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Still more Sonic clothes to keep you warm.
Sonic sweatshirts/hoodies/long sleeved items used to be uncommon in the past, but thanks to the current efforts of Top Heavy Clothing and Hot Topic, this is no longer the case. Warm weather clothing may be more expensive, but the designs are still pretty cool. So if you've got to go out in the cold, it might as well be with some cool Sonic stuff! Check out the many different designs you can collect here, along with listings of where to get them, if known.
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Striped Sleeve Sonic Flames Shirt Here's something new: a shirt with horizontal bands/stripes on the long sleeves. Are these 3/4 sleeve, or full long-sleeves? It has a 2011+ modern Sonic art, which red flames have been applied to the back of, for interesting effect. Where can this be found?
Thermal Sleeve Sonic Shadow Knuckles Portrait Shirt This winter 'double tee' has thermal fabric (textured, gray) for the long sleeve portion to keep you warm. The design is nice & fresh, with big portrait rectangles of Sonic, Shadow & Knuckles with bold colored backgrounds. The largest panel has Sonic & Shadow leaping as if fighting, comic-book style. Look at the back of the tag (inset) it says "Mfr & Dist. by Isaac Morris LTD", so now you know who's behind those 'Logo only" paper tags. This can be found in JC Penny stores in winter 2012, for about $12. Shirt is in the SonicGear collection.
2 Similar Sonic Dangle Cord Winter Caps Here are 2 similar...yet different Sonic dangle cord winter knit caps / hats. They've both got 'forward facing Sonic' art of just the face (no ear or spike details). However, on one, the face is larger & the dangle straps are longer. Why are there 2 such similar hats? Are these long-sided dangle caps becoming popular somewhere? One (or both) may be a Spencer's item. Discovered by SonicBoy19
Vertical Sonic Name Black hoodie Here are 2 black hoodie sweat shirts. The left has modern peace-sign Sonic with his name in vertical red letters. It has no pocket, and no zipper in the front. There is an identical version of this as a t-shirt, made by the same company.
At right is the "Too Fast for You" black hoodie with gray liner. It has a large graphic of Sonic, Shadow & Knuckles, along with the logo & slogan at the bottom. This has no pockets, but does have a zip up front. 3 characters add interest, & the art seems well chosen. Which company made this, & where can you find it?
Sonic Knuckles Shadow Too Fast Hoodie
Bonton Long Sleeve Tee Hood This is sort of an unusual piece. It's one of those 'faux double layer' tees where it's long sleeved but looks like 2 shirts in one. However, it's also got a hood! Usually hoods are the domain of only sweatshirts, jackets & coats. However, this hood seems to be made of the same thinner/tee material. The horizontal stripes add interest for the sleeves. What exactly is Sonic doing in the graphic though? Double upside-down peace-signs? The face is very SA1 styled with the BDG (big dumb grin) and his pose is a tad...awkward? It's not an over-used graphic, & the different font for his name helps make it unique. This can be found at Bonton stores in the USA in winter 2013. Photo & owned by Kitsune Li
Fashion Combo Face Cap Beanie W/Shirt Here's another "Fashion Combo" where a faux double-sleeve tee comes with a beanie type knit cap. The shirt here is pretty cool, with newer modern Sonic over the SA1 Sonic face symbol as an eroded light blue background/design. The under-sleeves are black while the shirt is a nice blue tone. The cap this time is another of those 'forward facing face caps', this time with modern Sonic. It just has the front of his face & a blue background without detail for spikes etc. Is this a Kohls item? It is from winter 2013
Hooded Long Sleeve Classic Style Laugh Sonic Sleeve This is a fall 2013 hooded shirt design. Like the one before it, it features faux short-sleeves, with blue long sleeves underneath. The yellow shirt has two stripes on the sleeves & a black hood. The design is classic style laughing Sonic, with the classic logo. They've added a ring to his finger (usually he is just pointing up) so it looks like he's twirling the ring on his finger. Little 'sparkle' shapes are floating around him. The yellow, blue & black fabrics make for a new combination of colors, but where can you find this item?
Color Letter Name Squares Long Gray Though you can't see it too well here, this is a long sleeved shirt. It's one of those double sleeve style ones. The gray tee has long black sleeves underneath. The design here is nice & modern looking.  "Sonic" is written in a chunky font vertically, with each letter surrounded with little squares of color. The tee uses 1 of each color found on Sonic, except for white & beige. This makes the color scheme go together nicely. This is at JC Penny in fall 2013, it should be about 11 to 15 dollars, depending on what they're doing with sales at the time. (Price subject to changes or coupons they frequently have) This is a boys/teens size.
