proper area. All his spikes are fairly well formed, and he does not look fuzzy. Being able to pick up a large doll like this at offline retail is a good opportunity, in 2010. Left Discovered by SonicHOG taken by GE, right 2 photos by Static The Hedgehog.
Trashcan Werehog Wrong Tag Doll Apparently, Jazwares also made plush robots from the USA Astro Boy CG movie. As can sometimes happen, a figure or plush is mis-labeled (or mis-carded) in this case Werehog gets a "trashcan" tag instead of the proper Sonic themed one. This doesn't add any value, but it is odd to see. Photo by Hali66
Giant Knuckles Prize plushes These are giant (almost person sized) plushes that are available to win at Busch Gardens amusement parks. This is at Williamsburg. They are Kelly Toy, as you'll notice the long legs, & shiny fabric. They're not as 'noodly' as previous ones, but they are withered /wilted, as noted in the bottom of the photo (Super Sonic) by understuffing. 1 try at the game was $5, so it's a risk! But you do win a doll with 1 basket. Photos by Beloved Doll. Giant Silvers & Super Withered Sonic
GE Decal eye Sonic doll turn-arounds GE Entertainment has set out to make a new Sonic plush line. This line is distinguished here by the new eye style. They appear 'painted' on rather than using plastic or embroidery. They are actually slightly shiny decals inked onto the cloth. All the doll's tags will look the same (inset) instead of being different for each
GE Paint Eyes Decal Shadow Plush
character on the line. Both Sonic & Shadow here are 24 inches each, and have nice detail. The eye style works well, especially for Shadow. Both dolls seem pretty proportional, with decent faces and spike arrangements. Photographed & owned by Orange Unicorn
GOSH Shadow plush sizes photo This is the whole size-run of GOSH Shadow plushes they made. Notice the orange background Sonic X jumping punch tag, and Sonic X cloth tag. With this shot, you can see he stays consistant through the sizes, with no mutations. The sizes are: Largest 29, med. 14, small 12, tiny 9 inches. Photographed & owned by Orange Unicorn Ugly Eggman Jazwares Should Jazwares back off & leave plush making 'to the professionals'? You be the judge with this next round of dolls. At right you see their odd, wrinkly off-model Eggman.
Silver JW Plush Tails & Silver Mixed Dolls Minis
Look at his giant nose...he's like a bird with a beak. Then, Silver's look is hard to determine due to the photo being super small. That center shot is actually of a display, what they're hoping it will look like in stores.
box (for stores) of their mini-plushes that somehow got to France! Jazwares had a habit of releasing any plush to the USA first, but that box made its way there ahead of all TRU stores. The last photo proves they're planning on adding Tails...and he doesn't look too bad. Silver's shoe-bottom is also detailed, and so are his gloves. Hopefully they can learn to improve all their dolls in the future. Back of Jazwares Silver plush photo Jazwares Silver Plush Close
Silver actually looks better from the back, than the front. Center photo discovered by Berzerker, left & right by
At right is the close up of their Silver plush. The face looks a little better than some of their previous efforts, though he does seem a bit gloomy. Photo discovered by: Red, sitting photo dsc by Trogdorbad. Silver back photo by ShadowPlace1
Mitten Sonic 1993 Small plush This old plush was made in 1993, but which company made it? You can see the old Sonic 1 art on the tag, but the name isn't on the front. The plush is just ok, he has mittens with no fingers & the hands are super small. The doll itself isn't very big, at only 5 inches high but aside from the hands it's fairly proportional especially for the time period. Discovered by Trogdorbad Tall Tails strange plush This is a wierd Tails! Look how tall and noodly he is! But the real strange part is his face, what's up with his nose? The wilted flat-cloth bangs don't help on a doll of this size, & neither do the under-sized tails & round feet. The tag indicates Kelly Toy made him...though he's not the best by far (nearly a mutant!). Discovered by Trogdorbad
Jazwares Tails doll front back It seems Tails here is Jazwares' most on-model plush. He looks pretty nice here, with appropriatly sized tails, a well done face, and decent proportions. He's made of the same soft fabric as their other plushes, and is about the same size. He should appear in Toys R Us in 2011 winter. He should retail for about $11.99 despite the small size. Left photos by ShadowPlace1, right discovered by SonicFan09 Jazwares Tails plush photo
S & K Logo Shirt Sonic Doll Japan dolls aren't the only ones to wear little t-shirts. Here's a classic Sonic plush wearing a white tee with the Sonic & Knuckles logo on the front. He isn't very big, and has rather odd looking flat felt spikes. The hands are nicely detailed though. This was only available if you ordered it from the mini catalog that came packaged in certain copies of S&K for Genisis.
