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Still more Sonic clothes to keep you warm.
Sonic sweatshirts/hoodies/long sleeved items used to be uncommon in the past, but thanks to the current efforts of the Sega Shop Online. Warm weather clothing may be more expensive, but the designs are still pretty cool. So if you've got to go out in the cold, it might as well be with some cool Sonic stuff! Check out the many different designs you can collect here, along with listings of where to get them, if known.
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Checker Sleeve Gray Sonic Hoodie Here's a hoodie for 2019.
This mottled gray sweatshirt is in adults sizes only, and may appear on Amazon. It is classic style, with an all-blue classic Sonic face on the upper left side chest area. He's shown in a circle of tiny checkers, also all blue. Underneath, it spells out "Sonic" in Japanese letters.
The same-side sleeve has larger blue checkers that fade to a lighter blue toward the cuff. These checkers start about a third of the way down. The hood seems to be normal/plain. It has that single big-pocket in the front, and no zipper. The extra checkering makes this one fun. It's not over-done or 'kiddie type', it presents a solid classic-feel with the simple face & checker theme. But how much does it cost?
World Is Mine Eggman Gray Hoodie Wow, a solo-Eggman hoodie!
Eggman gets a gray sweat shirt all to himself this time! Eggfans will certainly want to pick this one up in 2019 as he's the star of the show, with one of his favorite slogans which is "The World Is Mine!"
He's done in all aqua tones, with some black. It's classic Eggman, in an 'arms out' sort of victory pose. The background is a simple sketchy square with some shadows of palm trees. The bottom has a small 'dr eggman' kind of signature looking black text. This is supposed to be at Amazon, but how much does it cost?
Classic Style Black Blue Pullover Hoodie A classic style pullover hoodie appears in 2019.
This is a fall season item, and features arms-crossed classic Sonic on the front. It spells out his name in mis-matched (looks almost like those magazine clipping type) letters vertically down one side. The shoulders area is blue, as is the interior of the hood, and the rest is black. It has the full color classic logo on the upper chest area. It has a short, black zipper that only goes maybe about a third of the way down, so it really is a pullover. This is a 'teens' size item, which means it could fit most people. It's also pretty reasonably priced at 19.00 as well. It should be an Amazon item.
You can see the embroidered back tag there in the collar, it just seems to have the classic logo on it so the brand is unknown.
Classic Style Knit Beanie Cap Sonic A new beanie type cap appears in Fall 2019, in time for chilly weather.
It's a pretty standard hat, with the fluffy pompom on top and the usual stretchy type knit fabric. It's blue, black, white and gray only. There is a nice, classic style embroidered Sonic face for the front. The flip-up part (cuff?) at the bottom spells out Sonic's name in all caps with a black/gray/white strip through them. This gives a shine or fade impression about the text that's pretty nice.
The hat is Sonic-like without being corny or over the top like other hats. It's fine for casual wear in the snow. But where can you find the hat? It was labeled 'collectors edition' but...why?
Bring on the Rings Sega Shop Zip Jacket This is the "Bring on the Rings" zip front jacket from the Sega Shop in winter 2019.
It's a black sporty style jacket with white stripes on the long sleeves, zip front, and all white ink design. However, it is rather costly at 71 dollars...why is it so expensive?
On the back, the slogan appears in a large circular shape with 19 and 91 spread between it. The center has white line art for Sonic, Tails & Knuckles with (of course) some rings and action lines.
The front has the slogan again, along with some rings and the year, but it's small and only on one side of the upper chest. It's a fun enough style, and the stark white lines with the lesser-used modern character art is nice....but why 71 dollars when it's clearly a regular jacket with this silkscreened on. Only the SegaShop may know.
Ring Collector Hoodie Sweat Shirt Here's an item that fits into the "Subtle Sonic" category.
It is the Sega Shop's "Ring Collector" hoodie. However, the design is so small, and it doesn't contain a Sonic image at all, that only a real fan could probably recognize it. It has the slogan "Ring Collector" and "91" under an arch of rings. It's otherwise a plain dark navy blue hooded sweat shirt with gray pull strings for the hood. It has no zipper/it's a pull-over.

Opinion zone: Is this really Sonic? Circles and a slogan? Yes the circles are 'rings', but it's almost like some kind of disguise code or something. Also, with the design that small, they're basically selling you a 45 dollar...generic sweatshirt. This is a 2020 item.

