Sonic the Hedgehog Winter Wear - Warm Winter Clothing Page 2
More Sonic clothes to keep you warm.
Sonic sweatshirts/long sleeved items used to be uncommon in the past, but thanks to the current efforts of Top Heavy Clothing and Hot Topic, this is no longer the case. So if you've got to go out in the cold, it might as well be with some cool Sonic stuff! Check out the many different designs you can collect here.
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Shadow Red Long Sleeve Mutli Variant Shirt This shirt is the long-sleeve (double-sleeve) variant of the one seen on Sonic Modern Clothing 5. As you can see, the shirt is still red (to go with the faded style Shadows in the background) and the ink for the lettering is still glossy. The only thing that seems changed is they've added the dark under-sleeve long shirt. The look is still good, and this is a nice 2nd change for Shadow fans to pick up this design in late 2008-2009. Photo discovered by Finalapocalypse.
Flames Kanji Sonic X Big Head Long Sleeve Another Sonic X theme offering, this time for little kids. It could have a teens/regular size variant, but this design appears on a black short sleeve kiddie size, and the shirt shown here (black with red long sleeves) The Sonic art used shows him with a rather large head, which is atypical. They've added blue stylized flames with shimmer ink, along with some Kanji (the symbols) and the Sonic X logo. Sonic is done in monotone again, but the effect is still nice. Photo discovered by Finalapocalypse.
Sonic X Hoodie Sweatshirt Here's a nice hoodie sweat shirt to keep warm in...if you are small!
It appears that this gray hoodie (with nice black interior) comes in little-kids sizes only. It has a big front pocket, and a rather standard looking design. Just Sonic on a large orange "X" with black border. It's nothing new, but if a little brother or someone missed out on the earlier shirts, this is a 2nd chance to pick this design up. Photo discovered by Finalapocalypse
Sonic & Tails Circles HT Hoodie This hoodie is from Hot Topic. It is likely to be an exclusive there, but it is available in stores AND online at their site in fall/winter 2009. However, do be prepared to pay a bit, their hoodies are usually around 45+ dollars. They come in all adult sizes (no kid size) so they're likely to fit anyone. This one has a full front zipper, 2 pockets and stripe accents for the sleeves. The design is modern Sonic X style, with a background of yellow/red rings for intrest. It's good to see Sonic AND Tails together on something, it keeps it from looking over-used and adds to the dynamic. (Which, really if you're going to spend $50 on a sweatshirt, it had better look new and fantastic) This is a good Sonic sweatshirt that should be easy enough to get a hold of in 2009. This Sold Out in June 2010 online.
Discovered by Sonicrulz14
Hedgehog Trio Gray Long Sleeve This is a long sleeve variant of the popular 'hedgehog trio' shirt which appears in at least 2 styles (Blue & white) on the regular Modern USA Sonic Clothing pages. Here, the tee part is mottled gray, with black long under-sleeves. The gray actually helps this out as none of the characters 'dissappear into the background' as they did on the white and blue versions of the shirt. This long sleeve version appears in winter 2009, and is a good way to pick up this design if you don't already own it. Available at Sears, by TopHeavy, should be around $12.00, and comes in kids to fairly large sizes so it should fit you.
Need For Speed Classic Style Long Sleeve This is the long sleeve variant on the 'need for speed' shirt, or at least one of them. With dark gray tee part and black under/long sleeves this combines modern (the font is named StillTime(to die) and was founded after 2000) and classic (the common running stock Sonic) The background is a black grid with some of the squares filled in. It looks like it may also have 'false wear' to the design. This appears in winter 2009, likely by TopHeavy Clothing and found at Sears in the USA.
Knuckles Hoodie Sweatshirt Hot Topic THIS. Is a genuinely cool item. Featuring only Knuckles, it's a little unusual to start with. This is a black hoodie sweat shirt with zip front & double pockets. It has modern Knuckles as a large graphic with grading lines in the background. The lines carry over into his name which is written in large letters all down one sleeve for extra effect. It's great to see Knuckles starring on a nice piece of clothing like this, & his pose isn't overly common, plus, the design itself is rather classy and well done. A must for all Knuckles fans, even though it's expensive at $45.00 USD or 29.99 pound at UK Hot Topic.
(info by Pur-Rulz)It is available in Winter 2010 at Hot Topic both online and in stores. It clearanced/sold out in June 2010, online.
Born to Run Long Sleeve Sonic Shirt This is likely a winter 2010 release shirt, with another of the faux classic style. This time, the shirt is brown with a pale gray under-sleeve & collar. Getting Ready to Run Sonic stock art is used (and somewhat re-shaded for effect) and added to a starry gradient background. "Born to Run" borders the circle for the design. They've kept it simple and clean, so the shirt looks nice, especially if you don't already have something like it. Where was this released, and who made it?
