Sonic The Hedegehog Electronics
Modern Only Sonic Electronics
Either with batteries or electricity, these Sonic items can entertain. This page showcases ONLY modern style electronics. The other pages have a mixture, but this page is all about current things with post-Sonic Adventure styles or themes. This page also includes electronics accessories, like game cases, skins or special styluses. For interesting Sonic electronics or stuff to make your items cooler with Sonic style, this is the page to see.
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Ipad & Iphone Sonic theme cases These 3 things are 2 IPad cases & an Iphone case, as seen by their different shapes. You can get Sonic or Eggman for the pad, & Shadow for the phone. These can be found at , which is a re-seller of stuff you'd find at Toys R Us, but that ships to USA & Canada. It's based in the UK though. It's offering these cases, but where are the logos/copyrights? Write in for credit if you have proof for these covers. Discovered by SonicBoy19
At-Games Sam's Club Genesis Emulator Machines Here are more Genesis "plug n' play" type machines. These are by "At Games" & are exclusive to Sam's Club stores. Sam's is a wholesale type club where you buy yearly membership to get discounts on food/home goods & family size stuff.
At left is the portable game player. It plays Genesis (not GameGear) games. It has 80 games built in because both of these are technically like a type of emulator but with hardware. The other is the 'classic game console deluxe' & it has 92 games, but also apparently, a cartridge slot. Look at how heavily they feature Sonic & his games on the packaging. They make it look like most of both line-ups are all Sonic stuff. This is interesting to see because the makers believe Sonic & his games are what was best from the system/what were most likely to make sales for them. Both are 38.98 at Sam's Club in 2013. Photos by A83HG
Fuzzy Red DS Wallet MIP
This is a "DS Wallet", which is basically the same thing as a DS case, it's just soft/cloth instead of a hard plastic. The gimmick here is that it's fuzzy. See the hole there in the plastic packaging? You're meant to be able to feel the texture before you buy. The red background may be fuzzy, but the Sonic isn't. He's a cut soft-plastic design that's layered over the fabric of the case. The gray graphic in the corner there shows you how it will look once you add your DS to the wallet. This is by Mad Catz & came in multiple colors. You can see a blue one on Electronics Page 5. Photo discovered by SonicxAndTailsx
Mad Catz DS case edge close up photo Protect your DS (Lite only) with this plastic snap-on case. This case is not only stylish, with a great close up of some dynamic stock Sonic, it's also got slight relief design going. The details of Sonic are slightly raised for added interest. With the left photo you can see the plastic has pearly/metallic glitter dust in it & also just how raised the design is. DS Lite Sonic Relief plastic case
It's great to see official DS accessories made easily available. This can be found in GameStop in the USA for about $9.99 in the winter 2010 / 2011. RE-Released in fall 2011 WITH the 20th Anniversary logo /branding. 2nd chance to grab it! Right photo by: Taaron, left by KatAndSilver
Amiibo Sonic Figure Why is a figure in Electronics?
Because it's a special figure that interacts with video games via a chip in the base. You set the figure on an item connected to the system & it has effects. So, you have to collect the toy to get the figure's effect (character) in the game. The concept is called Amiibo by
Amiibo Figure Set With Sonic
Nintendo. (Off of other games with similar concepts like Disney Infinity & Spyro's Skylanders line) The group shot shows the 2nd wave of figures for Feb. 2015, which will include Sonic, who you can see in close up there. He's partially held up by that clear post so he can have an action pose. You can also spot a Lucario, Princess, Bowser, Link, Sheik, Marth, Metaknight, King Dedede & Mega Man.
The Sonic figure looks pretty great here. Smooth construction, good eye placement, accurate seeming proportions, creative enough pose & good paint. Figure review & price info pending actual release.
Amiibo Turn-Around
These are in-home (not stock) shots of the actual Sonic Amiibo, released in winter 2015. As you can see here, it looks just like the stock shot, with good paint, nice textured detail (see shoe bottom) and great sculpting. Even if you don't have the game, or want to use this as an electronics item, it's still good to collect because it is basically a little display figure on a base that looks nice. Keep in mind that RETAIL value should be about $14.00 for this, but "Amiibo Fever" due to early popularity has contributed to scalping, reselling, sell-outs, and fakery. Keep in mind spending, availability & bootleg avoidance if you choose to go after this figure. Photos discovered by ML1024
Jazwares CD Sonic Boom Box This item MAY or MAY NOT be released.
