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Jazwares Classic Style 5 Inch Scale Sonic Action Figures
For Sonic's 20th Anniversary in 2011, Jazwares released two lines of figures, (as well as more items) in both classic & modern styles. This page has CLASSIC style Sonic figures only, at the 5 inch size scale. Having 2 lines with different looks also fits in with the Sonic Generations Game's theme, which does the same thing. Interested in Anniversary stuff? You can see their Plushes & Modern Style Line.
All of the 20th Anniversary branded things should be available at Toys R Us in the USA AND GameStops AND Target Stores in the USA. (GameStop most expensive, use as last resort=double price!) Store info by DrEggplantMan
Australia- Look for these figures starting November 2011 in Toys R Us Stores
UK Area- Look for these figures starting late October 2011 in Toys R Us Stores
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Sonic through time 5 inch Sonic Classic Jazwares' first classic styled offering is this 5 inch size Sonic. Since he's larger, he doesn't come with anything, and is well sculpted, and matching with the old look. His box is appropriately labeled 1991, which was the very start of Sonic. Note the Generations CG classic Sonic used for the box art. It's a nice box, that displays the figure well for MIB collectors. The flashy foil 20th stamp doesn't cover anything, and the box isn't super huge compared to the size of the figure. (Though it is pretty big)
He can be found at Target & Toys R Us for about $9.99. May also be found at Gamestop
Box photo discovered by: SonicFan09
Classic 5 Inch Sonic Front Classic Jazwares Sonic Side Classic JW Sonic Back 5 inch Classic Sonic is a great looking figure, & a good amount of thought seems to be put into making it, too. The head is hollow (unlike their other figures) which is fantastic because it makes him less likely to tip over/top heavy. Also, if you look carefully at the joints, they're covered this time.
Unlike all their other figures you don't have the pegs/bolt ends showing, and the limbs don't look 'knobby' from where the joints are bigger, giving him a smoother appearance. The expression is great, you can see him similing there in the 1st pic, just as it should be. VERY classic expression, perfect placement for the eyes. Classic fan or not, you'll want to grab this figure if you like Sonic figures at all!
5 inch figure classic/modern comparison Classic Style Figure Top & Bottom shots The arm articulation is good, he can hold poses because his head doesn't weigh a ton, and he doesn't feel flimsy in any way. However, he has NO KNEES (likely due to shorter legs) so his pose/stances are a little more limited. The waist-swivel sort of breaks up the line for him if you get one
with a paint flaw. He doesn't seem prone to paint flaws, but if he has one, this is where it will be. His id number (for some reason) is on the SIDE of his shoe (visible above) rather than under it, for some reason. Due to his proportions, he's not as tall as the usual 5 inch Sonic (comparison above) but it doesn't seem to be an issue.
Nitpick: Only 1...hands in fists only. Pointing finger or 'thumbs up' could have given classic poses.
Known issues:
Paint flaw on waist swivel, waist swivel 'stuck' or super hard to turn
Above loose photos by: SonicDM, SonicBoom403 & SonicToast
Classic Super Sonic 5 inch figure Classic style SS side Under Classic Super Sonic Super & Regular 5 inch Sonic compare
Super Sonic spikes compare This is the classic style Super Sonic from the classic/modern SS 2-pack figures. He's on the 5 inch scale, and as you can see, looks good. He seems to have the exact same body as the regular figure, but the upward spikes make the head just a little bit bigger. It's nice how they re-shaped the eyes to change the expression (note frowny mouth too) The upward spikes have been well sculpted, it looks very accurate and appropriate. He has the same hollow head, so he should not be that top-heavy. However, because he's exactly like the regular version, he's going to have the same issues like frozen waist joint, no knee, fists only, and possible paint flaws on the belly dot color. The moder SS is on the JW Modern 20th Anniversary page. This figure is def. the better of the two from the pack. He is not only better sculpted, but you should find less flaws with this figure.
The Super Sonic 2-Pack should be about $19.99 at Toys R Us. Sonic 2 pack should remain available through 2013. Photos above by: SonicToast
Re-Packaged Sonic 5 Inch Classic For some reason, in fall/winter 2012, they have decided to totally re-design the package for classic 5 inch size Sonic. The box loses the black/gray checkers with green background, & becomes much brighter with white & portrait background, bright yellow, fun stars & bold "10 pts articulation" sign. The new box is a big change, but the figure remains the same. They also added a sticker over the "20th Anniversary" on their classic line figures, as seen here. Box photo by PacmanSonic138, Tails photo by RaeLogan
Sonic with light up emeralds What exactly is going on here? This is a re-release of the 5 inch size Sonic figure. The gimmick here is interesting, he comes with 4 "Light up" chaos emeralds. You get purple, red, green and blue. The "Try Me" sticker on the box may tell you what to do to get them to light up. How much will this set cost? Light up chaos emeralds factory photo
They light up by tapping them and are about the size of the figures head. The emeralds are held together by pins so you can take them apart. Similar to the super pack, they are twice the size they need to be to be to scale. They light up and go out within a second. Another cool part about the figure is that it actually stands up properly,due to his head being hollow,unlike many other jazwares figures which weigh themselves down and topple." Emerald info added by Segasonic3039. Boxed Photo discovered by TurboTheHedgehog, loose factory photo discovered by The Ultimate Hedgehog
Classic Tails Face Failure Apparently, after a time some of the classic 3.75 size Tails figures can have their face fall off. You can see where it snaps into his head here, but it's a rather unfortunate thing to have happen. The solution should be finding the face & putting a bit of glue in the holes to keep it on forever. Photo by BritsBoy122