Pink Boquet Sweat Shirt Sonic The Sega Shop continues their holiday type tradition with this pink sweat shirt that they did for Valentines day 2020.
This has the classic logo in color, with a background of white lacy hearts that's kind of hard to see on the background. They use a modified 'stepping away but looking back' Sonic. They've added a boquet of red roses (aslo facing backward) to his hand to make the shirt for Valentines day.
This is 50 dollars in adult sizes in the Sega Shop. (Aside: I would actually be really curious how well this sells because no one really seems to wear Valentines day themed clothing, and Sonic randomly holding a boquet on a shirt that looks like it got washed with a red sock in there by accident is kind of an odd thing to spend 50 dollars on)
Pixel Heart Sweat Shirt Sonic A bit of Subtle Sonic for this one.
This is an all white sweat shirt that is plain, aside from this really tiny pixel red heart in one corner of the chest area. If you get close to the heart, you can see that it has a 'thumbs up' Sonic face/hand line art in there.
This is another Sega Shop 50 dollar/adults size item it too subtle? Is the Sonic element too small? The pixel heart with the smooth/normal line art is an interesting combination...but the design is probably about an inch high maximum on an otherwise plain item.
Patchwork Tails Rising Sun Style Sweat Shirt OFFENSIVE ITEM ALERT

This item is OFFENSIVE and it is also CULTURALLY INSENSATIVE. So, it will have a big entry because these things about it are not instantly recognizable by everyone. Is this the first actually offensive Sonic item? Yes, probably. Some of the things around are dodgy, but nothing has been aggressivly wrong before this one appears.
On the surface it seems fairly normal. It's an all white sweat shirt with black draw string hood and front 'kangaroo' style pocket. The design for it is chest-only, pretty large circle shape. It has an all-red Tails forward-facing-face with lighter red lines radiating out from it. Japanese letters spell out his name beside the face in large font in gray. The circle also has a gray line around it to help out with the border. Tails in all red/white is a little odd, but what's the real problem?

The design (red white Tails face+rays) is meant to look like "The Rising Sun Flag". This flag was used by bad guys in Japan to attack Korea a long time ago. They waved the rising sun flag around and then did war time deeds like burning peoples' house down and shooting them. Obviously, that's all terrible when the war ended, that 'rising sun flag' was abandoned because it had come to stand for bad ideals (that war) that nobody agreed with any more. Basically, it got put away into the history books where it belongs.
So, trotting it out here with a cute cartoon face on it & Japanese letters "to Japan-ify it more" is the WRONG thing to do. Learning about it, what it stood for, who used it, and what they did is good--after all, learning about the history of all of Earth is important for everyone to know.....but using its design for clothing is bad. It is in 'poor taste', it disregards history, and it disregards the feelings of anyone who was attacked by such a flag-waving bad person in the past. Or, someone who had a relative attacked by them.
So how did it happen?
Unless someone finds the actual designer (unlikely) we'll never really know but you can hazard a super-EZ guess which is somebody in the Sega Shop went "Oh rising sun is east Japan lets do red/white/Japanese letters and put Tails in the sun dot that's cute weeaboo weeaboo weeb" and that was the end of it. Nobody did any research, nobody looked up history, nobody asked a Korean what they thought. If you even google "Rising Sun Flag" for 3 seconds you'll see that it's problematic because of history and what it got used for and it would be stupid to use it on something for the general public. There are literally-literally millions of designs anyone can think of that aren't problematic.

What will happen to this shirt?
Seems likely enough people may complain that it gets taken out of the shop (good), but it'll get archived here on Gear forever because even if something is a mistake, it should get seen and exposed for what it is. Learning and explaining why items are problematic can turn something bad into a lesson that prevents other such items in the future. Discovered by Hedgy

Recover Gray Sonic JP Letters Sweat Shirt This is called the "Recover Gray Sonic Sweatshirt".
Why it's called that...unknown. But, here it goes, and it looks like the fabric may be fuzzy, or have some kind of texture? It is a mottled long sleeve gray sweat shirt, in adults sizes. It has a white-ink only design for the front with jumping-twist modern Sonic over a background rectangle of thin, angled lines. It uses a 'pixel' type chunky font for English at the top, then arrowheads and his name spelled out in Japanese letters under him.
The dark areas of Sonic are indicated as gaps in the line background/so he is all gray & white. This simplicity plus the action filled pose actually makes for an interesting design for the shirt. This should be an Amazon item in 2020/summer, but is it elsewhere?
Emerald Club Graffiti Crew Sweat Shirt
The Sega Shop's theme for fall 2020 is "Sonic Graffiti".
This sweat shirt is part of that line, and called "Emerald Club Graffiti Crew Sweat Shirt". It's about 40 dollars in the Sega Shop (online only) and also only in adult sizes. 40 seems pretty typical for an adult sweatshirt at this point so...normal. The shirt is a plain mottled gray, except for this design in the middle of the front all in white...except...for that one "Emerald Club" diamond shape there at the bottom which is done in black. It is a curious detail.
The design is a montage of Sonic faces, phrases, logos and shapes done in various fonts, stencils and shapes. You can spot "Ring Collection Association", Let's roll, Too Easy, Gotta Go Fast, Tails, Zone, Step it Up, Sonic Speed and How I roll. There's also a drippy eggman face & some lightening bolt shaped arrows.
Even though it's clear the design is just a single front-stamp on a sweat shirt, the chaotic and collage-like nature of the design keeps it looking fresh and different. There isn't another product out here (from the past) that looks like this.