Clearly, it exists, its beyond a prototype and some of them may have been produced. This was made around the 'end of Jazwares license' right before Boom came around. It was showed at a booth in 2013, which seems early for something like this. It is a blue, Sonic themed musical Boom Box that plays CDs. It's a top loader, the image of Sonic there (arms crossed, 1 finger) is on its lid & the CD fits under there. The front says it will play regular CDs, CDR and CDRW which means it plays home-made music mash-up type CDs too. (Some items wouldn't) it also has a headphone jack & LCD display panel there on the front between the Sonic & Shadow pictures. The red button row is for the usual stop/play/skip/seek etc. This is a tidy enough little boom box with larger speakers (for its size) & sturdy handle. Having the display box photo'd with it is also helpful here. Photo discovered by PatMac
Sega Sautrn Sonic Tails Theme Disk Cleaning Kit
Here's an unusual/uncommon item.
It was made for the Sega Saturn (which didn't end up that popular nor long lasting) which probably contributes to the uncommonness. It's a cleaning kit with a Sonic & Tails theme. It has the special disk you see there, which has tiny soft brushes underneath so that while it spins, the brushes clean the laser emitter of dust. Also included is a disk wiping pad that won't scratch, and a fluid that helps clean disks too.
Interesting note: it says that while you run the disk in the Saturn, you can "watch Sonic & Tails"--so it seems likely that it has some kind of short animation of somekind that plays while it cleans? (Do write in if you know what the disk shows for credit!)
Also notice how it's sort of going on 'wrong Tails' for the art...his glove bands have been moved & turned into blue bracelets somehow, he's got the tiny ears again & the wrong shoe type going. (The only thing they missed was setting him to brown...)
Sonic X-Treme Cassette Player MIP Now here's a rare look at an uncommon item!
This is the "Sonic X-Treme Stereo Cassette Player". And it is pretty boring. (Isn't that wierd?) As you know, a few items were released with "X-Treme" branding on them, even though the game never was. They were meant to help promote it when it came out, with items like a book, magazine, stickers and...apparently this tape player walkman like item. However, the clamshell plastic packaging is about the only 'Sonic like' thing about this sad item. It's just a generic looking "80s-90s" type plastic tape player with hot green 'blast' shapes & some yellow accents with ridges. There are no Sonic images or themes, just a cheap looking stamp of the logo on one side.
This looks like some last-minute slapped on branding, and likely didn't sell well and so is rare. The list of features includes the ability to 'fast forward' (as if that was a feature and not just standard...) then "Sonic" stereo headphones (note: has nothing to do with Sonic except that they emit sounds) The inset shows the back of the item, & headband part, it's just black. The package front has the 'neon outline' sports Sonic that only appears in relation to anything Xtreme. Here, he's on a snowboard looking back over a shoulder. Because of it's inability to sell well, the fact that the game it's branded for never came out, and the last minute slap-on look of the device, this is uncommon but still pretty interesting to take a look at. Photo discovered by SpongeBob the Hedgehog
Lego Dimensions Level Pack Sonic Lego Dimensions is a video game (not usually covered by Gear) but it has toys that go with it & are able to interact much like Amiibos with their special bases. To get the character in the game, you can buy the figure, as seen here. Sonic comes with his ring. You can also get the "Level Pack" seen at left that has not only the Sonic figure but his little car from Sega Sonic All Stars Racing as well as a little version of the Tornado plane so you can use these vehicles in the game too. Collectible AND playable is a fun combination! Photo discovered by Spazer. Lego Dimensions Sonic Figure
Sonic Mania Collectors Edition Pre Order Bonus Pack Here's the pre-order collectors edition pack for Sonic Mania!
What do you do when there's no actual physical game to buy or collect? This...probably. Notice how there's no real game here at all for your PC. When you get this bundle, you get the 'deluxe' collectors' box (why is it deluxe? Is it plastic instead of cardstock?) which looks like it fits the 12 inch statue of classic Sonic standing on a Genesis system. But, this isn't just a regular sculpted figure! It's got sound! Pressing the button makes the 'Sega' startup sound. Then, there's the cartridge shaped holder with a 'golden' metallic ring that fits in a drawer inside. Last is a metallic collectors card that has the download key on the back so you can actually go get the game. This is a great bundle with plenty of stuff! The statue is really big too, plus the sound addition makes it extra special/unlike bonuses released before.
Even without a physical game, this is a really respectable collectors edition bonus set. It matches the theme/feel of the game perfectly with it's "Sonic 1" suggested style type everywhere. Do notice though that the statue & the box aren't real. They're just CG stand ins for this factory stock photo.