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Winter Ware Sonic The Hedgehog Clothing
Feeling the chill of the winter season? Why not warm up with some Sonic Sweatshirts? This is the fall/winter line from the current Sonic clothing. All this stuff can probably be found at the usual stores, including: Kohls, Sears, and JC Penny. Again though, it seems to be 'luck of the draw' on what places have ANY shirts vs. which don't...
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Double Sleeve brown group shot shirt w/toy A double-sleeve brown shirt. The Skater look started the 'wearing a long sleeve under a short sleeve' style. This shirt follows along, but has sewn sleeves of another color onto their basic Tshirt. As you can see, these are also coming packaged with an individual bendy. Note: If you look in the background, you can see Shadow.
Red Sonic Knuckles Eggman shirt double gray sleeve
Another double sleeved selection, this one in red and gray. Knuckles is leaving a trail across Eggman, who does not frequently appear on clothing. The double sleeve style can keep you warm on fall or winter days. The sizes of these are unknown, hopefully not as unreasonable as some of the smaller T's by the same company.
Long Sleeve gray w/toy Here is a long sleeved gray shirt with the same design as the above brown double-sleeved one. These are made of a T-shirt like material, only with long sleeves instead. Unlike the earlier line, this one does not appear to have any writing on the sleeve. They're still packin' on the bendys though.
Yellow hooded sweat shirt flying Sonic Hooded or Hoodie sweatshirts. These have a front double pocket and long sleeves for if it's fairly cold. The yellow also features a plasic decoration of Sonic the Hedgehog on the front. There seems to be only 1 plastic type 'full body' Sonic about, so notice that it is the same on both shirts, they just switched his back-ground. The Red one says "Super Sonic Speed", like a previous shirt. These may now be on clearance at Sears for around $14.00. Original retail was 20. The red has NO plastic decal for Sonic's head. Red hooded sweatshirt super sonic speed
Matching red outfit pants jacket shirt
blue worried sweat shirt Sonic X with Shadow A blue sweatshirt with a rather odd design. Everyone featured in it, is worried. The only one who isn't looking mildly agitated is Knuckles, who seems satisfied. It has all the same features as the other sweatshirts from this line, and the ink seems fairly shiny.
Wow! Look at this, it's an entire coordinated outfit of Sonic! Shirt, pants and a jacket. Too bad it looks rather small. There is another, different outfit available. Photos pending.
Sonic Charge brown sweat shirt photo Yet ANOTHER varient on the "Sonic Charge" with cast in the background. When are they going to quit re-hashing this design? It's already available in every tee color, and this photo is here to prove they're adding it to sweats this season, if they havn't before. Hope you like this design, the stores are full of it.
Blue glow sweatshirt Sonic X
A nice blue sweatshirt, with a standard stock-art but on an interesting glowy background. This may have glitter.
NOW they're making an effort. The 2006 winter-season long-sleeve combo shirts are really getting some class and good design, as opposed to recycled 100x art. This Shadow shirt has a tribal silver glitter design, and 3 of his different frownish expressions. The color is crisp and sharp, and the design has a definite style. If you like Shadow, this is one to own!
Here's another nice one. Shadow is in a flaming spade, for some reason. The name is bracketed with black tribal 'flames' for a dangerous look. There is glitter in the flames, but you can't see it, even on the close-up. Wanted poster Shadow long sleeve A shirt with fake "Wanted Poster" from the old west. Shadow's reward is 100,000 rings for his capture. This isn't bad, so long as they don't get too cute with it.
Shadow Hedgehog flame spade shirt
Standing X long sleeve This familiar design returns, but with a nice large size and quality paint. The design is repeated in different colors on different shirts, but usually not so large. This shirt is likely available with the same design, but in different colors, Winter 2006.
Shadow Complex Curls Double Tee White variant short-sleeve baroque Shadow
It's on the fall/winter 2008 line, appearing at Sears. It is a double shirt. The Tee is light tan, while the longer sleeves are dark brown. The curling design is done in off-white, tan, & darker brown. Dynamic side-jumping Shadow looks quite good here, adding a splash of color to the primarily subtle tone.