Catch Me if You Can Red Sonic Sleeve Shirt Slogan style long sleeves continue with this red shirt. The undersleeves here are white, and they use classic running Sonic stock art. The stock art has been 'lifted' with a faux shadowing behind it to add depth, and it looks like Ethnocentric (the font face) was used to letter the phrase "Catch Me If You Can" in yellow. It's an appropriate theme, and again the shirt is simple and clean, yet brings in the old art for the zillionth time. Great if you don't already own something like it. Where was this released, and who made it?
Checkered SA1 Style Kohls Long Sleeve This double-sleeve style shirt was likely only found at Kohls.
It has a checkered 'grunge' style background in gray on light gray, and an older stock Sonic from early SA 1 peroid looking ready for action as the large design. The fake wear only appears on the background (fortunately) and the Sonic graphic is solid and bright. This was available around 2009, and should have been at most Kohls stores. Photographed & owned by Silverdelivers
Sonic X Reflective Stripe Jacket This Sonic X jacket is rather old. It appeared right at the start of Sonic X in the USA, and at the beginning of the 'clothes boom'. You can actually see it as part of an outerwear-outfit on Winter Wear 1, but it's not very visible there. With this photo, you can see it has a reflective material silver stripe across the whole thing, Sonic X big logo, and, for some reason, Shadow mostly hiddin INSIDE a pocket! The spin/blade design is present in red and blue. Seen here without its matching pants, it's still likely to be only in small sizes. Likely uncommon.
Black Hoodie with plain classic Sonic head This is a black hoodie sweat-shirt that is...very plain. The Sonic head on it is a classic stock art, and it's printed on (as in, not fuzzy or using embroidery/embellishments) just like a tee would be. It is so plain in fact, that in this age, it would be suspicious if it weren't proven to be official. It has a draw-string for the hood, and a double pocket in front to keep hands warm win the winter. It is available at FYE stores in August 2010, and will likely remain through the fall/winter season. The photo here is actually taken in-store. This is a bit pricey, for something so plain, at $29.99...however, if you don't already have something like it, it could be a nice, simple sweat shirt. It is sometimes on sale for 17.99. Sale Info by Eternal Phoenix9. Photo by Taaron.
Sonic Cozy Robe classic style This is a Sonic "Cozy Robe". It is a long night-gown style item which is attempting to be like the "Snuggie" which is a blanket with sleeves. Oddly enough, it comes in a box. The box is patterned with classic Sonic heads, and the robe itself features a simple standing classic Sonic stock art. The hole in the box lets you feel the cloth before you buy, so that you can be sure it is soft. The cloth itself is fleece-like. This retails at 19.99 in summer/fall 2010, and can be found at FYE stores. No brand name is present on the box, for whatever reason. (so basically it is a knock-off product to snuggie, but still Sonic licensed.)
Chaotix Knuckles Vector Espio Charmy Shirt A Chaotix Shirt!
How great is that! This shirt may be starring Knuckles, but you've got Espio, Vector and Charmy too! They're done in black & gray over the checkered background. Knuckles' bright red color really stands out on the earthtones of the shirt & background. The Chaotix are such a fan favorite, it's wonderful to finally see a shirt that's starring them! This is a must have for Knuckles fans too, this is sure to be a great & popular item. Appears: Fall 2010
Green triangle long sleeve double tee For some reason, Sonic items are almost never green. The fact that this whole tee is green, makes it stand out. It's another faux-double-sleeve, with black long sleeves underneath. The green isn't overly-bright, but it'll still stand out in your collection. It has a fresher standing/thumbs up modern Sonic stock art, with a series of abstract blue & white triangle shapes for a background. The color and curious abstraction make this a rather unusual shirt to collect. Appears: fall 2010
Red variant blue flames long sleeve Sonic jump shirt This is a somewhat-variant/remake type shirt. The blue stylized flames will be familiar, but they've added in a new twist/jump Sonic stock art. This one looks fresh too, as the art is new in 2010. Sonic's dynamic pose adds interst, and the flames look quite bright against the bold red of the shirt. The black under-sleeves also help set it off. The modern logo is well positioned, and doesn't clutter up the design. Appears: fall 2010
Shadow shine Japan name Solo long sleeve This is a fantastic Shadow shirt. Another great solo-piece, using fresh stock art as well. The bright blue is rather striking here, Shadow hasn't appeared on such a color before, so even if you have other shirts of his, this one will still stand out. Shiny/reflective red ink is used for his name (vertically, in Japanese) down one side. You can see 'matrix style' vertical repetitions of this adding texture to the background, as well as a starburst shape. Again, the black sleeves are a great choice, to pick up on the black from the design. This is a great long-sleeve for fall wear. NOTE: DO be careful washing shiny inks such as this, they can wear away quickly. Preserve your shirts! Appears: Fall 2010
Sonic Smokin' Competition Classic Style double-sleeve Here's another classic style / emblem type shirt. This one uses classic Sonic peace sign stock art...but it's shaded and positioned to look 3D! This new effect gives the design a sense of depth. The circle is ringed with "Sonic" and stars. The border says "Smokin' the Competition Since 1991" all the way around. It opts for a clean look, without 'faux-wear', and is unique enough that it's collectible even if you already own other classic style shirts. Appears: Fall 2010