Little Kids Striped Sonic hoodie This is a hoodie sweat shirt for very little kids. It's a Sears item, but it will be in the baby / kindergarden area. The hoodie is made of striped gray & black material, zips up the front & feels like a regular sweatshirt. The design has a sort of 'snowboarding' pose modern Sonic in checkered blue circle. The combination of the circl, the script-type font & 'sparkles' give it a somewhat 1950's style for the design. This is inexpensive, at about 9.99 because of the small size. This appears in winter 2013.
Silver Knuckles Shadow Sonic Sleeve Shirt
This 2 color long sleeve has a blue body & black sleeves. Inside an orange round fade background is a nice selection of characters. Big 'thumbs up' modern Sonic is in the foreground, but you've got Silver, Knuckles & Shadow too. The variety of characters makes for an appealing design. Where can you buy this shirt?
Laffin' Sonic All-over pattern sweat Item UNDER SUSPICION
Is this a real item, or isn't it? It's a sweatshirt-material non-hooded, no-pocket sweatshirt. It has "Laffin Sonic" classic version all over it. It has him so much & so overlapping that it turns into a sort of busy wierd abstract pattern. The design is also 'blurred' around the edges on purpose. It creates a shirt that's slightly annoying to look at. The tag in the back looks like it says "Hot Topic". Write in if you can prove 100% if this is real....or not.
Red & Gray Double Sleeve Classic Style Yet another 'faux double shirt', this one with 'faux wear' thrown in on top of it. It has classic style "getting ready to run" Sonic poking out of a red circle with stars. An oldschool font is at the top, while the classic logo is on the gray outer short sleeve of the tee. The under long-sleeve & collar are red. It's an all-right design if you don't already have something like it. This is suspected to be a JC penny item.
Sound Effects Portaits Fashion Combo Hat Here's something totally new. It's another of those "Fashion Combos" where a double sleeve long sleeve shirt is paired up with some kind of beanie-like cap hat. The shirt here is navy blue with gray sleeves. It has jumping twist modern Sonic with an interesting collection of portraits & sound effects around him. They're mixed up enough to raise bootleg suspicion, but this is the real deal. Look who they chose: Knuckles, Shadow, the Werehog AND Jet the Hawk? Odd choices. The sound effects are curious too, it says "Zoom, Zap, Bash & Bolt". What is supposed to make the 'bolt' noise? They are written in comic book-style fonts. Does the striped hat have anything "Sonic" to do with it? Is this a Kohl's item?
Gap Kids Color Checker Sonic Tee Here's a first:
This gray tee is the first known Sonic item from The Gap. Specifically Gap Kids stores. It's a long sleeve tee with modern jumping twist Sonic on there. It has red, blue & green checkers for the background that sort of fade together. The logo is small, at the bottom. It's pretty stylish, & appeared in stores early 2014. It's always good to see another retail area carrying Sonic merchandise.
Long Stripe Sleeve Running JP Style Sonic This shirt is fairly unique in 2 ways. First off, it has striped black/white sleeves with a blue tee as a double sleeve. Then, it uses a "Japanese type" art for classic Sonic. Notice how he's almost 'cross eyed' and the arms are very bendy / noodly but not short. Early Japan art of him had this look to it. The classic logo appears on the shoulder & the tag is a long rectangle. Which company is making this shirt? Found in early 2014
Blue Hat & Gloves Set This is a modern Sonic themed winter hat & gloves set. The hat is a simple knit beanie type, but with longer parts on the sides to cover up your ears. The Sonic face on the front appears border-less ...which seems to be a design trend in 13/14. The gloves aren't particularly "Sonic" themed, they just have a pattern of white stars all over the back of the hand. But look how short the fingers are. These are probably for little kids. This is available in the SonicGear Accessories Store.
Black Long Sleeve Gold Accent Adult Shirt This item COULD be a USA item.
Where does this REALLY belong? Write in if you know! This is an adults sizes only long sleeve black shirt. It has black & white SA1 style Sonic really large on the front. The interesting part is that it seems to use some goldtone or gold foil ink for part of the shading/outline on him and the logo at the bottom as well. Because the photo is small, it's kind of hard to tell what's going on with the inks. Photo discovered by: NameLost - please correct