Shadow has appeared in this pose before, however the large background pattern makes this one different. It's almost Baroque looking, with curls, ribbons, vines &, if you look rather hard, an angel or bird wing. The large detailed design covers most of the front, which keeps the shirt lively looking. It also has a variant, seen at right, in white. The white one has the same design, but in grays and charcoal rather than tans/browns. It is a short sleeve, in teen sizes. Photo discovered by FinalApocalypse.
Checkered Ring Classic Long Sleeve Sonic Finally, something not 'artificially weathered'. This classic-inspired shirt is well colored and bright--as it should be. The shirt is a double, with black long-sleeves sewn into a greenish-gray (army green) short sleeve tee. Classic running Sonic stock art is well shaded and detailed here. The ring has a checkered pattern on it, reminiscent of the ground in Sonic 1. The logo is large and traditional, to finish it off. If you don't yet have a 'classic' style shirt, this one has some nice art. Photo discovered by Finalapocalypse
All Characters Omega Rouge Silver Blaze Shirt Look at this!
This shirt is quite special--it features the first (known) clothing appearance of E Omega, Blaze the Cat and Rouge the Bat! You can also see Silver, Eggman and Amy, and of course Shadow, Tails, Knuckles and Sonic. A busy shirt with quite the cast! All done in CG Cutscene-style art. If you're a fan of any one of these guys, this shirt is a must-have for you! It (rightfully) pulls the 360 Sonic logo in at the bottom. Shirt available at Sears 2008 fall/winter. There is a variant of this in white short-sleeve, with the exact same graphic. Photo discovered by Finalapocalypse
Heroic Characters Sonic Silver Shadow Red Shirt Like the one above, this shirt is really pulling in the cast members. It has Blaze the Cat, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Silver, Shadow and Sonic. Being red, Knuckles doesn't do too well on the red shirt with black long sleeves. This shirt features the more thought of as "heroic" characters, rather than just throwing everyone onto a tee. If you look closely though, you can tell they used the exact same art for both of these shirts, they've just re-arranged where everyone is placed. Still, another must-get for fans of the characters who don't get to appear in merchandise much. Shirt available at Sears 2008 fall/winter. Photo discovered by Finalapocalypse
Complex X Rocket Shoes Long Sleeve This shirt is actually a variant on the "Complex X" little kids tee. They've got the same rocket-shoe Sonic design over the detailed "X" logo background, but made it larger and added it to a double shirt. The tee being navy/dark blue and the under being more of a slate-blue. This is made to fit teens, unlike the original shirt which came out first. Another good example of them spreading their designs around so that anyone who likes it, can wear it. Photo discovered by Finalapocalypse.
Silver Shadow Sonic Jump Kids Thermal Shirt This action filled shirt is great...if you're really small.
This is another little-kids only one, this time with Silver, Shadow and Sonic shown jumping. Another game-type render, this graphic looks good! Plus, it's full of new poses, sure to keep things interesting. This same trio appears standing on a teen size tee, but that is not a variant of this.
This shirt introduces something new (though it can't be seen in the photo) "Thermal Fabric" is used on the long sleeves. This textured fabric is warmer than regular tee-fabric. Photo discovered by Finalapocalypse.
The Need For Speed Grid Long Sleeve Sonic This curious shirt mixes the old and the new.
This is a long sleeve, from the teen section in Sears 2008. You've got an old school sideways run Sonic stock art on a black grid, mixed in with the very modern font (StillTime, likely by Larabie Fonts) which spells out "The Need for Speed Sonic". The quote "I've got the need...the need for speed" likely originated in an older movie "Top Gun". Note the re-appearance of the 'fake worn' look with the scuffed graphic. This is olive-drab over black double tee. Photo discovered by Finalapocalypse.
Long Sleeve Red Sonic Name Variant Shirt This shirt is a long sleeve variant of the black & blue tees on the Modern Sonic Clothes pages. It's identical to them in the main design (the red one, at least) except for possibly a change in the ink (looks glossy rather than glittery). The sleeve, however, has a bonus design on it of some kind, likely a Sonic head outline. (you can see a bit of it in the photo--SonicGear needs a better photo of the sleeve design.) It also has the "Top Heavy" star tag, which is a bit different from other previous shirts. Winter 2008. Photo discovered by Finalapocalypse.
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