Tomy Smooth Bangs Tails Tomy USA & Japan Sonic 2 Tails Compare At left, you see the Tomy (Foot-bottom-tag) Tails. He was made in the early 1990s, and is about 13 inches high. As you can see, he has no glove belts, and fuzzy shoes. His bangs are also smooth pieces of felt. He was released alongside the Sonic who also had the tag across the bottom of the foot. Both photos discovered by Trogdorbad.
The photo above however...shows this Tails (right) and the Japanese one (left) complete with its original green-squares Sonic 2 tag. Look how similar they are! The only differences are that the Japan one used a more expensive method for the bangs (they're plush) they bothered to detail his gloves, and the shoes are more proporionate/not oddly fuzzy. It is likely Tomy bought the pattern from the Japanese maker, then changed the materials they used.
Dakin 1993 Sonic 9in doll
Doesn't this plush look similar to the shirt wearing Sonic above? It is possible that Dakin made both, or someone used their pattern. This plush is about 9 inches high, and was made by Dakin in 1993. It is distinguished by the round (instead of long) plastic eyes, and wiggly felt spikes that all come out of the exact middle of the head, as well as the stubby legs and big nose. Photo discovered by Trogdorbad.
GE Entertainment MIP Tails Doll w/Tag Here's a shot of GE Animation's Tails classic style plush. Interesting, as he's still in the package. Their 'package' is just a simple clear bag to protect the doll from dirt before it's sold. The tag has classic Sonic with a checkered edge. This is a decent and cute classic style plush! All the details seem to be in place (though why are his sock-bands blue? The right photo really exposes how wide it is) & his expression is nice as well. Photo discovered by Shade1602, right photo by Tabbo Amber Hedgehog

GE Classic Style Plushes (any/all characters) can be found at Spencers Gifts & Hot Topic 16.00 in malls in the USA in 2011.

Odd Socks Tails
GE Chao Plush happy
Look at this happy chao! This is the neutral chao plush by GE Entertainment. While the USA waited a long time to see a chao doll, this one appears in spring 2011. It seems well done, with a happy expression and chao-like proportions. The fabric does not seem fuzzy. Was available at HobbyDojo, may be about 4 inches. May be sold out online/Amazon. Photo discovered by: PiplupFan77, added info by ML1024
Look at this interestingly detailed old Sonic plush. First, he's from the USA, but has the JP only-mostly (at the time) shoe buckles. Then look at the roll-like construction of his socks & glove cuffs. It's unusual for the time as well. This is 30 inches long, so it's big too! Photo discovered by SuperSonicDuo
30 inch Big Classic Buckles Sonic Plush
Giant Shadow Plush compare Giant Shadow Plush Hand Toy Network Giant Shadow Face
A Giant Shadow appears! Toy Network didn't limit themselves to huge Sonic & Tails, they've done a Shadow as well. The first shows him with their biggest Tails, and he seems even larger than that. In the middle, there's a real hand on the plush you can tell just how big this doll really is. He's not like the super long/noodly ones who just added length, the whole plus is proportionally (well fairly) big. The inset (right) shows the tag you'll find if you can manage to get one of these giant plushes and find the space to keep it, too because it's over 3 feet tall. Photo & owned by: Gennifer
Toy Network Medium Knuckles Doll Not everything Toy Network did was a total mutation. This is their 'medium Knuckles', and he actually turned out fairly ok. 'Eager' looking like their giant one, but nothing horrible. It's just that their quality was so inconsistent, you never knew what you'd get. Photo & owned by Cfire176 Youtube
Plain Tail Ribbon Shoe Sonic Plush This old plush from 1991 or 1992 or so is similar to others, but has 2 differences for you to spot. First off, his shoe stripes are made of a flat, white silky ribbon. This was usually common to smaller dolls as it's an easy way to add a detail. Then, look at the tail. Oddly, it's made of a plain (non fuzzy type) fabric. Usually, the tail is always made of the same stuff as the rest of the doll, so that's defenetely an identifying feature for this plush. Then, the tag that's usually on the butt or the ankle is on the heel of the shoe. This is an interesting old find. Photo by Retrojunkie022 discovered by VoiceOfPikachu